10 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Kids & Toddlers 2021

As we all know, music is food to the soul —getting the soul nourished in diverse ways. However, when it comes to children, music does more exciting things. Kids are known for living their lives with so much freedom and excitement, but this gets doubled when the music gets involved. The music hits differently for kids as it sharpens varying areas of their young life and spurs their development in social-emotional, motor, cognitive, and even overall literacy abilities.

With the technological improvement across the globe and the involvement of gadgets like smartphones and tablets during their growth period, the media for children have also increased. One music aid familiar to most kids for their music engagements is the Bluetooth headphone. A headphone is a pair of connected and comfortable loudspeakers worn over the ears to aid hearing. 

Based on scientific research and fact, children’s ears are smaller, and they have smaller ear canals. Too loud music or audio will impact the children’s hearing eventually. Hence renowned doctors suggest the headphones give fewer than 85 decibels to avoid any impact on their hearing. The tissues and nerves in the children’s ears are still under development, and hence they should not be overburdening the ears with high decibel audio.

Wired headphones can also be very cumbersome for usage for children as they get entangled. It is advisable to use Bluetooth headphones, and they are the trend of the hour. This article will discuss the ten best Bluetooth headphones available in the marketplace in 2021 and specifically for children.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids Reviews

Choosing the best headphones for your child is a grueling task. You need to be sure of their features that are important and that are impacting. Let us look into the list of 10 best headphones that we have put down for you.

1. LilGadgets Untangled Kids Bluetooth Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled Kids Bluetooth HeadphonesLilGadgets names the Bluetooth version as Untangled, and this is the Pro version. It is a high-quality premium headphone made for children to ensure the safety of their hearing. The gadgets or items used by children need to be sturdy and durable, only for the reason that they are not completely sure how to handle them.

They are not easily breakable as it is made of sturdy material. The whole headphone has been meticulously designed, keeping in mind the children that use them. It comes in six attractive colors ensuring the children enjoy the looks of it. It is suitable for children of 4+ of age nce makes sure only children more than 4 years of to use it.

It has been tested for children of all ages above four years to ensure ear safety. It is also designed for comfort as it should not be hurtful or painful when longer usage. The speakers are cushioned with the pads and it is adjustable with the head size of the child. The speaker is designed with meshed breathable material to ensure comfort and hygiene.

It has been installed with 12 hours of usage battery and 180 hours of standby capacity. You can charge it with the USB cable provided the package, and also it has the 3.5 mm jack and the cable provided with it in case the battery wears out. A portion of the buy amount received the company spends on bully prevention and awareness in schools.

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2. Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Bluetooth HeadphonesRiwbox WT-7S is the model that every child will like due to the LED lights’ presence on the speakers’ sides. It is specially designed headphones for the children and also is foldable, making it easy to carry and easy to store when not in use. The installed LED will flash up as per the music played, and we are sure the children will love it.

The headphones come in various color combinations and all of them are attractive and adorable. It is installed with Bluetooth 5.0 version and makes is compatible with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices. The 40mm speaker is also of high quality to ensure it does not impact the children’s ears and gives out crystal clear and natural sound quality.

There are various control buttons provided on the left speaker’s side, and they are also soft touch. The control button includes start/stop, next and previous songs and can easily be controlled without much hassle. The cushion which rests on the ear is designed to be completely soft and comfortable on the ears.

There is the option to switch off the led lights to ensure the conservation of power from the battery. Not just wireless mode, it is also designed to serve in the wired mode and for that, it has a 3.5mm jack available and a 3.5mm cable provided in the package. The headphones can be a very good option to gift it to the children as they would love the quality of the sound output and also love the premium quality of it.

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3. Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones

Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth HeadphonesThe well-packaged BT2200 mode from Puro Sound Labs is apt for the children as they are specifically designed to keep in the mid their safety. It has the most elegant style with a completely black finish and hence also keeps it away from all the dust and dirty looks.

Not just black, but it is also available in various other colors and each one of them is adorable as the other. It is designed to be soft on the child’s eardrums and does not give an output of more than 85dB. It has a volume limit to only as much required for the children. This limit also has been advised u the world Health Organisation and applies to all the children around the globe. The volume matters for the child’s ear safety, and the quality of the sound output is essential. Hence the headphones are high on studio-grade audio quality and are safer for the child’s usage. It has the one-touch pairing available with Android and Apple devices, making it easy for the children to use.

It is also made with all high-quality materials that make it comfortable to use for the child’s ears. It provides 18 hours battery backup and can be easily recharged with the USB cable provided in the pack. It comes with a storage pouch that ensures it does not get dirty or dusty when not in use. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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4. Sodee – Kids Bluetooth Headphones Foldable

Sodee - Kids Bluetooth Headphones FoldableAnother headphone that is filled with features and all possible ways to play your favorite music is one from Sodee. It is a Bluetooth enabled headphone with the ability to play via the SD card and the FM radio also. The headphone comes in various attractive colors like pink, blue, red, and three more colors.

