The Best Baby Travel Bassinet 2021 – Our Top 10

Planning a family trip is one thing and planning a family trip with a baby is something else entirely. You’re not only thinking of how to make packing easier but also how to give your baby all the comforts without giving up your freedom. How to ensure a safe and comfortable place your baby will sleep in. If this is your worry right now, then you need the best baby travel bassinet.

A baby travel bassinet is a crib smaller than the regular spacious baby crib that is quite large and heavy. It has an efficient folding system that allows you to fold and take them wherever you want. A travel bassinet is practically a long-term investment as its use goes beyond the simple transfer during those occasional trips. Having a travel bassinet at home means that your baby can have a special place where they can play in a safe and controlled place —allowing you to give a second life using them as a play park adapted to the little one’s needs.

It does not matter if you’re going for a long trip or an outdoor barbecue party. You can go wherever you want with your baby without any inconvenience —thanks to these travel bassinets. The truth is that you should know which is the best to buy. Baby products are always too many in the market, some with similar characteristics that could be confusing. In this article, we want to tell you about the best baby travel bassinets, so that the little ones in the home enjoy their trip as much as you do. 

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How To Choose The Best Baby Travel Bassinet

Travel bassinets are an essential accessory for the whole family’s vacations, short weekend getaways at the grandparents’, and even sleep at a relative’s home. Depending on what you’re looking for in a brand, the characteristics of these bassinets will vary. You can find different sizes, colors, designs, and unique accessories that will make your life as a mother during a trip much easier and more fun in the market.

But the most important characteristics to look out for are; the ease in moving around the travel bassinet, portability, foldable, adjustable height, and possibly simple accessories like a transport bag will be a great plus. Here is a list of our favorite models.

 Best Baby Travel Bassinets Reviewed

1. BabyBjörn Travel Bassinet

Baby travel bassinet

If you’re looking for a super simple travel bassinet, then here’s a fine pick. It has the right feature for a travel bassinet and an impeccable design that makes its quality even more noticeable.

It’s made of a polyester mesh, which greatly lightens the whole, reaching a weight of only 6kg. The BabyBjörn crib undoubtedly highlights the comfort of the mattress integrated into the set. With this, you don’t have to buy a separate mattress.

Although many mothers prefer to buy a replacement and place it to increase the support’s thickness, one of the many benefits of this travel cot is that it has premium quality materials. Which offer greater durability, resistance, and quality. The BabyBjörn travel bassinet has accessories (a travel bag) designed for moms and babes’ comfort.

2. Fisher-Price One-the-Go Baby Dome

Best baby travel bassinet

Certainly, you can always trust the Fisher-Price brand to go all the way in designing one of the best baby travel bassinets. Attached to this baby crib is a canopy where the child feels protected and at home, indoors and outdoors.

This is due to the comfortable padding so that your little one can sleep or play and the canopy and visor that protects him from the sun and insects.

It includes two bright, attractive toys that hang above the child’s head to stimulate the visual sense and keep the baby playfully engaged as they try to reach for it.

Before leaving home, you have to fold the crib and use the comfortable handles to take it anywhere. It can be used until the baby reaches 9 kilos in weight.

3. TLDAM Portable Travel Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet

One common thing about baby travel bassinet is how basic and simple they are —nice layers, breathable fabric, transparent mesh, and a few other regular features. But for this portable travel crib from the TLDAM brand, it’s designed way beyond the regular.

The TLDAM portable travel bassinet is a convertible multifunctional crib. Multifunctional because it doubles as a playpen.

How do you see a travel bassinet that can be converted within seconds into an entertaining trampoline? Fancy, right? We say super fun!

In addition to the regular features of a travel bassinet, this pack n’ play crib has a side zipper door that allows the baby to crawl in and out, a comfortable mattress, and a small canvas zipper bag for easy movement.

4. Lotus Travel Crib

Best baby travel bassinet

If you’re looking for a travel bassinet with a lightweight, hand-free backpack you can easily sling onto your back as you set out for your trip, then the Lotus travel bassinet is perfect.

This is one of the trending modern travel cribs many parents consider the best. Although it’s quite pricey, the Lotus bassinet is a safely contained personal space your baby will fall in love with.

This travel bassinet model has a simple and practical setup system that can be done within 15 seconds. Practically anyone can set it up, even grandma.

