10 Best Toddler Bed Rails & Bumper for Kids 2021

One of the concerns of parents is to make sure their children sleep well, warmly, and safely. When they rest in the crib, safety is guaranteed because the sides act as a barrier preventing them from falling. But when they go to bed, the film changes. Some children barely move —cute little sleeping beauties— but some others seem like authentic whirlpools that uncover and wake up in unexpected positions. So you can’t trust they’d stay put without falling off.

This transition from crib to bed can be a challenging change for a toddler, even more for you as a parent who is caught up between creating room for independence and ensuring safety. Even for the calmest, it is recommended to use a toddler bed rail or bumper that is comfortable and compatible. In this way children will not run the risk of ending up on the ground and parents will rest knowing that their little munchkin is safe.

With the several brands and beautiful models of toddler bed rails and bumpers, it becomes confusing to choose the perfect bed rail for your child. Should you buy the foldable one? The permanent or removable one? The one made of aluminum or wood? etc. It’s even a lot hard if you’re a first-time mom.

In this review article, we have listed some of the best toddler bed rails you can pick from and also a detailed buyer’s guide clarifying all your purchase intentions.


Why Use Toddler Bed Rails

Toddlers are at the age where they need a lot of sleep. But again, it is a growing age, and they would want to explore things beyond their comfort zone. We make them use a crib often time which comes with a sturdy four wall. It protects them from not just escaping but also from any kind of accidental fall out.

A big bed can sometimes be a scary experience for them. However, bed rails come with a comfort and sense of security so that they sleep peacefully, which as a parent can help you relax.

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Our Top 3 Toddler Bed Rails

1. Regalo Extra Long Bed Rail Guard
2. ComfyBumpy Bed Rails for Toddlers
3. hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers for Toddlers
best toddler bed rails Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard Bed Rails for Toddlers hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers for Toddlers
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Falling out of bed can be a scary experience for a young child, especially if they fall from some height. The disorientation can delay their expected development, which you would not want for your child Having a bed rail can prevent them from falling out of bed, and can make it harder for them to climb out of bed.

The sudden crib’s absence can be a frightening experience for the child, but seeing a bed rail as the support would simultaneously give a child a better-contained feeling. This way, they transition from a crib to a bed way more easily. Finally, you want your toddler to have a peaceful sleep.

Best Toddler Bed Rails and Bumper Reviews

Of course, for the first time parents, deciding on the best bumpers or bed rails can be confusing. So here are some of the best quality products that you can consider buying. They are sturdy, light in weight, and from the best brands. These products are selling at reasonable prices.

So let’s get into the review and find the best toddler bed rails for your toddler.

1. ComfyBumpy Bed Rails for Toddlers

best bed rails for toddlersThe best part about this bed size is that it is perfect for all. You can use it as a twin bed, double bed, king’s bed, and even the queen’s bed. With such a multipurpose solution surely to invest in, it is not a bad deal at all. Besides, this type of bed rail is designed for all bed types.

It is one user-friendly and the safest option that you can consider buying for your toddler at a growing age since it offers better protection and reduces the risk of falling own too.

It comes with a Velcro that connects to the slat base. There is also an adjustable strap with the box spring mattress for a better life. Thanks to the sturdy screws, you can secure the wood base without any hassle.

Pros Of The ComfyBumpy Bed Rails For Toddlers

  • It comes with the sleek design of Easy Fold-Down
  • To learn about the installation is not a hassle as you get 5 Minute Video Instructions
  • This has the Flat Metal Bars which reduces discomfort
  • This super sturdy product is made of quality mesh and metal

Cons Of The ComfyBumpy Bed Rails For Toddlers

  • It is expensive over quality
  • Installation may need some help

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2. Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers for Toddlers

bed rails for toddlersMoving further for another cost-friendly product that you can think of buying is the bed bumper. It is one simple, safe yet the most effective solution that offers better relaxation, comfort, and safety for your child when it tends to sleep. For these expensive metal bed rails, this can be the best alternative you can consider buying.

