10 Best Toddler Chairs For Lounging Around In 2021

Toddler chairs encourage kids to come and sit on the chair and stay put while they read a book or watch a show on their tablet. You can sit on your chair and let your child sit on their toddler chair while you grab a moments’ peace. There are plenty of toddler chairs available in the market, and we here look at the best ones in our review. In our expert review, we have compiled their details, features, and also the buying guide for the best toddler chair.

Best Toddler Chair Reviews

Here are the best 10 best toddler chairs for your child.

1. Keet Roundy Kid’s Chair Gingham

best toddler chair Keet Roundy Kids Chair Gingham

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The first number in our list is the one from Keet with their beautiful Roundy children’s chair. This one comes with a traditional design and has a Gingham fabric with it. It features a sturdy wooden frame and has wooden legs for support and the feel of real furniture.

This chair is sure to be loved by the children and has a comfortable high-density foam which provides added comfort and ease. It has a wide variety of color combinations available with it, so you can choose the one that suits your child. It has easy to maintain the feature, and since it’s a child’s chair, it can be moved around with ease.

That’s quite a factor to look at since children never tend to stay put at a place, and having a portable chair is a must. With the upholstery design, you can vacuum it once a week, and you’ll be set. It is suitable for the age group of 18 months to 5 years. Add to it the advantage of blending in with the home’s interior, and this toddler chair seems a perfect one for your child in 2021.

2. Delta Children Upholstered Chair

best toddler chair for 1 year old Delta Children Upholstered Chair

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If you have ever looked for baby products, whether it’s a chair or a bed for children, or even a toy storage box, then the brand name Delta shouldn’t surprise you. Delta is one of the best brands for children-related stuff, and they surely know how to make products.

This upholstered chair for children comes with a safe build and has an innovative design. It has a durable hardwood frame that supports the chair and lets your child have an awesome time. This one is a toy story-inspired chair and has cartoon images and designed imprinted, which allows your child to be imaginative. It has an easy-to-clean design so that even if the children make a mess, which they are sure to make, it can be cleaned off easily.

It has urethane foam and polyester material in it. The seats feature a faux leather and have a padded layer for softness and ease for your children to sit on them. It is perfect for children above the age of 3 years. The best part about this chair is that it comes in various options apart from the Toy Story design so that you can choose the one which your children find alluring.

3. Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair

best toddler chair for 2 year old Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair

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Now at the fourth number on our list is the one branded as Sesame Street. This chair is also part of Delta children’s product line and features plenty of great aesthetics, making this chair a nice option for parents. It comes with a hardwood frame that helps support the chair and provides the baby with good support for their body.

It also has a padded seat which helps to have a good baby placement of their lower body. The chair has a plush and cushioned seat and Elmo’s lovable spirit imprinted on the back.

It is a perfect chair for children from the age group of 3 to 6 years, and it can hold up to 100 lbs. The chair is designed with a child-friendly build with vibrant colored embroidery that comes with an easy cleaning option. It can be easily wiped clean with merely soap and water without creating any damage to the fabric. This chair is perfect to put into your child’s bedroom or even the living room area where your children can sit and enjoy.

4. Flash Furniture Green Plastic Stackable School Chair

best toddler chair for 3 year old Flash Furniture Green Plastic Stackable School Chair

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Now we have the one from Flash with their plastic variant stackable school chair. This chair is simple in terms of design but is equally good when it comes to functionality. No doubt it takes place on our list. This chair comes in a contoured one-piece shell and has no metal parts at all.

This way, there will be no chances of your child getting hurt or injured. This chair is part of the Flash brand, which has been known for its highly durable and value-for-money furniture products. Their products are sought after quite a lot by all brackets of the age group, and this child’s specific chair is another shining type in their product lineage.

This chair comes with portability so that you can place it in the child’s room or the bedroom or the drawing-room for your child to sit on. It’s pretty comfortable to sit on and has good support for the back. It is also priced fairly well and is one of the top choices for schools and kindergarten. It comes in four different color combinations.

5. Melissa & Doug Child’s Armchair

the best toddler chair Melissa Doug Childs Armchair

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After looking at the contoured one-piece chair specially designed for kindergarten and more, we’re back at the child’s armchair. This piece next up in our list is from Melissa & Dough with their child’s chair. This children’s chair is a perfect piece for any of the preschoolers or toddlers.

