10 Best Baby Mittens 2020 (For Newborn and Toddlers)

For babies, parents need to buy certain things that help to maintain good health for them. One such baby’s gear is the baby mitten, which keeps your baby’s hand warm. Mittens are gloves that are used to cover the thumb and four fingers of your newborns and toddlers. Most of the babies love to suck their thumb and fingers, which is not a healthy habit. To avoid such a practice, some people wear mittens for their babies that make it difficult to hold their hands. Not only for this reason, parents prefer to use mittens but also there are other important reasons too.  You’re probably looking for the best baby mittens you can find.

Some babies will have long, sharp fingernails that may lead to scratching their skin accidentally. Some babies’ hands are bluish because of cold and other health conditions. To save your babies from both the problems, mittens are irreplaceable gear for them. An excellent solution to overcome these problems is hand mitten. Most pediatricians suggest using such baby mittens over the first few days or weeks of newborn babies. Thus mittens are much helpful for newborn babies to avoid scratching their skin by themselves.

Though it is essential for babies in the first few days, it is crucial to use for toddlers when they start walking. They will often fall while trying to walk in the beginning stages. At such stages, hands will not be hygienic and infected with germs. When toddlers use the same hand for having food, it will result in getting health disorders for them. So, one can avoid getting such an infection by making them wear mittens. Mittens become an essential part of newborns and toddlers.

Ensure that you choose the breathable material so that your babies will not get sweat leading to cold and fever. Selecting the right mitten for babies is crucial, and there are many brands of mittens in the US market. So, people find it often tedious to go with the right brand of the mitten.

Here, we make it easy for you to choose the best mitten for your baby by coming with the top 10 baby mittens in the USA. Go through the below section to know more about the products and their features in detail.

Best Baby Mittens For Babies Reviews

It is not easy to choose baby products from the US market, as many brands are popular and trending. You also can’t go with the product as suggested by your friends because you may prefer such things from the product which will vary from your suggested friends’ product. Now, you can check our reviews and features of the top 10 baby mittens. Have a look at these products.

1. RATIVE Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves

RATIVE Newborn Baby Cotton GlovesThe first product on our review list is the RATIVE Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves. These baby gloves look great for your babies of both genders. The mitten is designed in such a way that it will fit comfortably on your baby, as it has enough space for fingers and hands to move freely. For newborn babies of 0 to 6 months age range, these mittens are ideal choices.

Coming to the material of gloves, they are designed using top quality cotton. They are also designed with the gentle elastic line that helps to keep it on your baby’s wrist. Because babies’ hands are so small and feeble, an elastic design helps to stay in the hands.

In a single package, there are nine pairs of hand covers available for your babies. Here all such nine pairs are in white and also available in different colors too. Based on your babies’ clothes, you can also choose different colors of mittens. To use the baby mittens for a longer time, you can wash manually or use a laundry bag in case of washing it in a washing machine. These pairs serve as the best option for your babies’ of 0-6 months.

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2. N’Ice Caps Little Kids and Baby Easy-On Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens

N Ice Caps Little KidsThe next product is from the N’Ice Caps, which is best for your babies to maintain warm hands during cold weather. These mittens are designed to fit comfortably in their hands and stay on their hands better. Here the mittens come with a hook and loop closure so that it will fit well without falling off from hands.

Here the material used for these mittens is soft and little water-resistant. These mittens stay warm in your babies’ hands even in cold weather. Because the mitten is double-layered with a soft and fuzzy fleece lining, you will get two pairs in a single package in which one pair you can wear for your baby and keep the other pair in your luggage for using it if the other pair goes dirty.

The mittens are in different sizes, such as 3-6 months mittens, 6-9 months mittens, and 6-18 months mittens, and all of these mittens are available without thumbs. Other sizes are for grown-up babies such as 2-3 years mittens and 4-6 years mittens. These models have thumbs in their designs. If you are looking for mittens to sue for your active babies and first-time mitten wearers, then buy this product for your babies.

