How to Sleep Train your Toddler In 6 Easy Steps?

Getting a baby to sleep through the night is not a child’s play! It can prove to be a daunting task. Therefore, this news is exclusively for all the moms or to-be moms. Some babies are healthy sleepers, where you don’t need to do countless things to make them sleep. On the other hand, there are babies who struggle to fall asleep no matter what you try to do as a mom to soothe them.  How do you learn to sleep train your toddler?

Has your baby sleep habit become a troublesome activity for you? Is it disturbing your work and daily chores? If yes, then we hope this will help you. Most of the parents think that, as the baby grows up, they will just naturally improve their sleep habits, and fall asleep easily. But, this is not entirely true! For some toddlers, you first need to teach them how to sleep, otherwise, they won’t learn it on their own.

Years ago before I had children, I remember seeing how my friend Marie was teaching her babies to sleep through the night.  She had read up on the subject while she was still pregnant, and she learnt so much that once her babies came along she was able to start putting all these tips into practice.  Her first baby started sleeping longer when he was just 5 weeks old.  It was so inspiring.

If you want to read further there’s one book that I adore, that helped me so much with my firstborn.  I can’t tell you how many times I read The Gentle Baby Sleep Book.

So let’s discuss a few tips and tricks about sleep training in 6 easy steps.

So How Do You Sleep Train Your Toddler?

How to Sleep Train your Toddler

1. Consistent bedtime routine

Consistency is something that goes well with every bedtime routine. You don’t need to stick to a real strict routine if you are not a strongly disciplined person. Toddlers and children are not aware of clock time; therefore, you don’t need to follow hour to hour routine. But, all you need to maintain is your toddler’s bedtime, naptime, and also wake up time.

2. Follow that schedule every day

Following the same routine every day will help your toddler to master and apprehend it quickly. Toddlers do not know how to watch time; therefore, the sleep-wake cycle of their body plays an important role. Always keep the nap time of the baby the same; it helps to fix the toddler’s body timer. After following this routine for a few days, you will notice a change in your toddler’s sleep pattern. They will expect to sleep at the same time every day.

3. Reward them for every good night sleep

Always reward your toddler after each good night sleep. The toddler’s brains are growing each day; this lets them analyze and adapt constructive habits. Rewarding is an excellent method to develop positive behavior not only in toddlers, but in adults too. Hence, after every routine and peaceful sleep, allow him to pick his favorite toy from the toy box; if he fails to maintain the routine, train him by not allowing playing with the toy.

4. Comfortable atmosphere for the toddler

Make sure to produce a comfortable environment around the toddler. The comfort level is as essential as the consistency in sleep pattern. If your little one is habitual to sleep in a car, stroller, or exterior environment, you might have noticed the difficulty in his sleep. Change his sleep position from exterior to interior environment. Let him take rest on the sleeping mat while playing; you can also let the baby sleep on the crib. Avoid making the baby sleeping in front of loud and noisy TV or any such environment. Also, if possible, do not change the sleeping area frequently. It delays the adaption of the baby to that particular area.

5. Make it fun

Make bedtime a fun activity so that your toddler is always excited to go to bed early. You can have a cutesy and knowledgeable communication with him, or you can read him interesting stories. It helps the toddler to go to bed in routine time and have a peaceful sleep. Instructing the toddler about what you are going to do next is always a great idea. Also, indulge with him/ her in playful activities and take them out to play once a day. It utilizes a lot of energy from their body, and till the end of the day, they are tired. It helps to achieve a sound sleep.

6. Here are some methods for quick learning

  • Cry it out method

It is probably the last option to make your baby sleep. Parents with way too kind heart cannot try this method. It includes leaving your baby to cry; after this, you must not enter the room again. All you can do is to pop your head and say sweet things to them like ‘ I love you, baby’! Whereas, some people use this method differently, they re-check their baby in a minimum interval of 3 to 5 minutes. This method will teach the baby to sleep on their own.

  • Fading method

This method is for people who want their baby to learn to sleep in a crib or separate room. If your baby sleeps with you every day, he might not be able to adapt to the habit of sleeping separately. In this method, you have to place the baby in the convertible crib or bed and make love to him unless he is dozing off. Once he feels drowsy, you can gently leave him on that position and close the door. If he cries, you are allowed to repeat the same procedure.

  • Pick up, put down method

This method is quite similar to the fading method. The only difference is picking up the baby to make her sleep. You are allowed to put them down when they start feeling drowsy.

That’s all about the ways to train your little one to sleep. We are glad to present this topic to you. We hope that you will try these methods at home. Thanks for reading!

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