10 Best Drawing Tablet For Kids & Toddlers In 2021

Drawing tablets are one of the best accessories for the little ones in the house to explore their inclination towards the world of arts and creation from an early age. These tablets act as the main tool to help children develop when they reach the stage of writing and drawing. With there being so many fantastic features we wanted to review the best drawing tablet for kids & toddlers. Just as we saw the benefits of a baby laptop, we can also continue to use the technology when they are a little older. Of course, we always have to do it with measure and caution.

Some of your children may be interested in maths; for these children working out the problems becomes easy with these drawing tablets. Also, when they have an interest in drawing, these drawing tablets are an amazing option for your family. Your children undergo various stages of development, and when they are in the stages of drawing and writing, using drawing tablets is a great option.

There are so many advantages to drawing tablets. Tablets come with a built-in touchscreen monitor. Such a monitor uses the pressure-sensitive surface on which your children can draw using a stylus. Another benefit is that you can connect the tablet with your PC so that you can store the drawings of your children. When your children draw on the tablet, it will display as they draw it. So, there are different models of drawing tablets available in the market.


Best Drawing Tablet For Kids Reviews

With the rise of gadgets and an ever-expanding range of devices, it turns into a whole dilemma when choosing the perfect drawing for your creative genius. To make the decision easier without having to consult a lot of web pages, in this article you will find the most important aspects to consider before buying a tablet for a child as well as a selection of the top ten drawing tablets for kids.

1. Ansel LCD Writing Tablet

drawing tablet for kidsThe first drawing tablet is the Ansel LCD Writing Tablet. This tablet comes with various good features. The tablet could be the perfect gift for your children from 2 years old. They can write, erase, scribble, or draw anything easily using this drawing tablet.

The tablet can be used continuously by your children, as they don’t require any charging. The drawing tablet comes with a built-in CR2032 battery, which will work perfectly without interruption for 12 months. Once the battery dies, you can easily replace it with a new one.   Please be careful as to how you dispose of the old battery.

The drawing tablet comes with a Stylus and Lanyard, which your children can use to write on the tablet without searching for a pen. The tablet features a 10 inches large LCD colorful screen, which will attract your children for sure. There is no worry about scratching this screen, as it is a liquid crystal display.

To erase the drawn and written content, your children just press one button. The tablet is ultra-thin and weighs around 7.1oz or 200g so that your children can easily carry to other places like classrooms, beds, etc. The tablet comes with a smart lock function, which you can use to save the previous work of your children, so there is no accidental clearing of the childs work.

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2. Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet

best drawing tablet for kidsThe next tablet is the Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet. It comes with 6 mini washable gel FX markers. Here your children’ drawings are displayed with a lighting effect, so this tablet serves as the perfect option if your child likes to create bold artworks.

It features a light board surface, which you need to turn on if you want to draw with such a light effect. Such a bright LED light surface glows all your writings or drawings done using gel FX markers. To erase the things on this light screen, you need to wipe the screen.

The drawing tablet is recommended for children and toddlers of more than 6 years. It is best up to children of 9 years. It features FX markers, which are the only recommended markers to use on this tablet. It needs 3 AA batteries to work, which you need to buy separately, as they don’t come with this package. This tablet is a great option as a birthday gift. The tablet weighs around 4.4 pounds, so your child should be fine carrying this tablet.

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3. Sunany LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Board

kids drawing tabletNow to the Sunany LCD Writing Tablet, which is another great option as a gift your child. The tablet is designed in such a way that it protects your child’s eyes, as it features a non-radiative and eye protection screen. So your child is free to use longer than other tablets. They can use the tablet continuously for a longer time, and you can feel safe and comfortable when your children are using this tablet.

The tablet works using an in-built battery of model CR2025, which doesn’t require any charging. The product dimensions are 21 x 14 x 0.5 cm, and it weighs around 5.6 ounces, which your children can carry easily. So the tablet is 8.5 inches.

The tablet is recommended for children of more than one year of age. Since the laptop is manufactured with plastic material, it is much safer to use for your children, and they can take it to schools and when out visiting. It comes with one button which your children can use to erase the writing or drawing on it. To save the previous work of your children, you can lock it using an anti-erasure lock. Since it is an eco-friendly product, it serves as an ideal child’s present.

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4. Kimiandy LCD Writing Tablet

best drawing tablet for toddlersThe next tablet is Kimiandy LCD Writing Tablet. This tablet is designed in such a way that your children feel like they are writing with a pen and paper. The product includes 2 stylus pens, 2 batteries, and 2 magnets with 1 LCD writing tablet.

