10 Best Toddler Flashlights In 2021 (For Kids & Children)

Do you keep looking for your flashlight and end up finding it in your child’s bedroom? Well, if no, get yourself ready for that unless you’re here to find the perfect toddler flashlight for your child and save yourself from their annoying act of borrowing yours without permission. Toddlers love playing with torches —watching the light flicker as they play around with the switch, their clutch buddy to a pajama party or sleepovers, even camp night out— it’s one fascinating handy device to them.

But besides having a handy device to play with, many children during their first years of life are often afraid of the dark. Their imaginations go wild, and they start thinking there’s some Chucky monster hiding under the bed or a crocodile-shaped shadow hanging beside the closet. That is why it is best to buy a toddler’s flashlight for your little ones. And for children who don’t have any of these terrors, the flashlight can be used to get up at dawn to relieve themselves in the bathroom.

Whatever the utility, there is a wide variety of children’s flashlights to pick from for your baby. These come in different shapes and colors; some come in more plain models or designs, and others with children’s characters that your little one will absolutely love. What you must always consider, however, is that the flashlight is of good quality and has durable materials. If you use batteries, check the springs where they are placed not to give surprises after a few months.

To save you the stress and likely confusion when browsing through Amazon, we’ve carefully listed the best ten flashlights perfectly designed for toddlers. Let’s get into the review!


Best Toddler Flashlight Review

1. VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight

childrens flashlight

First, on the list, we have VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight Amazon Exclusive. If you are looking for a learning flashlight for your children, then this flashlight is going to be an excellent choice for you and your children as well.

Your children are going to love the color and cute design of the flashlight. It comes in three different colors – Green, Yellow, and Pink as well. It will not just flash the light but is also an excellent learning tool. Many pre-schools use this tool for teaching numbers to the children. You will be able to teach colors and animal names as well with the help of this flashlight.

Your children can also enjoy 50 different songs that your children are going to love it. The flashlight will turn off when it is left unused for at least 45 seconds, which means you will be saving the battery life.

A small ladybug is sitting on the handle of the flashlight. It is a small button, and when you press the button, you will enjoy different kinds of sounds. That will keep the babies entertained for a long time. The easy-grip also helps in improving the motor skills of the child.

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2. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Flashlight

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Next on the list, we have Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Flashlight. If you are looking for a toddle flashlight, then you can pick this option. The best thing about this flashlight is the shape and design it. It is very colorful as it is made of different colors and your children will love it.

The bug has two eyes and feet as well. Your flashlight will be able to stand on the feet, and hence you need not have to worry if the torch will keep rolling when you leave it on the floor or beside your children will stay in place. The handle of the flashlight is also straightforward to handle, and that gives an excellent grip.

There is a small on and off button on the handle itself, and so the baby will be able to operate it while holding the flashlight in the hands. It is an excellent choice for toddlers from the age of 3 years to children of 7 years old. It will need two AA size batteries, which are not included with the pack. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use as well.

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3. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight

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Next, on the list, we have GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight. If you are looking for a flashlight for your grown-up children, then this is the right choice. The light of this flashlight is ultra-bright, and it is going to last long. You will be able to focus on items 1000 feet away from you quickly.

If you have seen the incandescent lights, this flashlight will provide you ten times better lighting. It operates with the help of 3 AAA size batteries. You will be able to set the light’s focus, and you can do it in five different modes.

That means, depending on why you are using the flashlight, you need to use the focus. It is minimal in size, and it fits in your pocket very easily. It can be held in your hands, and you can take it even for camping as well.

It is a water-resistant model, and hence it is perfect for those looking for a good flashlight during night time. It is a pack of two flashlights. There is a one-year warranty along with the product, which offers returns with no questions asked.

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4. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flashlight for Kids

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Next on the list, we have Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight for Kids. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a flashlight for the toddlers. The Melissa and Doug flashlights are very popular as they are made according to the children’s and children’s requirements, and hence many parents also love this brand.

