10 Best Hooded Baby Towels of 2021 – A Mom’s Review & Guide

Caring for a baby requires time and energy, but above all, it requires paying close attention to the products we use. In the first years of the baby and the first months, their skin is very delicate and you need to take special care of it. One of the most beautiful and peaceful moments you can spend with your baby is, without a doubt, bath time.

While in the bath, you can dedicate quality time to the baby and help them relax to approach the night with peace and thus gain hours of sleep. However, when taking the baby out of the bath, a bath layer that is soft and comfortable to put on is usually used. At those times you have to prevent the baby from feeling uncomfortable and from slipping.

Research says that the baby feels happy to stay wrapped up in a luxurious material. And it’s also convenient to carry your baby while wearing a hooded towel. Baby hooded towels can also be a fantastic gift idea for a baby shower. Hooded baby towels can be found in a wide variety of colors and textures.  I do love the white one shown below.

With the many brands and cute baby hooded towels out there, it become a herculean task picking the one that best suits your little one’s need. If you find yourself looking for baby towels with a hood to buy, you have appeared in the right place. Here, you will be able to discover the most requested and best baby hooded towel many moms are pleased with.


Best Hooded Baby Towel Reviews

Now let’s check out the best types of hooded towels for babies and toddlers.

1. Premium Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

best baby towelsThe Premium Ultra Soft Organic towel is designed to protect babies from harsh climatic conditions.  It’s made with bamboo premium fiber, which means the towel is specially designed with hypoallergic features in mind. There are no harmful substances in the towel that can damage babies’ delicate skin.

This towel is suitable for newborn babies up until toddler ages. So this towel will be around with you as your child grows. The towel is very durable and robust. It is straightforward to maintain and clean the towel. Because of the delicate fabrics, it takes very little time to dry.

This brand of towel is said to be one of the softest fabrics in the market. This towel is versatile that even after repeated washing, it won’t lose its glaze and softness. The design of the towel has made it one of the best gifts to take to a baby shower. And if you are just interested in the cuteness, the animated designs of the hooded towels make it ever so attractive.

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2. Hooded Baby Towel by Little Tinkers

best hooded towels for babyLittle Tinkers have invented a fantastic hooded baby towel that will enable the babies to play with it for a long time. The towel is not only special to look at, but has some other great qualities. The company is mainly committed to producing a towel of high-quality fabric so that both the little member of the family and the parents enjoy these special moments after bath time.

Each specially designed towel has different types of animated characters. The towel is made with 100% cotton material so it can provide comfort to the baby while he or she sleeps or plays in it. Most of these types of towels are found in vibrant colors, which children love.

The size of the towel is large, and it enables you to wrap the baby quickly inside it. It is perfect for the baby right from birth until the toddler stage. The whole product is finely-crafted along with premium cotton threads, so it gives long-lasting strength without losing its softness.  In short, there are plenty of advantages of using these hooded towels for your baby. Some towels are also available sets of two. 

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3. Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

best hooded baby towelsIf you have a strong desire to give your child double love, you can easily go with the towels of a bamboo hooded baby towel. This can be the best towel for your baby right from his birth. The cute and cuddly look of the towel makes it much more attractive and stunning in all aspects. This towel is available with proper space for ears.

This is a great advantage as that can give much comfort to the little and soft ears. On the other side, it is better to treat the little ones with the towels that are absorbent and soft at the same time. In this respect, it is the ideal one. Once you use it, your little one will become accustomed to it.

This towel is made by introducing the latest textile technology that keeps the product soft and gentle. The towel is much thicker than any other one. It is also considered to be much more protective than the other ones because it is quite heavy and prevents the little one from catching a cold. If the skin of your little one is highly sensitive, it would be wise to go with this product as it is soft and hypoallergic. They are found in a variety of sizes, and it is good to go with the big ones as that will give a long-term service.

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4. Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

best baby towels 2020Now give a cozy and warm feeling to your precious one with the help of an Organic Bamboo baby hooded towel. It is made of original organic Bamboo or cotton material and gives a long-lasting service. The cotton used to manufacture this towel is grown organically without any type of chemicals or other types of materials.

If cotton comprised of chemical products, it wouldn’t last for such a long time. The towel is highly luxurious and thick at the same time. It quickly absorbs the moisture from the skin of the baby and helps to become dry within a short time after the bath.

It’s hard to find a cuter hooded towel that’s also organic and made of bamboo

This towel is hypoallergic and antibacterial for the skin of the baby. So it will protect the baby from various types of external elements. In short, this product is ideal for your little one right from the first day of their birth until becoming a toddler. It is a highly economical product that has gained a good reputation in the market. Most new parents have started choosing this product for their babies.

