10 Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids To Stay Cavity Free In 2021

Brushing teeth regularly help to avoid issues related to tooth decay and oral health. According to several surveys, most bacteria increase their growth when someone doesn’t look after oral health. Due to this, brushing teeth is an important thing. Most people do it, but teaching this habit to your children might be a hard choice.

However, purchasing the right electric toothbrush is a topic of discussion as children’s teeth and gums are fragile, and choosing the right product matters a lot. So, looking after the best possible option based on quality, design, and a few other factors can surely help. The looks might be subjective, but the design isn’t.

You can’t take this decision lightly, and if you want to avoid the purchase of the wrong product, investing a small amount of time in research can help. To avoid this problem for you, we consulted with several experts, well-known manufacturers, and dentists to collect the finest details.

Based on all the factors, we list the top 10 best electric toothbrushes for children in 2020. Even, we also compiled all the factors into our buying guide to conclude the right product as per your specific need. Taking a well-informed decision seems like a more comfortable choice if you look at all the essential aspects.

Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids Reviews

An electric toothbrush is a basic need in every home. It doesn’t matter that if you are buying for children or yourself, maintaining good oral health is crucial to avoid getting into any issue. We ran through a range of factors and came up with this arrangement of 10 ten products. The products are in decreasing order, and you can easily find the right deal by checking out in-depth detail on products.

1. Philips Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Electric ToothbrushPhilips, a great brand name that doesn’t need any introduction, is nailing the market’s electronic segment. Now, their Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is on our list based on all the features it is holding for you. The credit goes to its interactive design; that’s why most parents love this product.

The Philips Sonicare is out top pick

It has an interactive free app that can educate children and make them feel excited about the next brushing experience. The app is rewarding children for adequate brushing, and this can help parents monitor the brushing cycle. Even it has a child pacer that automatically plays a musical alert to help children know when to move to the next quadrant.

Such small tweaks help with proper teeth cleaning experience, and you can expect a range of advantages like higher durability from the same. It gradually increases to the next 2 minutes to easily teach children how to brush their teeth effectively. Training your children will be a more comfortable thing with the purchase of this product.

The build quality is a crucial advantage here, and you can expect effective working from the vibrating motor for sure.

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2. Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush With Sensitive Brush Head & Timer

Oral-B Kids Electric ToothbrushOral B is the leading manufacturer of a toothbrush, and the reason is premium design to get rid of plaque. Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush With Sensitive Brush’s purchase seems like the perfect choice for the price point it is coming for. It is a rechargeable electric toothbrush to fulfill the basic need effectively.

It has a round brush head, and the bristles are incredibly soft. They rotate at a constant speed, and they are also oscillating to provide a better cleaning experience. Due to the adequate speed of rotation and quality of bristles, it can get rid of a higher amount of plaque. That’s why you can consider it as a reliable choice over the other options.

The design is premium here, and the after-sale services are good enough to claim the product if there is any usability issue. This rechargeable electric toothbrush is the perfect choice for your child, and it has a great battery backup. Even it has a timer for two minutes which will automatically turn off the toothbrush motor from rotation.

The built quality is also reliable, and the design is premium. That’s why you can consider it as a better choice.

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3. Vekkia Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush

Vekkia Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric ToothbrushWith the number of positive reviews and a great design, the purchase of Vekkia Sonic Rechargeable Kids Electric Toothbrush is right for your child. The primary reason for the purchase is an impressive color choice and the use of cartoon characters. Both are eye-catchy, and they can attract children, especially girls, for sure.

It is for multiage children, and the manufacturer suggests it for the age group of 7-12 mainly. There are bristle heads included in the pack so that you don’t have to worry about a single problem in the future. It is efficient in usability, and it is packed with a bunch of other features like more comfortable usability, better battery life, great design, and a lot more.

The weight of this toothbrush is very light, and your child will not face any issues. It also had three modes and memory to press the button and get the desired vibration speed activated to get the best results. It is also IPX7 rated, so it is virtually waterproof, and it can fulfill the need more quickly.

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4. Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids and Teenagers

Sonic Electric ToothbrushYou can expect premium bristle quality and unique looking design from Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids and Teenagers for a slightly expensive price point. It has a perfect handle, which provides a better grip, and it is a lightweight product so that your children won’t have to face a single issue with the overall usability for sure.

It has a two minutes smart timer, which automatically activates when you press the power button. Once your children spend 2 minutes, it automatically turns off. This helps your children know when they are done with the brushing. Even the looks of this brush are eye-catchy, and they can attract anyone for sure.

