10 Best Toddler Pillows 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Being the parent to a newborn is not easy. As wonderful as the experience is, there is no shame in admitting that they can be a lot of work, at times. Your little one has a lot of needs- starting from managing their diapers, pacifiers and milk bottles, to choosing the right bedding for them. This includes choosing the best toddler pillow for your little one.

A toddler pillow has to support your baby’s neck and head firmly, as well as help grow their spine into strong ones as they grow up. And all of this, while still being super soft, cuddly and comfortable for your tiny tot! It is pretty clear how crucial it can be to choose the perfect toddler pillow for these young ones. We have made a list to help you decide what kind of toddler pillows you need to go for.

Check all the necessary factors before making a purchase. There are many from the material to the softness, to the comfort, to their washable and durable nature. There’s a lot to look for. So, make sure you are making the right choice for your little one.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options available at affordable prices.

Reviews Of The Best Toddler Pillows

1. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Little Sleepy Head Toddler PillowThis pillow is like a cloud of cotton for your toddler! It’s soft and hypoallergenic (made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton). It provides great neck support for sleeping and ensures that your toddler gets the best naps wherever they are- be it in bed or on the floor of their kindergarten! It’s soft and snuggly, and the perfect size for your kid to take it anywhere they go.

These pillows are just the right size- they are neither too fluffy nor too flat. They hold their shape for a long time, and it’s easily washable. Try these pillows for your toddlers to give them the comfort they need. They come with a replacement guarantee on Amazon, which promises that it will remain fluffy for a long time, or they’re willing to replace it. They’re quite the steal for the quality. But remember to buy pillowcases separately because Amazon doesn’t sell them together.

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2. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

Dreamtown Kids Toddler PillowThese pillows claim to be the perfect first pillow for your newborns, recommended by chiropractors. They contain a dense fiber, which is also soft, to make sure that little stuffing is required to put in the pillow so that they can give the best neck support and ensure zero chiropractic visits. They are also just the right size for your little one. A growing toddler’s sensitive neck and spine need greater support and room to grow stronger.

One of the very big pluses of this pillow is that they are not only hypoallergenic but also completely mold and mildew resistant. The Dreamtown Toddler pillow has been tested and proven to help toddlers sleep better, whether they are in their beds, or in a car, traveling to their grandmother’s place. Babies feel comfortable, safe, and a sense of growth when they sleep on these pillows. A small family business manufactures these pillows, so they assure great quality and trust.

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3. Little One’s Pillow

Little One s PillowLike most other toddler pillows, this one too, is hypoallergenic and made of organic cotton. These pillows are hand-crafted by a family that has been in the business for over 56 years. The filling is made of hypoallergenic polyester fiber that can be washed easily and will never lump. The material is completely free of chemicals. They are designed with the help of the best chiropractors and pediatricians, and so much love and effort is put into them that, it shows in the quality of the pillows.

Full neck and body support is provided through tests that ensure that the pillows are not too flat or too fluffy; they protect the baby’s spine. Their customer service is something that should be brought to notice. If you are not happy with your purchase or the filling that they have stuffed into your pillow, you can contact the company and let them know about it. They will not only design you custom pillows with the amount of filling you want but also let you keep the first purchase for free! Now, if that is not a great service, then what is?

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4. Little Pillow Company’s Toddler Pillow

Little PillowThis pillow is not like any other pillow for toddlers available in the market. It is made of 100% cotton and has been certified as eco-friendly, being made of recycled plastic bottles. 200 thread count standard untreated cotton cover ensures softness and comfort for your little bundle of joy. These pillows are hypoallergenic, machine washable, and super easy to take care of.

They don’t come with a pillow cover, but that’s okay because this pillow itself is sold in a variety of different colors and prints! Because of their huge range of designs and prints, they can be a great gift for other toddlers too! It’s an instant hit, with the kid-friendly patterns like animals and fruits and angels imprinted on the pillows that no kid can ever dislike.

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5. KeaSafari Toddlers Pillow

KeaSafari Toddlers PillowThey claim to be raved about by parents of toddlers for being ergonomically designed for the best sleeping experience, as well as for best spinal support. All of us know what a mess babies can make inside a house. They will spill over everything! Drool, milk, play-dough, formula. You name it, and you probably already have a stain from that thing on your baby’s belongings as well as around the whole house!

Well, thanks to these pillows as they are really easy to clean, so it is no big deal if your baby makes a mess around their KeaSafari pillows because you can just pop them into the machine, and they’ll come out good as new. Breathable and soft natural cotton is used in threading the covers and cases of these pillows, so they have a soft feel to them. They have been made travel-sized for your baby’s ease; they can be carried around when they’re visiting their grandparents or to a picnic. Brownie points for the pillow since it is huggable and has super cute designs!

