10 Best Toddler Step Stool 2021 – A Mom’s Review & Guide

Has your toddler has started potty training and is now trying to reach the big toilet by themselves? If they use a step stool made just for toddlers they can gain some independence. A step stool helps them with so much more than potty training too. If you want to increase the reach of your toddler, then now would be a good time to find the best toddler step stool. If you are ready for your baby to be able to reach new heights and help themselves to a few more things themselves, then toddlers are ready for their first toddler step stool.m

You probably might consider it non-essential, but the double-height that you can offer the little one will allow them to perform actions without the need for them to be lifted. An example of this is washing their hands, using the bathroom sink, brushing their hair in front of the mirror, or reaching for a toy that is on top.

And the fact is that the step stool will help you, as well as your child, to make daily activities more bearable. So if you are thinking of buying a toddler step stool for your child, then stay on the review to get a hang of what to look out for as well as our top picks of the best toddler step stool you’ll find

So, let’s get onto the review.

Reviews Of The Best Toddler Step Stools

1. 2 Step Stool for Kids By iLove

toddler step stoolsFirst of let’s keep everything aside and talk about the ratings that this step tool got on the online stores. It has over a thousand five-star ratings on the online stores. So you can get a solid idea of how good this step stool is. But remember that this step stool will cost you slightly more as compared to other step stools in our review.

But it will be worth spending your money on this step stool because you will get an excellent build quality. If we are talking about the build quality of this product, then let’s go into a bit more depth. So it comes with a reliable but premium quality of plastic that presents in the all-around in its body/frame. It means you can expect higher durability from this two-step stool.

The iLove company provided more importance to the safety features. So, you will get maximum safety in this step stool to keep your baby/toddler safe from any injury. First of all, on each step of this stool, you will find a rubber grip to provide maximum grip and a slip-resistant surface. So, there is no chance that their baby is going to slip from it.

Also, the first step of this stool has a little bit of curvature for a stable surface to avoid any slips. Most of the standard types of step stools in the market provide a thin plastic in the bottom side of the step-stool. Believe it or not, but that thin plastic is not sufficient to keep your toddler safe. On the other hand, this iLove two step stool is offering rubber grips in every corner of the seat to ensure the maximum grip with the floor.

This makes a great bathroom stool for toddlers

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2. 2 Step Stool By Secure Home By Jessa Leona

best toddler step stoolThis step stool also looks like the previous stool of this list.  But there is some difference present between both step-stools.  First and the main difference present in the section of the price segment. So you can buy this two-step stool for your toddler at a lower price as compared to the previous one.

Other than if we talk on the looks of this step stool, then it has very similar looks as the last step-stool of this list. First of all, the build quality is also awe-inspiring in this stool. In our view, it is perfect for long term use for your toddler. The height of this two-step stool is up to 10.5 inches. It means you can use it to help your baby to reach the toilet seat, bathroom sink, kitchen tables, etc.

Between the first and the second step, you will get a difference of 5.6 inches that is good for almost all toddlers. In the build quality, you will find a suitable plastic material for long term use. The base of this two-step stool is pretty vast, and this means it can provide proper stability as well.

Both steps of this stool, have a reasonable quality of rubber grip for maximum grip between the seat and the feet of your toddler. And let’s talk about more in the grip section of this two-step stool. So, to remove all the chance of slips, the company provided the rubber corners at the bottom of this step stool. So these rubber grips can provide maximum grip even on the wet floor as well.

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3. Melissa & Doug Wooden Step Stool

best step stool for toddlersFirst of all, the thing to notice is that it’s a wooden step stool, not a plastic one. So you can expect far better durability from this oak step stool. Also, you can buy this type of step-stool at a lower price than the plastic seats. But it is a guarantee that you will get more durability from this wooden stool.

The only drawback that we found that you need to assemble it when it arrives at your home. But don’t worry, anyone with zero knowledge of installation the step stools also can do it correctly without any problem. For assembly purposes, you will find out a user manual guide that will teach you to assemble it step by step.

The height of this wooden step stool is up to 14 inches; this means it is perfect for multi-purpose use. It means your toddler can use it in his/her room, for reaching till the toilet seat, to help you in the kitchen work, brushing by standing in front of the bathroom sink, etc. In this step stool, you will not be going to find any kind of grips for grip.

It is because wood material naturally has a reputable grip; this will ensure to provide a good grip for your baby. The base of this wooden step stools is very vast or broad as compared to the plastic step stools of this list. It means that this wooden stool is perfect for solid stability to avoid any kind of falling issues.

