When Can My Baby Use a Pillow to Sleep? An Experts Guide In 2020.

Pillows are very soft and comfortable, lying down on the pillow makes us feel cozy. While sleeping on your soft pillow, you might also feel the need to provide the same amount of comfort to your infant. The question you probably have is “when can my baby use a pillow?” However, this fact cannot be denied that pillows provide the utmost level of comfort, especially while sleeping. It also aids in promoting a perfect and good sleeping posture, which eventually leads to better sleep.

But, if you are thinking of purchasing a pillow for your infant, you will have to drop your opinion. In fact, pillows may prove to be very dangerous for your precious little child. To have a better understanding of this topic, we recommend you to read the article given below. In this article, we shall discuss all the important information that you need to be aware of in regard to how and when your little one can use a pillow.

When Can My Baby Use A Pillow?

Baby Use a Pillow to Sleep

The Truth about Infants and Pillows

It may seem that adding a fluffy and soft little pillow to the crib of your infant could make him/her feel more comfortable. But, we are sorry to tell you that this is not the truth; your baby is not even aware of a missing pillow. And as of now, your baby is better off without a pillow.

Using pillows, stuffed toys, comforters, and other soft bedding accessories can lead to a potential risk of strangling or suffocation, and this may even lead to SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). In short, we can say that there is no actual reason to add pillows or bedding under your infant’s crib, and there are a lot of good reasons to wait for this. Now, you might want to know the correct age at which your baby should start using a pillow.

So, let us discuss that below.

When can your baby start using a pillow?

According to medical experts, infants should continue sleeping on a flat surface that is without pillows, comforters, or other soft beddings until they do not turn one. Yes, you heard it right! Before your child turns 1, never even think of providing him/her with a pillow or a blanket.  After that, this could be a good choice of pillow.

According to the AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics), the infants only need a simple fitted sheet under their cribs. If you provide a pillow to your infant before he or she turns one, you might end up putting your child’s life at risk. And we are sure that you would never want to do such a thing with your precious little baby.

Also, even if your baby turns one, there is no potential need to purchase a pillow for your child. You should better wait until your child transitions to a toddler. And that happens between eighteen to three and a half years of age. (18 to 3 ½ years of your child’s age). It is completely fine to refrain from purchasing a pillow for your child until he or she does show an interest in having a pillow.

However, when the time comes to buy a pillow for your child, do not go for adult-sized fluffy models. Also, skip the pillowcase and try to keep those extra fabrics out of your toddler’s bedding. Otherwise, that may lead to a potential risk of toddler pillow hazards.

Carolina Romanyuk, a certified family and child sleep consultant (who is specialized in pediatric sleep hygiene), says, ‘It is essential to keep in mind that the pillows are only used to enhance comfort for the toddlers.’ ‘Some toddlers are super comfortable even without using a pillow.’ She also adds, ‘if your toddler is resting their head on a stuffed toy or a blanket, then they are probably ready to use a pillow.’