10 Best Travel Cribs In 2021 (For Babies & Toddlers)

Traveling with babies can be challenging if you don’t have a proper sleeping place for your baby. Having the best travel crib on hand can make traveling so much more comfortable for you and the baby.  Travel cribs provide a friendly environment for babies to sleep peacefully. Cribs are manufactured specially with habitable zones inside the cribs made of high-quality beds and mattresses. Most of the cribs are spacious so that your little ones have enough space to sleep comfortably.

When traveling, it is always better and reliable to carry the cribs because beds may not be fit or hygienic for the little ones. It is a form hygiene level that one should always take a crib if they have babies. One should also check the weight of the baby before buying a travel crib. There are various types and categories of a crib, and you can choose the right one for them.

Since these cribs come in different specifications, it becomes essential that we take a good time to get the best kit for our children. Some of the factors to be considered before making a crib purchase include; the size of the mattress, the mattress’s adjustability, the ease of carriage, and the strength of the build-up materials.

Advantages of travel cribs

The main benefits of using a travel crib for babies are.

  • Most travel cribs are portable, and they can be easily moved from one place to another very quickly.
  • The materials used to manufacture the cribs are of high-quality and are typically light-weight.

Best Travel Cribs For Babies

So let’s start the review of the best travel cribs for babies & toddlers.

1. Lotus Travel Crib

best travel crib Lotus Travel CribIf you are thinking about how to carry your baby at the time of traveling, it is better to try the Lotus travel crib’s product. It is the most reliable crib that is perfect for your little one. The lightweight and portability feature of the crib has made it unique in all aspects.

Be it your friend’s gathering or any other place; it is the best crib available in the market. It takes very few minutes to set up the crib. This crib is perfect not for overnight traveling, but you can also use it in your own home.  Sometimes the crib turns out to be a playing place for the children.

This crib is relatively safe for babies. There is no such use of chemicals and harmful substances on the crib. It is completely breathable and allows the free flow of air along with the mattress.

This product has been thoroughly tested for chemical emissions and has been authorized by GREENGUARD GOLD. Apart from all this, it has also received all types of recognition from various places. Once you buy the product, you will get the crib, a mattress, and a bag along with it. The bag is very compact and allows the product to get easily fit inside it.

There are zipper doors on all sides of the cribs so that the user can open them for taking their baby out. It is a safe and non-toxic product that users can trust.

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2. Mi Classic All mesh 2in1 Travel Crib

best travel crib with bassinet Mi Classic All mesh 2in1 Travel CribIt is seen that the products of MiClassic All mesh are unique for the users. The travel crib comes with some beautiful features, and the maximum number of people love it. To be very specific, the product is very soothing for the baby.

It can be easily folded and carried by the parents. If you are traveling to the Airport, it would be better to carry this product as easily assembled and disassembled at any place. The whole product is surrounded by breathable mesh so that your baby gets a comfortable feeling.

This product can be packed very quickly and put inside the carry bag. All these features had made the product a lovely one. There is a stand along with this product. This stand is very durable and robust. It can withstand any type of baby weight and that too very easily. The mattress that is present inside the crib is of superior quality so that it does not harm the baby in any way.

It is hypoallergic and safe for all babies. If you are alone at home, you can use this crib and allow your baby to sleep on it. Once your baby gets habituated to it, they will not like to sleep in any other place. So, try a soothing and cozy crib for your baby so that he can stay comfortably and relax on it for a long time. This crib is ideal for nuclear families or when the mother is busy.

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3. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

best travel crib for tall baby BABYBJORN Travel Crib LightIf you are looking for a comfortable place for your baby where he can sleep easily, it would be better to go with the products of BABYBJORN. It is the best travel crib for the little one. The excellent design of the crib has made it much more durable and soothing for babies.

There is an insulated mattress along with the crib. The lightweight nature of the crib allows a maximum number of people to carry it easily during traveling. The crib appears to be super easy to put together. The crib’s base is sturdy, which allows the child to spend a long time inside it.

There is plenty of place inside the crib where he can rest and play. You can be assured of the safety features of the crib. Most people have started using this crib when it comes to traveling and moving to some other place. The high-quality and superfine mattress gives your baby absolute comfort and relaxation.

The fabric of this crib is made of high-quality, and the user can easily wash it. It is relatively safe for the children. If you have a newborn baby at home till three years of age, you can rely upon this crib. However, there is no such upper weight limit of this crib. Just fold this crib and put it inside the packet. The crib is all set for traveling. You can fold the crib and place it somewhere in the house when not in use.

