How to Choose Kids Toys According to Their Age in 2020?

Age-appropriate toys are an important aspect that every parent should consider before buying toys. Many different kinds of toys are available these days. Choosing the most age-appropriate toys can be difficult for the parents, friends, and family whatever the occasion.  So how do you choose kids toys according to their age?

Age becomes a key component to consider when out for buying toys. It is because toddlers and infants are bound to do fewer activities as their bodies and brain are still developing. Parents also have to ensure the safety of their little ones when they are playing. Toddlers tend to put everything in their mouths. Therefore, it is a must to select the toys according to the child’s age.

On the other hand, bigger children have previously developed physical and mental skills to progress to buy a new level of toys. Kids and children are always happy to receive a new toy. Toys are not just fun-filled and frolic activities, but they also develop many essential skills in your child. Here are some tips to choose kids toys according to their age-

Choose Kids Toys According to Their Age

Choose Kids Toys According To Their Age

1. Toys for 0 to 6 months

In this age, babies love to gaze at people faces; not only have they stared at faces, but every next thing they see. Babies are fascinated by their abilities to move their hands and feet turn their heads around, make expressions, and many other things. Eyes are the best friend of these little ones; they love to look at bright colors. Therefore the most suitable toys for them are the things they can squeeze, pull, shake, textured toy balls, ring toys, and mobile phones. They also get happy by looking themselves at the mirror.

2. Toys for 6 to 8 months old

Older babies like to move; they keep on repeating similar activities. It makes them master those activities perfectly. They just love to sway their hands and feet, transfer a toy from one hand to another, and other before-mentioned activities. They also like to put things back and forth in the container. All these activities contribute to the development of mental skills. Toys for this age group are baby dolls, rattles, plastic balls, water toys, picture books, squeeze toys, teething toys, infant swing, block toys, and push and pull toys.

3. Toys for 8 to 18 months old

This is the age when babies utter their first word for which parents wait desperately. Babies become more aware of their surroundings and learn to walk and climb stairs at this age. They can also sit next to other children and play, but their minds are not adequately developed to interact with them. Some of the perfect toys for these babies are picture books, music toys, crayons and paper, wood blocks, learning puzzles, cars, and balls. You need to allow your children to play these things under your supervision.

4. Toys for 18 to 24 months old (toddlers)

At 18 – 24 months, toddlers are all about experiments. They learn to do a lot of new things like climbing, playing, running, communicating, kicking, and solving things. Therefore, it is a very crucial age and parents should buy the most appropriate toys during these years. Early toddlers love to play with ride-on toys, push and pull toys, building blocks, crayons, clays. On the other hand, older toddlers play with things like tricycles, movement games, shape sorters, cars, wagons, stacking rings, music toys, puzzles, and chalkboards.

5. Toys for preschool children (3 to 6 years old)

The preschool and kindergarten kids interact with new people and children in school. They start to wonder and cook doubts in their brain. They usually ask a lot of questions and always expect you to answer them. They are very experimental about everything and are very talkative. Children learn to adapt to new habits at this age. Some toys suitable for these children are puzzles, puppets, storybooks, board games, and dress up games, dolls, cars, blocks, tricycles, remodeling tools, and music in DVD, play dough, and many more.

6. Toys for 6 to 9 years old

In this age, a child is more socially bound. He/ she is more prone to peer pressure and loves to get engaged in new activities. Here are some best toys for this age group- bicycle, helmet, book, skates, drone toy, sporting equipment, board games, construction sets, memory games, rag dolls, and many more.

We hope you liked the set of above-mentioned tips. It is also necessary to know about the choices and hobbies of your kids to get the perfect toys for them. That was all about the right type of toys according to age. Hope to see you next time! Have a good day!