Ten Best Toilet Seat Covers For Toddlers in 2021 Reviewed

Of all the spaces these germs are found in, they are mostly found on toilet seats. Being able to use the best toilet seat covers for toddlers helps keep them safe. The potential of toilet seats causing the transmission of harmful germs should never be underestimated.  Perhaps you are just starting and also use travel potty seats.

Public toilet seats and toilet seats, in general, are full of harmful bacteria and germs. To protect your children from these germs and pathogens, you should always use a toilet seat cover while using the toilets. This will not only ensure hygiene but will also protect children from harmful diseases. As you know, prevention has always been better than cure; you should consider using toilet seat covers at all costs.

Best Potty Training PantsToilet seat covers are also proven to be beneficial when it comes to potty-training children. They ensure cleanliness and comfort. There are not a lot of brands that manufacture and market toilet seat covers. Hence, we have brought you a list of the ten best toilet seat covers available in 2021. Whether you are at home or outdoors, these covers are very feasible to use.

We have covered all the aspects and product details of these covers to help you choose the best. We have considered various features such as – durability, surface area, germ-protection, and much more to prepare this list. Having reviewed these toilet seat covers, we hope this will help you choose the seat covers for your children to ensure their safety against germs and more.

What Are The Best Toilet Seat Covers For Toddlers?

1. Bear and Care Toilet Seat Covers

Bear and Care Toilet Seat CoversBear and Care provide toilet seat covers that are of premium quality and are disposable as well. These toilet seat covers are extra-large and thick. It has a unique design that provides a 100% barrier from public germs and ensures protection from potential diseases.

There is a soft fabric on top of it, which is non-woven. There is also a plastic liner at the bottom. It has sticky pads for stick control. These cover extra-large and cover the top pretty well at the bottom and front of the dirty public toilets. It also consists of 3 optional adhesive tabs that help control the size of the opening and prevent sliding.

The top layer is very soft and waterproof, ensuring the desired comfort to you and your child. The Bear and Care potty seat cover is suitable for all age groups, including a potty training toddler or a child under ten years old, or even a 60-year-old person. The brand ensures that your child would not touch the toilet seat even with their hands or even feet as the covers are extra-large to cover the toilet from all sides.

Pros Of The Bear and Care Toilet Seat Cover                 

  • The covers are oversized and disposable.
  • They are 100% waterproof.
  • The covers provide 100% protection from public germs.
  • The covers have a very compact size that can be carried in a handbag.
  • The reviews are positive.

Cons Of The Bear and Care Toilet Seat Cover       

  • It is not available in different color variants.
  • The brand only provides a single panda print.

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2. Potty Cover Toilet Seat Covers

Potty Cover Toilet Seat CoversThese toilet seat covers provided by the brand Potty Cover are entirely disposable and oversized to provide comprehensive toilet seat coverage. It covers the sides and the front of the toilet seat and reduces the chances of exposure of skin to germs. The bigger size of the cover often ensures to keep away the wetness. It adequately covers the toilet seat.

The cover has an extra-large front flap that keeps legs and clothes from touching the front of the toilet. Kids can easily maintain their balance without touching the toilet seat filled with germs because of the side flaps cover. The potty cover toilet seat cover is the best to use for potty-training your child.

Potty Cover creates a waterproof barrier between the child and the toilet seat. These covers come in a bag that is very easy to open. This makes it convenient for people to carry the seat covers in a handbag. It stays on the toilet without any messy adhesive strips. These covers are way better than paper toilet covers. The product provides wide dimensions. They are conveniently, individually packaged in slim, durable packaging.

Pros Of The Potty Cover Toilet Seat Cover     

  • The customers appreciate the design of these covers.
  • Easy to dispose of.
  • Protects from bacteria present on the toilet seats.
  • Most of the reviews are positive.

Cons Of The Potty Cover Toilet Seat Cover

  • The thickness of the cover has not been rated well by the customers.
  • Some customers have reported a defective product.
  • Only six seat covers are provided in each pack.

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3. Mighty Clean Baby Toilet Seat Covers

Mighty Clean Baby Toilet Seat CoversThe mighty clean baby toilet seat covers are well known for their design. The product has an appealing appearance. The brand claims to provide the best protection against germs. It has a unique plastic liner that helps to protect against moisture as well as germs that are there in public toilet seats.

