How and When to Comb Babys Hair? – The Best Tips For 2020

Parents put so much love and attention into taking care of their babies. So how and when should you comb babys hair? Many parents use several different baby care products to ensure their babies are as healthy (and cute) as possible. With so much to take care of, don’t forget to take good care of your baby’s hair.  Irrespective of the type of hair your baby has, you should comb it to maintain it and to help improve their hair growth.   You may use multiple hair care products, but combing your baby’s hair is essential for hair health.

Baby’s skin and scalp are so delicate and need to be taken care of properly. However, while combing the hair of your baby, they may get their scalp hurt by a comb. So, it is essential to use a soft brush to comb your baby’s hair. Parents should comb their baby’s hair the right way.

Comb Babys Hair

How And When To Comb Babys Hair

When to Comb Your Baby’s Hair?

If you comb your baby’s hair regularly, then your baby can get benefited in many ways. It can improve the blood flow and your baby’s look. When you comb your baby’s hair, he/she looks cuter than usual. However, many parents have a doubt that “what is the right time to start combing of baby’s hair?”

Usually, there is no specific time to start combing your baby’s hair. You can comb the hair of your baby since his/her birth. If you have never combed your baby’s hair, then you can start combing today after reading this article. Here are some simple tips and tricks to follow for combing your baby’s hair.

  • Use A Soft Brush

Baby’s scalp is very soft and can get hurt if you use a normal comb. So, you can look for soft baby grooming brushes for maintaining the hair and scalp properly. If you use a soft baby grooming brush, then your baby can feel comfortable and stay happy.

  • Use Baby Shampoo To Wash The Scalp

You must take care of your baby’s scalp to stimulate hair growth. For maintaining the scalp’s health, you can use baby shampoo while bathing the baby. After washing the hair, you can let the hair dry and then comb it carefully. While combing, you can set the hair in the opposite direction of it’s growing direction. By combing the hair of your baby in this way, you can boost the scalp health of your baby.

  • Make A Side Part

You can follow a simple process to comb your baby’s hair accurately. First, comb the hair forward and then make a side part in any of the sides. After creating a side part, you can comb the rest hair to the other side. In this process, you can set your baby’s hair properly and ensure healthy hair.

  • Avoid The Use Of Elastics Or Headbands

If you have a baby is a girl, you may love to tie her hair using elastic, hair clips, or headband. But you should avoid using elastics and headbands because they can pull the hair and break them. The best way to comb the long hair of your baby girl is to apply an oil massage to the scalp and then comb that. Oil can moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff. Also, you can comb the moisturized hair with ease.

  • Don’t Comb The Hair Multiple Times A Day

Some parents comb their baby’s hair many times a day to set the hair. But that may not be right for the scalp of a baby as it is sensitive. So, you can comb your baby’s hair twice a day for better health.

Usually, parents follow the best possible methods to take care of their baby’s hair. As the baby’s scalp is sensitive, you should comb that in the right way. If you don’t know how to comb your baby’s hair, then you may fail to take care of the hair of your baby accurately. These tips and tricks are proven to offer the best results for the baby’s hair growth.