The product is designed by the Stanford University that offers its patent can cost-friendly way to use the natural and accessible bed rail system that does not cause any kind of trouble. Installation shall not be the problem for you since, within seconds, the entire work is completed. You can use one bumper or even position it as a pair for the edges of the bed and thus get the safest solution. It is versatile, and you can use it as a stationary body pillow.

Pros Of The Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

  • It offers a more safe and comfortable sleeping solution for your child.
  • It has been designed with passive safety protection.
  • It is made without TDCPP, PBDEs, and TCEP, mercury, or lead, which is why it is safe.
  • This bed is easy to install and is water-resistant as well.

Cons Of The Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

  • You get the limited warranty

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3. Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

toddler bed railsThis Swing Down solution is made with an all-steel construction solution, which is why it is the most comfortable solution that you can give your child. This bed rail comes with the side of 54″ long and 20″ high, which is why it ads a better security level and offers better peace of mind so that your child can stay in bed throughout.

Do not worry about the assembly hassle; besides, the installation can be done in less period. All you need to do is simply align the epics and put the nylon cover to attach the anchors that are of T shape, and you are all set to use it without any problem.

Pros Of The Regalo Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • It is one user-friendly swing down feature because of which, you can use the bed rail for pointing down and out of the way when you get in and out the bed to remove the sheets
  • It is extra-long in size due to which it is safe
  • Comes with easy installation without any need for tools.

Cons Of The Regalo Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • You may not get a comfortable fit as expected
  • Quality is not that sturdy

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4. Milliard Bed Bumper (1 Pack) Foam Safety Rail Guard

bed rails for kidsThis is another incredible product that you can consider because of the features. As compared to other bed rails being sold, it is the leading one currently. It is not just helpful, but its sleek design would match the home décor, and your child would love to be in it.

Thanks to its washable covers, maintain it considering the hygienic point of view will not be troublesome. The bed is best suitable during the traditions period when the toddler decides to move from crib to the bed. There is a bed bumper that protects the child when it moves to the bed edge. 

The bumper gives the child a better security sense so that your child can have a peaceful sleep at night.

Pros Of The Milliard Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • It can go well from any bed size be it from toddler to the queen or king
  • It comes with a non-slip bottom for child’s safety
  • Thanks to the super soft bamboo cover, you can wash it without any problem
  • Being light in weight, you can carry it during travel as well

Cons Of The Milliard Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • Quality can be a problem
  • Price is the issue

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5. Summer Double Safety Bedrail, Grey

bed rail for kidsThis bedrail can be a helper for you during your child’s transition from crib to bed. Known for the perfect size, great design, easy usability, and better-secured installation, this is a must-buy product you can consider. It comes with a sleek design and high-performance bed in which your child can have asleep with no stress.

You can focus on other work when your child is actually in this bed rail since it offers maximum safety measures. With easy installation and secure design, buying this product will only save your money and valuable time. 

Pros Of The Summer Bedrail For Toddlers

  • Every panel of it is designed with the measurement of 42.5 L x 21 H in which a thick mattress can stay comfortably
  • It can accommodate twin to queen size mattress
  • A single fold down can give you easy accessibility
  • With hassle-free assembly, this Polyester material based bed is best to be chosen

Cons Of The Summer Bedrail For Toddlers

  • None we were able to uncover

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6. Regalo Swing Down Double Sided Bed Rail Guard

king size bed rails for toddlersThis is one fantastic product that you can consider buying. It is made of sturdy quality and can help your child not to fall during the peaceful sleep at night. With better supports and being made of durable materials, you are buying this product as an investment.

It comes with the dual side bed rails in which you can store the thick mattresses that you may not find anywhere else. If you want to access the bed, you can do so since it has the rail which can swing down with no hassle.

Pros Of The Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • Thanks to the wing down technology, you get the most ideal bedrail to pivot down
  • It comes with dual-sided and is extra safe enough. With 43-inches long hinge point, you get the most amazing security
  • It is available with easy installation with means; you don’t have to use any tools.
  • Thanks to the anchoring strap, extra security is received

Cons Of The Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard For Toddlers

  • It is expensive
  • Quality can be the problem

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7. OlarHike Bed Rails Bumpers for Toddlers

best toddler bed bumpersWhether you are planning to go on a trip or need to focus on other important work, you can do so with this bed and let your child have a safe sleep. This product can be inflated quickly simply with your foot pump or moth.

