Choose The Best Baby Bath Tub In 2020: Ultimate Guide

Do you know how to choose the best baby bath tub? Baby bathtubs are used every day, and are an essential item to have for a newborn baby. But there are numerous other handy benefits that you, as a parent, can avail by using a good quality baby bathtub.

Benefits of Using Baby Bath Tubs

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Let’s check out the benefits of having a really good baby bathtub.

  • Provides ease to the parents
  • Helps to keep things hygienic and clean
  • Keeps the children safe while bathing

Apart from those benefits, there are numerous other reasons why you should invest in a good quality baby bathtub. The best baby bathtub will provide the utmost comfort to the babies, and this helps the parents to finish things off quickly and more effectively. So, if you recently became a parent of a newborn, or you are about to be, then this is the right time to find the perfect baby bathtub. Just make sure that the bathtub is intended for the children’ age, and you are good to go.

How to Choose The Best Baby Bathtub

To make your path a bit easy than before, we have put together a buyer’s guide that can help you to select the right bathtub for your baby and choose the better one between the two highly similar bath tubs. So, go through these points to learn more about how to choose the best baby bath tub.

how to choose the best baby bath tub Summer Infant Comfort Height Bath TubSize of the bathtub

The first important thing that must be considered while purchasing the baby bathtub is the size. Make sure that the bathtub you are planning to buy is perfect for the children, and your children can easily and safely move while bathing. Also, by choosing the right size of the bathtub for the children, you can be assured of buying a bathtub that can be used for a longer time. So, pay attention while choosing the size of the bathtub for children.


Another important thing that must be considered before choosing the best baby bathtub is the type of baby bathtub. Make sure that you choose the right type of baby bathtub to get ensured about the comfort of the baby and help you to give them an ultimate bath tub.

Baby’s comfort and safety

Apart from the size and type, you should also keep the baby’s comfort in mind while purchasing a new bathtub. Make sure that the bathtub has a design that is comfortable enough and has necessary padding if required. As you are buying a product for the babies, make sure that they are absolutely safe to use and have a perfect grip on the ground. Buying a slippery bathtub can cause serious hazards that you don’t want to experience as a parent.

Features set

Water temperature gauge, drain outlet, and the storage pocket are amongst the most desirable features that an ideal bathtub should have. So, make sure that you choose a bathtub that has these, along with other features that make it a worthy and more valuable product than just a simple bathtub available in the market.


Another important thing that should be considered while purchasing a new baby bathtub is usability. Make sure that the bathtub you are planning to buy is extremely easy to use, clean, and maintain. By doing this, you will not only be assured of the baby’s safety but will also be assured of the baby’s cleanliness.

By keeping the above-listed five points in mind while choosing a perfect baby bathtub, you can be assured of getting the best bathtub that is not only comfortable enough for the babies but also is safe enough to be used. So, be sure that you keep them in mind and choose the best product for your children.

Safety Tips for Baby Bathing You Must Know

Bathing time is the funniest moment for all the children. But there are certain tips that should be followed while taking a baby for a bath. At the same time, it should always be kept in mind that as babies are very delicate, so utmost care should be taken in that aspect. Certain tips should be followed so that you can provide hassle-free bathing to your baby.

  • Angelcare Baby Bath SupportAt the initial level, it should always be kept in mind that you should never leave your little alone in the tub even for a second. Even an inch of water can be enough for causing any type of fatal accident. If there is a little water, then it can help to drown a baby.
  • Keep on one hand on the baby and the other on the tub. Hold your baby tightly so that he does not fell. Carry a towel so that it can be used soon after the bath is over. Try to warp the baby on the towel as soon as he finishes his bath. It will also help the baby to stay away from cough and cold that may happen due to bathing for a long time.
  • Keep the bathroom warm. Check the temperature of the bathroom, and it should be around 75 degrees F. Cool temperature is enough for getting cold very easily. Never put the baby on the tub when the water is running. That can be dangerous for the baby. It is better to check all the things properly.
  • Try to keep the family tub safe because bathtubs are always slippery. The baby of your feet can slip down. Also, keep the tub clean as and when required. If possible, clean it regularly.
  • Make the bathtub water warm. You can check it by putting a wrist on the water. Lukewarm water is always good and safe for your baby. It can help to keep fit and steady.
  • Teach the child not to stand over water right from the beginning. It may cause severe accidents.
  • You should also avoid bubble baths for your child. It can cause severe problems like an infection in the urinary tract.

By following these simple steps and tricks, you can easily save your child. You can also provide him a healthy and safe life through it. Remember, your baby is your priority, so you should always look for the one that is better for him.

How To Clean A Baby’s Bathtub

A bathtub might have a residue of soap, dirt, and even baby poop. Cleaning the bathtub from time to time is essential to keep the tub and hence your baby hygienic. It is advisable to clean the tub after every use. However, it depends on the individual on how frequently they wish to clean the bathtub. It is quite easy to clean a bathtub. It is good to avoid harsh chemicals while cleaning to not irritate your child. Below are some natural ways that you can use to clean the baby’s bathtub.

  • Wipes: One of the easiest and proven methods of cleaning your bathtub is with disposable wipes. You can use them without a doubt to wipe the bathtub without much effort. For the purpose, you can use baby wipes or adult bathroom wipes.
  • All-purpose cleaner: If you are convinced that you need to use a solution to clean your baby’s bathtub, just go with an all-purpose cleaner, which is gentle and do not leave any harsh chemicals after cleaning. You might even want to use an anti-bacterial spray for perfectly cleaning out the tub.
  • Microfiber cloth: The microfiber cloths are one of the best tools to clean off the residue in the bathtub and keep it clean. All you need is a microfiber cloth and water. Just soak the cloth and wipe off the bathtub. All the soap residue left after a bath can be easily wiped off with this microfiber cloth. Also, if you purchase a microfiber cloth which has a scrub like texture, it removes the residue quite well without you struggling much.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a very good natural agent that acts against mold and bacteria, keeping the area disinfected. Also, vinegar over-bleach is preferred as it does not stay as residue in the tub after cleaning. This does not irritate the baby’s skin and is very safe. You just need to dilute the vinegar with equal parts of water and spray the solution after each use on the bathtub. Later wipe it off with clean cloth. That’s it, you will get a clean bathtub in no time and is also bacteria-free.
  • Lemon & salt: One of the best scrubs that you can make with natural products to clean the bathtub is by using lemon and salt. With these simple ingredients, you can get clean your bathtub in no time. You just need to cut the lemon, sprinkle salt on it and start scrubbing the tub with this half lemon. It works with reamed lemon too.
  • Deep Cleaning: When it comes to the baby bathtub, it is essential to deep clean the tub once in a while to ensure that it is hygienic and bacteria-free. For the deep cleaning, you can use all the products that we mentioned, however, instead of using them and cleaning the tub with hand. You need to use a scrub pad or a used toothbrush. They work as wonderful cleaning tools, especially when dirt accumulates in the grooves of bathtubs.