10 Best Kids Bicycles As Reviewed In 2021

Surely you remember your first bicycle with fondness. Who doesn’t remember the falls, laughter, and cries with that bicycle they had so hard to get? Long ago, parents couldn’t always give such an expensive gift. Or, the sport was not given so much importance. And it was not usual to see a whole family rolling happily through the city.

Times have changed and today, riding a bicycle is synonymous with health. Physical and emotional well-being, two essential characteristics of all physical activity. We all want our little ones to assimilate their importance from the earliest childhood. And also the principles inherent to all sports practice. But how? With a bicycle. So, it’s not uncommon you want to get one for your child.

Children’s bicycles are toys that all children dream of. When your child owns a bike, they begin to discover their independence. They’re more willing to venture outside and explore the world. Having a bike adds to the day to day adventure and fun for your child. Your child will always be grateful for his or her first bicycle. 

However, choosing the best kids’ bicycle is not always an easy task knowing you have to consider durability, proper brakes, strong tires, and other important elements. To help you make a decision, we have listed the top 10 best bicycles for your kids in this review. We have also included some further information in our guide to help you select the best kids’ bikes.

Best Kids Bicycles Reviews

Here are the ten best kids bicycles for your child:

1. RoyalBaby Kids Bike

best kids bike RoyalBaby Kids Bike

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First on the list of the best bicycles for children is the one by RoyalBaby. The bike comes in different colors, which means that you can select the one you like the most. The bicycle will make you look both charming as well as stylish. It is easy for you to teach cycling by using this bike as the seat is accompanied by a handle. To further make your life easy and comfortable, the seat can be adjusted.

This means that you need not worry about the child’s height when teaching him or her how to ride a bicycle. Moreover, most of the bike is already assembled. Only a small bit requires further assembling. The RoyalBaby child’s bike also takes care of the safety aspects of the bicycle. This is, after all, the most important aspect that you need to consider.

There are two sets of brakes offered. There is a rear brake as well as a front caliper brake. Also, the grip is quite strong and sturdy.  To help you teach your child to ride, the bicycle comes with training wheels to better guide your ability. Thus, all these functions go a long way in making the RoyalBaby children bicycle one of the most sought-after bicycles for this year.

2. Dynacraft Magna Youth Bikes

best kids bicycle Dynacraft Magna Youth Bikes

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Another bicycle on the list of the top 10 bicycles for children is the bike offered by Dynacraft. If you are looking forward to teaching your little one the fun of riding a bicycle, then this is one of the best bikes to own. It has been made keeping in mind the safety and ease of teaching of bikes to young children. The deluxe paint finish makes the bicycle stand out, and this is really attractive.

When your child plays around using the bike, he or she will attract the attention of the crowd to a great extent. Besides, the material that goes into the making offers the much-needed strength and sturdiness to the bike. The seats are also perfectly adjustable to enable children of different ages to use the bike.

There is a full chair, a strong brake, which is essential to ensure your little one’s safety. Apart from that, the makers have attached training wheels to the bike. Thus, you can comfortably use the training wheels, and once your little one is done with the learning bit of it, you can remove these. With all its features and unique style, the Dynacraft Magna youth bikes make it to our best bicycle list for children.

3. Joystar Totem Kids Bike

best kids bicycle with trainer wheels Joystar Totem Kids Bike

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Another one on the list of the best bicycles for children is the unisex bicycle by Joystar. To make the parents’ lives and the children easy, most of the bicycle is already assembled when it arrives. For height adjustments, you have adjustable seats. There are both foot brakes as well as the hand brakes. Hence, the makers have ensured to provide adequate safety to the bicycle. The steel frame that makes the bicycle is reliable.

Thus, you need not worry about the bicycle itself when teaching your child how to ride a bike. You can wholly concentrate on only the teaching aspect. This is important because this helps serve the entire purpose of why you bought the bicycle in the first place. Besides, very little maintenance is required for the bicycle as it comes with a tire that is a single speed. To distinguish itself from the other bikes that we have in the market, the brand has concentrated on the bike’s guard chain.

The guard chain is quite strong and is long-lasting as well. There is a size chart that comes along with the bicycle. Depending on that size chart, you can decide which size of the bike is best suited for your little one. But while selecting the bicycle, the age and the child’s height are to be taken care of. Thus, the bicycle has all the required features, and your little one is sure to fall in love with his or her new bike.

4. Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

the best kids bike for a 3 year old Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

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With all its unique features and safety consideration, Schwinn Koen’s bicycle is next on the list of the best bikes for children. You can rest assured that your little one is very safe while riding the bike. The child is less wobbly herein, and the pads are comfortable.

This means that learning how to ride a bicycle will now be extra fun for your child. The seat is also adjustable, which means that you need not worry if your little one is growing more than the average height. Attention has been paid to the various proportions of the bicycle, which means that it is easier to handle and paddle.

