10 Best Ice Skates for Kids and Toddlers 2020

Ice skating can be a great thing to do during family ventures. It is a lot more fun when it is with children. They surely love it and enjoy it to the core. There are not many ice skates that fit in the feet of toddlers. Due to this reason, parents tend to drop the idea of going skating on ice. If you are one of those people, we suggest you not to do that. We say that because we have picked the best ice skates for you which will fit your toddler’s feet like a glove. They are very comfortable as well as look extremely sleek and stylish.

In our list, we have listed our top ten best ice skates for toddlers. There are the most amazing products that you will ever come through. Kids will love you for purchasing them these skates. Since our list includes ten products, you get a wide variety of options. If you find it necessary, you can also choose the ice skates that are of your child’s favorite color.

Additionally, if you have never bought ice skates before, we suggest you to stop worrying. The buying guide at the bottom of our list will surely help you with that. Without wasting much time let’s start the review.

The Best Ice Skates For Kids Reviewed in 2020

1. Lake Placid Ice Skates For Kids

Lake Placid Ice Skates

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The Lake Placid ice skates have secured the first position on our list. They are available for purchase in a design that has the color combination of black and white. You can refer to the sizing guide to determine the size of your toddler’s feet easily. They have a hybrid style and are highly durable. The lining is also of great quality and is woven to keep feet warm during ice skating.

Additionally, the skates also have deluxe padding to enhance the comfort of the product. The closure of the skates has straps, buckles as well as laces. This helps in giving your toddler’s feet a secure fit at all times. The best feature of the product is that its size can be adjusted that too up to four sizes. You can do it by a push-button available in the product.

The blades of the skates are manufactured using stainless steel. They are hockey-style blades that allow your toddlers to have great balance on the ice. You are advised to sharpen these blades when you are using the skates for the first time. Skating is an exercise that your children will surely enjoy, and these skates will help them in that. You can also make your toddlers wear socks to fit the skates even better.

2. Jackson Ultima Ice Skates For Kids

Jackson Ultima Ice Skates

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These skates are available in four colors. These colors are – navy, black, white, and pink. They look extremely adorable, and your children are bound to love them. These ice skates are also available in men and women sizes. So if you are thinking of buying matching ice skates for your family, these skates will surely prove to be great. The sizing guide is very comprehensive, and you will be able to choose the perfect ice skates through that.

They provide great comfort and warmth. They are so warm that you do not need to make your toddlers wear socks when you are out ice skating with them. The color and the outer material of the product does not wear easily and can be cleaned with a soft cloth. These skates are from the Softec Series and come with extremely high-quality skating blades.

As an adult, if you are a beginner in skating, you can buy this product for you and your child without thinking twice. However, the price of the product may not be affordable by some people. Hence make a wise choice. The skates are highly rated by customers and can be delivered anywhere across the United States. Buy these skates now to have a wonderful experience with your family and friends.

3. Botas Ice Skates

Botas Ice Skates

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On number three, we have the ice skates by the brand Botas. They have a very sleek finish and look very attractive. They are made with synthetic material and have a plush collar. Toddler girls and their moms can wear these skates. All you have to do is choose the size of the product carefully, and you are good to go.

The fabric of the skates is laminated with PU coating to make the product even more durable. Additionally, the tongue slip is also soft and qualitative. This makes the product well suited for small children. Moreover, the product blades are awarded a European certificate and pass the child safety standards. The skates will allow your children to be recreational while they skate.

Additionally, the product is also waterproof, and you may clean them with a wet or damp cloth whenever needed. Like many other ice skates, these skates also have padding in the soles to make them more comfortable and enjoyable for toddlers. You also do not need to sharpen the blade of the ice skates even after a long duration of usage. Also, if you are looking for a gift for your nieces, these ice skates will prove to be the best.

4. Lake Placid Ice Skates (for Girls)

Lake Placid Ice Skates (for Girls)

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The brand Lake Placid has been serving its customers for many years. Due to this reason, we included second Lake Placid ice skates on our list. These skates are always in high demand and go out of stock quickly. They are designed for toddler girls and come in a color combination of white and bright pink. The best feature of the product is that the blades can be changed according to the season.

The ice blade is well suited for winters, whereas the inline bladed is suitable for slightly warmer months. They are light in weight and do not feel heavy in the feet. Additionally, the product is available in many sizes to choose from. The blades are also very durable as they are manufactured using carbon steel blades.