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3. GERBER Baby Boys’ 4-Pair Mittens

GERBER Baby BoysIf you are looking for a 100% cotton fabric mitten, then go with this product GERBER Baby Boys’ 4-Pair Mittens. It is an imported product that comes with good quality and design. If you want to give your friends’ newborn babies, then this mitten is an ideal choice to go with.

It serves as an essential baby shower gift. It comes with a cinched, elastic cuff design that stays on the baby’s wrist perfectly without falling off. Even if your baby is much active, mittens stay on with much resistance to fall off.

The material and design of the product are made using 100% pure cotton material and printed with robust and allover designs. Some babies don’t like to wear mittens as they feel irritated to wear them. But these mittens look attractive with their designs, and your babies just love to wear them. They are non-closure type, and you will get four pairs of mittens in a single package. These mittens are crucial, as they prevent your babies from scratching the baby’s little face.

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4. BabyBliss 100% Cotton Anti-Scratch Baby Mittens

BabyBliss 100% Cotton Anti-Scratch Baby MittensThe next product is BabyBliss 100% Cotton Anti-Scratch Baby Mittens. Here the mittens are manufactured using a 100% cotton material that stays on your babies’ hand softly and delicately. The mittens come with a long-wrist design that stays fit on your baby’s hand.

Here the mittens are coming in two different sizes, such as small and medium. For newborn babies, small-size mittens are the perfect gear, and for babies weighing from 7.5 lbs to 13 lbs, medium-size mittens are the best.

Since the material used here is natural cotton, your babies wear them comfortably without leaving parents in a worry. Here the package contains seven adorable pairs of mittens, which are unisex designs. Anti-scratch pairs of mittens are best to prevent your babies from getting scratches on their bodies. Here the product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product.

When you are not satisfied with the product, you can call the customer care for refund or replacement. Along with your product, you will get a mesh laundry bag that you can use to keep all your mittens safe. These ultra-soft baby mittens serve as the best option for your newborn babies and toddlers, so never hesitate to go with this product.

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5. Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Girls’ Mittens

Burt s Bees Baby Baby Girls MittensHere the product we are going to discuss is Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Girls’ Mittens. Coming to the material of the mitten, it uses synthetic cotton. It is 0.7″ high and 14″ wide in dimension, which fits perfectly on your little ones’ hands.

The mittens are designed with super soft 1×1 rib jersey and gentle elastic design. The product uses the combed and ring-spun design to stand with excellent durability. With this design, the material doesn’t require pill washing with its softness. The material used here is without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

The product is 100% organic, GOTS-certified, and breathable cotton. Since your baby’s skin is soft and delicate, this breathable material is excellent for sensitive skin. This brand is well-known in the USA for offering only high-quality products for babies and kids. Also, they will go with only organic cotton for manufacturing mittens so that you can go with this excellent product for your babies. In a single package, you will get a set of 3 pairs of mittens for your babies and toddlers. To protect your babies’ delicate skin from nails scratching, buy this excellent product for sure.

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6. Luvable Friends Baby Scratch Mittens

Luvable Friends Baby Scratch MittensThe next product is Luvable Friends Baby Scratch Mittens. It is a high-quality, imported product in the USA which suits your newborn babies and toddlers perfectly to avoid scratches on them. The material used here is 100% cotton that ensures a high durability feature. Since it is a cotton mitten, you wash this product in a washing machine.

Coming to its design, an elastic wrist model keeps the mitten on your baby’s hands. Since it is super soft cotton, your baby feels comfortable wearing it without getting sweat or allergy. Here the material is 100% breathable to add great comfort to your babies. These mittens fit perfectly for your babies of 0-6 months. These mittens serve as a perfect choice to use for your babies when you want to take your babies out or any parties. If you’re going to match the mitten with other gear like caps and dresses, they are also available separately.

These 100% combed cotton, and soft mittens stay on your babies’ hands without making you worry about falling off. Here the package contains four pairs of mittens, each having a different oriented design that attracts your babies to wear them comfortably. If you are looking for scratch-free mittens with cute designs on them to gift your caregivers or for your babies, then buy this excellent product, Luvable Friends Baby Scratch Mitten.

