How to Choose a Good Teether for Your Baby In 2021

Teething is a significant milestone that occurs shortly after the baby is born. When this happens, the little one is usually very irritated due to their pain during this stage. A good solution to calm this irritation is to get a teether for the baby since chewing on something firm can help relieve the discomfort. This short article discusses how to choose a good teether.

We can do almost nothing to prevent this phase from happening, but luckily, in the market, we have well-designed baby teethers that can help soothe the pain in our baby’s gums a lot. But do you know what to look out for when buying a teether? Well, here is a short buying guide for baby teethers, and you can check out the factors that you need to check while purchasing the best baby teether.

How To Choose A Good Teether?

baby teether

Safety First – Safety has always been the prime concern of parents, which comes naturally to all of us. You need to ensure that any teether that you are purchasing is safe for your baby. It must not have any parts that could cause choking, and the teether must not shred to pieces with constant chewing.

This ensures that the baby doesn’t get choked with the teether, and it helps you retain peace of mind while the baby is busy chewing the teether and enjoying the moments of his life. To stress it again, do not choose the teether small in size, which can be a choking hazard.

Material Used – Next thing to consider is the material used in making the teether. You will find the ones made of plastic, silicone, and even wood. Ideally, the ones made of wood are the best teethers, but they are really stiff. Moreover, you need to ensure that if you purchase the one made of wood, then the teether must be of really high quality to prevent splinters from injuring the baby.

The next popular choice is silicone, and it certainly comes with a lot of advantages as well. It is bacteria resistant, easy to clean, and it is soft as well. Plastic is also one of the preferred options, but you need to ensure that the plastic teether is safe for the baby.

Freezer Friendly – You will notice some teethers filled with gel, and those teethers can actually be frozen. The gel inside the teether becomes cool, and this provides a lot of relief to the baby. Ensure that your teether has this feature and it is freezer friendly. You will notice the difference in a baby’s happiness once you give them a cold teether to chew on.

This provides the maximum relief to the baby, but at the same time, you need to ensure that the teether is made of good quality material so that it doesn’t get punctured with constant usage. There are many silicone teethers available that can be refrigerated.

BPA Free – Next thing to consider is the main chemical composition. You can really ignore this factor if you purchase a wooden Teether, but this is one such factor that you can’t ignore while purchasing a plastic silicone teether.

Ensure that these are free from BPA. This is a cariogenic agent, and it can be really harmful to your baby. Some of the products made in China are not at all safe because they contain BPA. Just double-check that the teether you are planning to purchase is 100% free from BPA.

Grip and Clips– This is more of a utility that you would be looking forward to. Your baby is going to throw around the teether all the time. The teether may also fall on the ground, and because of this, you will have to bend down, pick up the teether, sanitize it, and then give it back to the baby.

How about a teether that comes with a clip that can be attached to the baby’s clothes? This will ensure that the teether is secured to the baby’s clothes and doesn’t fall often. So, you can look for such teethers and, at the same time, ensure that the teether has a good grip on the baby.

Fun Element – You can choose some attractive colors which will attract the baby, and at the same time, you can purchase the teether, which makes some squeaking sound when the baby plays with it. This adds fun to the whole process of growing up, and your baby would also fall in love with such a teether. This also helps in the development of the cognitive abilities of the baby.

Easy to Clean – Cleanliness is critical since the baby is going to chew the teether. In such a case, ensure that your teether is easy to clean. You can find some of the dishwasher-safe teethers, and you will also come across some of the dishwasher-safe products. It is best to purchase the ones which can be boiled or cleaned in the dishwasher as it becomes easier to maintain hygiene in such a case.

These are all the factors that you need to check while purchasing the teether for your baby. Remember that safety tops the list, so do not compromise on anything that may introduce any risk for your baby. We hope that this buying guide will help you choose the best teether for your baby, and the teether will surely provide a lot of relief to the baby.