10 Best Kid Walkie Talkies 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

When we talk about walkie talkies, we always think of it as a device that is used by adults. But what if we were to say that there are child walkie talkies around that are a perfect toy for children. Walkie talkies are two-way radios that are used extensively for relaying the information and for communication purposes.

They are used quite a lot by adults in all fields, whether it’s the armies or police or in construction crews & factories. But how does it relate to children then? Well for starters, if your children are wanting some independence or yearn for some fun adventures, then a walkie talkie can be a fantastic toy for them.

No parent wants to see their child in danger or go for adventure tasks risking their health. But does that mean stopping them and keeping them locked in the house? No that’s not the way. Instead, you can use a walkie talkie and let your child enjoy the outside, opt for adventures.

That way, you can maintain constant contact and your child will also get to enjoy his time. In this expert review we take a look at the best children’ walkie talkies in the market. And further down, we’ll also take a look at the buying guide so that you get the best idea about getting a perfect walkie talkie for your child. 

Best Kid Walkie Talkies Reviews

Here are the best 10 best kid walkie talkies for your child in 2020.

1. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

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The first piece for us in our list of best children walkie talkies is the one from Retevis with this impressive piece. This is a pretty small-sized walkie talkie designed especially for children and features lightweight body weighing at just 90g. So your little superhero can carry it around with ease anywhere he or she likes it. It has an easy to operate mechanism and can be simply powered by 3AA batteries.

It can be hanged on the belt or even clipped on the straps as you want. It has both one to one and one to more communication channels so that you can communicate with other people also on the same channel. The design part is simply impressive as it has visible colors on it with an amply sized button to press on. It has a built-in microphone so that communication can be maintained.

It also comes with a VOX function, which allows your child to use it hands-free. Add to it the feature of keypad lock; this walkie talkie can be locked so that no unintentional usage will be made of it. It has an LCD so that there won’t be any issue with viewing. And one more thing about the feature, it has the option to set the call ring melody. There are four different color combinations of this one.

2. Vivibyan Walkie Talkies for Kids

Vivibyan Walkie Talkies for Kids

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The second walkie talkie on our list is one that is sure to entice your child. This one has a child-friendly design and is pretty small and lightweight, similar to the above one. It comes with an additional flashlight option so that it can be used at night or while exploring around. It has an ergonomic design and comes with an uncomplicated feature.

It has an easy push to talk button, which can be used easily by the child for communication. It comes with a long-range feature and has multiple channels where you can use 22 main channels with 2 different radio sub-channels so you can have over 3 miles of wireless communication across. That way, wherever your child is across, you can be in constant contact and know the whereabouts.

It comes with a clear sound and has a call alert function and also features an adjustable volume level. This walkie talkie has an anti-interference function so that there won’t be any noise while making calls. It is made with environment-friendly material with ABS plastic design. It is great for children for the age group of 3 years to 12 years. It has a camouflage design and is it sure to be loved by the children.

3. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

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The third piece on our list is the one quite similar to the one above in the second one. This walkie talkie comes with 22 channels and has a 3-mile range, which is something that will entice the parents. This impressive 3-mile range will allow you to be in contact with your child all the time while they enjoy the adventure. It has plenty of features in the form of LCD and call alert function and built-in flashlight that helps with light.

It has radiation power of only 0.5 watts so that it won’t create much harm to your child. It has pushed to talk feature and comes with crystal sound. It has clear voice technology and comes with an auto squelch function that removes the background noise so that clear communication can be maintained.

It has an anti-wandered off feature and has an intelligent alarm system. It has a clip-on feature whereby you can clip it on the belt or the back of your pocket on even on the straps. It can be easily carried around with ease. The best part about this is that there are low battery alert and simply pressable PTT key. It also has a channel scan option and can be a perfect gift for children. It is also priced at an affordable range so that it won’t bring a hole in your pockets.

4. Sun-Team Walkie Talkies For Kids

Sun-Team Walkie Talkies For Kids

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Now next up we have the one from Sun-team with their walkie talkie. This one is an upgraded design from their previous model. This walkie talkie comes with stable signal support and has a clear voice design. It comes with CTCSS, which means Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System which helps to mute the background noise completely so that there will be constant and clear communication between the users.

It has a VOX function that allows for a hands-free function that can be activated with a simple push of the button. It comes with 22 channel support in the range of 462 to 467 MHz (FRS/GMRS). It can be used to broadcast to one or even multiple users. It also has a built-in led flashlight that acts as a night light so that children can use it even at night or dark. The LCD on the walkie talkie makes it easy to see the display and the command.

It also has a 1.2 m drop resistant with it. This walkie talkie from Sun-Team comes witha child-friendly design and has a small and lightweight design. It comes with ergonomic designand has a clip-on feature where it can be clipped on a belt, straps, back pocket and more. It comes with 12 months of warranty and has an impressive bright color combination. It is quite durable and is one of the safe options for children.

