10 Best Baby Walking Shoes 2022 – First Shoes For Your Baby

Watching babies make their first attempts to walk is undoubtedly one of the most delightful moments in life and one in which we are most proud as parents. It’s a huge milestone where your little munchkin leaves the age of crawling socks behind to owning a pair of cute baby walking shoes. In addition, many of them will begin to do it being barefoot and resting their little fingers on the ground, which will give them more security.

But over time, our little creatures will need the best baby walking shoes for babies that begin to walk their first steps and with which, little by little, they will feel very comfortable. Unfortunately, fashionable children’s shoes, with superhero and princess prints, bright colors, or bright applications, are not entirely a guarantee to help your child have a firm foot suitable for walking, jumping, and… life, generally.

When babies start to take their first steps, the ideal footwear provides balance and stability while ensuring flexibility. Therefore, it is essential to take care of children’s feet during the first year of life to prevent later problems. It is crucial to choose a shoe and size appropriate to their feet’ length to do this. 

Many people question whether baby walking shoes really have benefits or if the baby should walk barefoot. So we have answered that question below.

What Are The Benefits of Using Baby Walking Shoes?

  • Babies do not need shoes if they have just started standing or just started talking a couple of steps. The baby is still developing sensory skills initially, but they will need walking shoes once they start walking further.
  • The shoes protect the baby’s feet, which is necessary, and ensure that the shoes are not too tight on their feet. In addition, the shoes will protect the feet from any object injuring the baby.
  • You can choose to take your baby out for a walk in the playground once they start walking, and this is when baby walking shoes are needed. This is also true for walking in malls or accompanying you anywhere else.
  • You need to ensure that you should not let the baby walk a lot in socks. Socks are slippery for the baby increases the risk of a fall. Though you can use Non-Slip Baby Socks 
  • Baby walking shoes will also protect the baby from the other materials on the floor. If you live where the temperature can get freezing, then the shoes will also provide some warmth for the baby, preventing the baby from catching a cold.
  • Lastly, the baby’s walking shoes will promote physical activity. Babies are attracted to lights and sound, so if you choose shoes that come with these features, your baby would be encouraged to walk even more, which aids in developing your baby.

Let’s check out the ten best baby walking shoes of 2022.

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Best Baby Walking Shoe Reviews

1. Converse Kids’ Chuck Taylor All Star

baby walking shoesThe first shoes on our list are from Converse, and this is undoubtedly one of the best brands available in the market. The shoes are available in 5 different colors which are suitable for girls as well as boys. In addition to this, the shoes have a good grip, and they are made of 100% textile. The sole is made of rubber with deep grooves to provide support and stability to the baby while walking.

The shoes come with double Velcro to fasten shoes in terms of closure. The canvas looks classic, and the sock lining is made of special soft foam to ensure that the child doesn’t get any rashes while walking. These are undoubtedly adorable pairs of shoes.

Pros Of The Converse Kids’ Walking Shoes

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • One of the best brand and best quality shoes
  • It comes with a soft foam sock liner to provide enough comfort for babies.

Cons Of The Converse Kids’ Walking Shoes

  • Nothing we could notice

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2. Stride Rite SRTech Elliot Bootie

walking shoes for babiesNext on the list are walking shoes from Stride Rite. These shoes are a little expensive, but we believe that they are one of the best that you can find in the market. The boots have a rubber sole, but apart from this, they are made of leather. The shoes also have moisture-wicking leather, which gives comfort to the baby. In addition, the footbed is made of self-molding material, and the heel cradles are contoured. These things aid the natural growth of the foot of the baby.

The outer sole also has sensory pods that let the baby gain sensory knowledge of the surface he is walking on. The sensory pods are not typically found in baby shoes.

Pros Of The Stride Rite Walking Shoes

  • Made of 100% leather, which offers optimal protection to baby
  • It comes with a self-molded footbed to help the baby get a natural shape.
  • The outer sole has sensory pods.

