Important Tips for Baby High Chair Safety Parents Should Know in 2020

Do you have a high chair for your baby? If not, when considering purchasing a baby high chair the first thing to think of is safety. Baby high chairs might look like a normal chair without any specific functions. Nevertheless, know that it plays a very important role in helping the baby develop social and communication skills.

Baby high chairs play an important role in helping the baby in developing self-dependence, self-discipline, and early exposure. It is always a good idea to let the baby sit in the high chair whenever possible. However, you should know several important things before you purchase a baby high chair.

Tips For Baby High Chair Safety

Baby High Chair Safety

Important safety features 

The demand for baby high chairs has changed over the past few years and so does the features incorporated into it. However, it is very important that you consider purchasing a baby high chair with the safety features mentioned below.

  • A five-point harness – This is one of the best and most advanced safety features that could come incorporated into a baby high chair. Therefore, what is a five-point harness, you might be asking it yourselves now. The answer is simple; it is a type of seat belt with a shoulder strap and a waist belt that will prevent the baby from falling to the sides or falling forward.
  • Locking wheels – There are baby high chairs that come with wheels that will enable the parent or guardian to move the chair with ease. However, there are only a few models that come with a locking mechanism. This feature will prevent the baby high chair from rolling away. Therefore, never consider purchasing a baby high chair without a locking mechanism. It is also very important that you consider using the locking mechanism every time you park the chair somewhere.
  • Wide base – High chairs themselves would be comparatively heavier than other chairs, however, there are baby high chairs that are lightweight, and we recommend that you avoid such baby high chairs. The best baby high chair would be the one with a wide base and thick foot. Such baby high chairs will be comparatively very heavy, this means the high chair is heavy-duty and it could handle any weight with ease.

What to do while using a baby high chair

  • It is very important that you keep the baby high chair near you always while the baby is sitting on it.
  • However, short the time, never neglect using the seat belts. The safety of the baby comes first. Baby high chairs are tall and a fall from it could do irrevocable harm.
  • If you want to reap the maximum benefits of using a baby high chair, then, use the high chair only when required.
  • Before each use, check the edges and the seat of the baby high chair; make sure you clean the surface.
  • Lock the wheels every time you park your baby high chair to prevent it from rolling away.

What not to do while using a baby high chair 

  • It is very important that you do not keep hot food or drinks near the edge of the table the high chair is parked. If the kid gets hands on the food or beverage, he/she could pull/push and spill it.
  • Never strap the baby to the high chair if there is nothing-important happening, like food, games, reading, or playing.
  • Never allow the baby to climb the high chair or try to stand up on the high chair.
  • Some parents try to restrain their baby on a high chair using a feeding tray, never do that, it could prove very dangerous. If there is a need to restraint the baby, try to avoid the high chair.
  • A baby high chair is designed for baby’s who can sit, not an infant who is not yet developed and learned to sit.
  • Never leave the baby alone while on a baby high chair, underestimate the baby and you may come to regret it.

What to look for in a baby high chair 

  • Toys – babies are born with the nature of exploring everything around them, this is why they keep running their hands everywhere often. This is why it is very important that purchase a baby high chair with the maximum toys incorporated into it.
  • Detachable tray – One of the most important reasons why a parent or guardian purchases a baby high chair is to enjoy the benefits like helping the baby develop self-independence. This is where detachable tray comes in, a detachable tray will enable the baby to have food, play with the toys, or read a book. Therefore, it is very important that your baby high chair comes with detachable trays.
  • Seat belt – Seat belts are one of the major safety features that come incorporated into a baby high chair. However, not all products come with quality seat belts, come of them come in a poor design that often does more harm than good. This is the reason for considering to purchase a five-point harness or high chair with wide belts.
  • Wheels – There are different types of baby high chairs available on the market today, some of them with wheels and some without. However, it is best recommended that you go for high chairs with wheels as they offer mobility. A baby high chair with wheels is easy to move from one place to another.
  • Cushioning – A baby tend to use the high chair for a long time and this is one of the reasons why it is very important that you consider purchasing a baby high chair with maximum cushioning for maximum comfort


Every year, more too many babies are injured in accidents involving baby high chairs, most of these accidents are due to falls. Purchasing the best baby high chair is the one of the best things that you can get your baby. You’ll enjoy spending time with your baby as they enjoy their food and playtime in a safe environment.

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