This brand is in the market for 60 years and still trying to make some of the best toys for children. The flashlight is available in the shape of a small firefly. It has two eyes and a long handle, which makes the design very attractive for children. The handle provides a good grip on the tiny and cute little hands.

There is a small yellow button on the handle, used to switch on or off the flashlight. It can be used both outdoors and indoors as well. You will need two AA-size batteries for this flashlight to work, and the batteries are not included in the pack. It comes in a blue and yellow color combination. It is very light in weight.

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5. Tatuo 20 Pieces Mini Flashlights Keychain

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Next, we have Tatuo 20 Pieces Mini Flashlights Keychain. It is a good flashlight option for those children who are looking for a flashlight for their camping. It comes in a pack of 2 flashlights, and they are available in five different colors like Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White.

So, now your child can pick a color of choice. Each flashlight has five small bulbs, and that will give enough lighting during your camping. The keychain is made using Aluminum metal, and that is a sturdy and durable material.

They come with batteries installed internally, and they will last for a long time as well. You need to unscrew the flashlight from the backside and remove the round slices present inside it.

Now screw it back and press the button on the backside of the torch for using it. It is a mini flashlight, and you can easily hang it in your bag or pants with the help of the keychain provided to you. They are tiny in size, and hence it is straightforward for you to carry them along with you.

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6. Aneil Projector Flashlight

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Next, on the list, we have Aneil Projector Flashlight. If you are looking for something that can be used for both fun and learning, then this Aneil Projector Flashlight can be the right choice. You will have a small disc-like thing which you will have to insert in between the flashlight.

The disc images will be protected in the area that you wish to protect, like on a protection screen, wall or roof, ceiling, floor, or any place that you are convenient. You can get three packs like Sea World animals, Dinosaurs, and Outer space. Each pack comes with three discs each. It is straightforward to place the disc on the flashlight and start using it.

You will have to remove the insulation sheet that can save you some battery life when not in use. You will have to insert the disc in the projection slot of the flashlight, and with the help of the on and off buttons, you should start the show. It can be a lot of fun and interaction between the parents and the children’ increase with this activity. It would help if you got the right pack for your children.

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7. Lux Pro 40 Lumen Aluminum LED Flashlight

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Next on the list, we have Lux Pro 40 Lumen Aluminum LED Flashlight. This is available in ten different colors and prints on the flashlight. It is a tiny and mini handheld flashlight that your children are going to like. It is a 40 Lumen Aluminum LED flashlight, and so you will be able to enjoy enough lighting with the light.

You will need three AAA sized Alkaline batteries for operating this flashlight. You can use it for non-stop 10 hours when used with 40 lumens. It can be used as a green light for emergencies, camping, and children as well. It comes with a lifetime warranty only if you are buying directly from the Lux Pro seller.

It is a very stylish way to carry a flashlight in your bags or purses. Girls will love this mini flashlight, which is due to the attractive designs and colors available in this brand. It is minimal in size and fits very easily in your palms. You can carry it easily along with you. You can leave one in your cars as well for any emergency in the vehicle. 

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8. Wenosda Slide Projector Flashlight

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Now to the Wenosda Slide Projector Flashlight. Both fun and learning come in just one flashlight, and parents are going to love it. It is a projector flashlight, where you need to insert the disc in the torch’s projection slot.

You will get two sets of these discs: outer space and the other is the wild animals. Each slide will have eight images, and there are three slide discs in each pack. So, your children will be able to enjoy several images with the help of this flashlight. It has a small on and off button on the side of the torch, and it is effortless to operate.

You need to adjust the slides according to your requirements. The size of the flashlight is tiny and can easily fit into the hands of your children. Your children will be able to use it very quickly. No toxic material is used in the making of this flashlight, and you will need AA-size batteries for operating the torch. Your children will be able to show these slides to their friends when they are having a sleepover.

