How To Choose The Right Pacifier For Your Baby in 2020

When is the time to, and how do you choose the right pacifier for your baby?  As a mother, we all worry about the safety and health of our baby. We do a lot of research before buying anything related to a newborn. As parents, we want the best for our children, be it food, toys, or generally any baby items such as baby pacifiers.

The Right Pacifier For Your Baby

What is a pacifier?

Babies love sucking on something. Most babies enjoy sucking their thumb, with many starting that while they are still in the womb. The main reason why babies do this is because of the soothing effect it offers. A baby pacifier is one easy way to satisfy the desire of babies to suck on something. Generally, babies cry when they are not content and doctors recommended to do or give something that babies can find comfort in. A pacifier is one such item that babies love sucking on and find comfort in. This being said it is important to base your decision about buying a pacifier based on how you are planning to feed your baby.

When to introduce a pacifier?

You may need to experiment a little to find out your newborn’s preference for a pacifier. Buy a couple of pacifiers in different sizes and colors and offer it to the baby to find out their preference. But never force one onto the newborn. If the baby is rejecting the pacifier we suggest you take a gap and try again.

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Once a healthy feeding routine is established then you are ready to introduce the baby with a pacifier. However, giving a pacifier to the baby should depend on your feeding routine and babies’ daily schedule. There is no hard and fast rule for introducing a pacifier. Just remember the very first time you introduce the pacifier to the baby to ensure he or she is in a good mood.

For a breastfed baby it is highly recommended to wait for a duration of 3 to 4 weeks before giving them a pacifier. There are two reasons for this, one you need to establish a nursing routine that is comfortable for both you and the baby. And the second reason is babies can get confused if pacifiers are given to them too early on. So it is important in breastfed babies to wait before they are introduced to pacifiers.

What kind of pacifier to buy?

Sometimes a newborn may even reject a pacifier for its taste. It does take time to get adjusted to the new taste and feel a pacifier offers. One trick that you can follow to get the baby to take a pacifier is by dipping it in milk or the formula you feed them with. Since the babies are acquitted with the taste of milk or formula, they feel comfortable and familiar with the taste to accept it.

A number of studies have shown that the right use of pacifiers has reduced the case of SIDS in newborns. But pacifiers should only be used to give a soothing effect, relaxation to babies, and also to develop motor functions. Pacifiers should be used as an alternative for breastfeeding or just to stop the baby from crying.

This being said when buying a pacifier two important factors need to be considered is material and size. Pacifiers are usually made of silicone and latex. Silicon is the most common material used in making pacifiers, which is sturdy and easy maintenance. Whereas latex is soft and flexible but it is not as durable as silicon and must be hand washed. Apart from this, the size of a pacifier also matters, depending on the age of the baby pick a pacifier that is apt. The pacifier must not be too big or too small for the baby. Finally, always buy a pacifier that is BPA free to be safe and secure.

Best pacifier for a breastfed baby

  1. Philips Avent soothie pacifier: this is made of silicone and very flexible that can withstand biting and sucking by the baby.
  2. The first year GumDrop baby pacifier: a safe option for babies in all stages of development that is available at an affordable price.


So, if you are having a baby and want to keep then content and calm even when not breastfeeding, investing in a good quality baby pacifier would be a great decision for you. Choose a great pacifier according to age and choice of your kids.

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