The Best Easel For Kids and Toddlers Reviewed In 2021

If you have a creative child, why not buy them the best easel for kids and let them create art. They will be able to write and draw on their own when they have an easel in their room. A small hobby that they develop can turn into a lifelong passion as they start growing.  You can learn more about how to encourage your child to learn to draw.

It can get a little messy when your children’ paint, draw, or write on the easel, but it is a good option for their overall growth. It encourages and helps in free-thinking, and they get creative with their ideas. You may be thinking, why not just use a piece of paper?  While that is an option, it is much easier for a child to learn to draw on an easel. We have reviewed the best easel for kids and toddlers in 2021.

Instead of sitting and bending on a paper for a long time, it would be good to do it at their eye-level. Above all this, many muscles start developing and get stronger when your toddlers and children start drawing or writing on an easel. The large motions with their tiny arms help extend their hands easily, and they will have better hand motion control.

There are many other advantages to having an easel at home. But the actual problem starts now when you are thinking about buying an easel for your children. From different manufacturers, you have several options to check out before deciding which is the best option for your child. It can be very confusing and overwhelming for the parents to decide easily.

Best Easel For Kids Reviews

Have a look at some of the best easels for kids & toddlers in our expert review.

1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

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If you are looking for an excellent easel for your children, Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is a good pick. It comes with a dual surface with a dry-erasable board and chalkboard. This helps the children to make their activities more fun. The easel made using wood, and it is a long-lasting material. The material is safe for the children and light in weight as well. Your children will also be able to fix papers on the board and enjoy water painting. There are two large trays where you can organize all that your children need for art, writing, and drawing.

The wooden frame easel is easy to install, and it also folds faster without any hassle. It is an excellent gift for children above the age of 3 years, and that is when they start to get creative. It is effortless to clean with the marker eraser, and the chalkboard can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. The best part is you will be able to adjust the height of the easel.

2. Step2 All Around Easel

Step2 All Around Easel

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Step2 All Around Easel is a straightforward easel design for those parents who prefer to keep it simple. It is available in three color combinations and two different sets of colors. Tan, Red, and yellow are set, and Tan, purple and pink are the other set. There are two surfaces for this easel, one chalkboard and the other is the dry-erasable whiteboard. If you have more than one child at home, then this is a great option. It is made of plastic, and it is a sturdy material that can last for a long time.

There is one large tray in front of the board, and there are two small trays on the two sides of the board. There two small trays that can be removed easily, and your children will be able to place all their art-related stuff in those trays. You can assemble it very quickly. 94 piece foam magnet sets can stick to the magnetic board of the easel. It requires very little space for storing the easel, and cleaning is also effortless.

3. Lewo Wooden Kids Easel

Lewo Wooden Kids Easel

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Those who do not have enough space in the child’s bedroom or any other room can go with Lewo Wooden Kids Easel. It is a tiny version of the usual easels that you see in the market. It does not have a stand or frame that can keep it standing. It is only an easel board that comes with a lid to it. You can make the board stand on the lid at an angle of your choice, or you can lay it flat in the lid and start using it. It is a double-sided easel with one chalkboard on one side and a dry-erasable board on the other side.

It is a good option for those who wish to take it along with them when traveling. The dimensions of the board are 11.8 inches X 9.4 inches X 1.5 inches. It is good for children above the age of three years. 70 wooden pieces are farm-themed, and they can stick to the magnetic easel board. There is a small film on the top of the easel board, and you will have to remove it when you are using it for the first time.

4. ECR4Kids 3-in-1 Premium Standing Easel

ECR4Kids 3-in-1 Premium Standing Easel

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Made using wood and heavy-duty plastic, ECR4Kids 3-in-1 Premium Standing Easel is one of the best options for you to consider. Your child’s playtime is going to be a lot of fun with this easel at home. It comes with a double surface with one chalkboard and one dry-erasable board on the other side. The whiteboard is a magnetic board, and you will pick magnetic alphabets and numbers to it.

You also have an option for paper roll so that your children will paint if they wish to use watercolors. The best part of the easel is you will be able to adjust the height of the easel as your children grow. It can be adjusted between 36 inches to 49 inches according to your choice. It is good for children who have crossed the age of three years.

There are art accessories included in the pack, like a paper roll of 16.5 inches, multi-color chalks, three paint cups, a marker eraser, a dry-erase marker, and six fun magnets for the children. The dimensions of the easel are 21 inches X 23 inches X 49 inches. The total weight of the easel is 14.5 lbs.