The headphone is designed with high precision 40mm speakers with a magnetic Neodymium Driver. This driver ensures high-quality output and soft on the eardrums of the children. The band that goes on the head is wide by 3 cm, and the speakers that connect to the band are adjustable to fit on the head of the child. The speaker is cushioned with high-quality covered padding that provides comfort to the child’s soft ears.

The Bluetooth in the headphone is a 4.0 version and is compatible with most of the devices with Bluetooth. The volume on the headphone is limited to 93 decibels making sure it does not harm the eardrums of the user. It serves 5 in 1 function in it w of Bluetooth receiver, FM radio, Bluetooth enabled call receiving, Micro SD card enabled, also 3.5 mm jack availability.

It is also foldable by the speakers making it easy to store or carry it while traveling. The batteries in it come with a backup of 6-8 hours and can charge in around 2 hours by the USB cable provided with it. It also has 5 minutes fast charge which can play for 1 hour.

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5. Yurlgst – Kids Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Yurlgst - Kids Cat Ear Bluetooth HeadphonesThe Yurlgst company has gone a step ahead made the headphone’s looks resemble that of cat ears. These cat ears glow with light and hence are attractive to the children. The color of the lights changes as per the music, and these lights are made of LEDs.

The band of the headphone is thick and sturdy and hence does not break easily. It is well padded to provide comfort for the wearer and is also adjustable to fit on the head without any hassle. The speakers can be adjusted perfectly over the ears to make sure the audio is heard correctly. The LED lights on the cat ears can be switched off when not required.

The headphone has been enabled with the Bluetooth version of 5.0 and it is compatible with Android and Apple devices and is easy to pair with them. The band is foldable to heaven storage space, be it when not using oo in your purse when traveling. The speakers are 40mm drive diameter with high-quality sound, which is also safer for the child’s eardrums.

The battery is also quite commendable as with the charge of 2-3 hours it can provide a backup of 5-7 of playtime with LED lights on and 8-10 hours with LED light off.  You can also play songs via FM radio and an SD card – SD card slot has been provided within the headphone. You can also connect via 3.5 mm jack and you can conserve the battery for a much-required purpose.

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6. Pinna Labs Bluetooth Headphone for Kids

Pinna Labs Bluetooth Headphone for KidsAlthough designed and manufactured for children the headphone from Pinna Labs is compatible with Teenagers and adults. For the sake and safety of the children, the sound output is limited to 85dB and thus is soft on the eardrums of the children. It has been named Loma and comes with an elegant look and color.

The control buttons are on the left speaker and have buttons like, switch on/off, next song, Bluetooth button and call receiving. The band of the headphone is adjustable with and can sit perfectly on the ears and the sound shall not leak out. It comes in 2 decent colors, bronze, and cobalt blue.

The Loma brand has the buddy sharing capability, which means two headphones can be connected to a single source. This enables the children to watch a video or listen to music together. It has a 3.5mm jack built in to enable to connect to the audio source via the 3.5mm cable, which is also provided with the headphone. It has a whopping 30hrs of playtime once charged completely.

This can be very useful when you are traveling, and you need not charge them frequently. It is at least three times more than the others we have discussed. The quick charge is available and takes about four hours to charge completely. The headphone is also foldable which is very important for storage or carrying purposes. The headphone is built from all the premium materials and is suitable for any users above 3 years of age.

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7. Luckymore – Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Specially designed for females starting from 3 years and above, Lukymore is a high-quality headphone with a lifetime warranty. This uniquely designed headphone is pink and white color combined. It is made of high-quality material to make sure the high sound does not impact the children’s ears.

Not just that, sound quality is also an important feature to look into. Hence it also includes the best driver installed, which ensures crisp and clear sound. Noisy sounds can impact the hearing capability, especially in children and hence they have made sure to get the best speakers installed. 

The band which fits on the head also is foldable, which makes it easy for storage purposes. The speakers can be adjusted up and down to make sure they fit on your ears properly so that you can hear the sound to the best quality and clarity. The leather on the cushion is compatible with the skin and does not harm the skin anyways. Bluetooth version 4.0 makes sure it connects to either Android or Apple devices without any hassle.

The range of the Bluetooth is around 10 meters which is a standard range. The playtime of the battery is around 8 hours with a single charging time of 2.5 hours. You can also accept calls with the headphones and the battery would give a backup of up to 6-8 hours on a single charge. The charging cable and the 3.5mm audio cable are provided within the package.

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8. JINSERTA – Bluetooth Unicorns Headphones

JINSERTA - Bluetooth Unicorns HeadphonesThe headphone from Jinserta is specially designed for children and mainly the girl children. It is a unicorn design with the Unicorn horn and fluffy cat ears designed on it. The child will be able to enjoy the video or the audio by connecting via the Bluetooth to the Bluetooth enabled devices.