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9. Younar Projector Flashlights for Kids

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Also featured in our review, we have Younar Projector Flashlights for Kids. If you are looking for fun and entertainment for your children, this will be a good choice. It is a pack of five sets, three slide discs in each pack, and each slide has eight images on them.

You have Dinosaur, Outer Space, Unicorn, Mermaid, and Sea World. Your children will be able to recognize different kinds of images and animals at a very young age. You will also spend a lot of time with your children during this kind of activity.

You will be able to focus the images up to one meter wide images. You can focus these images on any surface like ceiling, walls, roof, floor, projection screen, or any place that you wish. You can use them as a good educational toy. You can even choose these as a good gift for the children as well. The children are going to love it for sure. They are tiny and can be held in the child’s hands very easily. It provides an excellent grip for the tiny toddler’s hands.

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10. Coghlan’s Explorer’s Flashlight

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Last on the list; we have Coghlan’s Explorer’s Flashlight. It is a perfect choice for those children and parents looking for camping flashlights in the market. Your children will love it and will be able to use it very easily. It is a pack of two flashlights, and it is available in a yellow and black color combination.

It is also available in Blue, Red and White colors as well. It is an excellent choice for children who are above six years. The flashlight lens is interchangeable, and you will get four interchangeable lenses along with this pack.

This is a powerful flashlight that can last for a very long time. It uses two AA size batteries, and the batteries are not included along with the pack. It comes with a belt clip for switching on the flashlight and switching it off. It is effortless to use and can be used for many other purposes as well.

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Kids Flashlight Buying Guide – What To Consider?

Buying a flashlight is not going to be an easy task as you have so many options to check and then make a decision. Whether it is for your toddler or your grown-up child, there are different factors to consider when buying the flashlights. So, here are some important points that you need to keep in mind.

The age:

We all know children grow up quickly. It would help if you always kept changing their things as they keep growing. You must have come across this situation with their shoes and clothes. But it is the same as the flashlights as well. You cannot just pick any flashlight for your children. You will have to consider their age and then make the right decision. 

Your budget:

The next important thing to keep in mind is the budget. Yes, this is a straightforward question that you need to ask yourself before you buy it. If you can spend a little high, you will get a high-quality flashlight for your child, which should be more durable.

The material:

The next point to keep in mind when buying a flashlight for the children or children is the material. There are many flashlights available in the market at a meager price. They may be attractive as they are cheaper, but they are delicate as well. It would help if you always went for a more substantial material as they will last for a long time. You can invest a few dollars extra for a quality product as it is going to last longer.

The use:

Yes, the next important point to keep in mind is using the flashlight for your children. There are many ways in which you can use a flashlight at home. Depending on the reason, you will have to make a choice. You can use a flashlight for:

  • Shadow puppet show: Many children will get sacred at the initial stage, but later they will love the shadow puppet shows. They are enjoyable. With the help of a few items at home and your flashlight, you will be able to enjoy a short show. You can create small cards in the shape of animals or people and hang them. By moving the puppet cards and flashing the light, your children will be able to complete the show.
  • Stargazing cards: You can teach your children about many things with the help of a flashlight. Usually, children learn faster when they are shown something in practical ways. Like if you teach about the stars, you can make a stencil of the star and focus light on the star to appear on the wall. This way you can teach about many things.
  • Storytelling: Do you remember those days when you build a fortress with just the chairs, bed sheets, and the pillow. You sit in between them and start telling stories. Using a flashlight during the night time to tell horror stories can be a great idea. Many children love this kind of play.

So, depending on what you or your children will do with the flashlight, you will decide which flashlight will be the right choice for you.


Flashlights are so exciting for children. When you can find the best flashlight in an attractive shape, your child is going to love it. One critical factor to keep in mind when you are buying a flashlight is the child’s age. So, you need to pick one based on their abilities and age. The toddler flashlights listed above are the best and most popular options. Now your child is ready to go exploring!