Apart from the design and build quality, the battery life is awe-inspiring that can make you grab this product of choice for sure. Even the manufacturer is offering a spare bristle head, and you can change it whenever you want to. The replacement of bristles is slightly expensive with this product; otherwise, everything is highly reliable, and you can consider the same.

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5. Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush Super Mario Powered Toothbrush

Arm & Hammer Kid s Spinbrush Super Mario Powered ToothbrushNeedless to mention that Arm & Hammer manufacturers some affordable but great quality electric toothbrushes. The purchase of Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush Super Mario Powered Toothbrush can give your goosebumps, considering the price. It has the lowest price, even with the battery included in this kit.

The build quality is great, and it has a funny Mario cartoon printed, which can easily attract your child toward the purchase. It has a flexible head, and it also gives a rotating movement to get rid of plaque in an effective manner. The smart design and easier usability can enhance your child’s chances of making this product for sure.

The only issue is that it is not a rechargeable product, but it comes with the battery included. You can expect a great battery backup from the same, and there will be no issue with the overall usability. That’s why you can rely on the purchase of the same. The only problem is, the bristle head is not replaceable. So, you have to throw the whole unit when bristles start to break.

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6. Kids & Baby Toothbrush Electric Sonic Battery Powered

children & Baby ToothbrushOne of the handiest designs in the whole unit that you are definitely going to love during the purchase is the children’s & Baby Toothbrush Electric Sonic Battery Powered toothbrush. It has a premium design, and the built quality is up to the mark, making you consider the purchase of the same for sure.

It has ultra-soft bristles that are not going to harm your baby’s teeth or gums. This product is smart, and it automatically turns off after two minutes of usage. An AAA battery powers it, and it is quite a lightweight product of choice. Your children will love the overall looks of the same. Even replacing the battery is also an easy thing with the product to consider as a better option for sure.

The minimalistic design with the option to change the bristle head makes it a perfect option to look after. The built quality is quite genuine, and there are many positive reviews about effective durability. Apart from all these features, it comes with smart connectivity and a speed setting to control the speed, and many other features.

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7. Amazon Brand – Solimo Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush

Amazon Brand - Solimo Kids Battery Powered ToothbrushDespite being a new competitor in the electric toothbrush segment, their products’ quality is up to the mark. The purchase of Amazon Brand Solimo Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush is not a bad choice for the price point. There are two units offered for half the price of what people spend the most.

The yellow and blue color options look fancy, and they are totally eye-catchy. The battery is already included in the same, and it can offer a great battery backup. It has an extra-soft bristle so that it does not harm your child’s teeth at all. The design is also premium with a flexible handle so your child can use the same without any problem.

Apart from the design, the built quality is good enough to opt for the same. The only issue is, you can’t replace the bristle head. You can replace the battery until the product is working fine, but when the bristles start causing the problem, then you have to buy the new one. It is a common problem with this choice; otherwise, everything is great here.

The best part to be noted, you are getting two units, and the price is definitely meager. Even the customer reviews are also positive to ensure a safer purchase here.

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8. Colgate Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Battery Powered ToothbrushColgate is the king and most recommended brand during the purchase of toothpaste. The credit goes to their proper research and builds quality. Colgate Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush is a new product from the manufacturer, and it is quite a reliable option for the price point it is coming at.

It has a funky design with a premium in-hand feel, which ensures that your child will love this product in most cases. The quality of the bristle is ultra-soft, and it will prevent bristles of your baby. The design is also reliable enough to look after. It has a rotating power and a small motor to provide enough movement to get rid of plaque.

There is a small and easy to press on/off button. Still, it misses with memory feature, auto-turn off after two minutes, and durability. If you face a problem with the bristles, you don’t have any option other than getting a new toothbrush. For the price and slim design, you can consider it as a great option to look after.

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9. Yuantongshun Kids Electric Toothbrushes Kids Electric Toothbrush

Yuantongshun Kids Electric ToothbrushesGoing with a less known brand might be risky, but if you look after Yuantongshun Kids Electric Toothbrushes Kids Electric Toothbrush reviews, you can number of advantages. It is a quality product for the price point, and it has all the necessary features you are looking for. You can get effective working, and it is a great product to get rid of plaque.

Needless to say, that plaque is easy to remove, but when it comes to removing plaque without damage to gums, then you need to be selective. The bristles are slightly hard, and they can feel hard to use during the early purchase days. But, after a couple of days of use, it will get slightly soften from time to time, that’s why you can consider it for sure.

It operates with a single button, and there is a small battery inside. The manufacturer includes the battery, and you can replace it. The manufacturer includes one extra replacement bristle head. The minimalistic design and quite a genuine build quality can make you expect better overall durability. The material used is genuine and good to go for.