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6. Celeep Baby Toddler Pillow Set

Celeep Baby Toddler Pillow SetThese pillows are made of 100% cotton and are super soft in feel. They assure premium comfort and support for your baby’s sleep time and keeps head and neck trouble at bay. It is made of 7D hollow siliconized microfiber filling for great head support, hence, recommended by chiropractors.

The pillow is machine washable like most other toddler pillows, which is a decent feature, and it is the perfect size for travel and bed placements. They pack a punch for you by offering two pillows at the price of one. While one pillow is supporting the toddler’s head and neck, the other can be placed under their legs or provide simple support for their spine.

This feature puts it higher on the list of must-buy toddler pillows. They are well-sized as well, making them easier to carry around wherever your kid goes; the bed, their grandparent’s place, or to a fun day out at the park, where they can snooze off when they’re tired of all the games!. It is really soft and comfortable for your baby and can be great for babies and toddlers alike. The chiropractor recommended spine protection, head, neck, and body support.

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7. My Little North Star

My Little North StarThis is another great pillow for toddlers. This is made of certified cotton and organic cotton shell, which ensures that it is the softest and the plushest ball of cotton your child has ever put their head-on. Like many other toddler pillows in the race, this one too is hypoallergenic, which is a very important factor to consider while shopping for pillows for your toddler.

It contains poly cluster fiber filling on the inside, and just in the right amount that helps the pillow become just the right size. Neither too fluffy nor too flat. It is free of chemicals so; there’s no way that the pillow can harm your little one with rashes or allergies.

This pillow can be your child’s favorite pillow if they love the print and design as much as they will love the softness and comfort it has to offer. Every pillow is hand-made by experts to ensure that these precious little balls of joy get the best sleep every time they lay their head on it. There’s no knowing what the washing procedure of these pillows are though. So, you might want to steer clear of throwing it into the washing machine. Hand-washing, it seems like the way to go!

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8. Utopia Toddler Pillows

Utopia Toddler PillowsThese pillows pack double the punch with their availability in packs of two! These kinds of packs are my personal favorite, where you do not have to purchase two separate pillows. You get two at the price of one and also, they match!

So not only are they super efficient in keeping your baby’s head plus neck steady while sleeping while also providing support to their spine with the second pillow, but also, they add to the aesthetics of the room! They are the perfect size for traveling or just placing them on your toddler’s bed.

Durable, with 250 cotton thread count woven into the material to give it that extra edge of softness and cuddle. The pillows are machine washable, which makes them a real steal for the price. If you have had your eye on one of these Utopia toddler pillows for a while now, go ahead and make the purchase. Your kid will be in absolute love with these. Plus, they come with a crazy deal of two for the price of one! Features like hypoallergenic materials, mildew, and mold resistance aren’t available.

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9. Aisawate Toddler’s Pillow

Aisawate ToddlerMade of 100% cotton, these are another great choice for your toddler’s first pillow. The very comfortable and soft material assures a good night’s sound sleep and very peaceful nap times for your little angel. It is claimed to be ergonomically designed and recommended by chiropractors, as safe for toddler’s use. It can help protect their neck, head, and spinal cord that is really sensitive points for a growing baby.

Protection and care and sensitivity are essential for handling these areas of a baby or a toddler. These pillows are specially designed for toddler comfort and have been tested on a group of babies before being launched into the market. Also, I would consider these pillows pretty inexpensive, priced at $16.99, in comparison to the super comfy quality that they assure. Another important feature for a baby’s pillow is whether it is washable and durable. And they are.

They are also a great choice for gifting your baby’s friends on their birthdays because they come in a great range of patterns and prints that will appeal to babies really well. It is 100% cotton, trustworthy material assures comfort for the baby’s sound sleep, and recommended by chiropractors for being ergonomically designed and tested for toddlers. It is considered value for money, as the price is pretty reasonable for the quality of the toddler pillow.It can great for gifting other toddler friends as they come in a range of prints and patterns!

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10. Coop Home Goods Toddler Pillow

Coop Home Goods Toddler PillowLike most other toddler pillows, these are made of hypoallergenic cotton and cross-cut memory foam to retain the shape of your baby’s head. They feel like a plush cotton candy for your kid to sleep in. Soft and cuddly, it can easily become your kid’s favorite pillow! It is machine washable and created with a soft-touch washable cover that’s made of rayon that is delivered from bamboo.

The best thing about these pillows that Amazon guarantees is, a hundred-night sleeping trial for your toddler to test out the comfiness of the pillow and fall in love with its fluff and huff! It also comes with a limited warranty of five years, which is something that other such pillows do not offer.

The pillows, though, are not exactly sized to be placed any and everywhere. Unlike other pillows that can be carried around while traveling or placed inside the little bed for your toddler, these are a little on the standard one-size-for-all type. It is made of hypoallergenic cross-cut memory foam and soft-touch washable cover made of rayon derived from bamboo.