The children can use this chair for their snuggling or even reading or even just lousing around. It has a perfect pint-sized design with sturdy construction. This armchair has been build with high-quality material and comes across as a durable piece that is sure to last long. This chair is comforting and, at the same time, very functional.

It has been designed with the child’s body frame and mechanism in mind to help the children have the best of time whilst also going for comfort. The company itself has been around for over 30 years, and their product line says it all. It’s a chair that you can certainly trust for your child.

And it’s also priced right well so that it won’t dig deep into your pockets. It can accommodate a child over the age of 3 and more. It comes in different color combinations so the child can get the one that suits their color needs.

6. Big Joe Cuddle Chair

best toddler chairs Big Joe Cuddle Chair

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Next up, we have an interesting child char that is quite amazing that we couldn’t leave it out from our list of best toddler chairs around. This chair is quite interesting as it incorporates the concept of bean bags and chairs in one. It has a chair-type build with a comforting SmartMax fabric that is tough, stain-resistant, and equally good for water-resistant nature. It has been filled with the UltimaX beans that offer soothing comfort to you when you sit on it.

The best part about Big Joe, the brand behind this chair, is that they have been known for their bean bags around the fraternity, and this cuddle chair is an epitome of their functional and comforting chair. This is portable and natural and can be taken across the house, whether it’s the drawing-room or the child’s room or even to the backyard, where your child may want to louse around with you and your family.

It comes with a double safety zipper so that the beads won’t fall around. It has a lightweight fill, and that makes it worth an investment. It’s a perfect cuddling chair for your child and would be something that they dearly love. It also has a pocket holder and a place where the baby can keep their bottles or tumblers. It comes in a variety of color options.

7. spaces by Battat – Kid Century Modern

chair for toddler spaces by Battat - Kid Century Modern

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Next on the list, we have a stylish-looking child chair as part of our list of best toddler chairs. This chair is rather a 2-piece set and comes with 2 seats or chairs designed perfectly for the children. It has petite seats and has a house for a child with quiet ease. The distance of the seat from the ground level is also appropriate so that the children can have a good time sitting on it.

It has a solid wood build with a wooden frame that gives stability and style to it. The wood used in this one is natural wood for the durability aspect. It comes with a super-easy assembly mechanism where you can spin the chair’s legs to the seat to make it ready.

The twin seats are designed so well that your child will have a great time using them with the major agenda’s comfort and functionality. It has a gorgeous ivory design and has a sturdy build. It is also portable to carry around with ease wherever you want to take it.

This chair can be cleaned off easily as the ivory surface allows for easy cleaning. This chair can hold up to 154 pounds of weight for your child since it can be fitted into place and can be dismantled when not required so that it won’t take much space.

8. Plastic Kids Chair – Durable and Lightweight

chair for toddlers Plastic Kids Chair Durable and Lightweight

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At the ninth number in our list is the chair that everyone around us is pretty familiar with. This chair is one of the most common children’s chairs around, and you’ll see it at every kindergarten or playschool. This chair comes with a stable and durable construction that gives you comfort and functionality.

This chair has triangular-shaped legs, which help protect against tipping and increase the children’s safety quotient. It can be easily assembled or dismantled as per the need. This chair comes with removable legs to facilitate that. This chair is made up of plastic and is super easy to clean off.

All you need to do is take a cloth and wipe it. That way, the chair will be cleaned off. The plastic material used in this safe for children and is a pretty durable one. It is non-toxic and can be relied upon to be used by your child. It is a perfect piece for toddlers above the age of 2 years.

This chair supports the right posture so that your child can have the best health support in terms of straight back and rightful posture. It can be used for indoor and outdoor usage and is pretty multifunctional. It comes in a vibrant-looking color combination that children much love.

9. Costzon Kids Children Armrest Chair

toddlers chair best Costzon Kids Children Armrest Chair

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Now second last in our list of best toddler chairs is an equally good chair that is sure to win many children’s hearts. Let’s first start with the design aspect of this chair, and like us, you will also be flooded with it. It comes with a dinosaur pattern imprinted on the chair’s fabric from top to bottom, creating an eye-catching appeal. This is one pleasant aspect of the chair among a host of others.