Considering the battery life of 1 AAA for three months, you can find it a better choice to consider.

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10. Fairywill Kids Electric Toothbrushes Rechargeable

Fairywill Kids Electric ToothbrushesThe last product to nail this list is Fairywill Kids Electric Toothbrushes Rechargeable. Due to the positive reviews and rechargeable functioning, this product comes in handy and provides some of the great advantages without any doubt. It is safe to use, and it can provide an effective cleaning of plaque, which can make you rely on the same.

It has a smart timer, and it is also providing you three modes on the same. There are 2 minutes smart timer so that your child uses the brush for an adequate time period. The smart functionality helps with effective usability and enhances the number of advantages. There are three different settings about the speed, and you can use control them with a single button.

The funky color design with a small light for indicator makes it look unique. It is also a waterproof option, and it is rated as IPX7, which can make you feel comfortable during long-term use. The design only issues here, and children don’t feel attracted to the same. Otherwise, everything is ideal for this product, and you can consider the purchase.

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Features Of The Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Before investing your money in an Electric toothbrush for your child, it is important that you go through crucial aspects. Here is our list of factors that you must be checking to finalize the right deal. To evaluate the purchase of the right product, you can consider the below-mentioned factors

  • Effective in Removing Plaque

A toothbrush serves the purpose of removing plaque from the teeth and gums apart. A quality product is good enough to remove plaque from all corners and sides of teeth as well as gum. You can look after the plaque score, and determining the personal feel that you are getting can help you understand whether this toothbrush suits you or not. Effective removal of plaque depends upon the type of spin, rotation speed, and many other factors.

  • Reputed Manufacturer

A number of electric toothbrush manufacturers are available in the market, and among all of them, choosing the best one is slightly typical. It will be a helpful choice if you go with a well-known brand. Looking after a reputed brand gives you other advantages like better after-sale services, better build quality, and higher durability. Still, these factors are dependent on the product you are choosing instead of the brand itself. Choosing a well-liked brand can ease up the decision only.

  • Soft Bristles

When buying an electric toothbrush for your child, it is important that you check the bristles. Some cheap quality products have hard bristles that are harmful to gums, and they can peel skin during the use. Those products might look good in the beginning, but their bristles start losing shape after a while. So, checking on the quality of bristle is important to get an effective result during the use.

  • Rechargeable or Not

Some companies are manufacturing rechargeable electric toothbrush, whereas some companies offer a removable AA batteries option. Both are reliable, but having a chargeable option means you can expect longer battery life, and they are easy to charge. There is no need to replace batteries again and again. This reason can make you consider the purchase and gain a number of advantages for sure.

  • Smart Timer

Most brands put smart timer feature in their electric toothbrush so that they automatically stop after two minutes. Due to this, your children won’t have to look after time again and again. They can stop when the timer alerts in an electric toothbrush.

  • Battery life

Among all the factors, battery life is most important, and good quality children toothbrush offer enough battery life to last more than a hundred times brushing without a charge. Even you can do more than that. During a travel trip, you will understand the importance of battery life. Even if the battery starts losing down, there must be any sort of notification light to help you know about the same.

  • Head Shape, Size, and Flexibility

A slight angle should curve the head shape of your child’s electric toothbrush angle. Having a little flexibility can come in handy and make everything easier for your child during the use. It is the major reason that you should look after the size of the bridge part alerts. It lets you ensure safer use, and if it is too, it might get hard for your child to understand an adequate method of using the same.

  • Eye-catchy Design or Pattern

It is crucial that you look after the design of an electric toothbrush, and you can consider the color also. The purchase should be eye-catchy because children love cartoon characters, funny faces, and a few other things instead of a premium build quality. So, you should check out the brands that offer an impressive design on their product. It will help you grab the right design that your child is going to use on a daily basis.

  • Affordability

Kid’s electric toothbrushes are mostly in use for two years or three years maximum. After that, they shift to a slightly larger size, and if you want to avoid spending too much, then you should decide on a proper budget. Once you have a budget decision, you can compare the product based on price and figure out the perfect deal for your specific needs. 

  • Bonus Tip 

The battery-powered toothbrush is easily available in most of the supermarkets, and they are made up of lower quality material. They also have poor durability. That’s why you should check out for a rechargeable electric toothbrush. This will help you expect better battery life and overall durability.


Due to the vibrating motors present in an electric toothbrush, your children might get scared of the toothbrush. They need proper guidance, and it is important for you to teach them an adequate method. While teaching them about the use and how it works properly, you can help them overcome that fear.  They will come to love using their special toothbrush.

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