10 Best Hair Ties For Babies As Reviewed In 2021

Babies’ hair is naturally super cute and all, but it can get messy without proper care. Most of the time, it’s surprisingly subtle and adorable, so you want to allow your little girl to feel free. But when the hair begins to grow out of place almost over the face, then it’s time to get those soft wee tufts under some control. And a baby hair tie is the perfect hair accessory to provide that control and give a touch of even more cuteness to your baby girl’s hair.

A baby hair tie is one hair accessory that you should have. Regardless of how much hair your girl has or doesn’t have, baby hair ties are still workable. Have you long imagined how you’d create a mother-child bonding routine as you style your baby’s hair? Well, here are some of the best hair ties for babies you can add to your baby hair accessory collection for that.

As with all baby products, the varieties of baby hair ties are almost limitless. There are many different sizes so that no hair tie tightens the baby’s hair or is so loose that it ends up accidentally falling off. This is very important, as a tight baby hair tie could cause problems for the baby. Thankfully, we’ve reviewed and listed some of the best baby hair ties you can lay hands on.

Best Buy Hair Ties For Babies Reviews

Here are our reviews of the best baby hair ties.  We also have a review of the best hair clips for babies and the best baby shampoo.

1. J-MEE Baby Hair Ties for Kids Toddlers

baby hair tiesThe first hair ties are from J-Mee. These are available in a pack of 100 pieces, and you will find ten different colors in the pack. This means that each color has ten pieces. These are made of really high-quality material, and the fabric on the hair ties is very soft.

Because of this, there is no breaking or tangling of hair, which can be painful for your baby. The hair ties are very soft, and you can easily stretch while making pony tales. The diameter of the band is 1.25 inches, which makes them perfect for your baby girl.

They are also very affordable, so you would not have to worry about losing the bands. To give you an idea, the pack of 100 bands is priced at less than $9. Another thing that we would like to mention about these bands: they are washable.  These do work well as the best hair ties for toddlers, especially if they have thin hair.

You can hand wash them with cold water and mild detergent. This will help you in getting rid of the stains quickly. The material is safe for the baby, and there is no use of harsh chemicals at any manufacturing process stage. You can certainly go ahead and choose these hair ties for your baby girl.

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2. Youxuan Kids Elastics No Damage Colored Hair Bands

best hair ties for babiesIs your baby not very comfortable with the hair ties that are made of fabric? How about using something that is like a rubber band? Well, have a look at this pack of hair ties that are lightweight and easy to use. This is specifically for the parents whose baby loses their bands almost every hour.

We say this because this pack contains 1000 hair ties. Do not worry about the price because they are affordable. We like these in particular as they are made of silicone, which makes them safe.

These hair ties are comfortable to wear, and you would not experience breakage or any other issue while your baby is wearing these hair ties. They are available in various color options, and you can visit the product page and browse through the available options they have for you.

With this, you will certainly be able to choose what you need. The material is slightly thick, which makes gives them the required strength as well. The colors available are bright, and this makes it fun to use them. You can combine this with other hair accessories as well.

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3. Hanmei Seamless 8mm High Elastic Cotton Stretch Hair Ties Bands

hair ties for babiesAre you looking for something simple and easy to use? Check out this product at number 3 from Hanmei. These are the plain black color hair ties, which are made of cotton stretch.

These bands are of good quality. You will absolutely love these hair ties because they do not cause any breakage or damage to your baby’s hair while you are removing them.

Another point to be noted is that these hair ties do not slip off from the hair when your baby is playing outside. There is an active compression technology that generates the right amount of force to keep the hair together.

The strength is just optimal, and at the same time, there is no compromise on the elasticity either. If you are making a ponytail, you can wrap it around the hair at least three times. To give you an idea, hair ties’ circumference ties is 5 inches, and the diameter is around 7 mm to 8 mm. The thickness of the hair tie is 4 mm to 5 mm.

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4. Willing Tee 180 pcs 2mm Mix Colors Baby Elastic Hair Ties

best hair ties for toddlersWe are sure that you must be bored of looking at the typical styles of hair ties. What if we offer you an innovative design? We are not kidding you, and we have something that your baby is going to love. Check out this hair accessory from Willing Tee, and we are sure that you will end up buying this immediately.

