10 Best Baby Sun Hats 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Parents don’t want to be exposing their baby’s skin to sunlight during summer and spring. So having the best baby sun hats is an easy way to provide a good level of protection from the sun. Most parents cover their babies or infants using baby sun hats when they take them outside. But still, some of them are not aware of using sun hats, and thus, they will just go with using normal baby hats. Though it is fine, regular hats are not going to provide the needed protection for your babies from the scorching sun.  That’s why we are reviewing the best baby sun hats in 2020.

There is plenty of sunshine that will fall on your Baby’s back and face when you use regular hats. So, you should protect the sensitive and feeble skin of the baby, which is essential. The direct harmful rays coming from the sun, such as UVA and UVB rays are much harmful to such sensitive skin of the baby and easily burn your baby’s skin.

In addition to this, your baby may suffer from skin disorders in the future. Thus, sun hat comes handy to protect your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders by avoiding sunlight exposure. Also, such a baby’s sun hat adds a stunning and adorable look to them, which you can use for outdoor purposes.

Some people doubt whether sunscreen can replace sun hats. Yes, you can use sunscreen for your babies, but it is not recommended for small babies. Also, it does not provide the needed protection for your baby and, thus, fails to keep your baby safe. When your baby wears protective clothing like a baby sun hat, such an option assures the best protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

One more thing is that you may miss applying the sunscreen properly to your baby, and thus leftover areas may get easily affected with exposure to sun rays. Other disadvantages of using sunscreen include

  • Babies less than 6 months should not use sunscreen
  • Sunscreen has to be applied once every two hours
  • Sweating may remove the sunscreen and expose the baby’s skin to sunlight

With the above cons of sunscreen, it is mostly advised to go with the use of sun hats for your babies. Buying a baby sun hat serves as one of the most practical solutions to protect your baby from hazardous UVA and UVB rays.

But with so many brands and varieties in the market, it is quite a difficult task for parents to choose which is best for their babies. That is why we have compiled the top 10 best baby sun hats, which may help you to decide the right one. We have provided enough information about each hat along with the consumer reviews which you can read to choose the suitable sun hat for your little one. We also provided the buying guide, which will give you some key facts that you need to consider while choosing the baby sun hat. You can check our other review regarding the best baby sunglasses of the year.

Best Baby Sun Hats Reviews

Here we shared the list of top 10 best baby sun hats that you can consider for buying this year 2020.

1. i Play. Flap Sun Protection Hat

i Play. Flap Sun Protection HatThe first product on our list is from i play, which is great for their products considering the baby’s health and safety as crucial facts. This sun hat is also designed based on the same crucial facts. The material used to design this sun hat is 100% polyester that is completely breathable and best for quick dry function.

Since it allows machine wash, you can wash it easily and take a minimum amount of time to get dried completely. Though it uses polyester, it is free from the chemical formaldehyde and thus protects your baby from such a harmful chemical, organic compound.

According to the rating of sun rays protection, it provides the UPF 50+ and thus 98% much safer for your baby by protecting from sun rays. The sun hat features extra coverage over the neck area to prevent sun exposure on the neck area of your baby. It comes with a wicking liner that ensures the easy absorption of sweat or water. Another interesting feature is its adjustable toggle that helps for proper fit on your Baby’s head, which you can change when your baby grows. If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to carry a type of sun hat then, choose to buy this i play Flap Baby Sun Hat.

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2. JAN & JUL Kids 50+UPF Cotton Sun-Hat

JAN & JUL Kids 50+UPF Cotton Sun-HatThe next product on our review list is having styles of a pattern on the hat such as Butterfly, Pink Sweethearts, Pink Apple, and Ladybug. Such designs of sun hats look cute and stunning for your babies. This smart design sun hat is designed using cotton material, which is the best fabrics recommended for babies. The cotton fabric is 100% breathable and provides great comfort for your baby.