The cover always tends to stay in place. Their covers are adhesive from the bottom, which helps secure the toilet seat cover on the seat. The child’s bottom doesn’t have to touch the seat. They are easy to use and user-friendly. Your baby’s bottom will not touch the toilet seat when you use this product.

These covers can be used at home or wherever you want, as they can be carried anywhere so easily. Mighty Clean’s disposable covers are Phthalate-free and Toxin-free. They are absorbent and soft because of the presence of a plastic liner. This liner also safeguards the skin from moisture by absorbing the wetness present on the toilet seats.

Pros Of The Mighty Clean Toilet Seat Cover

  • The covers are easy to carry.
  • It has a unique three-layer shield.
  • Free from harmful chemicals such as Phthalates and toxins.
  • Pricing is less while the number of packs provided is more.
  • The product has an appealing design (especially for children).

Cons Of The Mighty Clean Toilet Seat Cover

  • There were some bad reviews of this product on the internet.
  • They are not reported to be durable.

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4. LT Baby Toilet Seat Covers

LT Baby Toilet Seat CoversLT Baby potty covers are one of their kind. These covers are extremely comfortable and easy to use. LT Baby provides waterproof toilet seat covers that can be disposed of quickly. The covers are leak-proof and have a durable waterproof backing which provides a real barrier between the toilet seat and skin.

These toilet seat covers are large and ensure the cleanliness of the children. It covers most of the toilet seat, so you have a relatively small hole in the commode. They are so handy that they can even be carried inside the pocket. The product is made of high-quality fabric and is not easy to tear. The covers are not reusable or flushable. The covers provide quick and easy toilet trips as it setups in seconds and are also easy to clean.

The LT Baby toilet covers often provide a 90 days money-back guarantee.  These covers let people stay clean as it allows for the ultimate level of protection against the germs present on the toilet seats. Each toilet seat cover is individually wrapped for added convenience and cleanliness. The covers even come with optional sticky tabs present on the back.

Pros Of The LT Baby Toilet Seat Cover

  • The covers are easily disposable.
  • They are so compact that they can even be carried inside a pocket.
  • The brand provides a 90 days money-back guarantee.
  • Most of the reviews are positive.

Cons Of The LT Baby Toilet Seat Cover

  • Some buyers have received the defective product.
  • The product is not that durable.
  • You get a relatively smaller commode hole.

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5. VANZAVANZU Toilet Seat Covers

VANZAVANZU Toilet Seat CoversThese toilet seat covers are ideal for public toilets, including cruise, plane, or trains. These toilet seat covers are completely waterproof. The upper layer of this toilet seat cover is made up of virgin pulp.  The blue side is made up of germ-free polyethylene. The cover seats are safe to use on public toilet seats. The plastic toilet seat cover is very affordable. It also does not tear easily. It also does not stick to the skin when you stand up. It provides extra protection in public washrooms.

These toilet cover seats are small-sized and are individually wrapped. The wrapping is easy to open. The wrapping is so compact and can fit easily in your belongings. The brand provides ten pieces per pack (3 packs). The VANZAVANZU toilet seat covers have folding lines, which make them easy to unfold.

The cover has a symmetrical design that quickly matches a variety of toilet seats. You can easily spot the front and back. The toilet seat cover’s size is also bigger than the covers we described. The covers can be widely used in vacations, road trips, hotels, hostels, etc. They are perfectly designed for hygiene. The cover is also waterproof.

Pros Of The VANZAVANZU Baby Toilet Seat Cover

  • The covers are completely waterproof.
  • The covers are affordable and cost-effective.

Cons Of The VANZAVANZU Baby Toilet Seat Cover

  • The cover does not come in various colors.
  • It can sometimes tear very easily.

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6. Nerry Toilet Seat Covers

Nerry Toilet Seat CoversThese disposable toilet seat covers by Nerry are exclusively made for children. A single unit of this product contains 20 packs of covers that are waterproof and durable. Each packet features a bunny on the front side. The design is very appealing and fun to sit on for children. These toilet seat covers are user-friendly as well as travel-friendly.