Besides the cozy mattress that makes nap-time and playtime conveniently fun, it has a side zipper door as well that allows your little munchkin to crawl in and out. It’s super portable, giving you the reassurance you need whenever you’re traveling with your child.

5. Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet

Perhaps you want a travel bassinet similar to the Lotus travel crib but more budget-friendly, then consider the Flisko 2-in-1travel bassinet. It’s designed with a solid frame and great structure, just like Lotus, to prevent any unfortunate collapse. The folding mechanism is super easy, as well as the setup.

It’s made with quality breathable fabric that allows proper ventilation and a transparent mesh through which you can monitor the baby sleeping. The carry case is lightweight and extremely portable. You won’t have to worry about your arms hurting. This bassinet is perfect for sleepovers, picnics, and other impromptu trips away from home.

6. Fisher-Price Stow N’ Go Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet

Another lovely travel bassinet from Fisher-Price is the Stow N’ Go. That a travel bassinet has a simple assembly and disassembly system is excellent for those mothers who have long trips or decide to leave this crib to the child’s grandparents.

This Fisher-Price Stow N’ Go bassinet offers such convenience. It’s a portable travel bassinet that could also double as a bedside co-sleeper. Many moms choose this Fisher Price’s bassinet because of this versatility.

The Stow N’ Go bassinet is made with a high-quality soothing mattress that offers so much comfort as well as a calming vibration feature —an incredible coziness your baby will love! It comes with a convenient tote travel bag for greater comfort and efficiency.

7. Dream on Me Portable Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet

The next amazing travel bassinet on our list is the Dream on Me bassinet. According to which this wonderful crib has been developed, the concept is based on a design that, while comfortable, takes care of the parents’ worry about accidental messes. It’s one of those simple designs that are extremely portable, convenient, and stylish.

To highlight concise detail, it weighs just 7.5lbs. The frame is designed with lightweight aluminum and has a mesh fabric around it to ensure proper ventilation while your baby sleeps.

The assembling and folding mechanism are very easy —it takes just about a few seconds to do that— and it comes with a durable carry-on bag to make your journey convenient.

8. Simmons Kids Ultra-Compact Travel Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet for boys

Simmons Kids is one of the major players in the baby product industry. Their nursery products are always of spectacular finishes, and this Mini Ultra-compact Travel Bassinet doesn’t fall short of that.

This particular travel bassinet is a fine combination of simplicity and luxury as it has a rare feature —an electronic pod that plays soothing music with gentle vibrations and a soft glow night-light to lull your little one to sleep.

It’s constructed with a breathable mesh fabric that assures the baby a safe and comfy nap while you monitor them. The lightweight frame is very portable, with an easy folding mechanism that offers so much convenience during those week-long trips, picnics, and even sleepovers at grandma’s. Undoubtedly one of the best baby travel bassinets.

9. Pamo Babe 2 in 1 Quick Foldable Travel Bassinet

Best baby travel bassinet

Weighing just 20.lbs, the Pamo babe travel bassinet is a beautiful, sturdy design with an extra-large storage basket attached to its firm snap-on legs.

Unlike other travel bassinets, this crib can be folded in finger-snap seconds by lifting the ribbon in the center of the soft, comfy mattress—one reason why it has been a bestseller with amazing reviews.

The thoughtful storage basket is another reason. With that, you can keep your baby essentials while you’re out on that picnic, beach, or an evening chill with your relatives.

It doesn’t steal your comfort also as it has an easy setup and fold-up steps and comes with a portable transport carry bag.

10. Scuddles 3-1 Portable Bassinet for Baby

Best baby travel bassinet for girl

Perhaps you’re scouting for a travel bassinet that would save you the stress of carrying too many baby bags, then consider this lightweight multifunctional mini crib that doubles as a diaper bag as well as a changing station.

As moms, we all understand how hectic it can be, pulling along two or three bags all for baby stuff, and that’s why this is on the list as one of the best baby travel bassinets.

This portable bassinet has over seven spacious pockets, including an insulated one that keeps the baby stuff warm and clean.

It allows you to attend to your baby anywhere, with all your baby essentials only a reach away. The premium cozy mattress is durable, washable, and perfect for your baby’s skin.


Here, there’s no longer any excuse to postpone your trips and ladies hangout because of your little one. With these portable travel bassinets, you and your baby can enjoy any journey conveniently. All you have to do now is consider the events you’ll be using it for and buy the best travel bassinet suitable for your child. We hope this review article helps you with that!