5. Funkprofi Walkie Talkies for Kids

Funkprofi Walkie Talkies for Kids

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At the fifth number, we have the one from Funkprofi with their walkie talkie. This walkie talkie is one of the best sellers of the lot and finds a place on our list.This one is a rechargeable walkie talkie and comes with a rechargeable battery, which you can use it time and again. It has an auto squelch system that allows for smooth voice transmission and has HD sound.

It has a long-range transmission module with a range of 3 miles, which is great for adventure-seeking children. It has 22 channels in the form of FRS/GMRS so you can set up contact with multiple users in one channel. The signal strengths are pretty strong with this one so there won’t be many issues about the weak signal.

This walkie talkie features a child-friendly design and has pushed to talk feature along with VOX hands-free functionthat will be easy to use for children. It has a bright LCD so that it can be used at night and day. The batteries provide a 9 hrs. of playtime. This walkie talkie comes across as a perfect choice for children who love to play around and explore things. It comes with five different color patterns from which you can select your choice of color.

6. Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies

Huaker Kids Walkie Talkies

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Now next up we have this child’s walkie talkie from Huaker Kids which is perfect for adventure, camping, spring outing, hiking and more. This walkie talkie is an updated edition from their previous version with a new compact design and integrated button design. This newly updated walkie talkie comes with ergonomic design, call with button lock feature and has plenty of additional benefits. It has a stable long-range signal with 22 channels and 99 sub-channels for usage.

It has a maximum range of 3 miles so which can be used extensively for outdoor usage. It can be used to broadcast to one or multiple users. It has clear sound and comes with a VOX function and CTCSS acronym for the Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. This helps to mute the background noise, which allows you even to use 99-low frequency tones for communication.

You can also send your voice with a simple push of the button. This walkie talkie is designed with environmentally friendly materials in the form of ABS which is accentuated with the US standard which makes it safe for every child to use. This walkie talkie comes with a built-in flashlight that helps to use the walkie talkie in the night time also. It can be used as a recreational usage or even for adventure and creative purposes. It will be a good way to enjoy your camping, hiking, outdoor fun and more.

7. Wosports Kids Walkie Talkies

Wosports Kids Walkie Talkies

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At the seventh number is the one from Wosports with this 3 pack walkie talkie.This one comes with an easy to grip design and has vibrant color combinations which makes it likable for the children. This has a simple push to talk operation, which makes it easy to use for. It has easy to clip system which can be set up at the belt, or pocket or even on the straps of your bag.

It comes with a friendly design with a compact body and features channel lock function and is intended for the children from the age above 3 years. It has a multi-function feature with 22 main channels and a 3km wireless connection. You can use around 99 low-frequency tones with undisturbed signal strength for usage.

It has anti-interference performance so communication channels can be maintained clearly. It comes with a 3 pack so you can give one to your child and you can keep the two of them for yourself and the other half so both of you can be in contact with the child all the time. It is designed to be used for both indoor play and outdoor recreation and is perfect for camping, hiking, trekking and more. It is priced at an affordable range.

8. QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

QNIGLO FRS Walkie Talkies with FM

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If you have looked at our list then you’d have seen all of these mentioned above are a handheld type of walkie talkie. But this one is a bit different and something we’re sure that it would catch your attention. This one is a wearable type of walkie talkie device and comes with FM radio. It can support around 24 hours of talking and has 5 days of standby time. It’s an amalgamation of the futuristic gadget and a functional piece and should be something that you should go for.

It has clear sound and long-range functioning with over 2 miles of communication distance. It has a kitty appearance and when pressed for, the PTT button activates the one-touch talking. It also has a flashlight feature and features a watch band that can be carried around. It has 3 buttons on the display which activates different commands. The LCD helps to showcase the frequency and another command.

It’s a perfect device to use at hiking, camping, running and even playing around in the woods. And since it’s a pair you can keep the other one with yourself to be in constant contact with your child. It is also priced at an affordable range citing the design and wearable factor.It comes with 18 months of warranty and also has a 45-day money-back return guarantee.

9. Baturu Girls Walkie Talkies for Kids

Baturu Girls Walkie Talkies for Kids

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At the ninth number in our list is the one from Baturu with this colorful trendy design. This walkie talkie is quite vibrant and bright colored and is designed for children who love to be trendy. It is even marketed as the perfect one for the girls and children. It has simple to use and features a super easy function with the push-to-talk option. With it, you can just talk with the other user quite breezily by just clicking a simple button.

It has whistles and lanyards, which come as a bonus with this walkie talkie so that your child can enjoy. This walkie talkie has a range of 3 miles in the clear area and around 1 mile in the residential areas. It is powered by the 4 AAA batteries. It comes with clear sound and has an auto squelch function which helps to suppress the background noise and make a clear conversation with the user.