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4. Besrey Baby Bassinet 2 in 1 Travel Crib Baby Bed

the best travel crib Besrey Baby Bassinet 2 in 1 Travel CribThe crib that Besrey Baby Bassinet produces is quite innovative because it can be used in two ways. Firstly it consists of four wheels that allow the user to move the tool from one place to another very conveniently. Secondly, a rocking mode is present in the crib that allows the crib to rock 10 degrees.

The net used for covering the baby when he is inside the net can be removed from the middle so that it becomes an easy job to take out the baby. The net is also made of high-quality products, and they are capable of protecting the baby from mosquito bites.

The frame of the crib is very sturdy and robust. It can bear weight up to 2 times the weight of the baby. There are side pockets on both sides of the crib that help the user keep essential things and accessories. You will also get a cup holder for firmly holding the bottle of the baby.

Apart from this, there is a storage place for toys. You can quickly put the toys inside the storage pocket. The crib’s thick mattress is quite comfortable for the children, and they enjoy it a lot while spending time on this crib. Moreover, it has become straightforward for parents to take their little ones to any place with these advanced features. It is a beautiful invention for new parents and children.

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5. Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

best travel crib for twins Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & BassinetIf you are looking for a perfect traveling crib, it would be better to go with the products of Flisko. The product is impressive in various aspects. It seems to be a challenging matter to carry your baby along with the baggage at the time of travel. But if you have a good and comfortable crib traveling becomes an easy job.

The most important thing about this crib is that the user can easily reassemble it after moving to a place. The firm and durable mattress provide constant support and comfort to the precious ones. He will also get good relaxation at the time of sleeping.

Finest materials are mainly used to give ultimate comfort to the babies. The fabrics are of excellent quality, and they are ideal for children. The presence of rigid frames helps to keep the baby balanced and stable. Now your little one can easily crawl and play safely inside the crib. It is effortless and fast to assemble the product.

The sturdy and long-lasting device is just too good for your baby. The presence of a side zipper helps the baby to come out of the crib quite comfortably. The more you will use this crib, the more you will feel attached to it.  If you want, you can add a bassinet with the crib. It is a great feature and advantage of using this crib. The crib is also available, along with a mattress and a sheet. 

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6. Dream On Me Travel Light PlayYard

best travel cribs Dream On Me Travel Light PlayYardThe products of Dream On Me Travel Light have been specially made by keeping the parents’ worries. It comes with foldable and lightweight features. The mat is padded with the baby’s comfort so that he can give a good nap.

The fabric is of very high-quality, and it can give the best service for a long time. This product is perfect for your baby right from his infant stage until the toddler stage. With the help of see-through mesh, the user can keep a good watch on your baby’s movement. The whole product can be easily packed and taken during the journey period.

Even the crib’s easy clean-up process has made it quite easier for the user to buy this product. You can easily wipe down with a wipe cloth and soap to keep the whole thing fresh. The frame is made of aluminum metal. Even there is a sound locking system for the safety of the child.  This allows the user to keep the little one inside the crib for a long time and carry out the household work.

Another important thing about this product is that it can be used both in indoor and outdoor activities. If you are planning for a picnic, it is better to carry this crib with you. Now no need to worry about your child if you are planning a gathering with your friend. Just carry it while you are stepping out, and the rest of the work will be easier for you.

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7. Portable Playard by UniPLAY Playpen & Travel Crib

best travel crib for camping Portable Playard by UniPLAY Playpen & Travel CribPortable Playard by UniPlay is another company that has produced a friendly product for little ones and their parents. It is manufactured with the use of safe materials. This product is quite good to be carried while you are traveling to someplace.

It comes with adjusted feet so that the product can be placed on stable surfaces. The product comes with ultimate flexibility, and so it can be efficiently used for indoor and outdoor activities. In other words, it can be used for versatile purposes.

The lightweight and travel-friendly products have allowed many people to buy this product and use it. The main aim of this company is to produce a safe and educational tool for the children to grow in a great way. This type of product is quite good for developing the mental and physical growth of a child to a reasonable extent. The makers of this product have conducted good research work and then proceeded to manufacture this product.

The crib can be easily adjusted at the children’s convenience, and this work can be done by the parents only. If anyone wishes, they can go through the manuals before starting the adjusting work. Reports say that many people have started preferring to buy this product for their betterment and convenience.  The baby-friendly product has also received a good amount of appreciation and authorizations.  It is a beneficial product that has been designed in a significant way.

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8. BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib

best travel crib for one year old BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel CribNow parents can easily relax and enjoy their parenthood with the crib of BABY JOY foldable travel crib. The unique design and structure of the crib have received good popularity among the people. The detachable and washable mesh has allowed people to go with this crib.