It also can offer easy installation, and there is no cage type feeling which in traditional metal bed rails had. Being the safest and most comfortable option, this product can offer you peace of mind. Besides, it is BPA certified and tested. There is a passive safety protection bed rail to help your child stay safely in bed.

Pros Of The OlarHike Bed Rail Bumpers For Toddlers

  • It is 100% BPA safe
  • The cover is easy to wash and maintain in the long run
  • The bed rail is made of durable PVC material

Cons Of The OlarHike Bed Rail Bumpers For Toddlers

  • Installation can be difficult for some reviewers
  • Some of the parts are likely to get torn down

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8. KOOLDOO 43 Inches Fold Down Toddlers Safety Bed Rail

bed rail guard for baby safetyThis product comes with a safety belt and is one of the user-friendly bed rails you can find. Detailed installation instructions are provided for you to follow. You also get a bed which is best suited for crib, large size bed. 

It is made of formaldehyde-free fabric and will not tear off easily. Being durable and sturdy, this product offers your baby protection from falling off when they sleep. The metal rods are made of foamed cotton, which is why you get maximum safety, and folding design can save a better space for the house too. 

Pros Of The KOOLDOO Safety Bed Rail For Toddlers

  • This bed rail comes with the Soft Portable Toddler Bed for better safety
  • Made of nontoxic materials
  • It has the 2 pcs toddler bed rail with the 52″ length that can fit the twin size, toddler an even double bed.

Cons Of The KOOLDOO Safety Bed Rail For Toddlers

  • You may have to frequently maintain it as the color gets easily fade away
  • Even if the foam is Certipur-us certificate memory foam, but the quality will always be a problem for you

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9. UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Bumpers

baby bed railsThis is another nontoxic product that comes with great quality and super durability that you may not find anywhere else.  This bed rail has 52″ length foam bed bumper railings which offer the most comfortable fit for your toddler.

Being extremely light in weight and easy usability, you will surely not repent of using this product. Besides, it lets you place the bed anywhere you want, and it is extremely easy to use.

Let your child move around, stay independent, explore, and stretch without being worried when you have this bed since it can secure your child from falling off the side.

Pros Of The UBBCARE Bed Rails Bumpers For Toddlers

  • It has the 420 D foamed balls
  • The 110 gsm dense comes with an anti-schild design


Of The UBBCARE Bed Rails Bumpers For Toddlers

  • Although the product is washable, it can be difficult to clean
  • There were some questions raised to the overall quality

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10. SURPCOS Bed Rails for Toddlers

toddler bed with rails all aroundThis is another incredible product which you can consider buying. Loaded with some amazing features, this bed is easy to use. It comes with extra-long and better safety solution so that your child can play and sleep on it without any kind of stress.

It comes with a single side rail, but you can also surround it further with three walls in which you can adjust the base from 0 to 9 inches and increase the adaptability to install different bed types.

Pros Of The SURPCOS Bed Rails For Toddlers

  • For you, safety with the product should not be the concern
  • The product offers better usage and can give you lasting results without any problem
  • It is easy to install and offers hassle-free operation
  • To offer customers an assured warranty, you can stay relax since the quality will not get affected.

Cons Of The SURPCOS Bed Rails For Toddlers

  • It has extremely limited features due to which you may not find it user friendly

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Toddler Bed Rails & Bumper Buying Guide

It is important to understand that not all the bed rails are made of the equal side and features. Some can also vary in budget and quality too. Of course, there are online reviews and your friends to guide you. But understand that this is not sufficient. You need to do fruitful research and compare amongst the top-notch products that are being sold in the market. Below are certain buying factors to consider:

  • Size

This, of course, is an important concern because, as parents, you are making one huge investment, and if the size does not fit your child, then surely it is of no use. Remember, every bed does not come with a standard size. It is good to measure the mattress and be clear with the width, length, and most important is the height. It is advisable to choose the height that is at least 16 centimeters or around 6.5 inches. Some products are comfortable with other brand’s mattresses too. So have research on those products and accordingly buy the one so that your investment on mattress and bed rail will not go in vain.