Cons Of The Stride Rite Walking Shoes

  • Slightly expensive pair of shoes

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3. Robeez Girls’ Soft Soles, Traditional Silhouette

baby walking shoes with ankle supportIf you have a baby girl, you can consider these shoes from Robeez. The advantage of these shoes is that the bottom sole is made of soft leather, which protects the feet, but at the same time, it also helps the baby is gaining a sensory understanding of the material she is walking upon. There are four colors available in these shoes, and they are all adorable.

The shoes are also quite roomy, ensuring enough space for the feet, and it doesn’t feel restrictive for your baby girl. In addition, the ankles have elastic, so you do not worry about tying the laces. So, overall, these are something that you can opt for if you are worried about the natural growth of the baby’s feet.

Pros Of The Robeez Walking Shoes

  • It comes with a slip-resistant leather sole.
  • Approved by American Podiatric Medical Association
  • The sole is soft, which helps the baby in gaining sensory information.

Cons Of The Robeez Walking Shoes

  • Not available for boys

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4. Keds Girls Champion Lace Toe Cap Sneaker

best baby shoes for walkingThe next on our list is a pair of shoes from Keds. They are unisex shoes as they are available in white color. The primary construction material is leather, whereas the sole is synthetic. The outer sole of these shoes is quite flexible, which helps the baby is walking.

The shoes come with a footbed that is made of memory foam. The advantage of this memory foam is that it takes the foot’s shape, and hence the child finds it more comfortable to walk. For the closure, the shoes have a lace system. If your child often removes the shoes by himself while out, you might want to consider these shoes because of the laces.

Pros Of The Keds Girls Walking Shoes

  • Available in an affordable range
  • Lightweight shoes with terrycloth lining and synthetic sole
  • It comes with a memory foam footbed.

Cons Of The Keds Girls Walking Shoes

  • No color options (other than white) available for these shoes

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5. Josmo Boys’Ernie Booties

infant walking shoesWhile the baby is learning to walk, the ankle twists are typical, and well, this is how the baby knows. Therefore, shoes with high ankle support can prove to be of great help, and this is one such product that will satisfy your needs. In addition, the shoes themselves are made of leather, and your baby can wear these shoes every day.

You might want to consider the only point that the shoe may feel a little restrictive because of the high ankles. It takes a few minutes to put on this shoe, and the closure system is based on the laces. The color options available are vast, and this is one of the best parts about purchasing these shoes from Josmo.

Pros Of The Josmo Boys Walking Shoes

  • Has high ankle support, which prevents ankle twists
  • Available in 10 stylish colors
  • Very affordable

Cons Of The Josmo Boys Walking Shoes

  • Some parents may find it restrictive.

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6. Lidiano Baby Non-Slip Rubber Sole Cartoon Walking Slippers

walking shoes babyIf you are looking for something simple and affordable, check out these shoes from Lidiano. The fact is that the child’s feet increase, and in such a case, you can opt for these baby walking shoes as they are very affordable. They are available in cute cartoon designs, and you choose between the 12 options available. You can also choose between the different sizes available.

The material used to manufacture these shoes is artificial leather along with rubber. The closure system is made of Velcro, making it easy for the child to remove the shoes himself. The designs available are suitable for boys as well as for girls. Overall, you can choose these walking shoes without any doubt about the quality.

Pros Of The Lidiano Baby Walking Shoes

  • One of the most affordable products on our list
  • Made of artificial leather and rubber
  • The soft material makes the child feel comfortable.

Cons Of The Lidiano Baby Walking Shoes

  • Nothing as such

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7. Baby Deer High Top Leather First Walker

walking shoes for babyOn number 7, we have a pair of leather baby walking shoes from Baby Deer. These are high-quality shoes made of a crepe sole, and the shaft of the shoe measures 3 inches from the arch. The boots are highly fashionable, but they are available only in white. These shoes can be worn by boys as well as by girls. The girl offered by the sole is quite impressive, and it ensures that the baby doesn’t slip even when he is walking on the slope.

The laces secure the closure system, and this again has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the shoes are reliable and available in the mid-range when we consider the shoes’ price.

Pros Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

  • Has high top to support ankles
  • Made of 100% leather
  • The rubber sole provides an impressive grip to the child while learning to walk.