These blades are plated with nickel to enhance the durability even more. The comfort liner of the sand the skates have very soft padding. The molded ankle support provides balance to your child at all times. Moreover, the inline skates have a molded polymer frame, and the inline wheels are made from polyurethane. These wheels also have carbon-bearing that lets the use smoothly move on ice. Take it from us that your girls will surely love these ice skates dearly.

5. 5th Element Ice Skates

5th Element Ice Skates

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Next on number five, we have the 5th element ice skates. These cold-resistant skates have an extremely ergonomic design and can be worn by women and girls. Just imagine how adorable you and your daughter would look wearing matching ice skates. These skates have a tricot liner that helps in keeping feet in place.

Additionally, the ankle has extra cushions, and the overall structure of the skates is very stiff. This will surely help the skates last through many seasons. They come with laced closure, and the eyelets of laces are smooth as well as reinforced. You can also buy this product if you are at an intermediate or beginner level when it comes to skating. Moreover, the exterior of the skates is vinyl coated and cold-resistant.

These skates allow quick and tights turn on ice in all conditions, and the outsole of the skates is such that it maintains stability. You can also replace the liners of the shoes with an orthotic footbed as per your requirements. These skates are extremely lightweight and feel like a dream when worn for ice skating.

Additionally, the toe pick of the skates is made using stainless steel. Due to this, your children never lose the edge whenever they wear it. The product is highly rated on the internet; however, there are not many reviews by buyers across the country.

6. CCM Ice Skates For Toddler

CCM Ice Skates

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On number six, we have the ice skates by CCM. These skates are always in great demand because they can be adjusted from adult size 12 to child size 1. They are extremely stylish and are designed using material of gray and white color. The shell of the product is made using PVC that is of two pieces. It is because of this two-piece design that the size of the skates can be adjusted.

The closure of the product is buckle-type, which allows you to close the skates properly even when you are in a hurry. Additionally, the lining is created using brushed velvet that makes the interior of the skates smooth and soft. There is a provision of a button that you can push to contract or expand the size of the skates conveniently.

The skates also keep feet warm and do not make the pain at any cost. Moreover, the tongue of the skates is manufactured with soft foam mixed with synthetic PU. This enhances the life and strength of the product.

You can also remove the lining of the skates if you wish to. They are priced at a very affordable rate and can be shipped all across the US. These skates are highly rated as well. However, we would like to inform you that the blades of the product still need some improvement.

7. VERBERO Ice Skates

VERBERO Ice Skates

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These ice skates can be bought for toddlers that have the age between six to nine years. They look like regular shoes with blades and have a laced closure. The eyelets of these laces are very smooth and never cut your fingers in any situation. These skates will prove to be the best when it comes to learning ice skating.

It has been noticed that many children lose interest in skating if they do not have a good pair of ice skates. But these ice skates will never create such problems. The product can be used for a long time because it comes with an adjustable toe cap. This toe cap can move up to four sizes allowing the ice skates to grow along with your child.

You can purchase the product from three different sizes. These sizes are – large, medium, and small. Ice skating will is a fun way to help strengthen the muscles of your children. It will help them in being active as well as enjoying the activity. The product does not have many reviews, but you will be delighted to read the few reviews that are available for reading.

8. SKATE GURU Ice Skates For Girls


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The SKATE GURU ice skates have secured the eighth position on our list. The pair is suitable to be worn by girls and has a color combination of pink and black. However, you may also choose from less popular color combinations, which are – white/pink, diva-blue, diva-white, etc. These skates have a very modern design and look. They also let toddlers move on ice with support and comfort.

Additionally, the tongue is lined well to provide warmth. The upper area of the skates is resistant to moisture and is manufactured using durable nylon. You also do not need to sharpen the blades. You can also buy the product along with the skate guards. These guards allow you to easily store the skates anywhere without worrying about the damage to the blades.

Additionally, you also receive a bag that you may use to carry the skates outdoors. Refer to the size chart to choose the best ice skates for your toddlers. Moreover, these skates come with the laced closure. You can easily wash these laces in the washing machine whenever they get dirty. However, never put the skates in the machine as it will damage the product as well as insides of our washing machine.

9. Riedell Ice Skates For Kids

Riedell Ice Skates

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On number nine, we have the ice skates by the popular brand Riedell. They come in a white and pink design and look extremely adorable. The best feature of the product is that the heels are padded with foam quarter padding. This provision allows cushioning to the feet when toddlers are skating. There are two types of closures in these skates, which are lace styled as well as strap styled.

