The Best Baby Nail Clippers In 2021 – As Reviewed By A Mom

One of the more scary duties you have to do as a new mom is the manicure duty —trimming the teeny tiny fingernails of your baby. It’s a scary job because babies can easily get irritated, especially when you’re doing their nails, and a wrong clip could hike their soft skin. And then the loud, heartbreaking, screams and tears ensue. 

But surely, you can’t avoid cutting their nails regularly no matter how terrifying it may seem. Interestingly, newborns’ tiny fingernails tend to grow fast and if not properly trimmed, those surprisingly sharp blades could cause terrible scratches leaving marks and blotches. This is why you need the right tool like the best baby nail clipper to make your manicure appointment go smoothly.

In this article, we will talk about the various benefits of using baby nail clippers, their types, and the top-rated products that you can select for your baby. 

Benefits of Using The Best Baby Nail Clippers

First, let’s talk about the benefits of using baby nail clippers instead of standard clippers that we use on ourselves. They are easier to use and have been designed especially for the baby’s skin, there are a lot more benefits, both direct and indirect, that make it the best option for a newborn.  The benefits include:

  • Designed to comfort babies and not to cut the skin.
  • Easier to use for the parents
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Great value for money

Along with these, there are several more benefits that you can explore by using the baby nail files once. So, try out a good quality nail clipper on your baby and make both your lives much more comfortable.

Types of Baby Nail Clippers

Now you need to choose the right type of clippers. Baby clippers are available in different types, and almost all of them have different features, both in functionality and in price. Below are some of the most commonly used baby clippers that you can opt for. Go through them, and find a perfect one for your baby.

1. Electric nail clippers

Electric or battery-operated nail clippers are gaining in popularity among those parents who are willing to buy a safe and fast nail clipper for their baby. They are more comfortable to use and offer better performance than manual clippers. These nail filers have a set of different attachments that help the parents to get better results. So, if you were after a reliable, easy to use nail clipper for your babies, then the battery operated nail clippers can be an excellent choice for you.

2. Nail clippers with a magnifying glass

The main issue that the parents face while cutting the nails of the babies is that they can clearly see the tiny nails. The nail clippers with magnifying glass make sure that the parents can easily spot the nails and firmly cut them in perfect shape without hurting the baby’s skin.

So, if you have poor eyesight, this type of nail clipper would be an excellent choice for you.

3. Nail scissors

Nail scissors are also available for babies. The nail’s of toddlers and newborns are much thinner than the adults, that is the main reason why you can easily use the specialized nail scissors to shape their nails and cut them to the required length.

These are the different types of nail clippers that you can buy this year for the newborns. 

Best Buy Baby Nail Clippers Reviews

As a new parent, you may get confused by the number of available options in the market. In case you need help deciding which clippers to select, then here is the list of top ten baby nail clippers that you can buy this year.

Regardless of the clippers you are choosing, you can be assured of getting the best results with the least effort. So, let’s jump straight to the list of the products so that you can select one for your baby.

1. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

best baby nail clippers

Safety 1st is a renowned brand in the baby grooming category, and as a parent, you can easily trust on the products which are specially designed for the babies. The nail clippers from safety 1st are one of the hottest selling baby nail clippers, and the main reason behind this tremendous popularity is the usability and unique design that makes the nail filing and trimming an easy task. The specially designed handle and sharp cutting head make the clippers a great buy. Apart from the design of the nail clippers, several intelligent tweaks like the bright LED on the head, curved cutting edge are amongst many of the unique features of the Safety 1st nail clippers.

Apart from the intelligent design hacks and usability, another point that makes this clipper a great is the durability. The soft to touch handle provides a firm grip to the nail clippers and avoids the mishandling that can severely damage the baby’s skin. So, you won’t have to worry about accidentally cutting your baby’s skin with the clippers.