Cons Of The Baby Deer Leather Walking Shoes

  • No color options are available

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8. Kuner Baby Boys Girls Cotton Rubber Sloe Outdoor Sneakers

best baby walking shoesThe Kuner shoes are outdoor sneakers, and they are available in as many as 16 designs. The shoes are made of cotton and manufactured using strict quality control measures. The baby can put the shoes on themselves in time as the shoes have a Velcro closure system coupled with an elastic ankle band.

The bottom sole is soft and flexible, which helps the child perceive the sensory information about the surface that he is walking on. The advantage is that this helps the child in understanding the different textures. These are undoubtedly affordable and good-quality shoes that you can easily rely upon.

Pros Of The Kuner Outdoor Baby Sneakers

  • Made of soft cotton and perfect for toddlers
  • Available in 16 designs and colors
  • It has a soft bottom that is made of non-slip material.

Cons Of The Kuner Outdoor Baby Sneakers

  • Not suitable for the surface with rocks

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9. Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non-Slip First Walkers

best baby shoesAnother great product on our list is from BMCiTYBM. These shoes are great for the children as they are made of breathable mesh fabric, and at the same time, they are also made of a non-slip sole. The ankle area feels like socks because of the elastic material, and the closure system in these shoes is made of Velcro.

The shoes also have a toe cap, preventing painful toe injury because of the collision. These shoes can be bought for boys and girls because they are available in 9 different colors. We are sure that you will find the right color for your baby.

Pros Of The BMCiTYBM Non-Slip First Walkers

  • Available in really unique designs with a sporty look
  • It has a toe cap that protects the toe in case of a collision.
  • The shoes are made of breathable fabric, and hence it prevents sweating.

Cons Of The BMCiTYBM Non-Slip First Walkers

  • These are not for children learning to walk.

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10. THEE BRON Infant Toddler Baby Soft Sole Leather Shoes

best buy baby walking shoesIf you are looking for bellies for your daughter, then this could be the end of the search for you. These are not walking shoes, but bellies made of super soft material. The closure system depends on the design you choose, and you may get a buckle or a Velcro system. The guts look amazing with a dress, and they are perfect for when you are taking your child to a social gathering.

The rubber sole ensures a proper grip that doesn’t slip at all, and at the same time, the shoes are made of a breathable insole, which offers optimal comfort to the baby. These bellies are not just for the children who can walk but also for the pre-walkers and the children who are still learning to walk.

Pros Of The THEE BRON Leather Walking Shoes

  • Available in 11 designs and colors
  • Quite an affordable option
  • It has a breathable insole with a Velcro/buckle closure system.

Cons Of The THEE BRON Leather Walking Shoes

  • Only for girls

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Our buying guide is designed to help you select the type of baby walking shoes that you need.

Baby Shoes Buying Guide – What To Look For

You must consider certain things while purchasing shoes for babies learning to walk, which will help you ensure that you choose the most comfortable product for your baby. The points that you need to consider are listed below.

  • The first thing you need to consider is the type of shoes you wish to buy. This may include shoes that come with laces, Velcro, buckles, or even snaps. We would personally recommend you opt for Velcro or Snaps type shoes as this makes it easy for babies to learn by themselves. Velcro is easy to adjust and easy to use. The baby learns quickly and is not dependent on you for tying laces every time.
  • The next thing to check for is padding. Ensure that the shoes have good padding around the ankle because many shoes may cause trouble for the baby. Inadequate padding may cause rashes, and we are sure that you do not want that.
  • Ensure that the sole is flexible and it doesn’t bend easily. Also, check that the sole is flat so that the baby gets enough support and stability while stepping on the floor. Another thing that you must care about is the grip. There should be enough grooves on the sole so that the baby gets a good hold and doesn’t slip or slide on any surface.
  • Size is yet another thing that you need to check. Most e-commerce sites will give you a size guide, and considering the direction will help you ensure that the shoes are a good fit. A smaller size may bend the baby’s toes, while a more significant size may lead to tripping. Always opt for the exact size, even if that means purchasing new shoes after a few months.


We hope you have found this review helpful and now know all about the best baby walking shoes. Don’t wait and order the best pair of baby walking shoes for your baby while learning to walk. Remember to check the size every few weeks and upgrade the shoes if the size doesn’t fit the baby at any point in time.