Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Baby Gate In 2021

Keeping your baby safe is paramount, especially once they start crawling and go off exploring.  Installing baby gates in key spots such as the top and bottom of stairs helps you know your baby is secured to the baby safe areas only.  But how do you know how to select the right baby gate for your home.  We’ve got a few ideas about how to choose the right baby gate in 2021. Please read on to find out.

How to Choose the Right Baby Gate

You have already checked the best baby gates available in the market. There are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the baby gate. So, here is a short buying guide so that you can select the best baby gate for yourself.

Type – The first thing to consider while buying a baby gate is the type of baby gate. There are mainly two types of gates which are pressure mounted and hardware mounted gates. We have listed the details in the section above regarding the type of baby gates available, and you can refer to the same to make a choice.

Height – baby gate’s height gate should be at least 3 feet to ensure that the baby doesn’t try to climb the baby gate. This is a significant factor that you need to consider while purchasing the baby gate. Do not opt for the baby gates that have short height as they can be dangerous as well.

how to choose the right baby gateMaterial – You can also check the material that the gate is made of. The usual one available is steel, and this is because the steel is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. There are many color combinations available in each type of material.

Measurement and Extension – Next thing to consider while purchasing a baby gate is the measurements. Check the area’s length where you need the baby gate and map it up with the length of the baby gate. Also, check if the extensions are available with the baby to help you extend the total length.

East of Installation – Ease of installation is another thing to consider. There is no point in purchasing a baby gate that is hard to fix or hard to remove. The pressure-mounted baby gates are the easiest ones usually. They are also very portable, so you can easily store them.

Walk Through Gate – Walk through the gate is another feature you must-have in the baby gate. Opt for the ones that have an auto-closing feature along with the dual locking mechanism. It is of great help to have them walk through the gate, which can be opened by one hand. Apart from this, you can also check if your gate has an indicator for the lock.

Cost – The cost is another factor to be considered. We agree that nothing compares to baby’s safety, baby, but you might still want to compare different models’ prices. Amazon is the best place to compare the price as it also provides you with offers and deals.

Safety Standards – Next thing to consider while purchasing the baby gate is the safety standard. You need to ensure that the baby gate meets the safety standard in your state to ensure that the gate is safe for babies to use. Simultaneously, check out the baby gate’s instructions and dos and donate before purchasing one.

Brand and Review – the Last factor to consider while purchasing a baby gate is the brand and the reviews. Opt for very reliable brandable, and, at the same time, check out the product reviews. You can get reviews on click of the button but steer clear of the paid reviews. Also, you might want to check reviews on Amazon as they are all verified purchases, so you get the real review.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Baby Gates

Some of the safety that you need to follow even when you get the best of the baby gate. This will ensure that the baby actually remains safe. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of using the Baby Gate.

Do Secure the Gate – One of the major do for the baby gate is to secure the baby gate properly. This will ensure the safety of the baby. If it is a pressure gate, ensure enough pressure on the wall so that the gate doesn’t topple and causes injury to the baby.

Do Correctly Assembly – Next thing to consider is the assembly. Follow the instructions in the user manual while assembling the baby gate. This will help you ensure that the installation is sturdy and there is no accident because of poor assembly.

the best baby gateDo Install Hardware Gate on Wall or Solid Surface – If you bought a hardware mounted baby, ensure that you install it on a hard surface like a door frame or the hard wall. Please do not install the hardware mounted gate on a false wall as it increases the chance of an accident by multiple folds.

Do Put a Gate at the bottom of Stairs– The people do not put the baby gate at the st’s bottom, which should not be done. You must also put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs as well. This is a necessary part of making the stairs secure for the baby.

Don’t Use Gates intended for Pets – There are some gates intended only for pets, but you must not use those gates for the babies. There are many differences between the structure and design, so ensure that this is not done.

Don’t Use Pressure Gate near Stairs – Next thing you need to take care of is that you should not use a pressure gate near the stairs. They can easily topple if pressure is put on the gate. In such a case, it is strongly advised not to use a pressure gate near the stairs.

Don’t climb over the gate – The next thing to take care of is that you must not climb over the gate. This is because you can trip and fall if you are trying to do so. The height can be as much as 3 feet, which can be a hazard if you try to climb over the gate.

Baby Gate Safety Tips You Should Know

Below are the safety tips that you need to know to choose the right baby gate.

  • When you have stairways inside your home, it is always safe to install baby gates both at the top and bottom of the stairways. Children always tend to explore new areas, and when they crawl up the stairways, there are huge chances that they fall. Install the baby gate at the bottom in the hallway rather than directly placing the gate at the bottom.
  • You should install baby gates to block some dangerous areas like a kitchen or fireplace. There are also specialty gates available to use around odd shapes.
  • Baby gates that are JPMA certified to meet the ASTM standards required for children. Using these gates is recommended and safe for children. Ensure that you do not use some pet gates as baby gates as they do not meet ASTM standards.
  • For installing baby gates at the top of the stairways, it is highly recommended to select hardware-mounted gates. These types of gates are installed using screws. On the other hand, pressure gates can be easily dislodged, or children might trip over these gates. So, please do not use them on the top of the stairs.
  • Whenever you have guests coming to your home, please show them how to use the baby gates. Otherwise, these gates might be damaged as guests might climb over them or leave them open.
  • Normally, baby gates are recommended for children between 6 and 24 months of age. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on when to stop using the baby gates. Children grow faster, taller, and stronger, and they do not have to use the baby gates after a certain age.
  • When you are installing a baby gate, ensure to install them below the baseboard moldings. Usually, baby gates require the spaces to be less than 3 inches. This is completely different than the normal railings. Following the instructions properly is important for installing a baby gate. If you wish to accommodate baseboard molding or a pet, it is definitely not safe for the children.
  • The baby gate hardware needs to be installed precisely into the wall. The screws should be long enough to enter into the wood behind the drywall. Usually, the baby gates are sold with shorter screws. So, you need to take a visit to the hardware shop to get these screws.
  • When you cross the baby gates, do not climb over the gates. This may dislodge the gate and becomes dangerous for the child. In addition to that, children may think that climbing over the gate is safe and start imitating. When they try to do the same, injuries happen all the time. It is not worth taking a risk with children. So, do not try to climb over the gate and put your child’s life at risk.

Here are a couple of baby gates that we like.  They are the Regalo Super Wide and the Munchkin Easy Close.  These and more are included in the full review of the best baby gates.