10 Best Baby Play Yard 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Toddlers can get injured while playing, and this is one time when they need constant monitoring and attention. Babies are naturally curious, which can lead them into dangerous situations. You’re busy and need to be able to leave them to play safely. One option is to get the best baby play yard so they can happily play alone for a time.

Play yards are also called playpens, and they are really great for keeping baby both happy and safe. A lot of play yards come in a travel-friendly kit, which lets you carry them around while you are traveling.  Portable playpens are ideal to take on holiday.

These play yards are top-rated, and they have been used regularly by parents around the world. Our wish is for you to choose a playpen for your baby to ensure their safety while they are playing. We wanted to help you in select a model for your baby, so in this expert review, we have compiled a list of top 10 best baby play yards in 2020.

Best Baby Play Yard Reviews

Let’s get to the top 10 best baby play yards. 

1. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Play Yard

best baby play yardThe first product that we have on our list is from Summer Infant, and this is one of the best Play Yards in 2020. It is a portable play yard that can be used inside the house or even outside the home. Even if you have to travel around with this, you get a travel bag that offers maximum portability. In addition to this, the play yard is also very lightweight.

To give you a perspective, it weighs just 12 pounds in total. The frame is designed with metal, and it has a mesh fabric around the frame, which keeps the weight light. Assembling or folding the play yard is very easy, and it takes just about a few seconds to do that. Another advantage of choosing this play yard is that it comes with a canvas floor that offers additional protection to the child.

In terms of the play area, this offers 14 sq—feet of space to the child. The diameter of the panel is 48 inches, and the height of the panels of this play yard is 26 inches.  You can use it in the park, on the beach and almost anywhere. The good part is that apart from using it babies, it can also be used for pets. Overall, the product offers fantastic utility.

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2. Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen

baby play yard reviewsOne of the best-selling play yard available in the market is from Fortella, and there is one thing very unique about this play yard. It has the ability to keep your child engaged.

This play yard comes with a whiteboard installed where your child can draw and unleash their creativity. It also comes with an activity wall where the child can keep themselves entertained. This also helps in the development of cognitive ability as well as the motor skills of the children.

Our favorite playpen has an engaging activity wall

The design has a total of 14 panels, which includes a door as well. It is straightforward to fold and assemble the play yard. The hinge connectors are made safe with the help of plastic, but they are very durable. In terms of dimensions, the height of the panels is 24.4 inches, and the diameter of the play yard after installation is 77 inches.

The area that this play yard covers is 25 sq—feet, and it is also certified for safety by US CPSIA. The material used is non-toxic and food-grade HDPE. The brand has paid particular attention to ensure that there are no sharp edges. Lastly, you also get two years warranty on this play yard.

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3. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

best play yardAre you looking for something really sturdy? Well, we have something for you here, and this product by Evenflo offers the right amount of durability to you. This play yard is available in Grey, Cream, and Multicolor options for you. Apart from this, you can use this play yard for children who are at least six months old, and you will be able to use it till they are 24 months old.

It is very spacious as well, and in terms of the total area offered, it is 18.5 sq. Feet. You will be able to use it indoor as well as outdoor. The floor pad provided in this play yard is also of excellent quality. The floor pad doesn’t move around once it is installed, and it is also anti-scratch.

The height of the panel is 28 inches, which is good enough for the usage. Apart from this, you would not need more than a few minutes to assemble the play yard. The molded handles can be used to fold the play yard without any additional tools. When you are investing in a play yard from Evenflo, you are not just investing in a play yard, but you are bringing home 100 years of trust and reliable goodwill. This play yard is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

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4. Joovy New Room2 Portable Playard

best playpen 2020There are some play yards that are specifically designed for infants. If you are looking for one such product, then we are sure that this portable play yard from Joovy is worth the consideration. To begin with, let us tell you that is has a space of 10 sq. feet, which are more than enough for an infant.

The built quality is good, and it can endure a lot of movement as well. If you have twins, then you can also use this play yard with the twins. The designers have paid a lot of attention to the safety of the children. For a safe design, the center of gravity is kept really low, which means that it will not flip even with a lot of movement.

At the bottom, there is a mattress that is heavily padded, and this keeps the baby safe all the time. The design also has two wheels, which allow you to move the play yard from one room to another. In terms of dimensions, it has a square size, which means that the length and the breath are 39.75 inches.

The height of the panel is 31 inches. In the pack, you get the play yard along with a travel bag. Lastly, the brand offers two years warranty on this product, which is really more than the standard warranty provided.

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5. Toddleroo by North States Superyard Colorplay Play Yard

best play yardAre you looking for something massive and spacious? Well, check out the list at number 4, which is from Toddleroo by North States. This product is available in 2 different variations, which include 6 Panel Design and an 8 Panel design. You can opt for the 8-panel design if you want something very spacious.