It gives you the most amazing splash coverage and germ-protection. Each sheet has a dimension of 24 X 26 inches with a hole in between. The surface area is large and will hence cover the toilet seat and the commode very easily. These sheets are also straightforward to dispose of. You can toss it into the trash after use.

These covers will give you the best hygiene and protection on the go. Use them in public washrooms to ensure the safety of your child. It is recommended that you should not flush these as they may clog the toilet. These are also eco-friendly. Nerry Toilet seat covers are also easy to open and carry in your purse or bags.

Pros Of The Nerry Toilet Seat Cover

  • The covers have a large surface area.
  • The design is very appealing to children.
  • These covers are bio-degradable.
  • Amazing to potty-train children.
  • It gives you the best protection against germs.

Cons Of The Nerry Toilet Seat Cover

  • Although they are anti-slip, they sometimes slip a little from the toilet seat.
  • The cost is also on the high-end.
  • They come in only one design.

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7. CoverJOY Toilet Seat Covers

CoverJOY Toilet Seat CoversThese extra-large toilet seat covers by CoverJOY are perfect to be used by toddlers. One plus point is that adults can also use these covers. These covers are provided with long flats that help you cover the entire toilet seat. There are also adorable animal prints on these covers, which make them extremely attractive to children.

Each pack of CoverJOY toilet seat covers consists of 20 pieces of covers. These pieces are individually assorted and wrapped. They are also very compact, which makes them very easy to carry around. They also have double-layered waterproofing and do not tear easily. They are also very comfortable to sit on. These covers give the best protection against germs as well as harmful disease-causing bacteria.

A single-seat cover will easily cover the entire toilet seat. They are also very light in weight. The product dimension is 7 X 3 X 6.5 inches. You can use these covers while potty-training your children as well. These covers can be quickly and easily disposed of. They are plastic-free but are not recommended to be flushed. These are highly rated on e-commercial sites and are also cost-effective and economical.

Pros Of The CoverJOY Toilet Seat Cover

  • These toilet seat covers are the best for toddlers.
  • They cover the entire toilet seat because of the flaps in their design.
  • They also provide great protection against germs.
  • Very easy to carry around because of its compact size.

Cons Of The CoverJOY Toilet Seat Cover

  • These toilet seat covers are not supposed to be flushed.
  • They are a little thinner as compared to other toilet seat covers.

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8. Jassary Toilet Seat Covers

Jassary Toilet Seat CoversJassary provides portable toilet seat covers that are easy to use and are portable, so you can carry them wherever you want. Jassary also gives special individual packaging and a great design (extended). These toilet seat covers are large enough to cover the sides and the front of the toilet seat. The covers are designed so that it keeps away the feet and hands from touching the toilet seat. These toilet seat covers can be used by people of all age groups, including children and adults.

The toilet seat covers have a unique double-layer design. They are made up of wood pulp and PE membrane, a waterproof membrane that significantly increases the flexibility and thickness of the cover. They prevent the skin infiltration of the sewage. These toilet seat covers cannot be torn easily. The seat covers are thick enough to keep the skin away from cold toilet seats (especially required in winters).

Jessica toilet seat covers can be easily fixed to the toilet seat as it consists of sticky pastes, making it something that cannot be slipped or shifted easily. These toilet seat covers can be taken anywhere because of the pocket-friendly packaging. Thirty toilet seat cover pieces are individually packed. It makes the product travel-friendly. The toilet seat covers are 100% disposable.

Pros Of The Jassary Toilet Seat Cover

  • The toilet seat covers are made up of special double layers.
  • Jassary provides a lifetime warranty.
  • Thirty individual packs are provided in one buy.

Cons Of The Jassary Toilet Seat Cover

  • Unavailability of different color varieties.

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9. Gimars Toilet Seat Covers

Gimars Toilet Seat CoversGimars toilet seat covers are made up of a special non-woven fabric. The toilet seat covers are extra-large, covering the side and front as well. The large design provides good protection from germs present on the toilet seats. The children can easily sit on the toilet seat without touching the seat.

