10 Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds In 2021

When Christmas or a child’s birthday is near, parents, as well as family friends, are thrown into the challenge of selecting the perfect Christmas or birthday present. As exciting as toys may be,  though, practical gifts for 2 year olds usually prove to be the wiser choice on two accounts; one, a two year old will be as excited about a practical gift as about a toy; two, the parent will be delighted with it.

Two year olds are generally not yet wise enough to know what is bad for them, so the safety of the child is always a priority. Searching for practical gifts for 2 year olds that will fit all these standards online can take a while, so I wanted to put this information together to help you decide on the perfect gift in 2021, shop and get back to your day.

What To Consider As You Pick Up Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds

Learning starts from birth, but as a two year old, your child has started to develop a perspective on life. Therefore, primary education is needed to make learning fun for him/her. An average two-year-old would have started naming objects and will also be working on learning shapes colors. Educational toys will, therefore, be excellent.

Two-year-olds love to have seats that they can sit in independently and comfortably. A right-sized chair will make him/her glad. Two-year-olds also love to be both independent and helpful (though their independence is very likely to be unhelpful!), so daily hygiene, too, can be a very thoughtful practical gift.

Meals and snacks are crucial to child development, so a gift that makes the activity cleaner and more fun is a real pick. Travel and outdoor activities are also part of a two year old kid’s life, so practical gifts that make it easier for a parent cannot be overrated—this information no doubt has given you clues and ideas on perfect gifts for your kids.

Best Practical Gifts For 2 Year Olds

Below, I have listed 10 of the best gifts you would find practical for a two year old child.  There are a range of gift ideas here, so hopefully one will really resonate with you.

1. My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards: First Words

practical gift ideas for two year oldsDo you want to spice up the learning process of your two year old? A set of friendly flashcards will set them up nicely and no doubt give them a head-start when they go to day care. And you know what?

Parents can easily quiz their two year old about what they have learned in the flashcards, including shapes, colors, and words. This is a very great educational toy for a two year old.

When putting your two year old to bed, you can read this book together and pretty soon they will be reading the book back to you.  Reading together before bedtime is also a wonderful way to bond with a child.  They will love this!


2. Melissa & Doug Flex Octopus Chair

practical gift idea for two year old child

Enjoying the outdoors with a two-year-old can be a challenge, but a folding camping or beach chair will give your child a cozy place to sit and enjoy your picnic. Even when eating a snack around the house, this chair comes in handy.

The vibrant design and colorful artworks get your child excited, and the plastic foot pads to help your floor and the durable metal and fabric make it money well-spent as a parent.

If your child should spill some of their food while eating in this chair, as the material is durable it is easy to quickly wipe it up afterwards.  Like any food mess, just ensure you wipe it quickly so it doesn’t get the chance to harden.


3. CozyBomB Monkey Balance Counting Cool Math Games

math games for two year olds

This is a great educational toy for a two year old, at home or at school. It introduces numbers in a fun-filled way, building problem-solving and critical thinking abilities from a young age.

Math games help two year olds to maximize  learning as well as retention for better learning. Starting early with STEM (science, technology, education and maths) sets your child up for lifelong learning.

Games like this one really are the perfect practical gift for your two year old!


4. Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

games like lego for two year olds

Your child can grow up to be a brilliant engineer! This educational toy is a fantastic choice as is a practical gift you can get for a two year old child.

It has a durable plastic jar for easy storage as well as an idea booklet with building instructions. There are countless design possibilities and hours of skill building play with easy-clicking discs.

If you are looking for something that your two year old can entertain himself/herself with, this might not be it, at least not for now. However, if you want something you can enjoy together, parent to child, then this is an excellent option.


5. The Croco Premium Hooded Towel

hooded towel for a two year old

Hooded towels make getting out of the bathtub fun and cozy for a child. Your two year old might already be outgrowing his or her infant towels, so that they may need their own very cute towel.

These towels are of premium quality, ultra-comfy and cozy, and dries your child real quick without getting damp. After bath time, your two year-old can be easily bundled up in a hooded towel of his/her favorite animal!

Having towels like these are also great when you have a few young children as they can each have their own towel and it will be easier to keep tabs on when each towel is ready to be landered.


6. Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light

alarm clock for two year oldAs they get used to walking and gain more independence, getting your child to stay in one place for a length of time can be a real challenge.

This OK to Wake clock gives your child guidance when it is alright for the child to wake up and move out of their crib. There is an interface for parents to set the night light, a green light to wake up, brightness, and more.

This clock is the perfect user-friendly product for a two year old child, and it helps to teach them the time as well.


7. Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottle

water bottle for two year oldMany parents recognize that water helps in the growth and development of their child, and rightly so. However, your two-year-old may have outgrown sippy cups or want to drink from their own water bottle.

This Contigo water bottle features a one-touch auto seal lid that automatically seals between sips for mess-free drinking. It is also easy for small hands to hold, so a two year old will be very happy and pleased with themselves to be able to drink from their own bottle.

This might seem a little too practical for some buyers but it all depends on what you already have for your child and knowing what they require at this exact stage of their life.  If you are concerned about your child drinking enough water, this might be the perfect gift idea.


8. Munchkin Snack Catcher

practical gifts for two year oldSeeing your home littered with food crumbs, mostly after you just finished cleaning the house, is perhaps the most frustrating occurrence in parenting.

Parents will be grateful, therefore, for a gift that saves them from this stress. This snack catcher will keep your two year old from spilling their snacks everywhere.

Soft and flexible flaps that allow the kids to access their snacks all by themselves will make them glad, and the parents will also be happy with the added advantage of prevented food spillage all over the house and car.

The two handles at the sides of each of the cups can be easily grasped by the smallest hands, while the no-slip rubber fitted at the bottom keeps it in place on any surface at home and school. This easily affordable practical gift is the perfect one for any two year old child.

In addition to the snack catcher you might want to ensure that your child is sitting on a baby play mat, which is easy to clean as well.  Here’s our review of some great baby play mats.


9. JOYSTAR  12 Inch Balance Bike

best balance bike for two year old boyBalance bikes are a wise alternative to tricycles. With no pedals or gears, a two-year-old can have the feeling of riding, find his/her balance, and have fun without much risk.

The Joystar  Balance Bike comes with a toolkit and is easy to assemble by a novice. This practical gift will be much fun for your little rider.

For some other great balance bikes, check out this review of balanced bikes we did recently. There’s plenty of choice in balanced bikes and two year old children love playing on their bikes for hours on end.


10. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

best backpack for a two year oldToddler Backpacks can be multifunctional: they can be used to store toys, park supplies for a long trip, or even to kit your child up for preschool or kindergarten.

This backpack is perfect for a two year old preschool or kindergarten; it has an insulated front pouch to keep the snacks and lunch at the right temperature.

It also has quality canvas material and easy-to-clean linen that makes for a perfect trip. This backpack is an excellent practical gift idea you can ever hope for.


Endless possibilities can make choosing a practical gift for a two year old dilemma. This article must have undoubtedly helped you form an opinion, and you are likely relieved by it. If you are still indecisive, though, you can ask the parents for their advice or pick something that your two year old will like. You can be assured that your efforts will be appreciated.