Apart from that, the bike’s frame is made from steel that makes it strong and sturdy, both simultaneously. The steel’s strength also ensures that the bicycle lasts longer than most of the other bikes that have been listed on this list. Partially assembled, the bicycle is easy to handle and maintain. The parents can completely concentrate on how to make riding a bicycle a total fun for the children.

Besides, the limited lifetime warranty further helps to speak volumes about the quality of the bicycle. The chain guard has full coverage and has been made in such a manner that your little one can reach the chain guard easily. Finally, to ensure further safety of your little one, there are two sets of brakes. One is the rear brake, while the other one is the front caliper brake.

5. Bixe 16’’ Pro Balance Bike

the best kids bike for 4 year old Bixe Pro Balance Bike

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If you are looking for a safer, faster way of teaching your child how to ride a bike, then this is one of the best balance bikes that are available in the market today. If your little one is just a beginner, if they are children with special needs, do not worry; any of your children can use this bike. If your child is experienced and meets the standards for height and age, you can use the bike by Bixe for him or her as well.

The makers have paid due attention and care to the safety features of the bike as well. The clamps are made tamper-proof, and the wheels are made safety proof for additional safety. The bicycle comes partially assembled. Even the parts that need to be assembled are quite quickly done. Thus, in turn, implies that you need not worry much when it comes to assembling the bicycle. The bike is also easy to maintain and clean.

The makers have so much confidence in their product that a 100 percent money-back guarantee is available with the bicycle. The training wheels which are used for learning bikes are quite comfortable. This implies that the entire process of learning how to ride a bicycle is easy for your child. This is one of the best bikes to gift your child if you want to make riding a bicycle a fun-filled activity for him or her.

6. COEWSKE Kid’s Bike Steel Frame Children Bicycle

what's the best kids bicycle COEWSKE Kids Bike Steel Frame Children Bicycle

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With its unique features and well-crafted design, the child’s bicycle by Coewske is another one on the list of the best bicycles for kids. The front and coaster brakes present in the bike go a long way to ensure that it is easy to use for the children. Also, how the bike stops is easy and makes the brake quite powerful.

This bike’s footrest is wider when you compare it with some of the others in the industry. This means that your child has more space and can ride the bike with minimum effort. This helps to save your time too. Besides, this also helps the child get a joyful ride.

The durable rubber that makes up the tire, the tire’s thickness, etc., are some of the other factors that make the bike unique and stand out. The good quality of the tires also helps to ensure that the bicycle is quite durable. It also prevents the tire from bursting. Thus, the bicycle is amongst the best gift that you can gift your growing child.

7. Retrospec Koda Kids Bike

best kids bike 2020 Retrospec Koda Kids Bike

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The child’s bike by Retrospec is another bike that makes it the best bicycle for kids. This is one sporty bike that will help your child participate in races with children of higher age. The bike comes with detachable training wheels. During training, you can ensure that your child is safe and that the bike is stable as your child is learning how to ride a bike.

When your child learns the act of balancing a bicycle, these training wheels can be removed, and your little one will be ready to take on the world. There are back pedal brakes in this one. Thus, the brakes ensure more excellent safety for your little one.

Not only that, along with a coaster brake, there are also hand brakes too. This means that learning for the child is sufficient. The measurement is also adjustable, and children up to a particular height can ride the bicycle effectively. The bicycle is easy to clean and maintain in the long run as well. It comes in a wide range of colors. Your little one can select the color of his or her choice and stand out in the crowd.

8. Nice C BMX Kids Bike

best kids bicycle 2020 Nice C BMX Kids Bike

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With high-quality material, thick tires, and other important features, the child’s bike by Nice C is next on the list. To distinguish itself from the competitors, the bike comes with two braking systems. This, in turn, makes the ride smooth as well as efficient.

The BMX bike has training wheels intact, and the multiple rubber layers help make the bike durable and smoothly run. Besides, the makers have also taken into consideration your convenience. That is why the bicycle is easy to handle and is lightweight as well.

The bike’s single-piece frame further ensures that the bicycle is durable and will run for a long time. Finally, the makers have also given three months’ warranty if you face any manufacturing defects.

9. Yamaha 12’’ Moto Child’s BMX Bike

best bicycle for learning to ride Yamaha Moto Child's BMX Bike

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Next on the list is the BMX bike by Yamaha. The steel frame that goes into the bicycle building helps to provide the much-needed durability to the cycle. It also makes the bicycle strong and sturdy. This bicycle has especially been designed for your little one who is still learning to ride a bike. The entire make of the bike, including the handlebars, the rims, the fork of the bicycle, etc., are made from steel.

To make the bike convenient for use by your little one, the bike comes with knobby tires, coaster brakes, etc., that go a long way in helping to provide the much-needed strength and sturdiness. Also, these features enable your little one to ride the bike on any terrain. Gift this bicycle to your little one, and he or she will be ready to take on the world.

10. Huffy Kid Bike

best first kids bicycle with training wheels Huffy Kid Bike

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Finally, Huffy’s child bicycle is on the list of the best bikes for children. There are two sets of handbrakes-the coaster brakes and the front brakes. This will help your child stop the bicycle quickly when they need to do the same. This is a bike that can be assembled easily with minimum effort.

