10 Best Wooden Toys for Babies & Toddlers In 2020

Many parents these days are opting for the best wooden toys. And the reason is simple – these toys are eco-friendly, sustainable, and aesthetic. They help in letting children understand the connection with Mother Nature, and there is nothing better than that. Not only do these toys spark creativity, but they can also be handed down to other children in the family.

There are infinite reasons to love these beautifully crafted toys. But you should also know that you should keep these toys away from fire and never wash them with water. These are the only disadvantages that can be easily tackled with care and attention.

However, there are not many of these toys in the market, and due to this reason, many buyers drop the idea of buying wooden toys. Wooden toys can be extremely beneficial in making your children learn new things. Wooden toys have educational value which is a great reason for parents to consider purchasing them.

Stacking toys to puzzles, you name them, and you such a variety of wooden toys. A few years ago, people were not very interested in these toys, but with the advancement in the designing process, we have witnessed many toys that exceed our expectations. A few of them are listed below for you to make a purchase. We are sure you will love these toys as much as we do.

Advantages of Wooden Toys

There are several advantages to having wooden toys for your children to play with. These toys will trigger the imagination of your children and help as they develop their knowledge through play. Let’s check out their advantages:

  • Eco-friendly – Wooden toys are sustainable. They are better than plastic toys and are biodegradable. This means that these toys will breakdown into landfills when you discard them or bury them in the ground. Additionally, the paint used in these toys does not contain any toxic chemicals. This makes them safer for children at all costs. These toys also let your children sense the connection with nature.
  • Educational nature – These toys are created in such a way that they always have an educational quality. Be it the musical wooden toy or the alphabet pieces. Many building blocks and puzzles nowadays are also created by wood. This helps children with literacy as well as numeracy. It also enhances their mental agility and problem-solving skills.
  • Better Concentration – According to many researchers, wooden toys are more stimulating and calming that plastic toys. Being around natural things has always made humans feel calm and serene. Wooden toys also do the same thing to children. They think better and focus well on the educational setup that the toy provides when it is made from wood.
  • Longevity – Children often bash their toys and throw them around. Wooden toys can endure such treatment for generations. This will let you hand them to your future generations too. Many people have claimed how they love the long-lasting nature of wooden toys. These toys are very sturdy and do not break in pieces even when they are hit hard. We are sure that you will also love these toys as much as we do.
  • Safety – It is a fact that plastic toys are often cheaply made. Therefore when they break their sharp edges can put the safety of your children at stake. They can also put these pieces in their mouth and that can be a nightmare for parents. Wooden toys on the other hand are very strong and do not jeopardize the safety of your child as much as plastic toys. Their non-toxic nature will also promote the health of your children at all times.

What Are The Best Wooden Toys For Toddlers?

So, here’s our favorite top 10 wooden toys for toddlers:

1. Hape Wooden Toy

best wooden toys for babies Hape Wooden Toy

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On number one of our list we have the Hape xylophone that also comes with a tap and pound bench. You may choose the product from two colors which include – red and yellow. Both of these colors are extremely beautiful and do not hurt the eyes at all. Your baby or toddler can play with the toy by using the wooden mallet to hit the balls. These balls then slide on the xylophone to create sound.

Your child will be able to create many melodies and make music. This toy is great for developing motor skills in children. It also helps in developing hand-eye coordination. Also, it will give them early education in music and strengthen their muscles as well. The surface of this toy is very well polished and has round edges so that your child never gets hurt while playing with it. Additionally, the paint used in coloring the product is water-based as well as child-safe.

The toy will surely last many years at your home due to its sturdiness. It is a great toy for children aged between 12 months to 4 years. It is an extremely genuine product that has also won many awards by renowned associations. Moreover, the shipping weight of the product is only 2.75 pounds and it has the dimensions of – 9.4 X 5.3 X 5.9 inches.

2. Battat Wooden Toy

best wooden toys Battat Wooden Toy

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Next up we have the Battat wooden cube. It is suitable for children above the age of one year. The product has intricate details that make it so attractive. It consists of the animal alphabet, bead roller coaster, and much more. It helps children in being more curious and become adventurous. The farm-themed panels will surely keep them busy and fascinated for a long time.

Additionally, the toy is created using gender-neutral colors so that you may buy it for your daughter as well as your son. The illustration art and color scheme of the toy is fantastic. Even though it is a cube, its edges are rounded so that your little ones never get hurt when they play with the toy. They will find many animal friends as they open the doors of this cube.

Honestly, there is so much to play with when it comes to this toy. The wood used in crafting the product is very solid and is crafted very well. This toy will help your children in learning cause-and-effect as well as enhance the imaginative play. Battat is a well-known company which was established in 1897 and since then they have always created amazing products. This wooden cube toy by them has the dimensions of – 13.4 X 11.8 X 17.7 inches. However, we have to inform you that the product may seem pricey to many people.

