10 Best Baby Safety Helmets 2020 (For Crawling & Walking)

Most parents are worried about their babies falling and hurting their head. So, if you are thinking this way, you will want something that will protect your baby. It is common to see your babies are active, which we can’t control easily. As babies start exploring in this fascinating new world, they are unaware they may get harmed as they go about exploring. With injuries being common in babies, you may need the best baby safety helmets.

If it is a small injury, parents can take care of it easily. But if it is a serious one, they have to take great care, and they want it to not happen once again. So, they will look for some safety products that will safeguard their active babies. One such product that comes all the way to save your baby from head injuries is the baby safety helmet.

So what does a baby safety helmet mean? It is a firm hat that fits perfectly on your baby’s head to avoid any injuries happening on the head when your babies want to walk, crawl, or stand. Baby safety helmets are mainly designed to protect little ones and can give parents some peace of mind. Parents may feel stress-free about their babies, thinking that the safety helmets may provide some extra protection for them.

You may wonder if safety helmets are necessary for a baby. It’s really a decision for you as a parent.  You know how active your child is, and whether they are prone to falling. When they fall while wearing safety helmets, they may still get hurt, and they probably will cry.  But if that’s the extent – limited to baby’s tears only and not any serious injuries, then a safety helmet is a good investment.

Some people feel like their babies are safe without wearing helmets too, so that is your personal choice, so we respect that. So, safety helmets are for those who are looking to take care of their active child safe from head injuries. Helmets are also of use while your baby is using push walkers.

With so many brands designing a variety of baby safety helmets, it is quite a daunting task for you to select and buy the right helmet. So, we have compiled the top ten best baby safety helmets of 2020, which will make your selection process easier. Ensure that you look for certain factors before choosing the safety helmet for your baby and not merely going with the very first product you see at local shops or online stores.

Best Baby Safety Helmets Reviews

Here we compiled the list of best baby safety helmets which you can buy for this year:

1. ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety HelmetFor your baby who is too active and wants to walk and crawl always, then this ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet is the excellent choice for your baby to go with. One of the best safety helmets in the market that is well-known for its various features.

This helmet contains the filling material, and it is of special mesh IXPE material. Not only this, but it is also super lightweight for your babies to wear. This safety helmet contains 100% cotton material, and thus, it is lovely and breathable and safe for your babies.

As the safety helmet is designed for babies, there are some crucial features needed in it such as excellent breathability, non-toxic, odorless, antisepsis, impact resistance, etc. and the good thing is you can get all these features when buying this helmet. Also, the safety helmet comes with a ventilation strip to avoid any sweat, and it is completely breathable.

The safety helmet is adjustable, and you can use it for an 8-60 months baby by adjusting the strap, and it is suitable for head circumference of 16.93″ to 22.05″. Coming to its dimensions, the dimensions are 6.8 x 6 x 5.6 inches, and the weight is 6.1 ounces. You can get the helmet in five different colors, so based on your baby’s interest, you can choose the right color.

Whenever your baby falls due to crawling or walking, this baby safety helmet avoids the mitigate damage to the head with its cushioning design inside the helmet. So, for the baby of 8-60 months, this product can be a great choice.

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2. Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet

Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety HelmetThe next safety helmet is the popular US brand Simplicity. This helmet is mainly designed for your toddlers to protect them during crawling or playing. It is an ultra-lightweight helmet that is best for protecting toddlers. When you consider the material used inside the helmet, it is ultra-soft, elastic sponge filling.

The outer shell layer uses the blend of cotton and polyester material for exceptional durability. One can make the hand-wash of this spongy helmet, and the spongy filled helmet provides from bumps and falls due to the cushioning effect. The helmet allows for repeated wash and doesn’t fade and decline in its quality after many washes.

This helmet is adjustable, and it can go for the circumference limit of 18.8-22″ that you can adjust based on the infant’s head size. The product weighs just 3 ounces, so it is rightly said that an ultra-lightweight helmet for toddlers.

As it is available in multiple colors and designs, your toddlers like to wear such attractive helmets without making you force them. If you are looking for a lightweight helmet for your infant, go for this simple infant toddler safety helmet.

