10 Best Kids Play Tent 2020 [Boys & Girls Playhouse & Castle]

Kids, as they grow, have immense potential of creativity and they keep on developing their problem-solving skills. Their creativity knows no bounds. They come up with solutions that adults might not be able to conceive. They need to right guidance and the right tools to explore that will help them with their skill development.

Along with these skills, there are also requirements of physical exercise and movements that will help them in their physical growth. There are ways available to meet these requirements individually. However, did you ever think what could be one such way we could provide to the kids that can help them in both the way? We believe Play tents are the ones that will help us in this case.

Play tents are small tents usually made of fabric or fabric-like material. To give it a structure, there are various plastic pipes put together or metal structure that holds the fabric together to give the tent shape. They come in various shapes, sizes, and capacity and hence it will be a difficult task for you to decide which one to buy for your kid/kids.

If you have a single kid who wants to have a tent making it feel that it is in its own house, then you get small tents. If there your kid’s friends are regularly visiting to a play over, then it is advisable to have a bigger one. This article would focus on all such needs and the best tents we could find in the market place, which so that you can buy the best of them.

Best Kids Play Tent Reviews In 2020

You have come to the right place if you are looking for some options to choose the best tent available in the market place. We have chosen the 10 best ones for you.

1. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play TentFoxPrint has designed especially for your princess, who can have some alone time of hers. The tent resembles a castle’s tower, which has a pointed roof. It is colored pink with stars and dots on the exterior. These stars and dots are all glow in the dark; that means during night time it will glow and becomes more attractive.

The pointed roof has a small flag that adds to the looks of the tent. The door or the entrance is good enough for your kid to enter. It is neither too small nor too big. There is a curtain that can be dropped down to close the entrance. The curtain can be rolled and tied on top when it is not required.

The space is good for two kids to sits or one kid to sleep. Kids can sit in the tent and play their favorite games like a kitty party or any other board game. It is easy to install a tent which comes in a very small package. It becomes easy for the parents to carry it around and install it even outdoor, like a park, the picnic spot or also on the beach. It is suitable for kids above 2 years of age and can be used until the kid fits into it.

It also has a base that can form as a protective layer when using it outdoor. The installation will take just a few seconds as it easily pops out of the pack. Once it pops out, you can add in the support rods through the concealed sleeves that give additional support to the tent. Just a point to keep in mind is when using outdoors, make sure it is near a place where there is no too much wind.

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2. Monobeach Princess – Star LightsIti

Monobeach Princess PlayhouseMonobeach comes with this uniquely designed castle-like tent house, especially for your princess. It is unique as the design is different than the usual ones. It is hexagonal, starting from the base to the roof of the tent. All the six entrances have the side curtains that add to the looks of the tent.

It holds at least 3 kids who would want to read or play with their board games or the kitty party. The hanging curtains on the entrances give it a fairy house look. This can work as a secret place for your kids where they can spend their own time reading or explore the toys they acquire. It is light in weight and can be carried even outdoors, like your garden or a park.

The installation is not as faster as the previous one, but it is easier to be done. The structure is formed by the assembly of various plastic poles using the connectors provided with it. All the instructions on the assembly are provided in the instruction manual provided with the package. Once the structure is built, you can add in the fabric part, making it look beautiful.

There also lights provided with it that can be used to decorate, making it look more attractive and beautiful during the night. The structure is sturdy and does not break off easily. The tent fabric is easy to clean and can be cleaned using a wet cloth and if required, mild soap. The whole pink color makes it look like out of a Disney movie.

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3. Hide N Side – Tent and Tunnels

Hide N Side – Tent and TunnelsHide N Side has gone ahead a step further to design and manufacture this multi-purpose tent, which is suitable for kids from age 1-6. What is unique about this tent? Other than serving as a tent, it also serves as a tunnel and a playing pit.

It has 2 tents, a triangle one, and a square one that connects via tunnels and then there is a playing ball pit where you can add in the plastic balls for the kid to play. There is a basket being provided that can be used to play basketball. The company provides over 10 reasons to buy it. It requires additional place as it has additional parts to assemble.

The package does not include any balls in it but can be bought separately. There is a dartboard provided along with the dart balls so that the kids can get an expert in aiming the dart. This is safe as the balls are very soft and no sharp objects in the tent.It is also called the jungle gym and pops up within seconds after opening from the storage bag.