You need not worry about any entanglement of the wires as you would find in the wired headphone. Your child would love the Unicorn looks and also the ability to listen to her favorite music. It comes in 4 different styles and colors to choose from. It makes an adorable addition to the headphone collection if the child is looking for it.

The headphone can connect via three modes. One is the Bluetooth mode; next is the TF card and the last one is via the aux cable. It also can connect the calls as there is the presence of the mic, which is also clear in passing on the audio to the other side of the call. The band is adjustable, which makes it possible to fit onto different head sizes.

It also allows placing the speakers perfectly on the ears, making it clearer to listen to. It can be used by children as small as 3+ to adults due to its adjustable band. This also allows easy storage when not in use and carry when traveling. The headphone also has an FM mode and the child can listen to the local radio with just a press of a button. 

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9. Eubell Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Eubell Bluetooth Headphones for KidsAnother one with the design of the cat ears on the headband of the headphones is from Eubell. The cat’s ears glow with the led lights in them. The led lights are synchronized as per the song or the audio that is being played. The headphone is installed with the 400mah battery that plays the songs for at least 8-10 hours with a charge time as low as 2.5 to 3 hours.

The band is adjustable to the user’s head sider, and hence you can place the speakers exactly on the ears making sure the user listens to the audio correctly. There are control buttons provided on the left speaker and have all the basic controls on it.

The headphone also connects via the 3.5mm audio jack, and the package has the cable provided with it. There is an option to insert the micro SD card from which you can play your favorite stored music. The pads provided on the speaker provide great comfort to the wearer due to its softness and premium leather used in it.

The speaker installed gives out high-quality output audio and it also has an inbuilt mic that will help receive and talk on the calls. You can connect the headphone via the Bluetooth which is 5.0 version and makes it easy for pairing. It also comes with the standard warranty making it a reliable one to buy.

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10. Pat-Paw Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Pat-Paw Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesIf your child loves Paw Patrol then this a sure thumbs up for you to gift it to your child. The Paw – Patrol themed headphone is completely in black but has the Paw-Patrol dogs on the speakers. The headphone band is adjustable and designed to be sturdy in the children’s hands.

The band is adjustable to the head sizes and can properly fit any child’s head without any hassle. The speaker is rotatable, which is an outstanding feature and making it easy to storage. This is a noise cancellation headphone which also ensures high-quality audio output.

The make of the headphones is light-weight and ergonomically designed to give comfort to the wearer. Once completely charged the headphones can provide a playtime of 5 hours and talk time of 5 hours. You can also attend calls with the headphones as it has an inbuilt mic. It easily connects via Bluetooth to most Android or Apple devices without much hassle. It has an option to connect to the devices via the 3.5mm jack and the cable is also included in the package. The cushion for the ears provided is soft and comforting.

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Bluetooth Headphones For Kids Features

There are innumerable options for buying wireless headphones for your children, but very few of them are worth buying. Let us look into some features that are a must to have in them so that they are worth the buy.

Audio Limit

As the headphones are required for the children, headphones need to have a limit to the sound output in them. Ideally, children should not be using headphones, but we cannot avoid this with technological advancements. World Health Organisation has advised a maximum of 85dB as the sound output for the headphones which are used for children. The child’s ears are very sensitive and in a growth stage, hence exposing them to loud sounds or music can cause a lot of damage. Be sure to check the sound limit feature in the headphones before you buy them.

Quality of Sound

Using the best sound drivers are essential in the headphone for the clear and best audio quality. Low-quality headphones can have unnecessary noises that can be harmful to the child’s ears. Hence ensure the right and quality sound drivers are used in the headphones. You can read through the product description and the features to check the quality of the sound drivers.

Quality and Durability of the Hardware

The usage of headphones can increase the growth of bacteria in the ears. One way to reduce this is the usage of high-quality leather on the cushion, which is hygiene and avoids accumulation of dirt. The quality of the headband is also important as they need to be durable. The items used by children are prone to rough usage and hence the durability would save the headphone band from being broken. As we put the headphones on the head, we tend to stretch the band, hence breaking it. Using high-quality material for the headband would avoid such situations.

Other Features Additional features can be alternate connectivity capabilities like from 3.5 mm jack, micro SD card usage, and FM radio. It becomes easy to connect with various source options available, especially when you are traveling. Another feature to consider is the battery backup – most of the headphones promise at least 8 hours of battery backup. But if you are a frequent traveler, then going in for the high backup option is a good choice. Some headphones can give a playtime of up to 30 hours.


We have covered a lot of information regarding headphones that might be suitable for your children. These were selected based on the ratings and the comments provided by the users and mostly by the parents. We hope that this information will guide you in buying the best headphones for your children. We hope this has been helpful.

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