It comes with a premium quality build and a wooden frame that gives it durability and offers a stable and sturdy nature. The highly dense wood and hardness of it support the child’s weight and make it a good piece to go for. It comes with a back sponge that is soft and offers ample relaxation. The armrest and backrest both have ample sponge to provide the best of comfort for your child. The sofa, or say the chair, is perfect for the child’s safety as it has no sharp edges, nor does it come with any hard nooks.

The armrest also protects your toddler against any fall. It’s pretty lightweight so that you can move the chair anywhere you like allowing your child to run wild with the imaginations. The stitches are done with high precision so that there won’t be any tears with this chair. It is also easy to care for with an anti-mite build and easy to clean, and easy to dry. It also comes with a spine protection design. The price is also quite affordable, and it makes sense to opt for this toddler chair.

10. Skip Hop Explore Chairs

toddler chair Skip Hop Explore Chairs

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The last toddler chair on our list is the one from Skip Hop. This one is the US-made toddler chair and is designed with the input of a pediatrician. The company has taken special care to design a chair that suits the toddler’s growing needs and facilitates their well-being.

It has a whole-body approach that covers the age group of 4 months to toddlers. It comes with four movable toys in the form of peekaboo clouds, wobble lamb, swaying stars, and sun bead mover. It has 25 different developmental activities for a toddler. It features a unique 360-degree rotating seat along with a discovery window where your toddler can see the piano placed at the bottom and play it accordingly for better hearing awareness.

It also has the option to convert the bouncer into a sturdy table as and when required. That way, a baby can get the best features to grow for. It comes in three different variants and has multiple playing options that the babies can use for fun. This one is also priced well within the range of affordability so that parents can gift their babies a good time.

Things To Consider When Buying a Toddler Chair

Parenting is an equally beautiful yet hard task. It’s quite polarizing as you get to see the beautiful side of a child’s life while also the need to be on the toes all the time to guard the best of situations for your child. This makes a parent often looking around for products that have the best features and suit their child.

Toddler’s chair is one of them. With so many options around, it does get confusing at times to get the best option. And we did list the best of the lot, but merely that won’t do until and unless you know what makes a good toddler chair. Here we are with the buying guide that will help enlist the parameters you should go for while looking for a toddler chair.


Design is an important factor in toddler chairs because design gives the chair the overall aspect like stability, safety, vibrancy, visibility, and more. It also needs to be something that the child would love. There are designs that children may not be so pleasing. So look for a toddler chair with a good design and something that would soothe the child.


Getting a toddler chair means that your child will sit on it for hours and hours every day. Considering that this is a period where their growth will occur, giving them a chair that will support the growth and comfort them is a must. There are different types of toddler chairs in wooden ones, plastic ones, ivory ones, and others. These materials can be the difference between providing a comforting stance and harm bodily growth. Look for the chair that has baby-safe materials.


Dimension makes all the difference when we talk about a toddler’s chair. Since children are always going to grow around, sometimes the products or apparel that may fit during this year may not fit next year. This is where you need to make sure that you get a chair, thinking about the present need and casting a keen eye on the inherent future. If your baby is around a year or two, then a normal small chair would suffice whilst if they are over the age of 3 years, then going for a larger chair would be the preferred option.


We guess not many people think of this as a major thing to look for when going for a toddler chair. But as things stand, assembling has its importance. Many of the toddler chairs come preassembled from the manufacturer, while some come with the need for assembling at home.

The best part about the assembled ones is that you don’t need to think of much about setting it up and simply placing it in your house, and it will come into use. While with the chairs that need assembling, you have the option to assemble them and use them when required and dismantle them and store them while not in use. This does give you the leverage of space.


Price is always a prime factor for any product that you purchase, and the same is here. Nobody would want to burn a hole in their pocket with the irrelevant impulse purchase. So whenever you go for a toddler chair, opt for something which has good value for money and is rightfully functional. This way, you can make a good bit of investment, and your child will also enjoy their time around.

Bottom Line

A toddler chair is a perfect tool to help your child get up to the living patterns and aid in their development. And a child would certainly love to sit on a toddler chair. We hope that this list helps you to find the best toddler chair for your child and that they love it.