10 Best Baby Socks 2021 (That Actually Stay On)

Baby socks are an ever-present item in any child’s layette and wardrobe, whether newborn or a little older. You are soon wondering how important this piece is, and therefore it will be the subject of this review. In the early stages of a baby’s life, socks are essential to protect him from the cold, and thanks to this they come in many different sizes and models, with a wide range of prints and soled and non-slip options that can even replace shoes.

Socks are essential to keep your baby warm in cold weather. They can also be used to keep baby’s feet clean when they start to take their first steps. These small socks, available in various colors, are attractive to the eye and make your baby even more adorable.

But like all other products for children, there are several models of socks that can confuse even the head of the most experienced parents. And it is to list the best baby socks and explain to you about each feature of this product that we have prepared this review and guide. Keep reading to find out the best baby socks for your little munchkin.


Best Baby Socks Reviews

Here is the list of top-rated baby socks that you can buy this year.  We have found some of the best newborn socks that stay on their little cute feet.

1. RATIVE RB-71112 Non-Schild Anti Slip Crew Socks

best baby socks

The first product in our review list is the RATIVE RB-71112 Non-Schild Anti Slip Crew Socks. This is an imported and high-quality product that is great to use for your babies. There is a great grip provided with the wonderful design of grippers at the sole of the socks. Such grippers provide super grip and prevent slipping on slippery surfaces such as the wood floor, tile floor, etc.

The material used here to design the socks is 95% cotton, and 5a5 spandex and the product dimensions are 5 x 5 x 0.6 inches. Based on the size and dimension required for your babies, you can choose the right-sized socks using the given size chart. The product has various collections for 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T babies.

Coming to its patterns and designs, all are baby-friendly patterns such as car, airplane, truck, rocket, and helicopter designs on the socks. Such designs attract babies to wear socks with their interests. There are 12 or 6 designs of pairs of socks available in this package, which is attractive in their design.

Due to the use of high-quality material to design and manufacture these baby socks, you can wash them using a washing machine or hand wash. They won’t get torn or deformed with such washing options. For those parents looking for high-quality material socks, these baby socks serve as the ideal option for them.

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2. LA Active Grip Ankle Socks

best baby socks 2020

Coming to the next product in the list, it is the LA Active Grip Ankle Socks that are best for their anti-slip safety grip features.

With the wonderful design of socks, it is much easier for parents to wear and remove the baby socks easily. It is a hassle-free task to wear this sock to your baby. This model of socks can be used without shoes and provide a great look for your babies, as they go well with all types of outfits.

A fiber material used acts as a cushion to the heel surface of babies and they enjoy the comfort of wearing them.

Each package has 6 pairs of socks with various designs on them and matches any type of outfits. You can choose the right size of socks for your babies, as it is available for various age groups.

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3. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Socks

best newborn socks

If you are looking for baby socks best for everyday wear, then go with this product Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Socks. The product uses the soft fabric and thus, babies feel the comfort of wearing such soft cloth socks. Another advantage of using this product is its stretchable design that fits properly in your baby’s legs and there is no fuss dressing.

Here the material composition includes 85% cotton, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex. With the proper material composition, the socks are much softer and easier to wear for your babies. The stretchable design eases your task of wearing or removing the baby socks. As the socks are of good quality, they ensure everyday wear for your babies.

The package contains 8 pairs of super soft and comfy socks that are machine washable and maintain the softness even after undergoing many washes. They are available in different designs and suitable for infants of 0 to 6 months old. If you are looking for soft and durable socks for your baby, then you must consider this product to enjoy the features.

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4. GERBER Baby Girls’ 6-Pair sock

baby socks that stay on

The next product in our review list is the GERBER Baby Girls’ 6-Pair sock. Here the socks are designed in such a way that provides great protection to your little feet by covering them all over the day and night to maintain the warm temperature. They are designed to stay on baby’s feet with their elasticity feature and roll back cuffs.

The material of the socks includes 75% cotton, 13% nylon, 8% polyester, 2% spandex, and 2% rubber. All of these fabrics are blended into the correct ratio for providing soft and strong socks. It is an imported product that offers a great fit for your baby.

The Gerber baby socks are unisex terry bootie socks that are designed using a jacquard art. The socks serve as the best option for your girl babies and match well with their dresses.

The package contains 6 pairs of socks and all are in white. The size of socks can be changed using the size chart based on your baby’s age. If you are looking for a soft and stretchable design of socks for your girl babies, this product can be a great choice to go with.

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5. Aminson Anti-Slip Non-Schild Ankle Socks

best socks for newborns

Aminson Anti-Slip Non-Schild Ankle Socks are well-known for their use of cotton as the primary material. Here the 95% cotton and 5% spandex are blended in a perfect way to manufacture these socks. Here the manufacturer itself is Aminson and there is no third-party dealer and hence, you can buy the socks directly from the manufacturer.

The premium product offers various good features such as odor-resistant, medium thickness, high-quality skin cotton material, absorption of sweat, and also perfect to wear for all temperature conditions. As the socks are soft and much comfortable to use, they serve as the ideal option for your babies. With these socks, your baby toes always stay warm.

