How To Check Your Childs Temperature The Right Way In 2020

Children can get a fever while they are still developing their immunity. Many times, the fever will be because of a recent vaccination as and when you get your child vaccinated, the body responds by raising the temperature. Most of the time, fever is an indication that the body is fighting an infection. Learn how to check your childs temperature should you need to.  During such times, it is important to monitor the temperature of your child during the fever. The problem is that measuring the temperature of the child can be slightly tricky.

Learn How To Check Your Childs Temperature

Let us share some steps with you that will make it easy for you to take the child’s temperature.

Childs Temperature

Taking Rectal Temperature

This is the most preferred way of taking the temperature if your baby is very young. You need to ensure that you use a digital plastic thermometer while taking a rectal temperature. Once you are ready, follow the steps listed below

  • Wash the end of the thermometer and ensure that you use soap and water to wash the tip.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly on the end of the thermometer to be ready.
  • Now, you have an option to place your child belly down or face up. If you are placing your child belly down then you can place him in your laps or a flat surface and you can keep your hand on the lower back. If you are positioning your baby in the faceup position, you would need to bent the legs against the stomach by holding thighs.
  • Now, slowly insert the thermometer in the anal opening. The ideal position would be about 0.5 inches to 1 inch inside the thermometer.
  • Hold the thermometer till you hear the beep and ensure that you are soothing the baby while the reading is being taken. Once you hear the beep, take out the thermometer, note the reading, and wash it properly.

Taking Oral Temperature.

If you are not comfortable with the rectal temperature then you can also go for the oral temperature method. You need to ensure that the child is old enough to understand and follow your instructions. Follow the steps listed below to take an oral temperature

  • You need to ensure that the child has not consumed any food or liquid (including water) 30 minutes before taking the temperature.
  • Now, clean the thermometer and you will need to place it under the tongue of your child. Ask your child to close his lips and tell them not to bite the thermometer. Instruct them to relax and breathe normally. Also, ensure that the child is not talking with the thermometer in his mouth.
  • You will hear the beep and you can then take out the thermometer and take down the reading. Clean the thermometer and store it back.

Taking Axillary Temperature

There are times when you can’t use the oral method or rectal method to take the temperature. In such a case, you can use the Axillary method to take the temperature of the child. In this method, the thermometer will measure the heatwaves of the body and this method is also slightly inaccurate. Below are the steps to take temperature using this method

  • Take off the shirt of your child and now place the tip of the thermometer under the armpit of your child. Ensure that the tip is making contact with the skin.
  • Fold the arm back and hold it tightly against the chest. Wait for the thermometer to complete the reading. Note down the temperature and clean the thermometer.

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These are the different ways to take the temperature of the kids. Ensure that whenever you are taking the temperature, you are not leaving the kid unattended. In case of emergency or high temperature, contact the doctor.