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4. ACKO Step Stool for Kids

best toddler stoolOn the fourth spot of this list on step stools, we have ACKO Step Stool for Kids. You can say it a kit or pack because here, you will get more than one item out of the box. First of all, you will be going to get two plastic step stools and a potty training seat for your toddler.

But the thing to remember is that you can buy these all three items/products at a shallow price point. The step stools look very similar to the first and second spot’s step stools. But there are also some differences present in various sections. The build quality of these step stools is very sturdy and reasonable according to the lower price point.

Also, you will get a potty training seat in the same build quality as the step stools. In our view, you can expect a reputable but long-lasting performance from these products. The size of the potty training seat is perfect for any kind of toilet-seat that you have at your home. So you can fit this plastic seat on the real toilet seat to training your toddler for potty.

The standard quality of waterproof rubber grip is present on all the products that come in out of the box. So, you can expect a better gip from this standard rubber grip. And it is easy to clean these items as well because of the surface that these products have.

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5. Wide+ 2 Step Stool for Kids By iLove

toddler step stool for sinkIf you have liked the first spot’s step stool, then you will be going to love this one as well. We are saying this because of this one again a two-step stool from the famous company iLove. And this stool is also very similar to the previous one by iLove.

But here you will be able to find only one difference between this and the previous one. We will talk about this difference later in this product description. First of all, this version of step stool is also trendy in the market because it is offering useful features at an affordable price segment.

The build quality of this step stool is the same as the number one spot of step stool has. There is no such difference present in the section of build quality or build material. The height is also the same as the normal step stool from iLove. The difference is present only in the base section or the width of this step stool.

It has 15.5 inches of the broad base for more stability. It will help to stabilize the seat when the floor is wet, and the toddler is standing upon it. On both upper side corners of this step stool, you will find two points to hold this stool. These points are helpful to provide more portability to this step stool. Also, the weight of this stool plays a significant role in portability because it is very lightweight.

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6. Step Stool for Kids, Stackable (Green)

toddler stoolIf you are looking for a one-step stool for your toddler, then you might need to consider this one first. First of all, you can buy this one step stool for your children at a very affordable price. It will not be going to cost you high as the premium quality of step stools. But don’t worry because with this one step stool you will get everything that your toddler needs for standing on a base.

The manufacturing company of this step stool provided the importance of the safety feature first. We know that the most significant risk that a normal step-stool has the risk of slipping from the step-stool. If your baby moves from a high height of the stool, then it can cause serious injury to your toddler. So, as a parent, you should need to focus on a step stool that comes with maximum grip.

And the manufacturing company of this step stool is providing the best and full grip on this stool. So, this stool will provide the maximum grip between your toddler’s feet and the surface of the step-stool. The rubber grip of this stool comes in different color options.

So, choose the best color option of this step stool that your toddler mostly likes. Now let’s talk about the material section of this one step stool. So, here you will get a reasonable quality of plastic material as a mainframe material. But it is an entirely non-toxic material that will not be going to harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

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7. WOOD CITY Wooden Toddler Step Stool

toddler bathroom stoolIf you have the interest to buy a wooden toddler step stool, then we are back again with another wooden stool on this list. This one also a higher rated wooden step stool that you can buy for your toddler. This wooden toddler step stool doesn’t come with a polished surface.

It is because a polished surface can’t be able to maintain the proper grip between your toddler’s feet and the wooden surface. So, it will be useful for you that always avoid a polished surface of step stool for your toddler. Thus, the point is here; you will get the matt finished exterior for a firm grip with your toddler’s feet. It is the first safety feature of this wooden step stool.

To provide more safety with this wooden stool also not have any sharp edges. All the boundaries of this oak step stool are in excellent and round shape. It means it is not going to cause any cut on your baby’s skin. The height of this wooden step stool is perfect for almost all ages of toddlers. And the backside of these stools is ideal for attaching it with the wall.

The construction of this wooden toddler step stool is very sturdy; this means you can expect long-lasting performance from it. The base of this step stool is pretty broad, which is enough to provide maximum stability for your toddler. The only but little drawback of this step stool is that you need to assemble it after purchasing.

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8. Bumbo Step Stool, Cool Grey

step stools for toddlersAgain we have another one step stool on our list at a lower price than the previous one. If you love the one-step step-stool, then this one is only for you. Also, you don’t need to spend too much money on this one step stool as well.

You can say that it is a medium range of step stool. Other than this, there is nothing where you need to make any compromises in this step stool. It is offering everything that you can expect from a standard or good step stool. First of all, it has a wavy buy solid base for the proper stability of the step-stool.