When compared to other products, these baby socks have an additional design feature which is the beaded non-slip design on the bottom of socks. Such beaded design provides a great grip for your babies and prevents them from slipping off whenever they run or walk on the floor.

Here the package contains 6 or 12 pairs of socks, all having a beaded PU design on the bottom of the socks. With various designs and patterns used on the socks, your baby gets attracted to socks and loves to wear them.

Other features include the stretchable design, foldable brim, breathable and soft cotton, etc. The baby socks can be washed either using a washing machine or manually using your hand. If you are looking for socks for your walkative toddlers with an anti-slip feature, then buy these Aminson Anti-Slip Non-Schild Ankle Socks.

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6. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby and Toddler Boys’ 12-Pack Sock Crew

best infant socks

The next product in our review list is the Simple Joys by Carter’s baby socks. Here the product contains 12 pairs of socks that are available in different sizes and colors. One has to choose the right size and color of socks before placing an order for this product. One of the trusted brands in the US market, offering high-quality baby products at lower prices is the Carter brand. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product when you have an idea of buying these baby socks.

Here the socks use the rib knit cuffs design along with the perfect blend of cotton material. To prevent slipping of your babies, the socks come with non-slip soles. Such non-slip soles provide a grip for the babies to walk or run without slipping.

The product dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inches and pull on closure feature helps parents to wear socks for their babies easily without much strain. To enjoy the softness of material with non-slip soles, parents should consider buying this excellent product for their babies.

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7. Fruit of the Loom Baby Cotton Stretch Socks

best newborn socks that stay on

One of the trusted brands in the USA for baby products is the Fruit of the Loom. Here we are going to review the baby socks. The baby socks use various fabrics in different components such as 63% cotton, 33% polyester, 2% spandex, and 2% rubber. Though your baby grows, the socks still fit the little feet due to their elastic and stretchable design. They are unisex socks of great quality.

Coming to the design part, the socks use the rib-knit cuff over the ankle and use the non-slip grips to provide the grip and support for babies. Such a non-slip gripping design helps to minimize the slipping of your babies.

The product’s package contains 14 pairs of socks and all of them in white color. Most parents require the basic white socks of large quantities for their babies and thus, buy this package of having 14 pairs in it.

The product allows for a machine wash and tumble dry and hence it is safe and easy to clean the socks. If you want to gift any of your friends for their new-born babies, this product serves as a great gift. As the socks are white, they are best suitable for any outfits of babies and go well with them. Buy this product if you are looking for a good-quality brand of socks.

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8. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Essential Socks

baby socks that don't come off

If you are looking for some thick and cushiony socks for your babies, then you can try this product, Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Essential Socks due to its great features. Here the socks use a cuff style that helps the socks to stay on your little feet of babies.

Coming to the material, the socks use the super-soft cotton blend fabric that is soft and stretchable in design. With its stretchable design, you can use these socks to your babies even after 1 year. Now, the inner side of the socks uses a loop cotton terry fabric for providing the great comfort and warmth feel for your babies. So, the material design is adorable that makes it perfect for your little feet.

Your baby enjoys the cushion feel of the socks and they go well with any of your baby’s outfits. Due to the different and several designs of socks, they serve as the best option to make your baby feel comfort and warmth.

The package contains 12 pairs of socks of different designs. Though the package has many pairs along with soft fabric design, the product is available at an affordable price. Due to their stretchable and cuff style feature, many parents prefer to buy these baby socks for their babies to protect them from cold temperatures. Buy these fashionable socks to match most of your babies’ outfits.

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9. Little Me Baby 20Piece Assorted Socks

best toddler socks that stay on

The next socks on our list are the Little Me Baby socks which come in a 20 piece pack. The dimensions are 7.6 x 12.8 x 2 inches and the item’s weight is 8.8 ounces. Coming to the fabric’s composition, the socks use 75% cotton, 20% polyester, and 5% spandex. They are specially designed for girl babies and hence they are unisex socks.

With the material composition, the product assures to stay on with a good quality even after lots of wear and washes. The socks are much more comfortable to use for your babies and last a longer life. The socks also use the non-slip sole to avoid slipping of the babies.

The package contains 20 pieces of socks that are in multiple colors and designs. So, parents can easily match the babies’ dresses with these colorful socks. They are best for everyday uses and perfect for 0-2-year-old babies.

Another interesting feature of this product is the material design to avoid shrinkage. With the perfect mix of various fabrics in different ratios, the socks are well-known to tolerate the shrinking after many uses. Even after washing them many times, the socks fit perfectly for your babies. The baby socks allow for machine wash and easy to clean them.

If you have a girl baby and are looking for top-quality socks, then buy these Little Me baby socks. With many pairs in the package, you can use different pairs for different outfits of your girl babies.

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10. Fruit of the Loom Baby 6-Pack All Weather Crew-Length Socks

Fruit of the Loom Baby 6-Pack All Weather Crew-Length Socks

The last socks our list is the Fruit of the Loom Baby 6-Pack All Weather Crew-Length Socks. Once again a product from the same Fruit of the Loom brand. This package contains 6 pairs of socks in which three pairs of socks are cooling mesh socks and three pairs of socks are thermal waffle socks. Thus, to handle both the hot and cold temperatures, the package contains both types of socks.