The design is different as it is not just a single strand of fabric that will hold your hair. It includes multiple strands of elastic material that would help your baby’s hair baby and help make ponytails. See the design to work out if this style would suit your baby.

The package comes in 18 different colors, and each color has ten pieces. The diameter of each strand of the hair tie is 2 mm, and the diameter of the hair tie is 25 mm. You can combine multiple colors in one go and use them all together to make a combination.

You do not have to worry about your daughter having thin or thick hair as she will be able to use them irrespective of this fact. If you are looking for multiple colors, then this something that you must opt for without a second thought.

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5. TecUnite 200 Pieces Multicolor Tiny Baby Girls Hair Ties

best rubber bands for baby hairMoving on to our fifth hair tie. We have something from TecUnite. Before you move ahead, let us tell you that this is very similar to what you have seen at number 4. The brand is different, and there are slight variations in the product.  That what we loved about this, with 20 colors available in the multi-color pack. Each color has ten pieces, which means that the total hair ties in this pack are 200.

You can use them multiple times as they are of good quality, which means that they retain their elasticity for a long time. These hair ties are 2.5 cm, which is big enough for baby girls. You can use them for making ponytails, and they would come out beautifully. While removing the hair ties, your baby would not experience any pain or discomfort because of hair pulling along with the band. This doesn’t happen with these hair ties.

This is a must-have product for every parent whose baby girl has long hair. There are multiple purchase options available here, including 5 cm diameter bands with variable hair ties thickness.

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6. Asfos 100 PCS Seamless Cotton Hair Ties

best hair ties for toddler thin hairWith this, we have already shared half of the products on our list with you. It is now time to look at the hair ties at number 6. These are premium quality hair ties from Asfo that are available for babies and do not hurt or entangle your baby’s hair.

These hair ties have a diameter of 1 inch, which means that you can use them for thick hair, thin hair, straight hair, or even curly hair. The hair ties will indeed hold the hair securely, and it would not lose elasticity either.

The colors available in the pack are bright, and they are perfect for baby girls who love to wear colorful dresses. There are some neutral colors as well, which include white and black. This means that you can even dress up your baby for formal settings, and you will be able to use these hair ties during such events. The brand has a lot of confidence in the quality of hairbands it manufactures.

Because of this, the brand assures you of quality assurance for one year from the date of purchase. These hair ties are also very affordable, and we are sure that your baby doll will love them a lot.

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7. Lintopos Elastic Hair Bands Ties Girl – 100 pieces

best toddler hair tiesAre you sick of buying the low-quality hair ties that end up entangling your hair and hurting your baby? We have something that should please you and your baby. Please have a look at this product from Lintopos, and they are designed with the utmost care.

Your baby would not experience any ache while using these bands. The bands are available in bright colors, and each pack has ten different colors in it. Another good thing is that the box has 100 pieces, so you would not have to worry about losing the hair ties.

Talking about the material, as mentioned above, it is made of high-quality material that ensures the safety of the baby. You can hand wash them easily if your hair ties get stained or soiled while the baby is playing outside.

You will be able to use these hair ties while your baby is growing. Each of these tie’s diameter is 0.97 inches, and it can be stretched to a total diameter of 5.1 inches. This should you an idea of how stretchy these hair ties are. 

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8. NSpring 100PCS Baby Hair Ties

toddler hair tiesIf you are looking for something affordable, check out these hair ties as they are available in a pack of 100, and they come in several different colors.

To give you an idea, this has 12 different colors available, which ensure that you always have a matching hair tie for your baby. The ties’ diameter is 1 inch, and the thickness of the hair ties is 0.25 inches.

The bands are of good quality so that it will be unusual, should they break. You will be able to stretch the bands up to 5 inches when you are using them.

These bands do not cause any hair damage, and you will be able to use them on your little girl, even if she has fine hair. The band’s elastic material doesn’t lose the elasticity with ti, which means that they will last well.