The sun hat comes with an adjustable head drawstring that allows you to change the size of the hat based on your baby’s head size. Also, you can use it for a certain period when your baby grows by adjusting this head drawstring. The hat features an adjustable chin-strap that ensures the hat stays on your baby head without falling or missing when you carry your baby out.

Another thing that you may expect from the hat is the UV protection, which is rated to be UPF 50+ and, thus, ensures the 98% harmful UVA and UVB rays protection. The product is lightweight and also comes with a foldable design that allows you to pack with ease whenever you go out. If you are looking for a sun hat coming with some discount offers and also perfect for travel, then buy this JAN & JUL Kids 50+UPF Cotton Sun-Hat for your baby. One can choose the right size of a hat based on your baby’s head size.

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3. SimpliKids Wide Brim Baby Sun Hat

SimpliKids Wide Brim Baby Sun HatThe SimpliKids Baby Sun Hat is one of the best designs among different brands of Sun hats. Here the material used to construct the sun hat is 100% polyester that ensures the breathability feature. This breathable design is essential when you take your baby out in a hot climate to handle sweat on the baby’s head. This material is best for quick drying and allows you to machine wash when you need to clean it. The material also tolerates many washes and maintains its quality for a longer time.

As already said, this hat uses the best design, amongst other products, which is the wide brim design. Such a design helps to protect your baby from harmful sun rays and thus acts as a shield for your baby. The sun hat offers UPF 50+ which is a great UV protection rating. This rating ensures the sun hat by blocking 98% of hazardous sun rays. So, you can protect your baby’s feeble skin using this hat.

This sun hat is suitable for children aged between 0 to 4 years, and based on your baby’s head circumference, you can choose the right size. It comes in multiple colors, and thus, you can choose the color matching your baby’s outfits. If you are looking for the sun hat that is best for outdoors, then go with this excellent sun hat.

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4. Siero Baby Sun Hat

Siero Baby Sun HatIf you are looking for a top-rated UV protection sun hat for your baby then, consider buying this Siero baby sun hat. Because this sun hat comes with a UPF 50+ rating of UV protection that is much needed for your babies. So, the fabric material used in this sun hat provides an advantage of blocking 98% UVA and UVB rays.

With its wide floppy brim design of hat, it ensures the coverage of your baby’s head, face, neck, and shoulders. The sun hat features an outstanding design with an adjustable drawstring that can adjust to fit your baby’s head properly. Another feature is its adjustable chin strap that ensures to stay on your baby’s head during a windy climate. Thus, both the chin strap and the head strap are adjustable in this sun hat.

The material is 100% safe for your baby to use, as it ensures the breathability feature, and hence, it is sweat-resistant. It allows for only hand washing using cold water and can be dried manually.

With its foldable feature, you can fold the hat comfortably and carry it for travel purposes. It is lightweight and comes in different sizes from which you can choose the right size hat for your baby. In addition to its features, the sun hat looks fashionable when used with a bowtie for your baby when you take them for a party or other outdoor purposes.

If you are looking for a lightweight, fashionable, comfortable, and patterned design of sun hat, then buy this wonderful product for your baby.

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5. JAN & JUL Boys 50+UPF Breathable Cotton Sun-Hat

JAN & JUL Boys 50+UPF Breathable Cotton Sun-HatIf you are looking for a sun hat for your boy baby or toddler, then buy this JAN & JUL Boys 50+UPF Breathable Cotton Sun-Hat. One more product from the same brand Jan & Jul brand in our list, but this product is specially designed for boy babies and toddlers.

The material used in this product is pure cotton that ensures a great breathability feature. Breathability is an essential factor that you need to consider while buying the hats for your babies. Additionally, it is a 50+ UPF rated cotton material that blocks 98% of Sun UV rays. Due to its material and design, it is lightweight and easy to pack it for travel purposes. While packing it, you can fold this hat in such a way that it requires less space in your bag.

