How to Change Your Babys Diaper Properly – The Expert Way in 2020

If you are about to start babysitting, or are a first-time parent, you will need to learn how to change your babys diaper properly. You can always keep a diaper bag handy, but it better have everything you need inside. So what are the important things you need to know?

Diaper Bag – In the diaper bag, you must have all the essential items. The list is below

It is important to have the right-sized diapers.  If you are unsure about the correct size, then check out the various diapers and they will have age ranges on the packaging. If you have the diaper bag ready, you can change the diaper even when you are on the go. Let us now go ahead and look at the steps to change the baby’s diaper properly.

Change Your Babys Diaper

Detailed Steps: How to Change Your Babys Diaper Properly 

Here are the detailed steps to change the diaper of a baby

  • Start by going to the diaper changing area and then wash your hands to begin the process.
  • Clean the changing surface and now you can lay the baby on their back and you can use the changing surface for this. Most of the toilets, flights, and other places have this baby diaper changing surface in designated areas.
  • Now, remove the diaper and keep it away from the baby. You would now need to wipe the baby clean.
  • You must use moistened baby wipes to clean the baby. Remember that when you are wiping a girl, you need to wipe front to back to avoid any kind of infection. If you do not clean properly, the baby might suffer from rashes.
  • Apply the diaper ointment if required. A lot of people may sprinkle talc but this is something that you must avoid.
  • Now, take a clean diaper and slide it properly on the baby. Follow the instructions on the diaper to wrap it. Most of the diapers would have a stick-on area for wrapping them. Also, ensure that you have correctly used the front part.
  • In the case of newborn babies, you also need to ensure that the diaper doesn’t touch the umbilical stump otherwise it can lead to irritation.
  • Dispose of the soiled diaper properly and wash your hands. You can also clean the changing surface so that you leave it fresh for others.

Bonus Tips

Try and keep the baby entertained while you are changing their nappy.  This might not be easy the first couple of times, as you are getting used to what you have to do.  But a more experienced nappy changer will play peek-a-boo, or sing to the baby while they are being changed.  That way a baby is less likely to try and wriggle away from you.

A more experienced nappy changer will know when the baby has just gone – so that they dont get sprayed while in the process of changing the nappy – especially a baby boy.  Baby boys can also pee on themselves, even into their eyes, so it does pay to not let this happen.  You can also keep a baby wipe on the peeing part while you are getting your diaper change all set up.

We have already shared the process of changing the diaper for the baby. You also need to ensure that the diaper is not too tight for the baby and at the same time, you need to ensure that the diaper is not too loose. A loose diaper can experience leaks. With this, you will be able to ensure that the clothes do not get soiled.

Always monitor the baby while changing the diaper and ensure that you keep a hand on the baby while they are on a changing surface. You might also require diaper pail at home to safely place the dirty diapers. Lastly, in the case of diaper rashes, you should always consult the doctor and seek their professional advice.