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7. White Newborn Baby Mittens by Nurses Choice

White Newborn Baby MittensOne of the famous mittens used all over the hospitals of the USA is White Newborn Baby Mittens by Nurses Choice. In addition to this, it is a popular product made in the USA. Here the design of the product is much different from other products, as it uses the thick mittens to maintain the warm condition of your baby’s hands for a longer time in cold weather. Since the mitten is thick, it helps in avoiding scratches on his or her face.

It is a unisex cotton mitten with a cuff design, so it stays on your baby’s hand fit and perfect without falling off. This product is mainly for newborn babies, as the size of this brand mitten is available in smaller sizes only. It allows parents to hand wash the product, as the material is pure cotton. With 6 six pairs of mittens in a package, you can use this product for your babies in the best way. Here the mittens have a design of without thumb you can wear and remove the mittens easily. But your active babies can’t remove the mittens, as they come with an elastic cuff design to stay on their hands quite safe and fit.

This brand not only manufactures quality mitten, but also best in manufacturing hats, socks, and clothes of printed designs. If you want to gift someone for a baby shower function, this product serves as a great option to go with.

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8. Alepo Winter Mitten Gloves For Baby Kids

Alepo Winter Mitten GlovesIf you are looking for a mitten made using eco-friendly material, then buy this product Alepo Winter Mitten Gloves for Baby. Here the material used is high-quality acrylic, eco-friendly, and healthy material. The material is thick, soft, thermal fleece, and your baby feels comfortable wearing it. Here the mittens are coming in different sizes such as small and large sizes. The small size will be 5.3″ x 2.95″ that fits a 6-36 months baby, and the large size will be 6.3″ x 3.5″ that fits a 2T-7T toddler.

The material is soft, and the design is classy and stylish, hence fits cute to your babies. It is available in different colors and designs, which is great to match your baby’s winter clothing. These hand gloves are the perfect gift for birthday, Christmas festivals. Also, to present as a gift for school, home, and other outdoor activities, this product serves as an excellent option to go with. Here the design of the hand gloves coming with a thumb model; hence, your babies can’t remove them easily. Additionally, elastic design cuffs are provided at the wrist to provide a grip for staying on the hands.

This Alepo brand is best in designing winter accessories for all age groups such as men, women, kids, and babies. The brand focuses mainly on customer satisfaction as their priority, and hence you can buy this product without worrying about the quality.

The brand also provides the 100% money-back guarantee for this product, so you can replace or return the product if you are not happy with it.

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9. Crummy Bunny Newborn Baby Mittens

Crummy Bunny Newborn Baby MittensIf you are looking for a mitten coming with a lifetime warranty, then this product Newborn Baby Mitten is the only one that stands out with this eligibility. When you want to replace the mitten at any time after purchasing it, you can contact the customer care. Most of the mittens in the US market are tight enough to stay on the hands of babies due to which they feel uncomfortable wearing them. But here, the mittens are coming with roomy space in the fingers so that your little ones can move their fingers easily.

The old model mittens are not worthy, as they come only for a few weeks of usage and don’t fit well after some time. But here the size of the mittens is quite good, that comes for a longer time to use for your babies and toddlers. This product is the best option for babies who scratch their face, colic babies, babies suffering from Eczema, NG feeding tube or Nasogastric Intubation feeding, etc. Also, babies who have the habit of scratching their faces when crying can also go with this product.

Most parents complained that they are not happy with the Velcro closures of mittens that make them difficult for making proper adjustments, movements, etc. Thus, here the Crummy Bunny designed the mittens having soft cuffs for allowing babies’ fingers to move freely inside the mittens. In a single package, you will get three pairs of mittens in different colors and designs to match up with your babies’ clothing. Since it is a good quality product, it is better to go with this product for the lifetime warranty feature. If you lose or damage the product, the company will send you the new product for free of cost.

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10. Hudson Baby Headband and Scratch Mitten Set, 6-Piece

Hudson Baby Headband and Scratch Mitten detThe last product on our review list is Hudson Baby Headband and Scratch Mitten Set. Here the package contains six sets of products in which three pairs are headbands, and three pairs are mittens. Both the headbands and mittens are matching each other.