You can use it in two ways, which means that you can either choose to use this as a freestanding enclosure, or you can set up a play space with this. If you decide to set up a play space, then you get a diameter of 7 feet with an area of 34.4 sq. feet. This is a good enough area for multiple children. Apart from this, the bottom of the play yard has schild-resistant pads which ensure that the play yard doesn’t scratch your floor.

It should be noted that the floor mat is not a part of the standard package, and you would need to purchase it separately. There is also a carrying stray provided with this product, which makes it really easy to carry around this portable play yard. The material used in manufacturing this play yard is durable plastic, which is very safe for the children. You will be able to use it with children who are between 6 months to 24 months in age.

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6. Regalo My Play Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor     

best play yardsMoving on to the next product, we have a play yard from Regalo, and this one is the best if you are trying to protect your child from the rough Surface. The play yard is made of 6 panels, and each panel has a height of 26 inches.

What makes this play yard different is that the child is not on the ground; instead, the pad is elevated, and hence the child doesn’t feel the rough texture of the ground. You also get a carrying case along with the play yard, which makes it easy to travel around with play yard. The added advantage of the case is that you can even use it for storage purposes.

The design is water-resistant, and since the play yard is made of nylon mesh, you can clean it easily with a wet cloth or by washing it by hand. You will be able to use this play yard for the child who is between 6 months and 24 months. Apart from that, you will also be able to use it with the pets if required. Overall, it has an excellent build quality because of the steel frame, and you will be able to use it anywhere you need to. It is one of the best play yards that you can purchase in the given budget.

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7. Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard

best baby playpen 2020If you do not mind spending a little extra to get a really spacious play yard, then you can have a look at this model from Gupamiga. This play yard has a square shape, and in total, it has 15 panels. This also comes with a door, which is yet another added advantage of the play yard.

You would not have to worry about the color as it is available in a multicolor design. Assembly of the play yard is also easy because of the interlocking panels, and this can be assembled without any tools. The height of the panel is 24 inches. For the bottom section, you get anti-schild pads that are made of rubber.

The structure is quite stable, and you can be assured that the child will not be able to push the play yard around. Apart from this, the play yard also promises complete safety to the children, and the doors really make it easy to get in and move out.

The plastic used here to design the play yard is BPA free, and it doesn’t contain any toxic material. Overall, the product is impressive, and you can surely consider this for your children. You are going to love the design as it offers a large area for the children.

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8. Portable Play Yard Play Pen for Infants and Babies

best baby playyardWouldn’t it be easy if the child can crawl out of the play yard when he wants? Well, your wish is our command, and we have a play yard for you, which can actually make it easy for your child to move out of the play yard. This one is designed with a mesh fabric and a metal frame that is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

There are two safety locks in this play yard, and there is also a lot of space between the metal frame and the mesh. This keeps your toddler safe. You can use the play yard in your home, in the park, in the backyard, and even at the beach.

This model provides enough space to the children, and with soft padding at the bottom, the child enjoys playing in it. The mesh walls also have a zipper door which can be opened by you. Carrying this is not a big deal as it can be folded in umbrella design.

You will be able to assemble it with just one hand. One thing that sets this brand apart from others in the list is the lifetime guarantee that you get on the play yard. The total weight of the play yard is 14.8 pounds, and the brand also provides a carry bag along with it.

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9. Toddleroo by North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

best baby playpenThis is the second product from Toddleroo on our list, and if you remember, we have talked about an 8-panel design from this brand. This one is a smaller version of the listing as it is available in a 6-panel design.

You can choose between ivory color and multicolor models. If, in later stages of life, you feel that your child needs more space, then you can purchase additional panels, and this will turn this 6-panel model into an eight-panel one. The height of the play yard is 26 inches, and the total play area offered here us 18.5 sq. feet.

The door access surely makes it easy for you to get the child out of the play yard. You would not have to climb the walls on the play yard, which mitigates the risk of you tripping over the wall. The door is secured by the latch to ensure that the child doesn’t open it up.

Apart from this, the versatility offered to you is also incredible. It is easy to fold the play yard and pack it up when it is not in use. A carrying strap provided with this play yard makes it all the more easily to travel around with the apparatus.

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10. Skip Hop Baby Playpen

play yard reviewsWith this, we have moved on to the last product on our list. This is a play yard that can be used as an expandable play yard or as a wall-mounted obstruction. In the play yard, you also get a play surface wall that comes with several toys integrated into the wall.

The good part about the play wall is that it would help the child with the development of cognitive ability as well as motor skills. In total, there are eight activities that are offered by the playpen. The play yard is also very spacious, which makes the baby comfortable. The activity wall is excellent in terms of keeping the child engaged.