The best age for developing the brain is during childhood. During this time, encouraging them to use a tablet can aid their future. This drawing tablet may help them in the best way to show their skills like writing and drawing.

This tablet also works without producing any radiation. Thus, the tablet comes as a non-radiative and eye-protective tool for drawing and writing. Here the built-in magnet and stylus dock helps to stick it on any magnetic surface for convenience.

This eco-friendly product comes with a built-in CR2016 battery, which doesn’t require any charging. The product dimensions are 5.9 x 0.2 x 8.7 inches, and the weight is 6.4 ounces. With an anti-erasure lock, you can protect your child’s previous work safely. The product is dust-free, ink pollution-free, and radiation-free. Thus it is highly recommended for children.

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5. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

drawing tablets for kidsBoogie Board Scribble and Play Color LCD Writing Tablet is the next product that helps to unleash your child’s creativity. Your little ones can draw, erase, doddle, or scribble on this tablet easily. This product is the first that allows your children to draw in color. The product dimensions are 7.4 x 0.6 x 9.5 inches, and the weight is 7 ounces. It is recommended for children of more than 4 years of age.

The tablet features a durable design so that you don’t have to worry about how hard your children use the tablet. It features a replaceable coin-cell battery, which will last for 5 years. So the battery life is great here.

When your child leaves using this tablet for a longer time, then while using, you need to press the erase button ten or more than ten times to wake up the battery. Sometimes batteries don’t work in the worst cases; in such a situation, the battery requires replacement, which you can do by following the user manual. The product meets the ASTM standards Consumer Safety Specifications on Toy Safety, hence no need to worry about the product’s design and feature.

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6. Mom & Myaboys LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

drawing tablet kidsThe next product, “mom&myaboys LCD Writing Tablet for Kids” is the best gift for your children, as it is lightweight and easy to carry by your children. With its 9-inch LCD screen, your children feel free to write content and draw as well.

The LCD screen uses the newest pressure-sensitive technology that helps for easy writing and drawing. Your children feel easy to use this tablet, as it is just like using a pen with paper. The tablet is small, safe, and portable to use, and it is the best gift for your children, as it is an environment-friendly product.

The tablet features two buttons on it, one for erasing the content and one for saving the last-drawn or written content. Ensure that you press the screen lock button to save your children’ previous works. The tablet features a leather pen cap to place the stylus pen. Writing on this tablet becomes easy using this stylus pen.

Your children are free to use this tablet for a longer time, as there is no radiation from the device. The tablet is an eco-friendly and non-radiative product. Hence it is safer for your children. The product dimensions are 9.2 x 7.7 x 0.7 inches, and it weighs around 7.2 ounces. Gift your children for their birthdays with this eco-friendly tablet.

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7. BunnySlope 8.5” LCD Writing Tablet

drawing tablet for toddlersThe next product is BunnySlope 8.5” LCD Writing Tablet. This tablet is the best choice for doodling, drawing, and taking notes. This tablet is not only for children but also recommended for elders to take notes during office works.

Here the LCD screen is an 8.5-inch panel that your children can use to write and draw easily. The LCD screen is free from radiation and glare and doesn’t cause any oxidative damage to your children’ eyes. So the tablet is an environment-friendly product.

The tablet is relatively smaller in size, and your children feel comfortable carrying it around various places. It comes with an erase key, which you need to press for deleting the contents. To save your child’s work, use the lock screen button present at the back of the tablet.

The tablet never requires you to charge it for use, as it uses the replaceable CR2025 battery. Here the body is made up of ABS plastic, which is safe, shockproof, and non-toxic. The product dimensions are 8.7 x 5.7 x 0.2 inches, and it weighs around 3.84 ounces. It is lightweight and comes handy. To draw or write on this tablet, use the stylus pen that comes with this product.

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8. OTTATAT 6.5 Inch LCD Tablet

best drawing tablet for 10 year oldThe next product on our review list is the OTTATAT 6.5 Inch LCD Tablet. Here the tablet uses the high-grade material for its design, which is an ABS plastic body with an LCD screen. Here the LCD screen is free from any radiation, dust, and pollution. Also, there is no radiation from the screen, so your children’ eyes are protected great even after they use the tablets continuously.

So it is a safer option for your children to write, doodle, scribble, or draw on it. The body is highly durable and shockproof, and the LCD comes with waterproof and impact-resistant features. So, this drawing tablet is one such environment-friendly option to go with for your children. It is recommended for children of 7-14 years old.