One thing that you must take note of is that these bands are washable, and the brand also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

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9. J-Mee 60 Pcs Baby Hair Ties

hair ties for toddlersDo 100 bands in a pack sound like a lot? Are you looking for a smaller pack? Check out this product from J-Mee. These are available in a pack of 60, bands and you get a total of 10 colors in this pack.

The colors are bright, and in addition to this, each band has a diameter of 1.25 inches. This is slightly larger than the average band that you find in the market, which makes it easy to remove the hair ties. The fabric used here is soft polyester, which is one of the best.

The hair ties don’t slip, and it is also stretchable. The elasticity is unmatched, and at the same time, the band quickly recovers back to its original shape. The seamless design ensures that the baby’s hair is not pulled along with the hair ties.

You can also opt for a 50 piece hair ties pack that comes with a stripe design, and you can also opt for a plan that has the integration of Black & Color in it. Lastly, the brand provides quality assurance for six months, during which you get a 100% money-back guarantee as well.

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10. 30 PCS Baby Tiny Hair Bows with Elastic Ponytail Ties

baby hair elasticsWe are going to surprise you with this final product on our list. We say this because now you have seen all the traditional designs, but this design is charming. These hair ties are designed like tiny hair bows that are ever so cute.

The length of the bow is 4.3 cm, and the width is 2.5 cm. The material is also silky and soft. These come in 15 colors available in these hair bow ties, and each color has two pieces. The elasticity is also excellent, and it holds the hair properly.

The hair does not fall out of this band, and you would also not notice any strings around the hair ties. They can be used daily, and they feature one of the best designs on the list. Your baby can wear them with a casual dress or with a party wear dress.

There are bright and neutral colors available in the band, which takes care of all the needs. You might find them slightly expensive, but this is only because of the design that they are priced at a premium.

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How To Choose The Best Hair Ties for Babies

New parents may find it challenging to choose the product for their babies. One of the reasons is that they would like to be extra careful with their babies’ comfort, and the second reason is that they do not remember their experience using such products. In such a case, they need to consider many factors that can impact their buying decision.

Buying something as simple as Hair Ties for babies can also seem to be a herculean task. We are here to make it easy for you, and in this section, we have listed a short buying guide where we would educate you about the factors that you can consider while purchasing the hair ties for the babies. Check out the details below –

  • Material

The first thing that we would always check is the material that the bands are made of. Are they just like rubber bands? Are they made of cotton, or are they made of any other fabric? This would determine the quality of the hair ties. In addition to this, if you buy something that is just the rubber band, then that can cause discomfort to the baby. Avoid such products and buy something that has a soft fabric on it. Check how much time does it takes for the hair tie to lose elasticity. This is important if you are looking for the best rubber banks for baby hair.

  • Size

The next thing to check is the size of the hair tie. Do not buy the full-size hair ties which are made for adults. They are not just heavy, but they will always be a misfit. Apart from this, the significant hair ties would not solve the purpose either. Check for the smallest available hair tie for your little girl.

  • Number of Bands

If your baby is active, she may pull her hair ties out, so you may lose a few. If that sounds like you,  it will make sense to order a bigger pack. The brands also understand this unstated need of yours, and hence they have packs available with as many as 100 bands. You can opt for big packs and forget about losing hair ties. 

  • Color and Design

The color choice of a baby hair tie is such a personal choice, but chances are once your baby starts to choose which hair tie they would like today, it will be a bright colored one.  So choose multi-packs where there is a range of colors, and there will be hair ties to go with every outfit and every favorite color.

  • Washable

You can check if the band is washable or not. This will stop you from throwing away the hair tie once it is soiled. Most of the hair ties are washable, which is a good thing about the hair ties. Just ensure that you do not wash the best baby hair ties in boiling water as they risk losing the elasticity because of the hot water.

  • Toxin Free

Hair Ties are colored with the help of dye. Check that the product is toxin-free. Moreover, you need to ensure no allergens in the hair ties, which can cause severe allergy to the baby. Since the baby is a lot more sensitive than adults, it becomes vital to ensure that the hair ties are free of toxins.


We hope you now know about the best hair ties for babies. If you have gone through the complete list, then we are sure that there would be something that you would have liked. The buying guide about the hair ties should help you with the key factors to consider while purchasing the hair ties for your little girl.