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2. Baby Nail File Electric Nail Trimmer Manicure Set

best baby nail trimmer

For those buyers who are looking to buy an electric nail clipper and file set for their baby, this manicure set from Consevisen would be an ideal buy. With a wide range of attachments, this manicure set is a great grooming kit for the babies and the mother. The wide range of the attachment also assures that the kit can be used for years as the baby grows, and the nail care needs change with time. Ten attachments have their importance to keep the babies’ nail well-groomed.

Along with the useful attachments and a fantastic design, other great things about the set are the brilliant handling and build quality. You can easily rely on the set for quality, and if you were looking for complete value for money product, then this manicure set from Consevisen would be an ideal choice for you. The machine has two different speed settings so that you can easily trim your baby’ nails as per the requirements.

Also, the great battery life and features like lightweight design, easy to hold the machine, and a free baby nail clipper make it one of the best manicure and nail care set for the baby. The head of the device can rotate both in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. So you won’t have to worry about the patched nails and overly done manicure for the baby’s nail.

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3. Nail Frida The Snipper Clipper Set by Fridababy

baby nail clippers

For the buyers who are willing to stick the old school nail clipper design and are also concerned about the baby’s safety, this amazing clipper set from Frida baby would be an ideal choice. The simple yet effective design of the clipper makes it a perfect buy for the parents who don’t want to try something fancy and hard to use. With the simple design and the intelligent tweaks like the curved cutting head and the peak-hole that lets you see what you are dealing with, this is a perfect nail clipper for babies.

Apart from the design and practicality, numerous other features make this nail clipper better than the other clippers available in the market. Also, the durable build quality and a wider handle are amongst the several reasons why you should opt for this excellent nail clipper set for your baby.

The specially designed handle makes the nail clipper set an excellent choice among the buyers and also provides the parent a better grip over the clipper to perform the nail clipping easier and more reliable than ever before.

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4. Safety 1stSteady Fold-Up Nail Clippers

best baby electric nail trimmer

This is another brilliant nail clipper set from Safety 1st. And like the other products from the brands, this is also equipped with lots of exclusive and reliable features that make it an ideal product for the babies in this price range. The foldable design of the nail clippers makes it easier to carry while traveling. Also, the soft-touch wider handle ensures the perfect handling of the clipper that won’t be possible if you were planning to buy the regular nail clippers for your baby.

The easy to use clippers and the smooth operation makes the overall task of baby’ nail clipping much easier and faster. There are numerous other things about this clipper from Safety 1st like the curved cutting edges and relatively thinner body that helps the buyers use it efficiently according to the needs.

And although there are no fancy features like LED lights or magnifying glass with the product, you can still use it effectively due to the efficient and reliable cutting head and narrow body. Also, the set has tow clippers in it, so you can keep one at home and other clippers in your traveling kit so that you can easily use them whenever necessary.

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5. Baby Manicure Set by ARRNEW

best baby nail file

If you were looking for a complete set of nail care for your baby that can be kept in a beautiful case and can be conveniently stored in your closet when it is not in use, then the manicure set from ARRNEW would be an ideal choice for you. With a brilliant case and a set of necessary attachments that you would ever need to take care of your baby’s nails, this is a perfect setting for every parent who is willing to give their child an ideal and well-groomed childhood. The set contains nail clippers, scissors, nail filer, and the tweezers. The set can comfortably be used on babies from newborn to the toddler age.

All the accessories are perfectly designed by keeping the baby in mind and are perfectly safe for the baby. So, if you were looking for a great deal and want to purchase all the necessary nail grooming products that would be helpful in your child’s early ages, this manicure set from ARRNEW would be an ideal choice for you. So, without wasting more time, grab a perfect offer and but the set right through before the stock ends.

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6. Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors

best electric baby nail trimmer

If you are looking forward to a perfect alternative for the nail clippers, the Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors would be a great buy. With a perfectly designed shape and rounded edges, this is one of the most reliable and safe baby nail scissors available in the market. Apart from adequate sharpness, the design of the nail scissors makes it an ideal buy and a perfect alternative for the nail clippers.

