How To Choose A Baby Swing That Rocks In 2021

A swing or baby swing can be handy for a mother of a newborn baby because it is a safe place where you can place it while you find a few minutes to eat something or shower and at the same time have your child close. It can also help distract or calm your baby with its rhythmic movements, thus giving you a little break.

If you are looking at baby swings, you probably have a dozen questions. Well, we have answers in this post, as we have been looking at how to choose a baby swing in our review of the ten best baby swings.

How to Choose A Baby Swing?

Consider the following things when it comes to choosing the right baby swing –

Safety belt – You need to choose the swing with a safety belt – either a 5-point or 3-point harness. You can keep your baby safe and secure. Even in reclining swing, it is a must-have feature.

Swing height – You can buy swings in various heights. If you are scared of the risk of falling, you can go with a recumbent swing that is close to the ground.

Speed – Some swings come with more speed controls than others. If speed control matters, you can choose models that have more speed controls.

Must be portable – If you are looking for a swing for traveling or going to someone’s house, you can find one easy to carry around. Some swings can also fold up.

choose a baby swingPower – Some swings run on a battery or AC adapter, while some have both power sources. It is a great option if you don’t want your battery to discharge when you are at home. If you don’t have an outlet that you want for swing, you can go with battery power.

Easy to clean – Whether your child has split up or diaper blow out, they can get swing dirty sometimes. It would help if you bought a swing with a cover to remove and wash it in the washing machine.

Comfort – Your baby might be sitting in the swing several times a day. So, she must be comfortable all day. Please make sure the material is thick enough that they can sit on for a long time.

Seat position – Your child may love the reclining swing in the first several months, but they will no longer love it once they grow older. So, it would help if you considered the seat position.

Do you want a timer– Some swings come with a timer. It stops swinging once time runs out.

Frame – You can get metal or plastic frames, but you should always consider choosing sturdy material. If you prefer a plastic frame, you need to be comfortable enough to hold the weight. Choose the frame with a wide base.

Others – Some swings come with toys attached, an MP3 player, and vibrating seats. So, you can consider add-ons.

Tips for Using a Baby Swing

Buying a baby swing can take the stress out of your life as they are your best companion. They can soothe your fussy baby or create a haven. Before placing the baby in a swing, you should consider some tips on using it.

Soothe your baby

It is one of the main reasons to buy baby swing. The swinging motion of these devices can recreate a swing to be felt in the womb. It is really comfortable and calms even the fussiest babies. This is why you need a baby swing for soothing. You can place your baby in the swing if she is upset and won’t settle. It would help if you chose the right speed to calm them down. Please don’t overdo it, as it can cause more harm than good.

Don’t let them sleep all the time in the swing.

When a swing serves as a hammock for your baby, it doesn’t mean you need to let them sleep in it. According to the pediatricians, keep swinging to the minimum when she falls asleep. It is not considered suitable for sleeping as quality sleep occurs only in a stable position. When your baby sleeps in motion, her brain cannot enter the restorative condition, which is needed. It can ruin the quality of sleep for the baby as they wake up more often and unhappy.

You can keep all the sleep props away once she reaches two months. If your baby falls asleep in it, take them out and move to the crib. At this point, she may fuss. But you rub her back so she can fall asleep again. If your baby falls asleep only in a swing, there are some sleep tricks to soothe her out of the swing.

Ecotribe Wooden Horse Toddler Swing SetLimit their time in the baby swing

Though the swing can soothe your fussy baby, you shouldn’t become too dependent on it. You may not want to have swing as the only soothing option. Limit the amount of time for your baby to spend on the swing. Swings keep them in one position and restrict their movement for a more extended period. It can be harmful to their growth. So, limit it to only a few hours a day.

Skip the extras

Most people believe that there is no harm in getting extras in baby swings. Well, it is not the case, and you should keep looking for only a few features. Some swings come with a lot of features like vivid mobiles, side-to-side motions, etc.

Most of these features are useless to her enjoyment. Swings with light projectors and extra entertainment may not be ideal. Instead, it would be best if you looked for basic swing. You can search for one that comes with white noise if you want something more. It will calm down your baby without stimulating them overly.

Ensure safety

Before buying a baby swing, you should consider safety systems and ratings. Please read the instructions manual before using it. All swings have different techniques to use well and ensure the safety of your baby. If your baby is only around four months, use the reclined position of your swing. Use shoulder straps to keep your baby in place if the seat is at 50 degrees. The seat should stay flat when rocking. So, you won’t have any risk for the baby to fall out.

Pros and Cons of a Baby Swing

Different parents have different reasons to buy a baby swing. But they all need the comfort of their child. You can choose from different swings with various features as per the usage, size, and prices. It would help if you considered your needs before buying. However, baby swings have their pros and cons you should consider –


  • Safety

With different purposes, swings come with several safety features. Almost all the swings are made with safety attachments and fixed weight limits. It can hold a baby up to 8 months old.

  • Available in all sizes

Swings are readily available in different sizes to meet diverse needs. Parents can easily choose one for their baby. This way, you can have price flexibility and select the one you can afford.

  • Toys and music features

You can go with a swing that comes with added musical features and toys to keep your baby engaged. You can use these features as soothing tools whenever she needs to sleep, and toys create a playful and exciting mood.

  • Built-in timers

If you find a good brand, some models come with in-built timers, which will help control how much time your baby needs to stay in the swing.

  • Steady design and shape

Most of the original swings come with features to develop the baby’s spine as they have great support.


After learning all the pros of baby swings, here are some of the cons to decide whether you should buy it –

  • Most of the swings come in specific sizes and would suit shorter babies. If your baby is taller, they may not suit them.
  • They are best used in the first couple of months of growth of your baby. So you may not want to buy expensive ones as babies may not use them for longer.
  • They are available in different sizes and weights. They may be around 27 kg. So, they can be less portable.
  • Using musical features may seem to be a good idea, and it can be beneficial. They could cause noise if you want a calm moment.
  • Swing’s comfort may put off babies from beds and cribs. If your baby outgrows the swing, it is tough to move her out. So, they stay longer in the swings unnecessarily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are baby swings good for babies?

  • Yes, baby swings are excellent companions for your baby to nap, but you should avoid overdoing it to some extent. If you have to walk away or get her some sleep for a while, baby swings can help.

Q. Does swinging help baby sleep?

  • Many baby swings are designed to help your baby sleep, and most babies love to sleep when swinging. It can soothe fussy babies and even lulls them to sleep.

Q. Is it okay for a baby to sleep in a swing?

  • Sitting upright in a swing for a long time can make it difficult for babies to breathe correctly. Hence, you should not let the baby sleep in the swing all night. It is okay for a quick nap.

Q. What age can a baby go into a baby swing?

  • There are swings for infants and toddlers. According to the baby’s age, you can choose them well. If you are buying swings for babies, they can use them up to 6 months of age.

Q. Can a baby sleep in a swing overnight?

  • For an older child, a quick nap is fine. If your small baby falls asleep in the swing, you must move him to his bassinet or crib. In case he wakes during the night, you may put him back in the swing so he can fall asleep again.

Q. Can a newborn go in a swing?

  • A young baby or infant can nap in a swing, and it is okay to let your baby fall asleep. Be sure it has a safety belt to keep her safe. However, it would be best if you left her alone when she is in a swing.