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5. Hudson Baby UnisexBaby Animal Face Hooded Towel

best baby hooded towelsThe products of Hudson Baby UnisexBaby hooded towel are unique, so it gives absolute comfort to the little ones. It is made of 100% woven terry cotton that is found in various types of animal faces. These types of hooded towels are found in multiple sizes so that the baby can be covered from head to toe. The delicate designs of the towels have made it a popular item among the parents. This towel is ideal for daily use. No matter whether you have a baby boy or girl, this towel is suitable for all sexes.

Apart from hooded towels, this company also makes other types of baby products such as bibs, footwear, caps, and other baby accessories. Every product is made wonderfully so that your baby gets an excellent comfort and feel while they are inside the towels or other products. The towel of this company is perfectly made for his smooth and gentle skin. Give your little ones ultimate warmness with this hooded towel. They will feel snug when wrapped up in this hooded towel.

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6. Natemia Extra Soft Rayon from Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

best hooded baby towelIf you are searching for the softest and coziest hooded towel, it is better to go with the products of Natemia extra soft rayon. This towel is just ideal for babies and toddlers for their sensitive skin. This towel is neither scratchy nor rough, so the parents can use it safely on the skin of their babies.

As the towel is made from the premium quality fabric, it will give a very soft feeling to the little one. This towel quickly absorbs the body moisture while keeping the baby warm. Another important thing about this towel is that it is comparatively larger than the other ones from the market.

These types of towels are very durable and robust. If you buy it once, it can give you a long-term service with no problems. They will keep the same color and quality even after repeated washes. The towels stay fresh and clean for an extended period. Also, it is straightforward to clean such towels. This is the reason most of the parents prefer to use it. Now you can choose your favorite designs for towels by visiting the catalogs.

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7. Burt’s Bees Baby – Hooded Towels

best hooded towelsThe hooded towels of Burt’s Bees Baby are remarkable in all aspects. Made with 100% organic cotton, this towel is the best one for the baby. It will protect your little one from any type of climatic condition. Along with this, your little one will feel comfortable within the towel. The mode of cleaning this towel is straightforward.

One can easily clean it with hands. The neatly finished cotton work on the towel makes it unique in all aspects. Because of its immense qualities, it has turned out to be a bath essential for your babies.

The most exciting thing about this towel is that it is smooth on one side and a loop on the other side. It is not too large or too small for your baby. Instead, it is perfect for your little one. This towel is nicely combed, so it lasts for a long time. There is no such requirement of pill-washing. So, if you use this towel, your baby will highly enjoy the bath because he will get excellent comfort soon after the bath. This is just amazing.

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8. Miniboo Organic Bamboo Hooded Baby Towel

best baby towelThe perfect combination of Miniboo organic hooded towel along with its superior products is just excellent. The towels of this company are super comfortable and soft for your baby. It contains 500 GSM and 70% cotton materials so that your baby gets a beautiful feeling while staying on it.

These hooded towels are specially made of premium quality bamboo fiber that is automatically natural and hypoallergic for the skin. It can be a healthy choice for users, including the parents. Apart from all this, the elegant design of the towel allows the user to gift it to the parents during the baby shower period.

The unisex design of the towel usually loves it a lot.  Both can use this generously sized towel for newborn babies until they attain four years of age. It is better to include this towel in the bath kit of your little one. Because of the lightweight of the towel, the parents can easily carry it. The amazing thing about this product is that it takes very little space and so one can keep it anywhere within the wardrobe.

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9. Eccomum Baby Hooded Towel

best organic baby towelsThe hooded towel that is manufactured by Eccomum is carefully made. Users can easily witness it. The towel is made, especially to gives ultimate comfort and warmness to the body of the baby. The cute bear hooded design of the towel makes it lucrative in the real sense. It will be loved by your little one.

The soft, fluffy, and smooth texture of the towel helps in the natural drying of wetness from the body of the baby. Due to this, the silky and soft towel has gained good popularity among the people. Many people say that this product can be a great step to take care of your baby.

The towel seems to be extra-soft and silky. They are also found in various colors and thus enables the user to choose the best one for their precious children. We all know that bath time is an essential part of your baby. Therefore it is essential to see that after the bubbles, water splashes your baby, gets a warm feeling within the towel. They should be nicely wrapped with the towel, and this is an important thing. The non-toxic material of the towel makes it unique in all respects.

If you have not yet tried this towel, it is the best time to use it. It is for sure that your child will highly cherish the moment. So, what are you waiting for? Just step out and buy the best-hooded towel for the little family member of your family. He will enjoy this precious moment with full enthusiasm.

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10. Buttons and Stitches 3 Piece Infant Hooded Towel

best baby hooded towelPerhaps most of the baby enjoys the period of bathing. However, it can be much more eventful and lovely if you use the hooded towels of Buttons and Stitches. They are available in 3 piece set. It is through this towel that you can quickly envelop your baby in pure softness. He will love to enjoy this period. The specialty of this bath towel is that it is both soft and plush.