5. NextX Kids Easel for Two

NextX Kids Easel for Two

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Made of high-quality plastic, NextX Kids Easel is a good choice for your lovely children. It is always a tough job to make children sit in one place to do something interesting. But an easel can make it possible for you. Learning gets more interesting when you let the children do something out of their creativity.

The junior artist in your children is going to love an easel. It has two sides, with a chalkboard on one side and the whiteboard on the other side. It is good for children above the age of three years, and it comes with a height-adjustable feature so that you can easily adjust it according to your child’s requirement.

There is plenty of space or trays provided with the easel for placing the art supplies. You can set it up very quickly and also fold it with the same ease and store it. It becomes flat and can be placed under the bed if you do not have space in the room. It is a good option for gifting to children on any special occasion.

6. Delta Children Kids Easel

Delta Children Kids Easel

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Delta Children Kids Easel is an attractive option that your children are going to love. It looks more like a play station or a spacious desktop for children. It is available in four different themes like Disney Minnie Mouse, Disney Mickey Mouse, Disney Cars, and Nick Jr. PAW patrol.

You can pick a theme that your children love. It comes with a single side whiteboard, where your children will be able to draw and write. It is a magnetic dry-erase white broad. There is a toy bin at the bottom of the board. It can be removed and placed anywhere.

There is also a small stool where the child can sit and draw. The maximum weight capacity of the stool is 50 pounds. The dimensions of the board are 20 inches X 19.5 inches X 34.5 inches. The reverse side of the board comes with a small toy organizer and also a bookshelf. It is an approved and certified design that is safe for children.

7. KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel

KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel

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Here is another simple yet useful easel model KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel. It is made using premium quality wood material that does not get damaged quickly. It is going to last for a long time. It is available in white color. There are two boards for this easel, one chalkboard on one side and one dry-erasable whiteboard on the other side.

You can use both sides of the board, depending on your requirements. It is a beginner-level easel, which comes with an adjustable height feature. You can easily install it and also fold it very easily.

The height adjustment can also be made very easily. There are two paint cups provide with the pack, and they are spill-proof. There is a paper roll holder, and you can dispense the paper with ease. There is a large tray at the board’s bottom for storing art supplies, markers, crayons, chalks, and other things that your child may need when working on the easel.

8. STEAM Life Easel for Kids

STEAM Life Easel for Kids

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If you are looking for a perfect for your toddler, then STEAM Life Easel for Kids can be a good choice. It comes with a dual-surface board, and you have one chalkboard and one dry-erasable board. It is a 4 in 1 easel with magnetic alphabets, numbers, color markers, chalk, chalkboard, marker eraser, and crayons.

It is made using high-quality plastic material, which is safe for the children and can be used without worries. The easel is light in weight, and hence you can easily move it from one place to another. It hardly takes five minutes to install the easel, and you can also fold it after you are done using it.

It can be placed in any corner of the house or under the bed to save some space in the room. The easel’s height can be adjusted, and you need not worry if your children are growing really fast. There is a small tray for placing your essentials while using it. It comes with a 12 monthly guarantee, and you can get a replacement if you face any problem during these 12 months.

9. B. Toys Easel for Kids

Toys Easel for Kids

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The B toys Easel for Kids is a good choice for children who have crossed the age of three years. It is made of wood, and hence it is one of the best models in the market. As it is light in weight, you will be able to move it easily. It is a double-sided easel, and it has both chalkboard and dry-erase whiteboard. Both the blackboard and the whiteboard cane cleaned very easily. For whiteboard, you will have marker erasers, and for the blackboard, you can clean it with the help of a small damp cloth.

There are two large bins beneath the board, and they are helpful for placing all your art supplies like markers, brushes, crayons, erasers, chalks, and many other things. You can adjust the height of the easel whenever you need it. There are two clips on the top of the easel board, which can be used to clip paper for water painting. Your children are going to love playing with the easel.

10. Amagoing Easel for Kids

Amagoing Easel for Kids

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Amagoing Easel for Kids is another attractive easel made using the best wood. It is a dual-sided easel with blackboard on one side and whiteboard on the other side. It is a 3 in 1 ease withs one blackboard, one whiteboard, and the whiteboard for sticking magnets. Your children can use it in any way of their choice. There is a paper roll holder available for the easel, and your children can get creative with paints. There is a small tray near the board, which is used for organized art supplies. A large tray comes with four paint cups, which can be used for painting. The height of the easel can be adjusted from 35 inches to 50 inches. It can be set up in just a few minutes, and it can be folded with ease. You get pens, chalk, markers, erasers, magnets, and paper roll along with the board.

