Different Types of Baby Carriers You Should Know in 2020

After the birth of your baby, you may soon try to get back to your normal schedule. It can be difficult knowing about the different types of baby carriers you could be using, especially in the first few months but you can make a start. While going outside, it is not always recommended to let the baby sit in a pram. Your baby can become feel isolated and want to be closer to you. As a parent, you probably would prefer to carry the baby in a baby carrier. This is much more comfortable for the baby. Below are all the different types of baby carriers available in the market.

Types of Baby Carriers

Start by looking at the type of baby carrier you would like to buy. There are multiple types of carriers available in the market. This includes Soft Wrap, Ring Sling, Woven Wrap, Mei Tai, Soft Structured, and Structured. The best ones in our opinion are woven wrap and Mei Tai carriers. You can also consider Soft Structured as they have better load balancing capabilities. Let us learn more about them.

Different Types of Baby Carriers

  • Soft Wrap Baby Carrier – The first type available is the soft wrap. This one is more like a long material that you can wrap around your body. It is not recommended for first-time parents. It takes certain getting used to before you can use this baby carrier. The material used here is very stretchable.
  • Ring Sling Baby Carrier – The second one is ring sling and this is more like a wrap that you can tighten or loosen with the help of a ring. This type of baby carrier is an evolved form of Soft Wrap Baby Carrier.
  • Woven Wrap Baby Carrier – This is similar to the soft wrap baby carrier but the difference here is that the material is not stretch at all. It is a tight material that you can stretch
  • Mei Tai Baby Carrier – These baby carriers have a panel around the baby and it has 2 wide straps that go around your shoulder and the waist. These are more of Asian design and they are pretty efficient when it comes to carrying the baby.
  • Soft Structured Baby Carrier – If you like something similar to a backpack then this is the one for you. They have a padded shoulder strap with a lot of adjustments. You can use these types of baby carriers for not only carrying the babies but also toddlers. They are very comfortable.
  • Structured Baby Carrier– The soft structured baby carriers are not very suitable for long trips and treks. For such situations, you may want to use structured carriers. They have an aluminum frame and they are also a lot more durable.

Carrying Position

Consider the carrying position. Are you willing to carry your baby with a face towards yourself? Are you willing to carry your baby with the face outwards? There are multiple options available. Some carriers also let you carry baby on your back. You need to find out which is comfortable for you and the baby. Also, ensure that carrier is versatile enough to let you carry the baby in multiple ways.

While choosing the baby carrier, you can also consider the price, comfort, and the weight of the baby. You may also look at the safety issues as this will help you in ensuring that the carrier doesn’t break off causing any injury to the baby