The looks of the tent are also bright and colorful making is attractive and kids can play for long hours. The best things are the kids are safe within the test and you can keep watch on them from the see-through fabric that has been provided. It helps in the therapeutic enhancements of the kids and also increasing their creativity.    It can also be used outdoors with anchors which ensure it does not move. If you are not satisfied, you can also claim back your money.

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4. USA Toyz Play Tent for Boys or Girls

USA Toyz Play TentIf your kid is into the rockets and sky then this tent is surely for your kid. The tent is designed to look like a rocket with all the starry signs on the walls. It suits both boys and girls and can fir in at least 2 kids at a time. Your kid can spend time in it, either reading or playing games. It is spacious for 2 kids to sit and play board games.

The tent is suitable for both indoors and outdoors but preferably indoors. The rocket tent has wings on the from the entrance that makes it depicts the looks of the rocket. The entrance has a curtain that can be rolled down when you want to close the entrance. It is suitable for kids age 3+ and can be used until the kid is good enough to fit in the tent.

The installation is very simple; it just pop-out of the storage bag it is provided in. Once it pops out you can add in the sturdy poles as support for the tent through the concealed sleeves. There are floor anchors where you can add in the pole to give good support to it. There are meshed windows on the sides that are also see-through ones. The material used in the preparation of the tent is 100% safe and made of breathable material. The company also assures the quality of the product and hence also promises a refund if the expectations are not met.

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5. SueSport Girls Princess Castle Play Tent

SueSport Girls Princess Castle Play TentOne of the similar tents we spoke at the beginning of the article, is the one that looks like a Disney based theme. The tent is particularly suitable for the princess in your house who likes to have her way with pink color all around. It has a pointed roof that also has a small flag that gives the looks of the castle’s tower.

There are window designs on the sides but cannot be opened or used as a window – it is a see-through window. It is combined with light and dark pink color combinations with stars and dots that add to the design of the tent. These designs glow in the dark and hence they look very nice during the night times.

The assembly of the tent is very easy, you can just pull it out of the bag and it pops out into its shape. To make it sturdier, you can add in the support rods along the concealed sleeves. You can tie in the rods along the fabric to make sure it holds the fabric tightly. The fabric is also made of breathable material for a good circulation of air within. The tent can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it is easy to carry around. You can put it in your backyard, the park or the garden – it has a fabric base that gives basic protection to your kid.

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6. FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Play Tent

FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Play TentWant to introduce your kid to the camping? Then you are looking at the right tent from Fund Little Toys. The tent is designed for kids for 3+ years of age and it gives a complete experience of camping for them. It is like you are preparing your kid to become a hiker or a camper.

It consists of an almost triangular-shaped structure and it is accompanied by around 18 necessaries that are required when someone camps or hikes. The tent is easy to set up with the pop-up structure. When you open the storage bag and remove it, it pops to its shape without any hassle. The entrance has a curtain that can be rolled down or up as per requirement.

The tent is sufficient for your kid to sit and go through all the camping gears. There are battery-operated lanterns and stove, which gives your kid a mini experience of camping and hiking. There is also a replica of other items using in camping like plates, watch, binoculars, flashlight, spoon set, swiss knife, and many other tools and accessories.

It also has some model vegetables that give the baby a feeling of camping. You can take the kid through all these items and make them aware of how they are useful as a survival kit. You can prepare them for the real hiking/camping season in the coming years.

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7. Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse

Kiddey Kids Play TentLooking for a play tent or a playhouse that is big for 3-4 bigger kids? Then this is the one from Kiddey’s that is suitable for your requirements. Yous kids can play, study and spend most of the time in this tent so that they can give good self-time and feel independent.

The setup or installation is a bit different than most of the tests we discussed until now. This tent is similar to the classic tent style that we see during hiking or camping. The tent is large and can be set up with the two flexible poles that form as the structure of it.

The tent can be used indoors or outdoors, and that a sturdy grip on the ground. It has a big hole that works as the window and the entrance can be closed using the curtains as drop-downs. It is a very spacious one with at least 3-4 kids easily fitting into it. Two kids can also sleep inside comfortably and best suits for kids night overs.

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8. Sunnyglade Princess Tent

Sunnyglade Princess TentSunnyglade Princess tent is similar to a house of a fairy from the storybooks. The tent is orange in color and gives a very good feeling when you look at it. It is accompanied by the star lighting, which can be used to decorate around it. These lights add to the sweetness of the house and we are sure your kid would love to be in this tent always. It suits a girl the best but can also be used by the boys.