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3. Schwinn Kids Bike 3D Helmet

Schwinn Kids Bike 3D HelmetThe next helmet in our review list is the Schwinn Kids Bike 3D Helmet. It is a 3D helmet due to its teddy bear design in the 3D view. This helmet is available for infants to adults. Based on the head circumference range, you can buy this helmet for your infants or toddlers.

The outer layer is of plastic, where there is a teddy bear 3D design. Here the spongy inner layer protects the babies from getting hurt when they walk or crawl. It is also suitable for adults of 14+ ages to protect them when they ride bikes.

With the attractive design over the helmet, your infants love to wear this helmet, and you should position the helmet to get the sitting level on your baby’s head. You can adjust the side strap clasps to a position in the right way that forms a ‘V’ shape. If you find your baby is not comfortable wearing the helmet, you can adjust the strap. You can change the fit level by not more than one finger going inside the strap.

It is much safer for your infants or adults and functions in the right way to protect them from head injuries. Though the helmet is of plastic quality, it serves as the best in saving your infants or adults from accidents. For those, looking for a bike helmet and fashionable helmet for their babies can go with this Schwinn 3D helmet.

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4. Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet

Newcomdigi Infant Safety HelmetFor your super-active child who is learning to crawl or walk, then this Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet serves as an excellent choice for your infants or toddlers. It is a super lightweight material that has an adjustable Velcro closure and chin strap. This strap, you can adjust to your needs to fit perfectly in your baby’s head.

Coming to its material, it uses 100% cotton and soft material that provides a cushioning effect. Also, the material is non-toxic, BPA-free, and comfortable to wear due to its adjustable straps. When you consider the filling material, it is of foaming material IXPE that provides the spongy, cushion effect to the infants.

You don’t have to worry about getting swear of wearing it for a longer time, as the material is a breathable and sweat-absorbent helmet. There is no harm for kids to wear this helmet but provides excellent protection. Other great features of using this helmet are shock-absorption, impact resistance, antisepsis, good air permeability, and offer environmental protection.

The safety helmet is suitable for babies of ages 2-60 months and comes with a head circumference of 43cm to 55 cm. Coming to its dimensions, the dimensions are 8.7 x 7.4 x 6.7 inches, and the weight is 6.4 ounces.

This product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase when you are not satisfied with this product. If you are looking for a super lightweight safety helmet having a great breathability feature, then consider buying this Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet for your infant.

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5. Thudguard Infant Protective Safety Helmet

Thudguard Infant Protective Safety HelmetFor those looking for a lightweight safety helmet for your baby that doesn’t put pressure on the neck muscles can go with this Thudguard Infant Protective Safety Helmet. This is well-known for its stretchability feature, and you can allow them to stretch for a great fit on the baby’s head. The helmet has holes on it that provides excellent ventilation by absorbing sweat.

This stretchy and comfortable design of the helmet serves as a suitable option for the babies of age groups between 7 months to 2 years. Since it is a stretchable design and comes with a 16 to 20 inches circumference range, you can use it for such a baby’s age groups. The helmet provides 360-degree coverage but still has excellent ventilation.

The product dimensions are 7.9 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches, and the helmet weighs 3.52 ounces. Such a lightweight helmet serves as the ideal one and develops an early helmet-wearing habit for infants. Since it uses the thick impact tested foam of 0.75-inch spongy layer, it protects the infant from bumps and thuds. The product is tested and approved by many emergency and medical experts for its good quality. Thus, parents may feel confident of using this helmet to their babies for its medically proven certificate.

If you are looking for a safety helmet to protect your baby from hazardous head injuries, then the Thudguard is an excellent choice, and your baby will feel comfortable wearing a soft and spongy helmet.’

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6. ESUPPORT Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

ESUPPORT Baby Adjustable Safety HelmetIf you are looking for a protective harness hat providing a safer environment to your infant when learning to walk, crawl, and play, then buy this ESUPPORT baby safety helmet. The first thing to consider in this product is its material, which is 100% pure cotton.