The product is imported type and serves year-round to handle any type of climate. In our review list, this product has the only feature of providing socks for temperature changes all over the year.

With its non-slip and cushioned foot soles, the socks provide additional comfort to the babies and hence, they can enjoy walking, running, or whatever actions they want to. An additional comfort provided by socks helps babies to prevent slipping most often.

As the product is from a reputed brand in the USA, they are of great quality and offer various benefits to the babies. One can wash these baby socks in a washing machine and they are extremely machine wash safe. With six pairs of different design socks, parents can use them to match the stylish and casual outfits of their babies during any special occasion. The package serves as the best gift for your close buddies’ babies.

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So, these were the top ten best baby socks list. Have a look at the below section for the buying guide about how to choose socks for your baby.

How to Choose the Right Baby Socks for your Baby?

As as a new parent how exactly do you choose the right baby socks?  Well you need to check these things out:


The first factor that you should check is the material whether it is manufactured using the primary material like cotton. This means the percentage of cotton should be at least 60% along with other fabric blends. Though it contains nylon, spandex in minimum ratios, it is not an issue. You can consider such cotton fabric socks for your babies. Additionally, if you want an organic option, you can try the cotton infused with soy and nylon, which is good for the sensitive skin of your babies. The main reason why cotton is preferred is due to its breathable feature. Also, it maintains the warmth of your baby’s feet.

Purpose of usage

The next thing is to consider for which age baby you are using these socks that vary in their purpose. For a baby less than one-year-old, the socks are used to maintain the warm temperature. But for toddlers, the socks are used to provide them a cushion and anti-slip grip while they walk and run around the house. Based on its usage, you can go for buying the socks with a needed feature.

Fun Patterns

This is another important feature to consider when buying the socks for your babies. When you buy socks, look for some interesting color patterns and designs on them. Such fun patterns like cars, flowers, cartoons, etc attract your babies and they love to wear socks without causing any trouble to you.


This is another crucial feature to look at your baby socks. The baby socks you are buying should cover a range of ages of babies with different designs. If the sock is available in small and large sizes only, then it is not practically perfect. So, look for the material of the sock to be stretchable and shrink-free one. In such a situation, you can use the same socks for your baby at different ages.


For any product you consider, durability is an important factor. As most of the baby socks are safe with machine wash, you should consider how long the socks will last. If you are not sure about the quality of the material, it is better to go with buying the socks double in your expected length. So, such sucks may last longer even after washing many times and tolerate to manage the size and length after shrinking.


One has to check this feature for sure so that you can use this sock for your baby. A sock that you are choosing should provide an anti-slip grip and cushion bottom for your baby. Another thing is its breathability, but if you don’t find cushioning and breathable material in the product, it is better to avoid such a product.


The value doesn’t mean you buy the pack of socks at a high price. As most of the baby socks are available in multi-packs such as 6 pairs, 10 pairs, and even 20 pairs in one pack, you can go for buying 10 to 12 pairs for at least ten dollars. When you consider the value of these socks, one has to take the number of pairs also into consideration. Along with several pairs, check for the quality and versatility features too.

Tips to Help Keep Baby’s Socks On

The following are a few ways in which you can keep the baby’s socks intact:

#1. To begin with, you, as a parent have to buy the right size sock for your little one. It is but natural that after you hear about the incoming of a baby, you try to buy as many things as possible before the arrival time. However, stocking on many socks may not be a very good idea. The foot of the child grows at a faster rate than a few other parts of the body. Hence, stocking up on socks will only lead to more problems. You have to select the right size of the sock for your child. The baby will be uncomfortable if the socks are too tight or too loose.

#2. Another important way of keeping the baby’s sock on is to make them wear sleep sacks. These are nothing but gown like garments which reach up to the baby’s feet. With this in place, there is a possibility that your child shall remain warm and comfortable. This, in turn, will help to prevent the socks of your baby from coming out.

#3. Most of the parents like to dress their baby’s up in what is called a bodysuit. These are like jumpsuits, only that they can cover your child from head to toe. These are like a single piece of clothing. If you want that your child has the sock on, then you can make him or her wear a sock underneath the bodysuit. With this, your child will not have the tendency of trying to do away with the sock. This will also go a long way in helping to protect the little one from cold temperatures.

#4. Similar to the above, there are a variety of other products that are essentially meant to be worn over the socks. These are called the sock on. When you make your baby wear the sock, you can make it a point to also make them wear the sock on. This will help by resisting your child to take the socks off. However, you should also keep in mind that sock on cannot be used if you are making your child wear baby walking shoes as well. If you prefer your child to wear shoes, then this cannot be your go-to product for keeping the socks on your child.


Socks are an essential baby’s item of clothing and needed to keep toes nice and warm. They also add comfort and provide a great grip to your babies feet when they begin to walk for the first time. We hope you have been able to pick out a pretty and pretty useful pair of socks for your baby.