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Check all the necessary factors before making a purchase. There are many from the material to the softness, to the comfort, to their washable and durable nature. There’s a lot to look for. So, make sure you are making the right choice for your little one.

Toddler’s Pillow Buying Guide – Features To Look

Here are the buyers’ guide for your toddler pillow so that you know what exactly you are looking for while making the purchase.

Allergies of Your Toddler

Keep track of any and every allergy that your toddler might have so that you can steer clear of a pillow if it’s made of a material that they are allergic to. For example, if your child shows tendencies of being allergic to wool, it goes without saying that you wouldn’t purchase a woolen pillow for your child; the pillow can only increase his allergies and reactions to them. Being acquainted with what your little one is and is not allergic to will help you decide which material of pillow to get him or her.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

A lot of toddler pillows come with a satisfaction guarantee. They can range from time periods as short as 3 months to as long as 3 years! Guarantees vary from one brand to another, but it covers the basics- poor workmanship, ripped or torn stitches/seams, and premature flatness and shapelessness. Companies that give a longer period of guarantee indicate that the quality of their pillows can be trusted and that they stand behind them. Read the descriptions and guarantee periods of toddler pillows carefully before making the decision.

Softness and Comfort

As a parent, you have to be utterly careful to maintain a balance between soft and stern. Press a pillow to check whether it is regaining its shape or not. If it doesn’t, then it means that the pillow is way too soft, and it can cause injury to your little one’s neck, as well as pose a risk of suffocation for them.

But also, if you’re pressing a pillow and it doesn’t budge at all, it is too hard to be comfortable for your child. Most toddler pillows are made with this balance in mind. Still, you have a responsibility and concern as a parent, to double-check the integrity of the pillow before you let your little one put their precious head on it.

The material of the Pillow Cover

Most pillow covers designed for toddler pillows are made of cotton. But cotton has two varieties- regular and organic. Organic cotton does not contain chemicals, dyes and bleaches, and other toxic substances that commonly come with the cotton manufacturing process.

You wouldn’t want your toddler to breathe in these toxic chemicals in sleep, would you? Pillows that are made of organic cotton will have the same mentioned in their labels. If nothing is mentioned, it’s better to be on the safe side and assume that the pillow isn’t made of organic cotton. Toddler pillow covers are usually made of either cotton, cotton-polyester blend, or synthetic fiber.

Thread Count

You might be familiar with the term “thread count” if you have shopped for bedding in bedding stores. Thread count is known as the number of threads present per square inch of the fabric. A higher thread count is associated with more comfort and a silkier, softer feel. Go for a pillow with a higher thread count as they will feel less scratchy and more comfortable to your toddler than one with a lower thread count.

The material of the Filling/Stuffing

The pillow is made of stuffing material. This stuffing material is as important as any other feature to consider while buying a toddler pillow. Materials used as stuffing for toddler pillows include foam and buckwheat. The common ones used to fill up a pillow for toddlers are feathers, synthetic fill foam, or memory foam. These materials are the most common ones as the pillows made from them are easy to clean.

Be careful not to select a pillow whose filling material makes noises when it moves. Pillows made of buckwheat or some synthetic fills make loud, crinkling sounds with the shift of a toddler’s head. Read the labels and choose what filling you want inside your child’s pillow, wisely.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Well, you might not know what your kid’s allergies are yet, but you surely know that every person should steer clear from dust, mold, dust mites, and other such microbes, right? When a pillow says that it is “hypoallergenic,” it means that the material it’s made of can lessen your kid’s reaction to allergies. A lot of toddler pillows made of organic materials can be naturally hypoallergenic. Read the label to check if the pillow is organic; if it isn’t, then it should be mentioned whether the material is hypoallergenic or not.

Wash Instructions

Having a toddler at home means that there’s a mess everywhere! And that also means that the mess they make will, at some point, make its way to their pillows too. Be it a food spill or drool from when they are sleeping, there’s going to be multiple occasions when you need to wash your toddler pillow. Toddler pillows that come with pillowcases are less trouble to clean because all you need to do is, remove the cover from the pillow and throw it in the washer.

Make sure that the pillowcase is machine-washable, though! But for the pillows that don’t come with covers, you have to read the label and check whether they are machine-washable or not. If it is, then throw it into the machine and let it run a complete cycle. It will come out looking like new! If it doesn’t try to buy one that is machine-washable instead.

I hope this list was helpful and could get you what you have been looking for. We have listed all kinds of pillows for toddlers- packs of one and a pack of two; neck and spine protection, softness and comfort, sizing, and travel-friendliness; whether it is machine washable or not, can withstand spills and messy situations, etc. This might have put you one step closer to deciding which one would be the ideal cuddling partner for your cuddly child.