10 Best Digital Cameras For Kids 2021 – A Mom’s Review

If you have a creative child, you will want to encourage their creativity. There are many ways of doing the same. However, gifting your child a digital camera will not only help in unleashing the creativity of your younger one but will also help you build memories. These days, the best digital cameras for kids come with a lot of features such as video recording, playback, different games, amongst a host of other things. When you go on trips or any get-together, these digital cameras will not only keep the child busy, but you can also keep memories via the photographs.

Surely, as a parent, you probably must have imagined sharing your photography hobby with your children. The days when we are spending more hours with them, it is possible you have fought at some point for the camera and so you have considered that it’s time for them to have theirs. In case you are considering it, for when this whole situation happens (or perhaps has happened), these best digital camera for kids will definitely save you the troubles. They are digital camera models adapted for them, resistant to shocks and easy to use, fit for their tiny hands, and everything that seems interesting to them.

To help you in your search, we have listed the top 10 best digital cameras for children in 2021 in our expert review. We have also included a comprehensive buying guide that will help you keep important factors in mind when you go to the market for choosing a digital camera for your child. 

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Best Digital Cameras For Kids Reviews

Here are the best 10 digital cameras for kids:

1. FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

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To begin with, the baby camera by Fuji Film is on the list of the best digital cameras for children for the year 2020. The mini 9 camera is not only easy to use for the children, but it has all the essential features that will go a long way in helping to capture life’s greatest moments in the camera.

The 60mm f/12.7 lens, along with the pink package, ensures that this is the perfect gift that you can give to your child. This camera makes for a beautiful gift and is so lightweight that your baby will be able to use it with minimum efforts. The microfiber helps to protect the camera against unwanted dust, bumps, as well as other unnecessary particles.

Along with the camera, the FujiFilm comes with 20 packs of instant films, selfie lenses, as many as 10 hanging frames, standing frames, as well as a few other accessories. To add to all these features, the makers have also given a money-back guarantee until a period of 90-days. Thus, it is now time to move away from your smartphones and concentrate more on digital cameras such as the one offered by Fuji Film and deals number one.

2. VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

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Next on the list of the best digital cameras for children is the digital camera offered by Vtech. This is one of the best cameras for your baby, as you need not worry too much about its maintenance. The camera is quite strong and can withstand even if it falls down. This speaks volumes about the good quality of the material used for making it.

Not only that, but the digital camera will also make your little one double happy as it comes with a lot of accessories. Some of the accessories include a bunch of games, a wrist strap, a selfie-taking camera, and many more things. Apart from that, the digital camera has a 2.4 inches’ color screen that improves the quality of the photos. There is a USB cable that can be used to connect the camera to a laptop or a computer system.

Thus, you can download the photos and share the same with your loved ones. The digital camera is battery operated and some of the good quality batteries are only used in the camera. Thus, with all its features and unique look, the digital camera by VTech could be the perfect gift for your little one.

3. Ourlife Kids Camera

Ourlife Kids Camera

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To give way to the dreams of your budding photographer, buy the all upgraded children camera by Ourlife. With its unique look and distinct features, the Ourlife child’s camera is one of the best digital cameras for the children in the market today. In order to keep the camera active even during the night, the makers have included a fill light function.

This means that when used in the dark, the lights will illuminate and your child shall be able to use the camera even in the dark. The 8GB memory card means that it is possible to record for a long time and your child can take photos as per his or her heart’s desire.

In fact, the product has been so designed that it can be used even underwater for up to 30 meters. Your child can keep his or her favorite camera even while going to beaches while surfing, or snorkeling, and during other water activities. The free customer service and money-back guarantee further build your confidence in the product. Thus, the digital camera by Ourlife is one of the best gifts that you can give your child.

4. Aimason Digital Video Kids Camera

Aimason Digital Video Kids Camera

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Next on the list is the digital video camera by Aimason. Your child will fall in love with the video camera. Not only photos, but the child’s camera can also be used for a variety of other activities. Voice recordings, photo frame effects, different filters, etc. are some of the additional activities that can be done by your child when he or she uses this camera. Not only that, in order to make it convenient for the children, but the camera is also lightweight, and something that can easily be carried from one place to another.