The covers are wrapped individually (18 pieces), making it a travel-friendly product. They can be easily kept inside pockets, purses, or in diaper bags. The covers can be used by potty-training toddlers or by adults, including pregnant women.

Gimars toilet seat covers can be easily disposable. The cover has special PET stickers that enable it to stay fixed in a place without being slippery. There is a protector that firmly aligns the toilet seat cover in standard toilets. The toilet seat covers do not leave any kind of residue on the toilet seats.

These toilet seat covers are made up of PE, which creates a good barrier making them a waterproof product. This quality ensures that moisture present on the toilet seat doesn’t reach the skin. The fabric is so thick that the cover doesn’t tear easily. The fabric is very gentle and soft to the skin as some lotion moistens it. These toilet seat covers are non-flushable but can be disposed of in the trash can.

Pros Of The Gimars Toilet Seat Cover

  • Numerous color options are available.
  • Stays in place.
  • The cover does not leave any residue on the toilet seat.

Cons Of The Gimars Toilet Seat Cover

  • Few customers have reported a lack of waterproofing technology.

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10. Candily Toilet Seat Covers

Candily Toilet Seat CoversThe Candily toilet seat covers are made to provide a maximum protection level to the costumers, as it keeps the germs far away. There is no slats presence, which ensures that the toilet seat cover provides good coverage of the toilet seat. These toilet seat covers are disposable.

These toilet seat covers are made up of a thick unique material and cannot be torn easily. The material is also waterproof, keeping the wetness from reaching the skin (necessary during winters). They are non-flushable.

The toilet seat covers are wrapped individually, making them easy to be stored in any bag, purses, or even in pockets. These toilet seat covers have optional adhesive strips that are easy to peel; this helps prevent the toilet seat cover from shifting or moving.

They can be easily carried away anywhere. Most people avoid using public toilets, in cases of emergency cases, this toilet seat covers act as a protector as it avoids direct contact with the dirty toilet seats. These toilet seat covers provide full coverage of the toilet seat as they are larger and do not have any slits. These toilet seat covers are very convenient for pregnant women.

Pros Of The Candily Toilet Seat Cover

  • These toilet seat covers are available in various adorable and cute prints.
  • It has got a 4.9-star rating out of 5.
  • Material is strong and durable.
  • Available in 20 and 40 pack sizes.

Cons Of The Candily Toilet Seat Cover

  • The stickiness of the toilet seat cover is condemnable.

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Kids Toilet Seat Cover Considerations

Consider the germ protection: While buying a toilet seat cover, especially for your children, the number one aspect that you should consider is the toilet seat cover’s germ protection ability. This is the primary feature of a toilet seat cover and should hence never be ignored or taken lightly. There are toilet seat covers that have many layers of germ protection. We suggest you to you a single-layered germ protection toilet seat covers at your home and multiple layered germ protection toilet seat covers when you are outdoors and are likely to use public toilets.

Consider the size: Some toilet seat covers are smaller in size while the others are comparatively larger. While buying a toilet seat cover, you should always consider the size that you want. Whether you want it to cover the entire commode or just seat should also be taken to consideration. Hence, before buying it, the product’s surface area product would be a wise thing to do and save you from disappointments.

Consider the durability: Toilet seat covers are designed to provide you with the best protection against germs. Some are a little thicker than the others. Extremely thin toilet seat covers can tear easily and jeopardize the hygiene and health of your children. Therefore, before choosing a toilet seat cover, you should consider the thickness of it. You should also consider the waterproofing of the toilet seat cover as less waterproof covers can also tear easily and reduce the amount of protection against harmful bacteria.

Consider if the toilet seat cover sticks well to the seat: A toilet seat cover which slips a lot can be extremely difficult for you. A good toilet seat cover should always settle well on the toilet seat so that it can be used easily without any hassle and difficulty. Always consider these tips before making a purchase.


Our surroundings are full of disease-causing germs and these germs can easily enter our bodies through our skin. Therefore, we suggest you use toilet seat covers, especially in public toilets, before sitting on them. Toilet seat covers provide all-round protection against harmful, disease-causing germs.

These covers can also be used while potty training your children to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. You should never run out of these and consider them in your basic needs. Toilet seat covers manufacturers design them in such a way that your children will never make a fuss while using them.