The sun hat features a head drawstring that allows you to adjust it for a great fit. It also boasts an adjustable chin strap that ensures a proper stay on when it is too windy. The sun hat is coming in various stylish patterns such as navy pineapple, woodland, and white pineapple design, etc. For those who want a good breathable sun hat for your boy baby or toddler at an affordable price, then this product may be an ideal option for you. It is suitable for babies aged from 0 to 12 years.

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6. Durio Baby Sun Hat

Durio Baby Sun HatIf you are looking for the baby sun hat featuring a bucket style design, then buy this Durio baby sun hat for your baby for its great design. Durio is an American-registered brand that is well-known for its high-quality products in the market. Here this product uses high-quality cotton material that is soft and cozy for your babies.

It features a double-sided design, and it is much easier to wear and can go well with your baby’s outfits. It comes with a wide brim design that protects your Baby’s face, eyes, neck, and head from harmful sunlight. Additionally, it boasts an adjustable head strap which you can adjust to your needs. An adjustable chin strap helps for an easy fit on your Baby’s head. Due to the use of cotton material, it is lightweight to carry around wherever you want to go. This lightweight hat is easy to store and, thus, a travel-friendly product.

The sun hat is best to use in the summer for your babies or toddlers who want to play at the beach or for other reasons such as fishing, safari, camping, and boating, etc. With its 50+ UPF sun rays protection, you can use this bucket style hat for your baby without having to worry about any harm.

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7. Brook + Bay Kids Sun Hat

Brook + Bay Kids Sun HatIf you are looking for a summertime hat for your baby then, buy this Brook + Bay kids sun hat. When you want your baby to take for outdoor parties or fun playing areas, the sun hat is essential for your baby in such a situation. This sun hat comes with a UPF 50+ rating that protects your baby from extreme heat and temperature conditions.

This hat stays secure on your Baby’s head without any hassle due to its chin strap design. This chin strap is a completely adjusting strap, which you can modify according to your Baby’s size. With such chin strap design, you can stay free even in the windy climate.

This sun hat uses polyester for its construction and design, which provides the breathability feature. It is easy to wash this hat using a washing machine and great about its quick drying characteristic. It is lightweight too, so you can carry this hat anywhere you go.

With the various designs and fun color patterns of sun hats, you can buy this product for your baby when you want to teach your baby swimming lessons and other outdoor purposes.

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8. Exemaba Baby Sun Hat

Exemaba Baby Sun HatThe next product we are going to see is Exemaba Baby Sun Hat. It features great sun rays protection, as it is designed with UPF 50+ polyester fabric. With its wide brim design, your baby is safe from direct exposure to sunlight on their face, head, neck, eyes, and shoulder. The wide brim is measured to be 2.5 inch which helps your baby to stay cool under the hot sun.

The use of polyester fabric makes the hat to be lightweight. This material ensures the breathability feature with its mesh lining design on its interior side. Such a mesh lining is cool and great for your babies. Since it provides a comfortability feature, it is much suitable for fishing, traveling, safari, boating, and camping.

It comes with an adjustable head and chin straps. One can adjust the head strap according to your baby’s head circumference. The chin strap is removable and one can adjust it for great security in a windy climate. The hat allows for hand wash only in cold water but no bleaching allowed. The baby hat coming in different sizes and designs, go with buying the right size of a hat for your baby.

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9. SOMALER Toddler Baby Girls Sun Hats

SOMALER Toddler Baby Girls Sun HatsIf you are looking for a fashionable sun hat for your girl baby, Somaler Baby Girls Sun hat might be an ideal option for you to go with. This stunning cute hat is coming with various designs and patterns such as cute cat pattern, flowers or bowknot pattern, etc. Here this hat features the bowknot design on the side of the hat that delivers a pretty look for your girl baby. When you want to take your baby to a party or outdoor reasons, this bowknot designed hat serves the best.

The baby girl hat features an elastic chin strap design that helps for easy wear and removal of the hat. Here the chin strap is adjustable and can be removed easily when you don’t want to support the hat using a chin strap.

The material used here is the high-density cotton fabric that is soft and suitable for babies to wear. This fabric lets your baby stay comfortable due to its high-quality cotton material with a breathability feature.