Coming to its features, the tablet provides easy drawing and writing for children with the stylus pen provided with it. To clear your children’ writing and drawing contents, you can use the clear or delete button. But to save the contents, use an anti-delete button. The tablet is lightweight and durable, which comes with a matte finish just to make you feel like writing on a paper. Thus, buy this LCD tablet, which is clean and echo-friendly for your children.

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9. Almosl Children Practical LCD Writing Drawing Tablet

best kids drawing tabletAlmosl Children Practical LCD Writing Drawing Tablet is a great option for parents to gift their children for birthdays and other special occasions. This tablet comes with many useful features due to its design and construction.

This tablet is not only recommended for children but also for others to use it as a dictation board, message board, and calculation paper, etc. The LCD screen provides a radiation-free, oil-free, ink-free, and dust-free design. The radiation-free design ensures the safety of your children’ eyes. So, it is a non-toxic and environment-friendly design that is best for children.

The screen features a 4.4-inch size, and the body of the tablet uses plastics for its construction. It comes with a replaceable battery, which will come with an average battery life of 5 months. The LCD drawing tablet features a delete button to erase your content. To save your drawings and other contents, you can use the lock button. The product dimensions are 4.7 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches. Here the plastic material is plastic, which is highly durable, and hence, the tablet comes for longer life.

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10. Isopeen 8.5inch Children Drawing Tablet Board

toddler drawing tabletThe last product is an open 8.5inch Children Drawing Tablet Board. Here the tablet board is available in different colors such as light blue, pink, red, black, and blue. With the availability of many colors of monitors, the picture will not show the actual color of the item. Ensure that you use different color paint from the color of the monitor. The product dimensions are 22.8 x 14.3 x 0.5 cm. Here the screen is 8.5 inches in size, so your children are free to write or scribble or draw different things.

The drawing tablet uses ABS plastic for its highly durable body. Coming to the LCD screen, it doesn’t produce any radiation and hence, safer to your children’ eyes even after using it continuously for a longer time. Hence, the tablet is healthy, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly gear. One can use this drawing tablet as a calculation paper, dictation board, message board, education toy, etc. The LCD screen is free from dust, radiation, oil, and ink. The battery used here is CR2025 that is replaceable and comes for more than 1 year. This battery doesn’t require you to charge, and hence, you can use it continuously without charging this gear.

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These were the top ten drawing tablets that are best in their features and design. To make you feel easy about choosing the right one of these ten products, we have also given the buying guide. Look at the features given below.

How To Choose The Right Drawing Tablets For Kids & Toddlers?

Here we offer the buying guide, which will help to get some idea of buying the right drawing tablet. Go through the features given below.

Weight and Portable:

Since your children are going to use these drawing tablets, ensure that they are lightweight and portable. Most of the drawing tablets are weightless so that your children can carry easily to schools, beds, and other places wherever they go. Check the weight and buy the drawing tablet.

Drawing Area:

Check the drawing area or the LCD screen, which is enough space to draw or write things. Based on the drawing area’s size, your children feel comfortable to write or doodle or scribble contents. When you see the drawing area, you need to consider both the overall size and drawing size as well. Never consider the actual tablet size as the drawing area size.


Many companies are growing up and introducing many models of drawing tablets. There are some popular brands in the US market, if you are worried about quality, go with such popular brands.


Some tablets may emit harmful radiation, which is not safer for your children. Such radiations easily affect the eyes of children. Thus, buy the tablet, which is free from radiation and dust. When you buy such a tablet, your children can use it for a longer time.


The body of the tablet should be high-grade material like ABS plastics. As your children handle the tablet roughly and carelessly, it should undergo wear and tear without any problem. Check whether the tablet is made using high-grade material.


This is another crucial feature that you need to check for extending the life of the drawing tablet. In most cases, the tablet comes with a replaceable battery design that offers a 12 months life. Also, ensure that the tablet comes with a battery so that you don’t have to buy it separately.


The last feature but the most important one is the budget. Though you spend some expensive amount for buying the drawing tablet, the tablet should be worthy of buying it. Check whether an LCD drawing tablet is worth your purchase and go for it.


After reading our buying guide, we hope you now know what you should be looking for when buying the best kids tablet. When you check through all the features, ensure you choose a tablet that will help your child with both their education and fun activities too.  If they love what they are doing, they may end up working in the job of their dreams!

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