3. Manhattan Toy Wooden Toy

best wooden toys as gifts Manhattan Toy Wooden Toy

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On number three we have the wooden treetop toy by the popular company Manhattan Toy. This toy is shaped like a tree and is created using very high-quality wood. The graphics on the toy are highly detailed and very colorful. The color combination will hold your child’s attention in a single glance. The numerous features of this toy include – springy flaps, gliders, bead runs, spinning dials, and shape recognition.

Your child will surely be benefited by this developmental toy at all costs. Additionally, the toy is highly engaging and keeps them happy and cheerful for long hours. Each section of the toy is placed in separate quadrants so that your child can distinguish between the activities properly. The finish of the product is created using child-safe material and the product comes with a very sturdy base.

You can also use this toy as a first birthday gift. It also acts as a great décor piece and can be placed in a nursery. There are four quadrants in the toy and they will surely find something new in each of these quadrants every single day. It will make learning fun and enhance their skills as well. Moreover, the toy is suitable for children above the age of one year and is well suited for children up to the age of 5 years. However, you should know that the product is 18 inches wide and 22 inches tall.

4. Ehome Wooden Toy

best wooden toys 2020 Ehome Wooden Toy

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The Ehome instrumental wooden toy has secured the fourth position on our list. There are 15 kinds of toys in this product and you will receive a total of 22 pieces of musical toys in it. These instruments can be shaken, tapped, or blown to make many sounds. The product is created using non-toxic material and which makes it very safe for young children.

Additionally, you can buy the product for girls as well as boys. Since there are 22 pieces in the product, your child will surely get baffled when he/she sees them. You also won’t have to by numerous toys for him/her. The best part of the product is that it comes with a tote bag. This bag makes it easier for you to store the toys and makes the management very easy.

Moreover, these musical toys will also help your children to get interested in music. They will move, groove, and feel the beat when they use the toy. This will make them cheerful very easily and quickly. The product is approved by the CCP and comes at a very affordable price. Each piece in the product is manufactured using wood and is painted with bright and beautiful colors. The weight of the set is 2.91 pounds and it will surely help in keeping your children busy and focused.

5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Toy

best wooden toys amazon TOP BRIGHT Wooden Toy

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Next on our list we have the race track car toy by TOP BRIGHT. This product has passed the International standard test and has the most perfect finish that we ever witness in a toy. The car racing toy will surely be fun for boys and girls. The toy helps in developing thinking skills and stimulates curiosity as well as focus. There are four race ramps in the toy and each ramp has a different color than the other.

These ramps can also be flipped so that the cars can quickly move to other ramps. This lets them motion be continuous and dynamic. The wheels of the cars are very strong and do not come off at any cost. The cars also have different colors which are very attractive. Additionally, each car has a number on it, this will help your children to learn to count.

The toy also has a small parking lot at the topmost part where all the four cars can be conveniently parked. Moreover, the product comes in a very colorful and robust packaging box and has a shipping weight of 1.63 pounds. If your child loses the cars you can also buy the replacement cars very easily. However, we have to inform you that the cars can be a swallowing hazard. Hence, we recommend you to be around your child when he/she is playing with the toy.

6. LiKee Wooden Toy

best wooden toys for toddlers LiKee Wooden Toy

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The LiKee wooden toy has secured the sixth position on our list. This toy can be bought for children aged above 3 years. The toy has wooden blocks that come with 36 wooden pieces. Along with that this toy set also has 60 cards that have patterns on them. You can also use these beautiful cards as flashcards for making learning a lot more fun than it already is.

The blocks pieces are very easy to grip and are 0.11 inches thick. These pieces can be slid, rearranged, and placed very easily. Additionally, they are also large so that your child does not swallow them accidentally. Moreover, the toy set has been well tested by professionals in an international laboratory for safety. You can also use this toy as a wonderful gift choice.

The cards have vehicles and animals on them; this will make your child happy and busy for a long time. The shipping weight of this product is almost 1 pound and the packaging dimensions are – 10.7 X 5.4 X 1.5 inches. It can be shipped to anywhere in the United States of America and has many amazing reviews on the internet. Buy this toy set now to help your child learn and play at the same time.

7. Lewo Wooden Toy

best wooden toys for 1 year olds Lewo Wooden Toy

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This toy is a stacking game toy that helps your child in understanding shapes and geometry of objects. It comes in the rainbow pattern and is priced at a very affordable price. Additionally, it will inspire and encourage exploration in your children whenever they play with it. The product is created using natural rubberwood and is colored with vibrant colors.

It has seven-block pieces that are supposed to be stacked above one another to create a beautiful rainbow. Therefore, this toy will also help children understand the colors and the rainbow in a better way that too at a young age. The toy is tested with CPSC and is very safe for children. It has also passed the mechanical and physical tests. The arches of the pieces can also be used as hills, tunnels or beds for your child’s dolls.

This will help them lead with their imagination and develop their motor skills. Moreover, children can also use the pieces whenever they are pretend-playing. You can buy the toy for children above three years of age. The product’s shipping weight is 15.2 ounces and its packaging dimensions are – 10 X 5 X 1.6 inches.

