10 Best Gifts For Babies Turning One Reviewed in 2021

For every parent, whether a first-timer or not, age one is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated in every special way possible. And while planning the remarkable cake smash birthday party might not be much of a hassle, picking the best gifts for babies turning one can be sometimes complicated. Besides the long hours browsing through Amazon to find the perfect gift that would spark their interest, you’re also careful not to pick a gift or toy that would endanger their safety.

As you know, toys at this age don’t attract much attention. In fact, a year old is often more fascinated by the packaging than the actual toy inside the box (Pro tip: Ensure you keep the toy box secured somewhere). At age one, babies are more engaged in hitting, sucking, or trying to bite their new toys. That is why they must be durable toys that you can take advantage of when they grow and develop something else. So on this list of best gifts for babies turning one, you’ll find toys that can last over a year, and even if they do not attract their attention now, they will do so in the medium or long term.

What To Consider When Picking Gifts For One-Year-Olds

At this stage, children love to explore; shapes, materials, objects that fit inside each other, and those that can be joined and separated. Children of this age are also beginning to develop their cognitive skills and are more precise in their movements. For this reason, it is good to choose toys that promote the mental development of the baby and the improvement of their skills. 

Also, they begin to discover language, words, and rhymes (for this reason, nursery rhymes are a classic that is passed from generation to generation). But most fascinating of them all is their peaked curiosity to begin to imitate adults. We already have the first clues to know what to consider and where to start with all this information.

Gift Ideas For Babies Turning One

Below, you will find our top 10 best gift ideas for your baby turning one or your already one-year-old little man / little lady.

1 – Baby Balance Ride-on Bike

gifts for babies turning one baby balance bike

This ride-on bike offers several different play forms and is a toy to use both indoors and outdoors. Some have interactive buttons that emit lights and sounds (that never fails!). It also plays songs as well as numbers and lyrics, both in English and Spanish. Complete and versatile.

It can be used as a walker to help your baby take his first steps. The bike trailer is raised so that children can sit on it and use it as a ride-on. Generally, the Ride-on bike, also known as the baby balance bike, is a durable toy that babies can enjoy as they journey into toddlerhood. It can help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

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2 – Melissa & Doug Pet Bead Maze

mellissa and doug pet toy

Melissa & Doug is a well-known brand that designs high-quality standard children’s toys, and the Pet Bead Maze is one of their ever-creative products. It’s a wooden bead maze designed to explore colors, shapes, and animals. The animal-shaped beads are aligned on a twisted wire pathway and slide along freely. A complete colorful charmer!

For a baby turning one, the Pet Bead Maze is an educational toy that encourages hand-eye coordination, creative thinking, helps develop fine motor skills and sparks color and shape recognition. 

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3 – Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity

baby einstein curious table

Another lovely gift idea for your baby turning one is the activity table. It has lights, songs, and phrases to teach children letters, numbers, and geometric shapes. The voice is in Spanish, English, and even French, making it a great toy for babies to begin to become familiar with the language.

It has three levels of interaction according to the child’s age, which makes it a durable toy. Its different play areas will give your baby hours of fun: opening and closing doors, pressing buttons, turning or pushing pieces. All these will help the baby to develop fine motor skills.

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4 – Wooden Magic Touch Piano

wooden magic touch toy for baby

Babies find sounds—rhythmic patterns and melodies—quite fascinating and do not hesitate to wobble around dancing and smile whenever music comes on. A musical toy like the Magic Touch Piano can keep your baby engaged and entertained.  

The piano is designed to seamlessly make striking sounds and play other melodious music once her finger touches the colorful chords. It’s definitely a good toy to develop fine motor skills, color coordination, and concentration. You can actually join her at the piano bench and have as much fun as she is having —a perfect mother-child bonding toy.

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5  – Fisher-Price Baby Chatter Telephone

fisher price baby phone

Your little one turning one means he’s now signed up to the toddlers’ squad where they’re more perceptive, curious about their surroundings, and try imitating adults in role play; that includes answering the phone like Mom and Dad! And that’s why this baby’s first mobile telephone toy is a great pick.

The Baby Chatter Telephone can nurture a baby’s creativity and imagination as they pretend to phone a friend and chatter away as Mom does. Besides the spin-and-dial feature, which enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, the Chatter Telephone is also educational.

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6 – Soft Baby Building Blocks

soft baby building block

Your baby is still very much attracted and interested in little objects that can be grasped easily and chewed on at age one. This is why the Soft Baby Building Blocks are the best gifts to get them as they turn one. It’s a soft, squeezable stacking block designed in different shapes and colors. Soft building blocks make perfect gifts for babies turning one!

While the Soft Baby Block is a great toy for distraction and fun, it’s also a brilliant educational toy that teaches kids letters and counting. Some of the blocks are lettered, numbered, or animal-shaped. The Soft Baby Building Blocks is a great gift toy for developing dexterity (grasping ability), hand-eye coordination, sensory awareness, and most of all, perfect for teething. It’s durable, washable, and enjoyable!

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7 – Wooden Car Ramp Racer

wooden car ramp toy

Ever noticed how your little one is always thrilled whenever you’re about to hop into a car? Yes, babies love cars —motion toys generally. Nothing could ever beat that thrill. And that’s why we have this creative play toy among the best gifts for babies turning one. The wooden car ramp racer is educational, developmental, and perfect for keeping them grossly engaged during playtime.

The fascinating continuous motion along the race tracks stimulates focus and enhances hand-eye coordination. But most interesting of all, it improves your baby’s learning skills —counting and color perception. It’s durable and safe for your baby.

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8 – Beiens Soft Baby Cloth Books


soft baby cloth book

Are you looking for an effortless gift that would easily inspire and enhance your baby’s learning and reading skills? Then here’s a perfect pick! The Soft Baby Cloth Book is an interactive educational toy designed to keep babies entertained and also help spark their imagination as they explore the animal world.

Reading to your child every night before bed can form a love for reading that stays with a child for life.  It teaches them to enjoy reading and enables parents or carers to bond with the child.  Having a soft baby cloth book ensures the child can also easily read to themselves (even if the words are quite there yet!).  Also, see our post on the best baby board books.

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9 – Baby Football & Basketball Hoop

baby football

Here’s another thoughtful gift idea for babies turning one —a baby football and basketball hoop with playful sounds. Your baby can have fun with this in either two ways; kicking the ball into the net or tossing it into the hoop. Of course, this is good for developing fine motor skills, improving focus, and promoting cause and effect.

The animated light-up LED scoreboard counts ball scores up to 10 and plays encouraging animation sounds, exciting cheers, and phrases. It also has shape buttons that introduce shapes, numbers, and sounds.   We have some other great games for babies to play with.

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10 – DITTY BIRD Baby Musical Book

ditty bird book

Talking about the best gifts for a one-year-old child, this list is totally incomplete without mentioning the rhyme book. I mean, what time is best to introduce rhymes to babies if not their first year into toddlerhood. At age one, babies become more eager to communicate; hence the baby hums and sounds. The books are great gifts for babies turning one.

With this interactive musical book, babies are introduced to language and pre-literacy skills entertainingly. It can also help build fine motor skills as your baby engages the electronic push buttons. The best of it all is how it promotes mother-child bonding when you sing along with your baby!

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There are many options when choosing a gift for babies turning one.  Just make sure you choose something from the list above or something similar, taking the child’s needs and likes into account.  And if you really aren’t sure it’s ok to ask the child’s parents.  They probably have a few ideas of things they know their little one would love.  If you are still struggling with the perfect gift, one last idea is just a place to hang all their toys in a beautiful hammock.