Cotton is present inside the helmet and over the surface of it. Cotton material used in this helmet comes with a Class A environmental standard and thus harmful to the environment for its use. Most of the parents prefer this helmet due to its soft and breathable features of the material. The product dimensions are 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.9 inches, and the product weighs 65 grams.

The helmet is the standard one-size design and with the head circumference range of 43cm to 56cm. The helmet uses the special Y-type cap design and offers great stability for adjusting the length of your cap. So, your baby feels comfortable wearing this helmet, as it provides a great adjustment scale.

The foam is much soft, and it is of IXPE anti-vibration material that has the medical grade and environmental-friendly material. Coming to its design for breathability, it has ventilation holes for excellent ventilation function. Also, the ventilation strip design is added to provide great ventilation performance.

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7. Huifen Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

Huifen Baby Adjustable Safety HelmetIf you are looking for a soft and breathable helmet for protecting your baby from injuries, this Huifen baby safety helmet is the best option. The helmet is not hard and not suitable as a bicycle helmet. It is suitable for babies of ages from 2 to 60 months. When your baby grows, you can adjust the head circumference level accordingly, as it provides the head circumference range of 16.93 inches to 22.05 inches.

As it is not suitable to use as a bicycle helmet, one should avoid using this helmet for such reasons. But it serves as an excellent option for infants. Here the helmet contains 100% cotton with a lining of cotton in it. For a soft and cushioning effect, the helmet uses the spongy and seismic material which is shock-resistant and impact resistant.

The product dimensions are 9.3 x 6.1 x 4.9 inches, and the product weighs 6.6 ounces. With an excellent ventilation design, the helmet ensures a sweat-resistant and breathability feature. With the adjustable cap strap, you can adjust the helmet as per your baby’s head size, and thus the helmet stays in a comfortable position on the head.

With the five different colors of the design, you can choose the best color based on your baby’s need so that your baby loves to wear it. The helmet offers a 360-degree head coverage but still provides ventilation with its holes. This serves as a good choice if you plan to go out with your baby due to its ventilation feature that avoids overheating.

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8. Eyourhappy Infant Baby Toddler Safety Helmet

Eyourhappy Infant Baby Toddler Safety HelmetIf you are looking for a safety helmet for your baby that uses bacteria-proof material, then you can go for buying this Eyourhappy Infant Baby Toddler Safety Helmet. This product is special about the use of bacteria-free material and, thus, safe for your infants.

The facing and lining are made of 100% cotton material that is breathable and bacteria-free. It offers electrostatic prevention with the cotton material. Due to its high-grade cotton, the product becomes a favorite choice for most of the parents.

The filling inside the helmet is of spongy material, which is anti-shock foam IXPE material. It is much soft and bacteria-proof and hence, offering a cushion effect of wearing it. It is also shock-resistant and also much safer to use for your baby. Such a multi-functional foam provides great protection for your baby when you want to walk, run, or crawl. Other features include shock absorption, impact resistance, good air permeability, soft, non-toxic, odorless, antisepsis, and environment protection.

The product dimensions are 6.7 x 6.4 x 5 inches, and the helmet weighs 2.24 ounces. There are three colors of helmet available from which you can go with any of these colors. The straps are adjustable and fit a head circumference ranging from 43cm to 51cm. A safety helmet is a one-size adjustable model and a great option for your infant.

If you are looking for a helmet with a great filling layer of soft and bacteria-free material, this safety helmet serves as a perfect choice.

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9. IUME Toddler Baby Safety Helmet

IUME Toddler Baby Safety HelmetThe next product that we are going to review is the IUME Toddler Baby Safety Helmet. This helmet helps to protect your baby from bruises. It is not suitable for toddlers or adults to wear while biking, but great for infants and toddlers to avoid injuries when they walk or crawl or stand.

The baby safety helmet is best to use for ages between 6 to 60 months. With its adjustable Velcro closure and chin strap, you can adjust to fit the helmet in the right position on your baby’s head. It will fit a head circumference of 40cm to 55cm.