8. Coogam Wooden Toy

best wooden toys for 2 year olds Coogam Wooden Toy

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Next, we have the Coogam wooden toy which is actually a matching game. The toy has a beehive design and comes with seven toy bees. These bees are supposed to be placed in the hives according to their color. Additionally, the toy also comes with a tweezer that your child can use to pick and place the toy bees.

This toy will help your children in understanding different colors and make them wizards of color sorting. The product is made from the material that is entirely safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Your children can also use the pieces of the toys when they are playing with other toys as well. The tweezer is child friendly and is added to the product so that the finger muscles of your child get strengthened.

This will help him/her in holding other things too. Like many other toys, this toy is suitable for children above the age of three years. The solid wood construction of the product is very perfect and makes it extremely attractive. Furthermore, the toy set only weighs 12.6 ounces and its packaging dimensions are – 4 X 4 X 0.8 inches only. However, we have to inform you that if you keep it in the standing position, it may fall even when it is lightly hit.

9. HZONE Wooden Toy

best wooden toys for newborns HZONE Wooden Toy

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This jigsaw puzzle wooden toy is suitable for children above the age of five months. It is by the famous brand HZONE and can be used by both boys and girls. You can also choose from two different styles of the product which include – animal style and vehicle style. In the product you will receive various puzzle pieces that make up a vehicle or an animal.

You have to put the pieces in the frame provided and know that it is complete when it fits perfectly in its respective frame. Puzzles are known to enhance brain activity and are a fun way of learning. Your children are bound to love this toy and will play with it for long hours. Additionally, this toy will also help them in distinguishing between many structures and appearances at the same time.

Your child will also be able to test his/her patience when he/she is playing with the toy. The puzzle pieces are huge and chunky so that they do not break easily. To clean the toy you can wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. We also love the colors of the pieces as they are very beautiful. Moreover, the product has excellent reviews by many buyers all across the country.

10. FunLittleToy Wooden Toy

what's the best wooden toy FunLittleToy Wooden Toy

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Lastly, we have the stacking toy by the brand FunLittleToy. This is a very cost-effective toy that includes many items. These items are – a train engine, 20 blocks of different size and shapes, and two carts. The carts and the engine make a train. Additionally, the colorful blocks can be arranged as well as stacked on the train carts.

There is also a pull-along cord on the train that your child can use to pull the train easily even with a very gentle pull. The red wheels of the train make it even more attractive. The blocks also help them in understanding geometry. Moreover, the stacking process is so fun and keeps them engaged for a very long time.

The entire product is very well crafted and is manufactures using high quality wood. Furthermore, the toy is well suited for children above 3 years of age. All the blocks are very large so that they do not fit in your child’s mouth in any condition. However, we would also like to inform you that the product has a few negative reviews on the internet for its durability.

Kids Wooden Toys Buying Guide

Before buying a wooden toy, you should consider the below-mentioned aspects very well. We have discussed them in points so that it becomes easier for you to understand. We also advise you to read everything carefully before you add a product to your wish list. These aspects are –

Cost – Many parents tend to ignore this when they are buying anything for their children. But even though wooden toys can be a long-term investment, you should still not waste a huge amount of money on them. Always choose a product that fits your budget. That way, if your child breaks or loses the toy, you can easily buy the replacement without giving many thoughts to its price. However, do not jeopardize the quality of the product just because its price is low.

Finish – When you are buying a wooden toy, you should never ignore this aspect. Since the toy is for your child, its finish must be excellent. You should also check if the paints used in adding color to the product are non-toxic. This will make the toy even better and safer for your child. We ask you to do so because children have the habit of putting toys in their mouths. It the material is toxic, it will harm them.

Durability – In our experience, we have noticed that thicker wooden toys last longer than those that are not. Thick wooden toys do not easily break even when they are smashed or banged. Additionally, if the toy falls accidentally, it won’t break in many pieces. Other toys break in small pieces that your child can swallow. They can also hurt their skin if they fiddle with sharp-edged pieces.

Quality – A good wooden toy is the one that is made using natural and solid wood. It should have the least amount of plastic on its part. Apart from that, its edges should also be rounded. The most general cause of children getting their fingers cut is the sharp edges of the toy. Therefore, make sure you read details about all the things we mentioned before purchasing a wooden toy.

Age – Toy manufacturers mention the age group for whom the toy is created for. We urge you to read this carefully. Many toys are supposed to be bought for children above the age of three years. However, there are also toys that are manufactured exclusively for babies and young toddlers. It would be useless if you buy a toy that is too complex for your child. Hence, do not forget to consider the age factor at any cost.

Reviews – You can access and read many reviews from buyers who have bought the product before you. You can easily do that by searching for the product on any popular e-commercial platform in the country. By reading these reviews, you might end up knowing an exclusive detail about the product. You can also be sure of the genuineness of the product. We always urge our readers to read reviews because they save you from frauds and make your decision strong if you are skeptical about the product.


Parents and guardians must always be careful when they are choosing any product for their baby. We did the same when we were preparing this list. These toys are eco-friendly and are created using non-toxic materials. We hope that you have been able to choose the best wooden toy for your child, as it will last them for many years and create precious memories as they play with it.

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