This bicycle has a strong steel frame, which makes the bike durable and sturdy. Also, the bicycle seat is made from alloy and has been so designed that you can easily make height adjustments.

To make the bicycle all the more fun and attractive for your little one, the bicycle comes with a bag. You can store toys and other fun-loving tools that your child loves. Thus, this is one of the best gifts that you can give your child this year with all its features.

Guide To Buying Bicycles For Kids

As seen above, there are many brands of bicycles available for your children. Each one has its features and characteristics. With so many choices at your disposal, it is not easy to settle for the best for you. It would help if you made your child learn how to ride a bike. This is the stepping stone for your child to grow up and learn to ride other vehicles or even driving.

In the following section, we have listed a few factors that should be kept in mind while choosing a bicycle for your little one:

Size of the Bicycle:

The first and foremost consideration is the size of the bike needed by your child. The size of the wheel mainly measures the size of a child’s bike. An important tip to note is that, in most cases, the size of the children’s bike is somewhere between 12 inches’ or 24 inches.


The next important factor to consider is the material of the bike. In most cases, the bicycles for children are made from either steel or aluminum. Some of the best bikes are made from steel as these are considered highly durable. Besides, if made from steel, the bikes will withstand rough terrain much more effectively than bikes made of another material. Some folk prefer aluminum bikes over steel bikes as the steel ones are heavier. In case you are looking for a light bike, you should go for the one made of steel.


It would help if you kept in mind the gears that are present in a children’s bicycle. Depending on the child’s age and experience level, you should go for a bicycle that has a particular gear. For example, if your child is a newbie, then you will not like to complicate things. It is better to keep things simple and go with a bicycle that has one gear. As your child grows in age and experience, the gear level can also be increased accordingly.

Weight of the Bicycle:

Another vital factor that you should keep in mind while determining the right type of bicycle for your little one is weight. If the bike is too heavy, the child will not carry it easily from one place to another. It might also be difficult for you to teach your child how to ride a bike if it is too heavy.

You have to choose the weight of the bicycle in tandem with the weight of your child. Too light will not give the fun of riding a bike to your little one. Hence, it would help if you chose a bicycle that is neither too light nor too heavy. It is often said that if there is just one factor that enables you to choose the right bike, it should be the bicycle’s weight.


Well, the safety of the child is the most important thing to remember while selecting a bike. Hence, the brakes should adequately be checked when you go to the market to purchase a bike. For some of the best bikes for children, the brake’s levers are specially designed for children of a certain age. Most people think that coaster brakes are some of the best brakes for kids.

However, the same may not be accurate. The coaster brakes do not allow you how to pedal in the reverse direction. Coaster brakes also do not help you with plenty of options. Either they are just switched on, or they are just switched off. When you have a rugged terrain where you are riding a bicycle, this problem of coaster brakes becomes evident. The chances of falling or getting a child are much higher.


Tires play a vital role in determining the right type of bicycle for your child. Different types of tires available in the market included pneumatic tires, solid rubber, and plastic tires. A good quality bicycle will have tires that help provide a firm grip and withstand the rides in all terrains. For this, most people prefer pneumatic tires.

Tread Pattern:

The tire’s tread pattern makes a lot of difference when it comes to the type of bicycle riding. The tread patterns help identify whether your children’s bicycle will operate appropriately in a particular area compared to another location. The different tread patterns include knobby tires, bike tires, amongst a host of other types of tires and functions.

For a rough terrain, choosing the right tread pattern is essential. If you live in an area with a smooth surface, you would like to go for slick tires. Thus, this is a crucial factor that should be kept in mind while determining your child’s best bicycle.

Chain Guard:

It would help if you also remembered to check whether a chain guard is present or not when you are selecting a bike for your child. The primary function of this chain guard is to cover the chain wheel. This, in turn, helps to protect the child from rubbing the leg against this chain. The clothes are also protected from getting trapped herein. While most parents do not want to have the chain guard, you must have one in the early days of your child’s training for a bicycle.

Training Wheels:

Training wheels are another essential accessory that a few people require. As the name suggests, these wheels become imperative when teaching your little one how to ride a bicycle. When there are training wheels, this will help them to maintain balance and stability. In the early days, the child does not have enough strength to run the pedals. Hence, the training wheels come into the picture at that time. However, a few people believe that training wheels disrupt your little one’s habit. Thus, a bike with or without training wheels is an essential factor that should be kept in mind.


Finally, accessories are among the less important factors that a few people consider while selecting a bike for their little ones. Some of the accessories that can come with a bicycle include lights, water bottle holders, baskets, bells, etc. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can select a bike with or without these accessories.

Bottom Line

We hope that you liked the list of the best kids bicycles in 2021. As a parent, you always want to give the best to your child. Adding fun and adventure to your child’s life is your number one goal. Teaching him or her how to ride a bike can help you achieve that to some extent. We hope you have been able to choose which bike to buy as your child’s first bicycle.