10 Best Kids Toy Storage 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Toys are a great plaything for babies and toddlers. We all have seen how babies feel happy and cheerful when they get to play with the toys. Toys help to aid in the growth and development of the baby. We all tend to give our babies the best of toys to play around and have fun. But with the toys also comes the responsibility to manage them and store them properly. Sometimes these toys can create a mess in the house as the babies tend to spread them around while playing.

It’s pretty common that you enter into a baby’s room and see the toys spread around. This is where toy storage comes in handy. Toy storage helps to manage and keep the toys in one place so that it can be used again at the time of playing. People may assume that a normal container or storage box can also work as a toy storage box. But the thing about toy storage box is that they are nicely designed and specially catered to the need of storing toys.

Toy storage comes in different colors that excite the babies. Getting a toy storage box will also help you to teach your child about the storage and organization of the toys so that they will learn to store them and reduce the mess in the home. There is plenty of kids toy storage in the market, and it does get confusing for parents to choose for. So we have enlisted the ten best kids toy storage boxes here down below here.

Best Kids Toy Storage Reviews

Here are the best 10 baby kids toy storage for your baby.

1. Delta Children Design and Store6-Bin Toy Storage

Delta Children Design and Store6-Bin Toy Storage

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At the first number, we have the one from Delta with their toy storage organizer. This one is a beautifully designed piece with impressive cartoon designs and more. It is made up of MDF and wood and is a perfect solution for the kids’ toy storage. It has 6 spacious bins that allow you to store the toys, comics, books, and more.

It is designed with 3 small bins made up of fabric on the top and two bins on the middle berth for keeping the toys secured. It also has a 1 large fabric storage bin on the bottom that can hold large toys and other equipment. It has a toy story-based background, which is sure to entice the kids and make them creative.

It is perfect for any baby who loves the toy story and the characters. It has reusable graphic stickers included in this storage box, which helps your baby to play around. This has an ample dimension, and with the wooden frame, it is suitable to keep at your children’s bedroom or playroom.

It perfectly fits even in the corner areas of the house and doesn’t take up much space. With this toy storage box, you can keep all the toys in one place, and there won’t be a mess in the house.

2. Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer

Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer

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The second one on our list is the one from the Honey brand with this impressive looking organizer and storage box. They have designed this with the idea of allowing children to be expressive and creative. It comes with a wooden panel and has 12 different plastic bins that can be arranged in 4 different horizontal panels.

This allows them to have an impressively high storage option when compared to other organizers and storage boxes in the market. These bins are removable and can be placed back as per the design intended. It comes with rounded corners and has a fail-safe and faux food-safe body so that the babies remain safe.

It has bright colored boxes that help to give a beautiful outlook to it. The surfaces are easy and quick to clean off and you can simply use a cloth and rub it clean. It also comes with a stain-resistant option. The wood finish gives it a beautiful look along with the matching metal rods that keep the body intact and allows the bins to be placed without fall. It can also be mounted directly on the wall for safety purposes. The dimensions are 3 feet in height, 3 feet in width, and 1-foot breadth.

3. Sprouts Kids Toy Chest

Sprouts Kids Toy Chest

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Next as part of our list, we have the 3 Sprouts brand with their kids’ toy chest. This brand is part of the trusted brand when it comes to the choice of parents across the globe. They have continuously offered great products with time to the customers all across and especially have made a name for themselves in the field of baby and children product.

This storage chest comes with an animal theme that has illustrated the image of the animal on the outside of the box. The box in itself is made up of cardboard and comes with a reinforced side to provide durability. It has a 100 percent polyester body and features a pull-tab lid that keeps the toys inside the box and out of visibility.

The lid is easy to open so that a baby when in time of play can open the chest and take out the toy to play with. It comes with the elephant design, dinosaur, seal, crocodile, whale, lion, bear, and tiger design, among others.

This helps to excite the baby and make them enthusiastic about the toys. The box can store plenty of toys inside, which makes it a nice option to go for. This way all the toys can be stored in one place without needing to litter it here and there.

4. Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Lid

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If you ever thought that cleaning of the kids’ room can be a messy task, then this organizer and storage box will make it easy for you. This toy storage box will help you make the clean up an easy breezing task for you. It comes with a two-color tone and has two in one option in the form of a toy box and art lid.