The mesh of this crib provides maximum visibility and ventilation to the users. They can easily keep track of their babies movements and activities through this mesh.  Even there are side zippers that allow the user to take out the baby if he is crying. The thick foam mattress helps the baby to stay safely and comfortably inside the crib. He gets a cozy feeling inside the crib.

Constructed with four pieces of strong aluminum handles, the baby gets a stable tool to sleep and play in a better way. The aluminum pipes are lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The whole crib comes with a bag that enables the user to fold the crib and keep it inside the bag when not in use or at the time of the journey.

If you are at some other place, you can also carry the crib along with your luggage so that your baby can stay comfortably inside it. It can also be a good gift for the babies or to the parents. The mesh that surrounds the crib is superior, and it gives good service to the users.  The parents can easily sleep by putting their little ones inside the crib.

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9. Phil&teds Traveller Crib

best travel crib for two year old Phil&teds Traveller CribAre you traveling somewhere with your child? But are very much tensed about carrying your baby. Wait, the tension is over. You can completely rely upon the cribs of Phil& Ted’s traveling crib. It is made innovatively so that both the baby and the little one stays free while traveling.

The light and super compact body of the crib is quite comfortable for the users to use it. The approximate weight of this product is 6 lbs, and it is a lightweight one. It can be conveniently used in both indoor and outdoor activities. Even if you on the beach, place it and allow your child to relax on it while you are enjoying the moment.

The breathable mesh surrounded by the crib is of high-quality, and one can easily view the little one while he is playing or sleeping. The mattress is of premium material. It is very safe for your little one. The parents can swiftly install the whole product. The process is straightforward and easy at the same time.

It is said and firmly believed that the whole product is ultra-portable for the users. There is a shade mesh that is only used for outdoor purposes. If you want you can buy it. Above all, this product has received worldwide certifications and accreditation. The compact nature of the crib has also allowed a lot of people to go with it. It has also turned out to be an essential traveling item for those who have children.

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10. Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Crib

best travel crib for 3 year old Valco Baby Zephyr Travel CribValco Baby Zephyr is the ultimate solution while you are traveling with your child. It is made especially so that the user gets a long time relief from carrying their children at travel time. The crib’s lightweight construction is just amazing and helps the user carry it by simply putting the bag on the shoulders. The crib is also available along with stretched legs, and they are durable.

The padded mattress, along with fine-quality mesh, is a perfect ingredient for making the crib an ideal one in all aspects. You can also see the mesh pockets perfect for storing the toys and other games of your little one. It is quite spacious so that the users can store a lot of things together. With all these features, it makes a great companion while you are traveling to someplace.  The company is very renowned as it has been indulged in manufacturing baby products for about 30 years and above.

It seems that traveling is totally incomplete if you do not have a traveling crib and luggage. It is also seen that the crib is the most comfortable luggage while you are moving to someplace. If you start using this product, you will never wish to try any other ones in the future. This is for sure. You can be very confident with this product, and this is the main thing. It is also an advantage of using this product.

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How To Choose Baby Travel Cribs?

Finally, if you are looking for a perfect crib, there are certain things that the users should always remember just at the time of buying it. It is expected that some tips will definitely help you in choosing the right product.

  • Types

We all know that there are various types and categories of travel cribs like the portable or toddler travel cot or travel pack, but it is always reliable to go with the portable ones. There are ample advantages of using a portable one because the users can conveniently carry it. Even the portable ones are always lightweight. They are made uniquely. Modern people mainly prefer to use portable ones. It is good.

  • Size

It is the size that matters a lot, so people should always choose spacious cribs for the babies. If the crib is a spacious one, the baby will feel much more comfortable inside it. They can easily move and crawl without any issues or obstacles. So, size is an essential thing and point while buying a crib. The buyers should give it particular preference.

  • Age

It would help if you were very cautious while choosing the crib. Hence one should buy a crib that has a good age and weight limit at the same time. You can come across cribs that have an age limit of 3 years. It is better to go with the one that has good age limits.

  • Comfort and safety

When it for the children, one should always look for the little one’s safety and comfort level. In such a case, they should see that the mattress is of good quality, and there are zippers on the cribs. The mesh surrounding the crib should be of premium quality that allows the user to view the children even when he is sleeping.

  • Use

Always go with the crib that can be installed very easily and safely by the parents. Never go with the complicated ones. It can create a lot of problems just at the time of installation. Just check the installation process before buying the crib, which would be much more convenient for the users.


There are ample traveling cribs found in the market but go with the one that provides maximum benefits and advantages. It will be a good buy if you purchase a premium crib for your child as it would give you a long-term service whenever you are traveling. Your trip can be a hassle-free one if you have a wonderful crib where your baby can sleep and play more smoothly.