The build quality of this one step stool is also pretty good according to the price segment of this stool. And look wise also this step stool is very impressive. It doesn’t look like a reasonable step stool, and it is a guarantee that your baby is going to love the shape of this stool. The height is also considerable of this stool; here, you will get a height of 7.4 inches.

In our view, it is perfect for helping your toddler to reach till the sinks, toilet seat, bathroom sink, etc. For a better grip, you will find a full grasp on the top/standing side of this stool. Not only this, but you will find a rubber lining on the bottom of this step stool to provide maximum grip with the floor.

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9. Two-Step Kids Step Stools By Tundras

best bathroom stool for toddlersAgain we have another similar step stools as the first spot of this list. But it comes on a different price point, and this means that it will offer various features as well. The design of this stool is the same as the iLove’s two-step stool. There you will not be going to find any difference between this stool and the iLove’s stool. Only the color is different from these two different step stools. This step stool also has a higher rating on the online store. So, you can get a firm idea about what this stool is offering to you.

The build quality of this two-step stool is awe-inspiring at this particular price segment. You will find out the excellent quality of plastic material in the mainframe of this stool. But don’t worry because this plastic material is completely non-toxic and free from BCA. That means it will not going to harm your toddler’s sensitive skin.

If we have anything to say about the build quality, then it is ‘Sturdy’. Not only this, but this stool is not too heavy in weight that is a plus point for the portability of this stool. So, your toddler carries it with him/her and use it for any purpose. You will also find a good quality of rubber grip on each step of this stool. This rubber grip is essential to keep your baby away from any slips.

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10. Little Partners Toddler Step Up Stool

best toddler step stool bathroomBut if you want to purchase only the wooden step stool for your toddler, and also you want more safety with it then this stool is only for you. In this list of step stools, we have listed some wooden options, but they don’t have the safety things like this step stool.

First of all, we want to tell you that it is a premium quality of wooden step stool. So, it is evident that this wooden stool will cost you slightly high as compared to any other step stools of this list. But the central part of this step stool is that you can adjust the step’s height according to your toddler’s comfort. It is the unique feature that no other step stool brand is offering in their product.

In this step stool, you will find out the stairs like structures to enhance the look and, more importantly, the safety as well. The height of this wooden stool is up to 16 inches, but the second step is adjustable. That means you can change the height according to your toddler. The build quality of this wooden stool is fantastic; you will not going to get any issues regarding its durability. All the corners of this step stool don’t have any sharp edges. That means it will not going to cause any cutting issues on your baby’s skin.

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How To Choose The Best Step Stool For Toddlers

If you are still wondering about buying the best step stool for your toddler or if you have confusion between two or more step-stool, then this guide is only for you. In this definitive guide on step stools, we have listed all the points that you should keep in mind before buying any type of step stool for your toddler.

  • Put The Safety First

The mean of us from this point is that you should always keep the safety on the first spot, and then after going for other features. We know that as a parent, you want to keep your baby/toddler away from any injury; that is why you should follow the point to choose the safety first in your mind. Same you need to do in the case of buying a perfect step stool. There are many step stool brands available in the market that is offering different types of features in the step stool. But some step-stool have missed the most crucial safety features.

We are talking about safety features like a better grip or rubber grip on the surface of the stool. If you buy a step stool without the rubber grip, then there are chances that your baby/toddler can slip from it. So, always make sure to go with the step stool that is offering a good quality of rubber grip for maximum friction with the surface.

  • Material

Material is the essential point that matters a lot if you can use a product for long term use. So, always choose a suitable content in your desired item. And need to do the same in case of step stools. In the market, you will find mainly two types of fo material in the step stool. The first one is plastic, and the second one is wood material. If you want top-notch durability from your step stool, then you can buy a wooden stool instead of plastic ones. But if you want some portability as well, then you should need to choose the plastic built step stool for your toddler.

  • Steps of stool

There are mainly two types of step stools present in the market. The first is the one-step stool and the second in two steps stool. It depends upon the requirements of your toddler to buy a step stool. If you want to use a step stool to train your baby for potty. Then you can buy one step stool because that is enough to help your toddler to reach till the toilet seat. Other than this, if you want to use the step stool of different purposes, then you might need to buy the two-step stool instead of one-step stool.

  • Price

There are many varieties present in the section of step stools. So if your budget is low and you can’t afford to buy a premium step stool, then don’t worry. We are saying this because, in this post, we have added some step stools that are offering great features at a low price point.


If you want to introduce a step stool to your toddler, then you should have found one to choose from in our review. We included the ten best step stools that you can buy right away. It doesn’t matter what budget you have for the best toddler step stool as we have added many step stools for all varieties of budget.

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