The artboard lid allows your kid or baby to display the artistic side by sketching and drawing. It also helps to make your baby creative and happy. This toybox has two containers on the top where you can keep the art supplies neat and handy. The lid is also removable so that if needed it can be removed to make a portable art piece.

The toy box storage base has plenty of space in it that helps to keep all the toys in one place. You can involve and teach your child about the organization and arrangement. It has a portable design that can be carried around with ease and comes with a premium durability aspect. It’s perfect for children from the age group of 2 years to 6 years. It’s also priced reasonably well and within an affordable range.

5. Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid

Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid

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Now it’s the turn for Sorbus brand with their toy chest device. This one is a large toy chest and can be a very good option in comparison to other options around. The best thing about this one is that it’s foldable and can be placed aside when not in use. This storage box is pretty lightweight and can be carried around easily. It opens up to a large store where you can keep the toys, books, comics, and other art and craft supplies of your baby with ease. It comes with two sturdy handles that allow for easy transportation.

The lid on the top is removable when not required for. It has lid closure so that all the toys can be placed and kept inside. It has a Velcro tab on it to keep the lid closed. It comes with a dividable interior which helps to partition the storage box so that you can keep different materials at a different place. It comes in a white and grey color combination that is alluring and nice to view. It is much loved by parents and kids alike for its large size and storage option.

6. AmazonBasics Kids Toy Storage Organizer Bins

AmazonBasics Kids Toy Storage

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At the sixth number in our list is from AmazonBasics. Amazon has its own brand that offers comprehensive products to people, and this one doesn’t disappoint either. This toy storage organizer is sure to be a nice addition to your home and comes with plenty of storage options. It has a wooden frame with reinforced steel dowels that helps to sustain the standing of the toy storage.

It comes with 12 different plastic bins that offer space to keep the toys and other stuff of your babies. These bins can be placed horizontally on the rack, which allows you to place and take out the toys from it easily. That helps with easy access and withdrawal. It comes in a white color tone with the plastic bins in light pink, dark pink, light purple, and light green bins.

It also has anchors with it that help to anchored to the wall so that there won’t be any tipping over. This toy storage is pretty colorful and convenient and is likely to cheer your kid. You can teach your child to place the toys and other art and supplies stuff into it and take out when necessary so that there won’t be clutter and mess in the home.

7. Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box

Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box

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Another piece from Delta on our list, this one is a bit different from the first one that we posted above. This toy storage box comes with a wooden construction rather than the fabric-based option above. It has a sturdy wood-based built which helps to provide stability to it and also provides a nice looking appeal. It comes with quality craftsmanship that showcases its might with this piece.

It has an ideal space for keeping the toys, books, comics, and other things inside it. The compartment comes with plenty of room inside with a wide dimension that is perfect if your baby has plenty of toys around. It features a great safety option in the form of a slow closing lid that has safety hinges. This stops the box from closing too quickly.

This way if your baby is piling the toys inside the box, then they won’t be suspect to any danger. It is ideal for the age group of 3 years to 6 years. It comes in a grey color tone that accentuates the home environment and can fit anywhere from your child’s bedroom or playroom to the drawing-room.

8. Hot Wheels ZipBin 300 Car Storage Cube

Hot Wheels ZipBin 300 Car Storage Cube

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This kid’s toy storage box is sure to entice plenty of eyes around with its impressive design. This storage box comes with a hot wheels design and is in the form of a cube. It has a plentiful of space inside to keep the toys and other stuff of your baby. It has a sturdy built and features stackable option. It also has a portable size that fits around in your home with quite an ease.

It has a removable lid option that allows you to open it up and create a zip with it. It can also be fully opened up to allow more room so that you can play for. It has a hot wheels track on the inside which, when opened up, showcase completely. It can store around 300 hot wheels cars inside. This design has previously won the award for being impressive.

It’s perfect for anyone over the age of 3 years. This storage box is sure to find plenty of admirers around, and your child is sure to love it. It’s also priced adequately well despite its hot wheels brand name and can be bought as a gift or toy storage box for your kid at home.

9. Little Tikes Store Toy Chest

Little Tikes Store Toy Chest

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At the ninth number in our list, we have the one from Little Tikes with their play store chest. This kids’ toy storage comes with two color tones in the form of white and green tones with the lid coming in green color combination. The best part about this one is that has plenty of storage inside and offers so much space that you can store all your kids’ stuff and toys inside it.