Keeping in mind that the camera can be roughly handled by your child, the material used makes it quite durable. The 32 GB memory card further ensures that your child never gets bored using it. Besides, the makers have used a high-quality battery that is known to last for a longer period.  Thus, the camera has all the important features that will help to give way to your child’s imagination. This can be just the perfect gift that you would want to give your child.

Finally, to give the additional touch of fun, the makers have ensured that the colors available catch the attention of the children. Not only that, but your child can also do multiple decorations on the outside of the camera, ensuring that the child’s imagination is captured. Thus, this camera does help to create an overall learning environment for your child.

5. Kids Camera by Kidwill

Kids Camera by Kidwill

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With its multiple functions and unique features, the digital camera by Kidwill is one of the most sought-after digital cameras that is available in the market today.  The different functionalities that the camera can be used for include taking photos, recording videos, playback, as well as a flashlight. Besides, there are additional accessories that are present in the camera.

Functionalities such as time-lapse, better technology for zooming into the picture are just some of the many things offered by this brand of a digital camera. The battery life is also great and the camera uses lithium battery of around 610mAh. Also, if you or your child wishes to download any photos and send it to friends or family, the same is also possible.

The USB cable that comes along with the camera helps you in achieving the same. In order to ensure that the camera is durable and is made from children-friendly material, one of the best quality silicone is used in the design. This, in turn, helps to ensure that the camera is safe to be used by children. Hence, if your child loves outdoor plays and you as a parent want to improve their imagination, then gifting the digital camera by childwell is quite a good idea.

6. Vatenic Kids Camera

Vatenic Kids Camera

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Another one on the list of best digital cameras for children for the year 2020, is the digital camera by Vatenic. The camera has a lot of features that will surely make your child fall in love with it. Thus, not only can you use it to capture photos, but the camera can also be used for the recording of videos, playback, for games, as well as different other functions.

Gifting this camera to your child will help in his or her overall development.Like the other digital cameras on the list, this one comes with a USB device, which makes it possible to download and share photos and videos. The lithium batteries that are used in the camera have sufficient shelf time. To further extend the battery life of the camera, there is an automatic shutdown functionality. Thus, when the camera is not in use up to a certain period, the digital camera shuts itself down.

Keeping in mind that the cameras will be used by children, the makers have paid extra attention to the various safety features. Apart from that, it is lightweight. This means that it is easy for children to carry it from one place to another.As can be seen from its features, this camera has all the desired features and accessories that your child is sure to love.

7. Kids Camera by Suibety

Kids Camera by Suibety

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Next on the list is the child’s camera offered by the brand Suibety. The camera comprises of a complete package. Not only will you get a child’s camera, but also included therein is a lanyard, a card reader, a USB device, as well as a 32GB memory card. The safety of the camera, along with the durability and portability, have also been taken care of.

The makers have also included a few puzzle games, which goes a long way to ensure that your child has everything he or she needs to give way to the imagination. Just like in traditional cameras, the child’s camera by Suibety has features such as time-lapse, burst shooting, and other advanced features.

All this ensures that using the digital camera is absolute fun for your child. With its attractive colors, unique features as mentioned above, and its perfect size, the Suibety child’s camera is a child’s delight and a perfect gift.

8. Hyleton Digital Camera for Kids

Hyleton Digital Camera for Kids

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With its high quality IPS screen, great display picture, 5.0 megapixels, the digital camera by Hyleton makes it to the list of the best digital cameras for children. The digital camera has a lot of additional features.

Recording of videos, playback, self-timer, the setting of dates is just some of the important functionalities that help distinguish this camera from that of the competitors in the industry. Keeping children in mind, the material used for making it if environment friendly, is lightweight yet durable, and non-toxic all at the same time.

Besides, the high battery life would mean that your child need not run from one place to another at all times. Children do get bored easily. The different functions in the camera help ensure that the child is occupied at all times. This is certainly one of the best gifts that you can give your child as a parent.

9. Wowgo Kids Digital Camera

Wowgo Kids Digital Camera

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The 32 GB high capacity, the filter effects, high memory to store photos, high battery life, are just some of the many features that make the digital camera by Wowgo one of the most attractive cameras for young children. Just like the other brands, the camera can be used not just for high-quality photos, but also for a host of other functions. The camera is safe for use by children and is also lightweight.