So, if you were looking for a safer way to clip your baby’s nails, that not only provides you the convenience of working effectively and in a more relaxed manner, but also soothes the baby while cutting the nails, the Simba Baby Safety nail scissors would be an ideal buy. With an efficient and easy to use design, this is one of the most reliable ways to clip baby’s nails. So, instead of searching for a more natural way to cut the nails, try your hands on the Simba Baby Safety Nail Scissors for your baby. 

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7. Summer Infant Nail Clipper Set

best electric baby nail file

If you were after a combo that has a baby nail clipper and the adult nail clipper, then the Summer Infant Nail clipper set would be an ideal buy for you. Both the nail clippers are made with utmost precision and have sharp edges to make the nail clipping easier and faster. The soft-to-touch hand provides ultimate grip, and you won’t find it too lose while clipping the nails of your baby. Both the clippers have brilliant build quality, and you can easily use them for years without experiencing any fading in their sharpness.

So, if you were looking for a useful set off nail clippers that can be used by both parents and the baby, then this nail clipper combo from Summer Infant would be the best choice for you instead of searching for the ideal clippers for both the users.

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8. The First Years Nail Clipper with Magnifier

best baby nail file electric

For those buyers who are after a brilliant quality nail clippers for their baby that is not only sharp enough to be used but also is comfortable to hold, the First Years Nail clipper would be a perfect buy. Along with the sharply curved edges, this nail clipper has a magnifying glass at the end, which allows the parents to clearly see the tiny nails of the newborns. This way, you can easily trim the nails without hurting babies soft skin.

Along with the magnifying glass, the nail clipper has several other design elements that make it an ideal buy for the parents who are having newborns at home. Stainless steel provides excellent durability to the nail clippers, and you can easily depend on it for years without experiencing any performance issues or faded sharpness.

So, if you were looking for a nail clipper that can help you get rid of tiny but sharp nails, the First Years Nail Clipper would be an ideal buy for you.

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9. Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Fold-Up Nail Clippers

baby nail trimmer

If you were looking to buy a reliable and sharp nail clipper that can be used to cut the nails without any issues, the Safety 1st Nail clippers would be the best choice for you to go with. The clippers are made with utmost perfection and are designed for infants who have longer nails than usual. The sharp and curved edge of the nail clipper works perfectly well to cut the nails to an appropriate length without affecting the newborn’s skin. This way, you can cut the nails without worrying about being too harsh with the baby’s skin.

The handle of the clippers is made up of plastic that not only makes the clipper lighter in weight but also makes it easier to hold at different angles to cut the newborn’s nails.

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10. Fansidi Electric Baby Nail Clipper set

best electric nail trimmer for babies

If you were looking for an ideal electric baby nail trimmer that can easily trim the nail of newborns and is extremely easy to use, the Fansidi Electric baby clipper would be a perfect buy for you. Operated by AA batteries, this is one of the most effective electric baby nail clippers available in the market right now. Apart from the usability and useful attachments, numerous other features make this set an ideal buy for the parents looking for the best nail grooming set for your baby.

With six filers and four different working modes, this set provides parents full control over the nail clipping process, and you can easily get perfectly cut nails every single time without hurting the baby in any way. Unlike the other battery-operated nail clippers set, this operates silently, and you can easily adjust the speed of trimming with just a push of the button.

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11. Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper

baby nail clipper

You need to have a good grip while you are clipping the nails of your baby. This nail clipper on Rhoost prioritizes safety over anything else, and it ensures that you can clip the nails of your baby easily. It is available in four vibrant colors, which include Teal, Orange, Plum, and Green. These colors keep your child distracted while you are clipping the nails. You can clip the nails very fast, and another good thing about this nail clipper is that the base is made of bamboo. The use of bamboo makes the clipper very durable.