It has a lightweight lid that can be detached when not in use. It is made in the US and is primed with their great product quality. It comes prepackaged and doesn’t require any assembly work to be done on it. The design offers a great look to your kids’ bedroom and drawing-room. It can snuggly fit in and can house all of the art and craft supplies, plenty of toys, and more.

It can be placed close to the wall to save space. It comes with easy to open the lid and has a cradle hinge which helps to keep the lid from closing suddenly. It has a pretty lightweight and sturdy design and comes with a wide dimension. This one is priced reasonably well and has found solace in many parent’s choices for their kid toy storage. 

10. Muscle Rack Book and Toy Organizer

Muscle Rack Book and Toy Organizer

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At the last number closing our list for the best kids toy storage, we have the one from Muscle Rack. This one is a nicely built book and toy organizer which allows you to store and keep the toys in place. It has a sturdy build with wooden frames outlining the design. This one is quite similar to the ones like the one from Amazon Basics and Honey Can Do one albeit a bit different in the design aspect.

It has six plastic bins that are housed on the bottom half of the rack with a horizontal rod protecting it while the upper side has three different vertical compartments made out of fabric, which allows you to store the comics, books, and more. The bottom rack allows you to place the toys in them. The plastic bins are in multiple vibrant colors that offer soothing viewing. It also has metal frames that support the wooden frame allowing it to stand still.

The best thing about this design is that the plastic bins are easy to take out and clean. That way you can clean and put it back inside. It can be anchored to the wall also with the help of hinges. This design will prove an ideal companion for your kids’ bedroom or playing room or even the dining room.

Kids Toy Storage Buying Guide – Things To Consider

When it comes to kid’s toy storage box there are plenty of choices in the market. These choices can often be confusing for the people around so this is where if you know about the buying guide or parameters, you can get the best deal for yourself. There’s no rocket science with the toy storage box or chest, all you need to do is to follow a specific few guidelines and you can get the nice one for your kid. Let’s find out the things that you need to think about before buying a kids storage box.

  • Durability

As a parent, whenever we are looking for a kids toy storage box is its durability aspect. You don’t want to buy a toy storage box and see it get damaged soon. These toy storage boxes are often used extensively by the kids who don’t need an invitation to pounce on them. So rather than see the box come crashing down it will be wise to get a durable piece.

Normally these are furniture pieces and comes with a wooden frame while some feature fabric builds or plastic build. Look for the one that will last long your home and go for it.

  • Customizable

Although toy storage boxes are specific to one purpose and i.e. storing toys, comics, books, and other things. But the best thing about them is that with the new designs they tend to come with versatile options. These versatile options can be a great feature for you to use for.

For say, you want the toy storage box to be a bit higher, can your box allow you to place the panels higher. Or let’s say, you want to anchor it to the wall, so will it allow you to anchor it to the wall or not. Look for the ones that offer versatility that matches your kid’s requirement so that you’re don’t stuck with a merely square box.

  • Easy to clean

With the toy storage box, you are likely to place toys, art, and supplies and other materials inside it. That will with time, create a mess and may spoil with it. Also with time dirt will tend to hover or come to it. So for that purpose, you need to have a toy storage box that can be easily cleaned off. Let’s say, an art supply has spilled and you need to clean it. If it can be easily cleaned off, then it would be great, wouldn’t it? Look for the ones where the racks or the box can be opened or taken off for cleaning and then easily placed back.

  • Safety purpose

Although not many people prioritize this aspect, safety is also a major concern when it comes to toy storage. Your kid is likely to spend plenty of time with the storage box and will use it extensively. They will store the toys, take it out and put it back on. This is where the safety aspect will come in. Look for the ones which come with wall anchoring feature or the ones like slow-closing lids or safety lids. This way, your child will be safe.

Bottom Line

With babies and kids its quite cheerful and fun to see them play around. And toys make a major part of kids playing theme. You never know when these toys will grow in numbers and suddenly, you’ll see plenty of toys scattered around. So to manage it and minimize the mess, a kids’ storage box is a must. We hope you like this list of best kids’ toy storage boxes and chests. We hope you’ll find the best pick for your baby and let them enjoy their playtime without having to fear the mess.