This means that your child can take it from one place to another. You, as a parent too, do not have to worry much because this is highly durable and safe for your child. Hence, this could be the perfect addition to your family.

10. Mitmor Kids Digital Camera

Mitmor Kids Digital Camera

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Last but definitely not least, the child’s digital camera is on the list of the best digital cameras for 2020. To distinguish itself from the competitors, the camera has come with an upgraded version that includes creative filters, stickers, shooting effects, free games, and a host of other functions. Special attention has been paid to the safety of the child. The technology and screen used for the camera offer greater protection to the tender eyes of your children. Besides, the battery has a higher life and the camera also comes with a year warranty period.

Thus, if you want to gift your child something that he or she will love and something that will help build their imagination, then this digital camera would be just what you would need.

Things To Consider When Buying a Digital Camera For Kids

If you are a first-time camera buyer and are still confused, which would be the best camera for you, then do not worry.  We have listed a comprehensive buying guide, which will help you make a wise decision. So, whether you are buying a digital camera for your grown-up child, or you are buying a camera that your toddler can use even while handling it roughly, the following are a few factors that will influence your decision. Analyze your requirement basis the following factors and then make a decision:

Picture Quality

One of the most important factors that should be kept in mind while determining the best camera for your child is the type of picture quality. Obtaining good quality picture which is crystal clear is one of the most important features that every camera should have. After all, only when your child gets a clear picture, will he or she get interested in using the camera. Hence, you should go for a camera that has a good quality lens, so that the picture quality is good.


Well, when you are looking for cameras for children, you would like to go for a product that your child is going to fall in love with. Colors are major attractions for children of different ages. Therefore, when you are selecting a camera for your child, you must consider the colors. It will be an added advantage if the camera that you choose is a crowd-pleaser.

This not only helps build their interest in taking photographs but also goes a long way in helping him or her activate their sense of imagination. Take due notice also to see that the surface of the camera is smooth. Something harsh might hurt your child unintentionally.

Ease of Use

Choose a camera that is easy to use. If the systems in the camera, particularly for children is not easy, then your child might lose his or her interest. Most of the time will only go in discovering the manner in which to get access to various functionalities of the camera.

Therefore, you have to be careful while making a choice. Children get bored quite easily. If the accessibility of various camera functionalities is not easy to understand, then the camera will not be of any use and you will waste your money in such a device.


Many brands of digital cameras come with different accessories. Not just the camera, but other accessories include instant film packs, hanging frames, sitting frames, illuminating lights, etc. A few cameras even include wrist bands.

Greater the number of accessories, the more will be the digital camera attractive for your child. Thus, due attention should also be given to the type of accessories you are getting along with the digital camera.


Your purchase should have value for money spent. Hence, it is important that when you go for a particular camera, due attention is paid to the longevity of the camera. Not only that, but it is also a known fact that children are prone to handle gifts in a rough manner. It is therefore advisable to opt for a camera that is durable and, even if handled roughly, does not break or disrupt easily.

Battery Life

You will want to have a battery life of the camera, which is as long as possible. Kids get bored pretty easily. Hence, they like to explore new areas and circumstances where new types of pictures can be taken. Hence, they are always on the lookout for getting wide variations in the type of picture. This means that the camera should have good battery life.

If the life of the battery is less, the imagination of your child will be hindered, as most of the time will go in changing the battery itself. For a decent camera choice, battery life of up to 1000mAh is required.


Another important factor that should be kept in mind is the display of the digital camera. A good display is important to ensure that the picture quality is good, and the image is clear and decent. Although not many regards this factor as important, but if you come to think of it, this is an important aspect to consider.


Finally, you should not forget to have a budget when you go to purchase a digital camera. There are different brands in the market, and each brand has its own features and come with different accessories. You should always analyze the main factors that are the most important for you and then choose a digital camera that satisfies all your needs and falls within your budget. 


We hope that our list of best digital cameras for children in 2020 has been helpful for you. When you have a child, you want to give them the best of everything. There are so many options for everything in the market today. With a greater number of choices, the level of confusion is also higher.

However, you need not worry if you are confused about the best digital camera for your child. Read through all the products mentioned above carefully and then decide as to which product best satisfies your needs. While you can trust all the above-mentioned products, we would recommend that you do your own research before making a decision.