You can use it to contact on the same main channel or even sub-channel with users. You can also use it to contact multiple people on the frequency. It has a flashlight on it and comes with a call ringtone. It also comes with VOX mode and has health-safe plastic which can be used by the children without any fuss. It comes in a pack of 3 pieces that you can use for your children and yourself to keep a constant watch.

10. Sanjoin 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies for Kid

Sanjoin 2 Way Radio Walkie Talkies for Kid

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Now to close our list of best children walkie talkies, we are here with the one from Sanjoin. It’s a great fun toy for the children and at the same time a very good functional equipment that will help them to learn plentiful about technology and communication. It has a vibrant color combination and comes in a pack of 3 pieces so that you can have 3 people on the loop at once communicating via the frequency.

It has long-range coverage, which suits this one perfectly. It has over 22 main channels and 99 sub-channels for communication. That just opens the possibility of outdoor adventure for your child to a lot more than what it would be. It has 3 miles of wireless tracking and is further powered with CTCSS which stands for Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System.

This allows you to run the signals on 67-250 MHz without any disruption. Sajoin has equipped this walkie talkie with the capacity of smooth sound feature and auto squelch function that helps to make proper communication with the other person on the walkie talkie.

It has a safe quality certification from FCC which marks it as an environmentally friendly material. It does not contain any BPA, PVC or any external impurities. It’s pretty easy to use for and has an ergonomic design with a comfortable hold. It comes with a push-to-talk feature where a child can simply use this button to communicate further. It also has a built-in flashlight which allows you to use this even at night or dark settings.

Things To Consider When Buying a Kid Walkie Talkie

As a parent getting a walkie talkie is not something that everyone thinks of. It’s something that doesn’t even click the mind of many. But if you look at the benefits, having a walkie talkie will pave the way for plenty of things that will make your child creative and will help grow them. Often we hold them within our premises to guard their safety but that often shunts their growth.

To let a child grow and experience things we should let them out and enjoy things, let them seek a bit of adventure and all. This is where a walkie talkie helps around as that will allow you to be in contact with them constantly whilst also letting them enjoy the adventure. But with the market full of choices, how do you find the best walkie talkie. We did list the best of the lot, but you may ask what were our parameters or base for listing them as the best. Well, this is where our buying guide comes into play. This buying guide is something that will help you find the best walkie talkie. So let’s check out.

Ease of Use

Since it’s about children’ walkie talkie, one of the first and foremost things should be the ease of use. We all know how sharp and bright children are when it comes to technology but still, you can’t simply hand them a sophisticated device and ask them to operate it. So ease of use makes the first point in our buying guide. A normal walkie talkie comes with multiple buttons and commands and its something that a child won’t be able to use properly. This is where children’ specific walkie talkie is designed for. These have simple easy to operate features and even comes with push to talk single button where you can easily make contact with a single button.


Once you hand over a walkie talkie to your child they will surely hover around the backyard or even the alleys or say in the woods when you are camping. So range comes forth as another important parameter. Normally children walkie talkie comes with a range of2-3 miles so that means you can maintain contact with them within this range even if they hover around. so that way you can let your child move around and explore things seeking adventure without thinking of safety concerns.


You are getting a walkie talkie for a child. Think of the endless possibilities, they may drop it, use it extensively, throw it around or even while roaming around may come up with something where the walkie talkie may fall off. How do you prepare for these things? You’d put in your money to get a walkie talkie for your child and would you want to see these get destroyed with minuscule usage or a single fall?

Nobody would want that. So this is where you should factor in the durability aspect. A durable walkie talkie will last long and will give you more value for money. And they will also help you to relax without any thought of what would happen to the walkie talkie when your children use it.


Not many people will look into this aspect, but this is a vital thing to look for. See it’s plain simple, you are getting a walkie talkie for a child, and children tend to be picky about things. They’d want good vibrant color, something that catches their eye. They’d want some fun looking piece so that they can enjoy it.

You can’t go around explaining that this walkie talkie has more features in it even though it is dull colored. They will never listen to this. Always keep an eye on the design aspect. Look for the one which is eye-catchy and functional. Look if you can find a trendy piece like the wearable ones or other vibrant trendy color pieces. That will entice the child quite a lot.


There are walkie talkies at different price levels and each of them has their specific features. You should look to find the one which matches your needs & is within your budget. That way you can get a good deal and enjoy playing with your child on their walkie talkie.


A walkie talkie is a great gadget to gift to your child as it allows your child to go on adventures and explore things while you can relax about their safety. They can be a great way to communicate with your child if they are playing outside and you want to ask them to come inside without having to yell. We hope this list helped you to find the best children walkie talkie for your child.

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