This gives a better fit to the toddler’s feet when compared to the ice skates that only have laced closure. Additionally, the blade is made using durable steel and is very slim. The linings of the skates are also quilted, which provides extra life to the product. You may clean these ice skates using a clean and damp cloth.

We recommend you do not wash them frequently as it may cause damage in the long term to the product. The packaging weight of the product is only 2.7 pounds, and the skates are available in many sizes. These skates also do not lose color even after many years of usage. You can also use these skates for gifting purposes.

10. DR Ice Skates For Junior Child

DR Ice Skates

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Lastly, we have the DR ice skates on our list. First and foremost, we have to inform you that the price of the product lies at the low end. It can be afforded by many people and bring smiles to many children. The flowline outsole of the product is exclusive and gives the skates a great finish and overall look.

The design is such that both boys and girls can wear it. The skates reach to the ankle and provide great fit as there is the provision of laces as well as straps. The sole is extremely soft, and the stainless steel blades are highly durable.

Additionally, these skates also have a very comfortable and padded mesh. You will also notice a solid tendon that acts as a pull tab. The shipping weight is only 4.81 pounds, and it can be delivered anywhere in the United States. The design of the product is created using two colors, which are navy blue and white.

The stitching of the skates is also excellent and extremely tight. It will never loosen in any situation. Additionally, like any other skating boots, you can clean these ice skates using a damp cloth dipped in the washing liquid. Buy these affordable skates now for your toddlers.

Kids Ice Skates Buying Guide 

The following aspects will help you choose a good pair of ice skates for your toddlers. Read them very carefully if you are buying ice skates for the first time. We have spent a lot of time researching these pointers. These aspects are:

Blade-style: Before choosing the ice skates, consider the blade type and material. Generally, ice skate blades are manufactured using stainless steel. Stainless steel provides extreme strength and durability to the structure. They do not need frequent sharpening and help the user of ice skates in gliding on the ice well. Due to the robust nature, these blades also give extra balance as well as weight control.

Closure: The closure decides the fit of the ice skates on feet. Ice skates usually have straps and lace closures. These closures make the skates very easy to open and wear. Additionally, many skates also come with locking buckles. These buckles fit the skates tightly on feet and never let it slip. Apart from that, if the skates are padded, it will be a great investment for you.

Material: The material used in manufacturing the product decides its lifespan and durability. Apart from that, good material is the one that also provides comfort to feet and is soft to the heels. The lining of the shoe also matters as it protects the shoes from wash and care. Moreover, if you are buying something to wear in your shoes, you should never forget to check the product’s soles.

Size: No matter how good the closure of the ice skates is. If its size does not match the size of your child’s feet, it will not fit them properly. This will make ice skating difficult, and they will get disappointed and heartbroken all at once. Hence, before buying ice skates, make sure you are selecting the right size. If they still do not fit your toddler’s feet, return them at once.

Quality: The overall quality of the product can be decided by how tough and durable the product is. Many buyers complain that their product did not last too long. This can be because some buyers neglect the defects in the manufacturing of the product. We advise you to check the ice skates top to bottom as if it is under a microscope. Even minute defects can decrease the life of the product. Return the skates if it has any such defects.

Cost: Buyers tend to ignore this aspect when they are buying stuff for their children. We recommend you not to do that. Many ice skates are priced at a very high rate and still are not qualitative. If you have considered the quality of the product, you may proceed to buy it. Still only purchase it if it fits your budget perfectly. This will also save you from any complaints that you may have with the product in the future.

Read reviews: Reading reviews will help you in knowing great details about the product. If the product isn’t what the manufacturer claims it to be, you will get to know it through the reviews. Many buyers regularly post their honest reviews of the product on many online sites. Each product on our list has many reviews on the internet. So if you are skeptical of buying anything, just head straight to the reviews.


Ice skates let your toddlers skate freely on ice. They will enjoy family time so much. We do understand that choosing any product for your child is difficult. You are always doubtful of its quality and comfort. We assure you that we care about those aspects too, which is why we only picked the most popular and most durable products for you. We have put a lot of time and effort into researching these products.

The ice skates will not disappoint you even a little bit. However, we recommend you read all the details about the products carefully before thinking of purchasing anything. We hope that our list helped you, and you plan a family venture for ice skating soon.