To protect your baby’s head, the helmet comes with various features such as shock absorption. These features are due to the use of spongy and soft material inside the helmet. It uses the multi-functional foaming material IXPE for filling. Coming to its outer surface, it uses 100% cotton, which is soft, lightweight, sweat-absorbent, etc. The breathability feature is excellent with this cotton material and uses the padded design. The material is non-toxic and much comfortable to wear for your infants.

The product dimensions are 8.3 x 7 x 3.3 inches, and the helmet weighs 3.2 ounces. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it and get your money back within 30 days, as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight helmet suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, this safety helmet serves as an excellent choice for your baby.

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10. Safehead BABY Soft Helmet

Safehead BABY Soft HelmetThe last product that we are going to review is Safehead Baby Soft Helmet. It is highly recommended for babies and toddlers from 7 months to 2 years. It is ultra-lightweight and weighs less than 3.5 ounces. Such a lightweight material doesn’t put any pressure on your baby’s neck of wearing it continuously.

The material used is cotton on the lining and has more than 30 vented holes for breathability. Such a breathable and ventilated cotton helmet evaporates the heat, and thus, it is completely sweat-free.

Since the helmet uses the adjustable straps, it will fit for different head sizes and provides comfortability. This headgear is perfect for unsteady feet of your baby. The product dimensions are 8.1 x 6.9 x 5.5 inches, and the helmet weighs 3.36 ounces. All the needed things, such as safety, comfort, and freedom of your baby, are available at one product, which is a Safehead baby helmet.

With its great design and color, it adds a fashion to your babies when they wear this helmet. So, it offers both safety and appealing look for your babies, when they wear the Safehead baby helmet.

So these were the top ten baby safety helmets, and with this, if you have a confusion of choosing which one for your baby, then go through the buying guide for the same. Such a buying guide gives you some idea about what features you need to look at the baby helmets while buying it.

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How to Choose the Right Baby Safety Helmet for your Baby?

You must refer to the buying guide before choosing the right product. Have a look at the below section for the buying guide.


The first thing that you need to consider while buying the baby safety helmet is the material used to construct it. Ensure that it is 100% cotton, as it is a soft and breathable material, your baby may feel comfortable wearing it. Also, the cotton material should have other features such as shock-absorbent and resistant to bumps as well. Avoid going for plastic materials, as it will overheat for outdoor uses.

Filling Foam

The next thing you need to check is the filling material, which should be IXPE material. Such material is best for its other features, such as non-toxic, impact-resistant, odor-free, bacteria-free, BPA-free, etc. You must find all such characteristics in them so that it is safe for your baby to use the helmet.


Since your baby is small, never go for a heavy-weight helmet, as it will cause pressure in the nerves of the neck. So it is always good to go for a lightweight material that offers a great comfortability to your baby. Mostly, the cotton material helmet is much safer and also offers a lightweight capacity.


When you are buying the helmet, you need to check this feature for sure. Otherwise, the helmet is a waste of money. Because when your baby feels comfortable wearing it, then only allows for wearing it. But if your baby cries to wear the helmet, then you can’t use this helmet. The safety helmet should have an adjustable strap and head circumference range. These are crucial to fit on your baby’s head and, thus, check for it before buying the helmet.


Since you are going to use the helmet for your baby, it should stay hygienic for use. So ensure that you can clean the helmet using a hand-wash. Such a hand-wash helmet is best to clean and use it for your baby.


Again, one more important feature to consider while buying a safety helmet is breathability. Since your baby is super active, sweating may occur a lot. To control such sweat and to evaporate the sweat, the helmet should have ventilation holes. Through such vent holes, the sweat may evaporate, and thus the helmet is sweat-resistant. In addition to these vent holes, filling material used in the helmet also plays a crucial role. So check for all such important things in your helmet.

The Bottom Line

We hope you now understand the features that you require when selecting the best baby safety helmet. When you look for such features, ensure that you focus it is lightweight and breathable. Also, choose the helmet most appropriate for your baby’s age and the size of their head. We hope you enjoy being with your baby as they explore the great outdoors, knowing they are safe, should they fall.