The tent is hexagonal and has 6 entrances around. Each entrance is designed with curtains that add a special effect to it. The tent is spacious enough for your kids to keep the toys and books inside.

Your kid can sit and study inside, invite her/his friend for a kids’ party and they can get as creative as they can with their own space. It is ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors – like in a park, garden, or also in the backyard. It would also form a very special gift to your kid or any other kid who you want to gift. It is sure to increase creativity in the kids and also help them improve their self-learning skills.

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9. Playz Ball Pit Play Tent & Tunnels for Kids

Playz Ball Pit Play Tent & Tunnels for KidsLooking for a multi-purpose tent that helps in both physical and mental exercise for your kids. Then this is the best one available for you to choose from. The tent consists of multiple tents and tunnels, which is very engaging physically and also mentally.

There are two triangle tents, one square tent and a ball pit that are all connected via the tunnels. Kids can come over for a play over and enjoy this tent set up to the best.It would need a large place for setup as there are multiple tents involved.

The playing pit is ideal to be used with the plastic balls for the kids to play with. There is a basket provided on the edge that can be used to basket the balls. The setup of the tent is easy and also it is easy to carry. It fits into a small bag that can be carried around without any hassle.

The kids can get very creative with the playing and crawling through the tunnels and hence learning in the process. Their motor skills improve, and they can learn to tackle the obstacles with it. It forms a very good gift for kids aged 3 and more.

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10. Tiny Land – Kids Tents for Princess

Tiny Land – Kids Tents for PrincessThe last one on our list is still the same excitement as the first one we have seen. The tent looks straight out of a princess movie and is very spacious and adorable.

It of course, forms as the best gift you can give to a girl kid ad we are pretty sure she would love it. The glittery curtains and the pink color combination of it make it look premium and luxurious. The tent is good for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The frilled curtained tent gives a very royal look to the tent. It is all pink with a hint of fluorescent green and blue. It has a base that provides basic protection to the kid when she is using it outdoors. The kid can store toys, books, and other play items in it and still, she would find a place for her friends to join in.

The company assures you and your kid will get the best satisfaction with the tent and meets all the expectations. The fabric used ensures there is no unpleasant odor formed and is very easy to clean. It is the best private time your princess will enjoy using this tent.

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Kids Play Tent Buying Guide: What To Look For it?

What is more important when you buy a tent for your kid? What should you be expecting from the tents that you buy for your kids? These are a couple of questions along with others that we will be answering in this section.

The Fabric

The fabric used in tents is a very important thing to consider when you are buying a tent for your kid. The fabric used in the tent should be breathable, which means the air circulation in and out of it should be good.

Your kid should not feel any giddiness due to closed confined areas within the tent and if the fabric is not breathable, then it can be dangerous. The fabric should also be washable and easily cleanable so that we can keep the tent hygiene for the kids to use it.

Shape &Size

Size is very important to keep in mind before buying it. As the tents vary in size and shapes, you must be sure you have enough space at your place for you to set it up. You can also make sure to see the shape of the tent which is favorite for your child.

It comes in castle-shaped, tunnel types and rocket-shaped. You can check with your child before you make the buy. 


Another feature to look for when you are buying a tent is the way it is installed. Some tent installation processes can be very long and cumbersome. Some tents come with very easy installation methods. There are as simple as you pull the tent of the bag and it pops out into its structure.

You simply need to add the support rods to make it sturdier. But if you want to go for bigger tents, their installation can be longer but easier due to the assembly of the structure required to be done. In all the cases, the user manual will be provided to make the installation easier.


Most of the tents can be used both indoors and outdoors and hence they serve the dual purpose. But if you are sure you want to use them only for indoors or outdoors then you can choose them based on this requirement.

If you are sure you want to use the tent indoor and do not want to move much then you can buy a more decorative or fancy one that needs not be moved frequently. If you want to get a tent which is mostly used outdoors then you can look into sturdy ones and the ones that have anchors so they do not move in the windy areas.


Tents vary in shapes and sizes and can also vary a lot in their uses. Kids learn a lot when they have a tent and can improve both their physical and mental abilities and adds skills to them. Above, we have chosen the best tents that were available in the market place based on the parent’s/kid’s experience and their comments. We hope you could find the best ones for your kid and you were able to give it as a gift to them. Happy Parenting!