Considerations When Choosing an Easel For Kids

It is going to be tricky to pick one good option when there are so many different options around you. However, it can get easy if you know what to consider when buying an easel for your children. A simple buying guide can be of great help even when you are having thousands of options in front of you. So, here is a small buying guide that can be very helpful for you.

Ease of use

When you are buying any product for your children, you always make sure that they are easy to set up and use. It is the same with the easel as well. The easel that you are picking should be easy to set up by the children and start using it. It should not take hours to set up and make sure that the board is stable and steady. Most of the market options are designed with children in mind, and hence they are easy to set up and use.      The list above also contains easy-to-use features, but it is one of the features you should be checking.


You will always have to pick an easel that can be used multiple times. You will never want to invest in something that is not strong or durable. You can find easels made of bamboo, wood, and plastic as well. Most of the easels available in the market are made using wood. They are light in weight and will also last for a long time.

Plastic is the next good option available in the market. When compared to the wood, they are much lighter and also stronger. But the price is a bit high when compared to the wood options. Bamboo is also the same; they are light and strong, but expensive. Whatever option you are choosing, you just need to make sure that it is strong, sturdy, and steady as well.


Having a small cup holder and art tray for storage of the supplies is a good idea. Your children will be able to continue with their art without any kind of interruptions. You will be able to store the chalks, erasers, drawing pens, markers, and all other art supplies that your children will need when they are painting or drawing.

Adjustable Height

The height of the easel is one of the most essential features that you need to consider when you are buying an easel. You should not concentrate on getting perfect for your child’s height because your children keep growing and growing fast. But choosing an easel that comes with an adjustable feature can be a great choice. Choose a model that gives you a maximum range to adjust the height according to your needs. Along with all that, you should make sure that you can adjust the height with minimal efforts.

Dual Surface

A dual-surface model is a very good option for those parents who are having two children. Your children will be able to use it at the same time, and you will not have any mess with them. They have a whiteboard on the one side and a chalkboard on the other side of the easel. You can use it for teaching, drawing, painting and many other things at the same time.

Ease of cleaning

When you are buying an easel, another important thing to keep in mind is the ease of cleaning it. You should always pick one that comes with a dry-erasable board. That means you can write with a marker and clean it with the eraser. When writing or drawing on the board, do not use any marker that is not erasable.

You will not be able to remove the marks, and it is going to be waste. Also, the other parts of the easel should be easy to clean. Plastic is one of the best materials, as it is very easy to clean. Even wood and bamboo are good if they come with an exterior coating that can protect them from water and moisture.

Easy to fold

One of the main reasons why a few parents do not want to buy an easel is they occupy a lot of space. So, you will always want to save some space by folding them. You need to pick a foldable option and wrap it in a cloth and store it somewhere. This way, it will not block your way in the room or wherever you are placing it.

You can even place it under the bed so that no space is wasted. When you are going for a foldable easel, you will carry it along with you when you are traveling. It can be placed in the trunk of the car.


If you choose a whiteboard easel for your children, then choose one that comes with a magnetic surface. This is going to make it more fun for the children to learn. You will be able to stick the alphabets or numbers with magnets on one side of them.

Paper holder

If your children love to use watercolors or paints for painting and drawing, then it may not be possible to do it on the whiteboard or chalkboard. It is good to do it one paper or chart. Choose an easel that comes with an option of the paper holder. With such design, you will be able to attach a paper of the easel size and your children can start working on it. They can make any kind of paintings on it.


The safety of the children is the priority for any parents and when you are choosing an easel, you should give importance to that point as well. The material that is used in the making of the easel is very important. Most of the models are made using wood and wood is very safe for the children.

But if you are going for the plastic option, you will have to make sure that you choose a BPA-free and chemical-free plastic easel. Also, make sure to the foot are anti-slip, the screws are children-friendly, and anti-chip. This is going to prevent any unwanted injuries that can be caused due to the easel.


When picking an easel, you should pick a versatile model. That means choosing something that can be used with chalk, markers, drawing pens, and all other things that your children might want to use on the board for drawing or writing. This way, your children will be able to use it in the way they like.


Your children will have mental and development benefits with the help of an easel. So it is worth investing in it. But buying the best one will help you to enhance the list of benefits you will be able to enjoy it. If you are picking the right product and encouraging the children in the right way, drawing and painting can be one of their favorite hobbies for a lifetime. With an easel in the child’s bedroom, the sky is the limit for their imagination and creativity.

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