Coming to its coverage, it boasts a wide brim design of 2.17-inch that protects your Baby’s face, eyes, and neck to a great extent from direct exposure to the sun. The hats are available for babies aging from 0 to 6T.

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10. Pureborn Baby Bucket Hat

Pureborn Baby Bucket HatThe last product in our review list is the Pureborn Baby Bucket Hat. Here the hat uses 100% cotton material that absorbs sweat to a great extent and is not stuffy. To protect the baby’s sensitive and feeble skin, this hat is designed using an ultra-soft cotton fabric. It stands out due to its durability of the material. It is lightweight too, and most of the parents prefer to use it for travel purposes, as it is travel-friendly.

The super-comfy cotton fabric hat serves as the best option for beach and poor-water play activities of your babies. With its wide brim design, it ensures the all-day protection from UV rays and protects your Baby’s neck, eyes, and head. The hat is suitable for both boy and girl babies. Here the hat comes in various designs and patterns that give a pretty look to your baby when wearing this hat. To choose the right hat, check the head circumference and then go to buy it.

One of the best brands in the market that focuses on delivering high-quality baby products by considering the baby’s health as a primary factor is Pureborn. If you are looking for a top brand sun hat, you can consider buying this excellent product for your baby.

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So, these were the top 10 baby sun hats that are best in their performance and features in 2020. But you are still confused about choosing the right sun hat for your baby. The below-mentioned buying guide may help you greatly.

How to choose the Right Baby Sun Hat for your baby?

With many products in your list, to narrow down your choice and choose the best one for your baby, you should consider the following features before buying the baby sun hat.


The first thing that you should check in the sun hat is the material it is composed of. Since your baby is small and sensitive, it will be good if the hat is manufactured using high-quality cotton material. Cotton provides a soft and cozy feel to your baby and, thus, feels comfortable wearing it without any harm. Cotton fabric is lightweight too, which comes handy for traveling. Another material used in designing the hat is polyester. This is also considerable material but not provides soft and comfortability as cotton. This fabric is easy to clean and dry it. So, it is mostly recommended to go with a cotton fabric hat.

UPF Protection

This is another feature that you need to check for sure. This factor decides the baby’s safety, as it determines the ultra-violet ray’s exposure. This ultraviolet factor should be higher in your hat so that it blocks the greater percentage of UVA and UVB rays. Mostly, it should be higher or equal to 50 for the baby’s safety. Check for UPF 50+ sun hat in the local shop or online shop for buying it.

Chin Straps

This is another feature that you need to check for, ensuring the hat stays on your baby’s heat. When there is a blow of heavy wind, your Baby’s hat may drop and you need to go behind it. To avoid such hassle, the hat should have a chin strap that helps to stay in your baby’s head even when there is a wind or other external factors. Such a chin strap should be adjustable and removable in your hat design so that it ensures comfortability.

Hat Size

Since the head size varies greatly for babies, toddlers, and kids, you need to know the head circumference before choosing the hat. Otherwise, it will not fit your baby’s head properly. So, check for it and then go to buy the right-sized sun hat.

Breath ability

This is essential to ensure the baby’s health. If there is a continuous sweat, it will affect your baby’s health and causes cold and other conditions. To avoid such conditions, the hat ensures the breathability feature and proper airflow inside the hat. Sweating causes discomfort mainly on scorching days and hence, check for a good airflow material to protect your baby from health hazards.

Wide Brim

The last important feature is the wide brim design of the sun hat. Check for a wide brim design of hat to protect your baby’s eyes, head, neck, shoulders, and face, etc. from harmful UV rays exposure. Thus, buy the sun hat with a wide brim design.

The Bottom Line

The above things were all about the baby sun hats. To help you in checking the hat’s price, we also provided you the Amazon links for each product. After checking the price and other features and specifications in the baby sun hat, you can consider the right product for your baby. With the above buying guide, it will let your selection process still easier. Thus, read the reviews and guide to go with the best sun hat for your baby.