The material used in manufacturing this play yard is a metal frame that comes with a printed mesh design. It is good enough to let the child play and the door entry included in the play yard allows the child to enter and move out of the play yard freely.

The area enclosed in the play yard is over 20 sq. feet, and you can also choose to install the play yard in different configurations. You can consider this for purchase, and we assure you that your little one enjoys his time in the play yard.

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Guide: How To Choose The Best Baby Play Yard

Selecting a baby play yard can be a significant purchase for you, and you just can’t pick up anything from the market. You would need to consider all the factors that would help you in choosing the right play yard for your baby. In this section, we have compiled a list of the features you should consider when buying a baby play yard.

Secure Surface Offered – The first thing that you need to consider is the area of the Secure Surface that is offered by the play yard. You will come across many expandable models as well, wherein you will be able to connect more panels to increase the area. This is an essential factor to check as a low surface area may restrict the child, and he may feel claustrophobic.

Panel Height – The next thing is the panel height. Do not choose something that has a high panel height and does not select anything that has a shallow panel height. Choose something that has an optimal height. The reason for this is that it may be challenging to monitor the baby with the high panel height, and if the panel height is low, then the baby may try to bend over it, which is a falling hazard.

Door or no Door – You can also look at different models and see if it comes with a door or without a door. Having one with the door will make it easy for you to get in, and this will also save you from lifting the baby every time you want him in or out. The price difference would be minimal, but the change in utility factor would be a lot. Do make it a point to check out the models that come with a door.

Portable and Travel-Friendly – Moving on to the next point, consider your travel needs. Are you going to travel a lot, and would you need the play yard while you are traveling? If so, then you might want to choose a model that is travel-friendly. Check out if the play yard has a travel bag along with it. Also, look at other things like how easy it is to fold the travel yard and how much effort does it takes to expand it again.

Floor Pads – The next thing that you can check is if the floor pads are included in the play yard. These are soft rubber mats that can also protect the child when he falls. They are relatively easy to clean, and a lot of people do prefer the ones with the floor pads. On the downside, if you choose something with a floor pad, then you will have more things to carry with yourself.

Ease of Cleaning – The fact is that the baby play yard is going to get soiled. There are going to be spills around the baby play yard, and you need to see how easy it is to clean the play yard. Would you be able to wash it simply? Do you need to clean it with soap and water? Consider all these factors while deciding the ease of cleaning of the baby play yard.

Built Quality – Also, have a look at the build quality of the play yard. What is it made of? Is it made of plastic? If so, is the plastic BPA free? Are the edges rounded off? Understand the kind of build quality it has and do not hesitate from paying a little extra for something that is having a better build quality than other models.

Cost – the Last thing that we would like you to consider is the cost. You can set a budget before you start looking at the play yard models, and this will help you in restricting your search to the models which are in your budget. This way, you will be able to make the decision quickly.

These were some of the significant factors that you need to consider while purchasing the baby play yards. Among these, you may also want to consider the color and the pattern on the baby play yard, and find out if it has activity panels like a drawing board. This will cover almost all the things, and lastly, you can check if the panels can be purchased extra when you need to expand your baby play pan.

Safety Tips For Using Baby Play Yards

With safety always being front of mind, here are some tips to prevent your baby from injury while playing in a play yard.

  • First, don’t place any object inside the play yard, which allows your baby to climb out of the yard. 
  • Always keep your baby’s play yard clean and hygienic. They can easily become sick if they have a weak immune system. So disinfect the play yard at least once a week.
  • Never hang anything on the play yard’s boundary, such as keys or a used handkerchief, or anything harmful to your baby. Sometimes, we hang any object on the baby’s play yard; we find that the thing that we had placed on the boundary of the play yard is now in the baby’s mouth.
  • Always make sure to turn the sides of the hinged changing station, while your baby is playing inside of the play yard, you should turn it to the outer side. 
  • Inspect your baby’s play yard regularly and make sure it is in good condition to play safely in. If you suspect anything that looks damaged, then stop using it and repair it (or have it repaired) as soon as possible. 
  • Once your baby reaches the maximum height and weight recommendation, then they should stop playing in the play yard.  They are probably ready to play in their room by this stage.
  • Never place your baby’s play yard near a source of heat like a stove, campfire.
  • Finally, don’t try to move the play yard with your baby in it.

Follow all above mentioned tips to keep your baby safe and secure from any hazard.    


We hope that we have covered enough information for you to choose the best baby play yard for your baby. Choose a playpen that is travel-friendly so that you can enjoy your time away when traveling with your baby. Do not hesitate to spend a little extra if you are getting the best baby play yard for your family.

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