It is ergonomic, and the no-slip silicone thumb rest makes the overall procedure easy. The thumb rest is big, and you can use it very easily. Cutting the nails is no longer a challenge. If you are not satisfied with the quality or working of the nail clipper, then you can also return the nail clipper, and the brand will offer a full refund to you. The material is also BPA free as well as Phthalate Free.

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Guide: How To Choose a Good Baby Nail Clipper

To buy a good baby nail clipper, you need to look for certain things so that you can get maximum safety assurance.

Perfect trim with small and precision clips

The baby nail clipper should have perfect edges so that you can easily cut the nails without trimming the skin. As you already know that the babies have soft skin and nicks on it can be quite painful. That is why you need to look for specialized baby nail clippers, which can help in providing precise cuts. It will help you to keep the nails short and clean so that you can avoid any health issues.

Complete Safety for the baby’s finger and tow

It is essential that you consider buying a baby nail clipper from a company that can offer you complete assurance for safety. There are many baby nail clippers available in the market, which is specially designed for toddlers. If you want to cut the nails of the baby, then you need to get such clippers. It will help you to get perfect cuts without any nicks on the skin. The stainless steel material used on the clipper ensures that it won’t catch any bacterias.

Affordable cost of the nail clipper

One of the most important factors regarding the selection of baby nail clippers is its price. You cannot buy a new clipper without checking the price of all the options available for you. That is why first, you have to check out all the nail clippers available in a certain price range and then consider your options. This will help you to get a new baby clipper at your budget, and you can maintain hygiene for your baby. You can use the help of online stores to look at all the options for the baby clippers.

Additional features to improve visibility.

If you use the adult nail clipper to trim the nails of the baby, then it might not give your property visibility. You need to make sure that you buy smaller baby nail clipper, this will help you to properly see when you cut their nails. There are some new features in the baby nail clippers where you can get LED lights or a hole in the clipper. This will help you to perfectly cut the nails without having to worry about anything. So make sure to look for such features when you plan to buy a new baby clipper.

How To Trim Your Baby’s Nails Safely?

In the following lines, we will come across the necessary steps required for trimming the nails.

Search for a good position:

You can search for a better place where you can place the baby and trim the nails accordingly. It is best if you place the baby on a rocking chair and tie him with a belt. This will hold him firmly and will also allow the parents to cut the nails safely. If your baby is quite restless during this period, then it is better to trim the nails while he sleeps. That can be the most convenient time for trimming nails.

Use strong lights:

It is also better to use high and powerful lights while trimming the nails. Never trim the nails under dim light. It can prove to be a dangerous one. Many times parents may face severe accidents by trimming the nails under the dim light. It is also best to trim the nails during the daytime. Strong lights are always good for trimming the nails of the newborn. It is a good thing.

Hold your baby strongly:

You should also hold your baby strongly at the time of trimming nails. If required, you can request any of your family members to hold your baby firmly. It can help you to trim the nails of the baby easily. You should always remember that trimming nails is one of the most important parts of baby nourishment. So, you should take special care.

Trimming nails after bath:

It is also better to trim the nails of the newborn soon after the bath. It is seen that the nails become soft as soon as it comes in contact with water. So, always trim it soon after the bath of the baby. You can also use small size trimmers for trimming the nails. That is the best way to trim the nails of your newborn. Take some time to trim the nails. If you trim it in a hurry, then it might prove to be dangerous for the baby.

Every baby needs special care and attention. If you have a newborn in your house, then you might get worried at the time of trimming nails. It is now assumed that with the help of these tips, you can easily trim the nails of your newborn very easily. It may appear to be a tough job, but if you start it, there is nothing harm in it. It will be a beautiful experience for the parents.


Choosing the right nail clippers is important as babies have such delicate nails and are constantly touching their faces.  We hope you now know the most suitable clippers for your baby, and have been able to make a selection.

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