The traditional style of wrapping your baby with this towel can be made much better with this item. It is the only towel that is found with minimal fuss and maximum efficacy. These types of qualities may not be present in the case of other towels. The super-absorbent quality of the towel keeps your baby warm for a long time. The washing process is straightforward, and it can be simply washed on the machines. This essential baby product is much famous within the world of babies and their parents. You will enjoy a nice time with your baby along with this towel.

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How to Choose A Baby Hooded Towel

If you have a baby towel at home, do you really need to buy a hooded towel? Hooding baby towels are innovative yet straightforward for babies and toddlers. They have some features that differ significantly from other towels. Many ordinary towels come with a rough surface that could damage the delicate skin of the baby. But if you use the baby hooded towel, they come with a soft surface and fabric.

There are several advantages to using such towels.  One advantage is that they are much smaller than adult towels, so you end up with less washing to do.  The main advantage is that they are designed especially for babies and their delicate skin.

Now let’s start the buying guide for choosing a perfect towel for your little one. So, just forget the traditional towels for adults, and let’s see what to look for in the best hooded baby towel.

  • Check whether it is fragrance-free

When you are buying something for your little one, you should be a bit cautious about it. In this connection, it can be well said that these types of towels should be fragrance-free. Many times it is seen that towels come with a beautiful fragrance as most of the companies spray some chemicals on it.

It is always better to check that there is no such fragrance present in it. Artificial fragrances may create irritations and rashes on the soft and gentle skin of the babies. Perfume-free sprays are always suitable for babies. Synthetic fragrances are not at all suitable for the children. Even they are not good for adults. They can bring an adverse impact on the body of the people.

  • Check the quality of the fabric.

At the same time, the buyer should also check the quality of the fabrics. This is an essential part of the towel that should be tested repeatedly. It is necessary to see that such types of towels are made of fine quality fabrics. They should be made of pure cotton materials.

They should be of such quality so it can easily absorb the wetness from the body. Apart from this, other towels may not provide that service. Checking the quality of the fabric is very important. When it for your little ones, you should never give up or compromise with minor things. It can be dangerous for your children.

  • Easy water-absorbent quality

The hooded towel should soak the water from the body within a short time. If it is not able to do that job, it is a total failure. To absorb the water quickly, it is crucial to see that the quality of the towel is of superior type. It should not be made of nylon or any other kind of synthetic material. Cotton is a good absorbent of liquid materials, so it should be used while manufacturing towels, especially for the little ones.

  • Check the strength of the towel.

If you are buying a towel for your little one, you will never like to change it frequently. Most of the hooded towels are made of such high-quality materials, so they give a long-term service to the parents. Always try to look for fabrics that can provide the best service without getting rough. But if you buy cheap towels, it may not run for a long-time. It will be a total loss of money. Also, check the softness of the towel.  A rough towel can cause a lot of irritations on the skin of the baby.

  • Check the hypoallergic quality.

Babies have sensitive skin. A simple bad product can damage the skin of the little one to a reasonable extent. If the towel is made of inferior quality products, it can cause rashes and irritations on the skin. Another important feature of this hypoallergic quality is that it is an eco-friendly one and does not damage the environment in any way.

Protecting the environment is very important because, through it, your baby can get a healthy life.  Apart from all this, it is seen that when the towels are wrapped and used to rub the body of the baby, it may get rust. But if you buy organic or bamboo hooded towels, you can quickly get rid of this problem.

  • Easy cleaning features

At the same time, the towel should possess the quality to be cleaned. It should not take a lot of time to clean. The organic hooded towels can be washed and maintained. Even it takes very little time and effort to clean such towels. This is a crucial quality of the hooded towels that should be checked several times. Most of the towels lack these types of qualities.

  • Reviews

Last, the user should always check the reviews from relevant sites. There are ample sites that provide such types of reviews. Thus such reviews will give complete information about the towel along with the price in some cases. But one should be aware of the fake sites as they are quite large in number. The more you will visit such websites, the more you will gain information about the products. Most of the people buy the products without gaining proper knowledge about the same. The role of the review is great for buyers.


Choosing the best baby hooded towel is an important decision given the variety of qualities like softness, warmness, and the quality of the material. The procedure of wrapping the towel is good in all aspects, especially when it can dry your baby quickly and make them feel safe. They are made of fine-quality materials that create the warmness in the body.

Towels that are made from organic materials or bamboo is the best material to choose, and that should be purchased for the wellness of the little ones. Always check what material the towel is made from and check the reviews to ensure that the actual feeling of the towel is as described.