  • Dimensions

Two types of bed rails are available in the market. One is the Mesh; the other is the bumper, and then comes the third one, which is called the swing down. When you plan to choose the swing down, it works more like a mini wall. If you go with bumpers, it is more similar to the long tubes, while the swing down option usually comes with a 2 inches tall in which your toddler can surely sleep comfortably. Bumpers usually come with 7 inches tall and can be convenient enough for your little one to even roll and sleep peacefully.

  • Toddler Bed Rails

Considering length as the factor, make sure you choose the bed rail, which is the longest. The standard single bed rail is sufficient for your little one. But considering the comfort of your child, you should always make a choice. Some bed rails come with 42.5 inches, which are the shortest ones while some come with 54 inches, which are the longest ones.

  • The Base Of The Bed

Never get tempted, looking at the product’s picture. As long as you understand if it is matching your needs, you can accordingly make your choice. Generally, there is a rail which is attached to the bed. You don’t have to worry about any of this if you are choosing a bumper. But yes, always remember that the base of the bed makes a huge difference. While buying it, make sure you keep this thing in mind.

  • Type Of Bed Under The Mattress

Generally, there are three types available in the market today. Some come with slats, some with wire coils, while there are some with spring ones too. No, depending on the comfort of your child, you have to make a choice. You, of course, would not want your child to fall out of the bed, so a thin cot mattress can be of lighter side made with a fixed mesh rail. For the slide bed, you should choose the mattress, which is sturdy and can support the bed rail too. For the sunken bed, you have to pay extra attention as there some that fit well.

  • Material

Material and its quality is the other primary thing which you need to consider. Don’t just focus on decorating your toddler’s room, but make sure you choose the one which is functional and can match the home décor. Talking of which wooden bed rails looks lovely but can get dirty pretty often. If they contain mesh or netting, which may feel light in weight but can be less robust than a plastic panel or solid canvas. Choose the one which can be easily cleaned.

  • Other Crucial Features To Consider
  • Look if the bed rail comes with a swing down feature since it can move easily.
  • Since this product is about child safety, see if it has been certified to meet current needs. Some of the certifications, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSP), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), are important.
  • You might want to use toddlers bed rail for the short spend of time or long duration, but it is always better to choose the one that comes with a warranty lasting for long.

Toddler Bed Safety Tips

The move from sleeping in a crib to a bed can be made much easier if you choose the right bed for your toddler. In addition to this, the whole thing can be much better if you choose the same mattress and the bed that was used for cribbing. The little one can feel much comfortable with it. However, there are some safety tips that should be followed.

  • First of all, make sure that the bed is sturdy and cannot collapse. Every once in a while check that the joints of the bed are still secure. Checking is important if your little one jumps on the bed as the screws are more likely to get loose. Never go for the fancy products as they may not last for a long time. Choose the one that is durable.
  • You should always choose a toddler bed that is near to the ground. Rather it should be short in height so that the baby can easily get down from the bed. The distance from the floor is the main thing that matters because if the distance is too high, there are chances of getting hurt falling out of bed. To avoid any accident, you can also place a mattress or a cushion on the ground so that even if the little ones fall, they remain unharmed.
  • You can also opt for the toddler bed to which the guardrails can be easily attached. It is also better if you choose a simple bed design. Never go with the beds that have complicated designs or curves. They are more prone to accidents or injuries. The frames should have fewer ornaments or designs.
  • You should be cautious about the position of the bed. It is better if you place it on one corner of the bed that is quite safe and secured from the other places. Keep the bed away from side lamps or other things that can be easily touched by the little one. Toddlers are always curious and busy, so the design or the set up of the room should be made in keeping their habits in mind.


It is always better to choose the product which comes with the material which is washable and is not made of hypoallergic material. Children have a low level of immunity, and that is why you need to make sure your child has the right bed rail, which is safe for them.