Hence you can use it for parties and other outdoor activities. Coming to the material, it uses high-quality cotton to provide a comfortability feature for babies. The material includes 92% cotton and 8% spandex. It doesn’t use any closure design for mittens. It is an imported product that serves as an optimal option for daily use.

The material is much soft and cozy. Hence your babies feel comfortable wearing the mitten. All three pairs of headbands in this product are best until 24 months to use for your babies. Coming to the mittens pairs, they are best for 0-6 month’s babies.

The mittens stay on the babies’ hands due to the grip provided by elastic wrists and also protecting your babies from scratches on face happening accidentally. It is available at an affordable price, but still made from high-quality material and stands out among other products.

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If you want to take your babies for any outdoor activities or parties, these pairs of mittens and headbands come as an ideal option to use for. You can use these pairs for daily use too. They save the work of parents, as they can be washed using a washing machine and don’t require manual washing.

How To Choose The Right Mittens For Babies?

New mothers find it difficult to choose the various baby products, as they worried about the comfortability of newborns. This is applicable in choosing the right mitten for your baby. To choose the right pair of mittens for your newborn or toddler, you need to consider several features before choosing the right one. Your baby should feel comfortable wearing the mitten, so think and give the first importance to that before making the selection. Here we have listed out the features to help you choose the right mitten for your newborns and toddlers. Go through the buying guide to get some ideas on mittens.

  • Material

The first thing that you should check is the quality of the material. It is better to go with the cotton material to avoid any hassle of using it. Most of the babies feel comfortable when they wear cotton clothes, socks, or hand gloves. So, check whether the mitten is made up of 100% high-quality natural cotton to ensure the breathability feature. Your babies will get sweat or allergy when they wear hand gloves. To avoid such hassle, check for the breathability feature of the material and buy the one having a soft, cozy, and comfortable cotton fabric mitten.

  • Size

This seems to be a problem for many parents when they choose mittens for their babies. They often go with choosing the wrong size for their rabies or mittens that may fit for few times of usage. You need to check the size of your hands and go for choosing the mitten based on it. Selecting the bigger size of mitten may help you, as you can use it in the future. But when you choose a smaller size mitten, it is of no use and entirely wastes your money.

  • Number of Pairs in a Pack

Check for the number of pairs in your package to ensure that the money you spent is worth it. Sometimes, they mention many pairs on the package but provided fewer pairs when you check the product. So ensure that you check the pairs before buying them. Also, the pairs should have different colors and designs to match your babies’ different clothes. Sometimes you will get matching headbands or socks with mittens. So, you can also check for such combos for enhancing the look of your baby’s outfit.

  • Washable

This is another feature that new mothers need to check before buying the product. When you go with the cotton fabric mittens, they are mostly allowed for machine wash. Such machine wash eases your task of cleaning the mittens and also saves time. Check for the machine wash mitten to reduce your work of manual washing to spend such a time on other crucial works.

  • Printed Design

To attract your little ones and make them wear the mittens easily, printed and colored designs are essential in mittens. Check for the different, attractive, printed designs on mittens, and you can also spend some extra price to buy such designed mittens.

  • Eco-Friendly

To ensure the baby’s health condition, check for the mitten manufactured using an eco-friendly product. Some mittens are designed using poor quality fabric, which will cause allergic conditions to your feeble babies. So, check for the organic and eco-friendly mitten that will save your baby’s health conditions.

  • Cost

The last feature, which is crucial while selecting the mittens, is the cost. Ensure that you spend money that is worth buying the mitten. Never buy the mitten that is of too low cost or high cost. Go with the mitten that comes under your decent budget.


These were the top ten products and the buying guide for the same mittens in the market. All the above products are from reputed brands in the US market so that you can choose any one of the mittens without thinking about its quality and features. Additionally, our buying guide may help you better to choose the best hand cloves for your babies and toddlers. Make sure that you check all the features before buying the baby’s mitten. With this, an article came to an end by explaining the features of different mittens for babies along with a buying guide for the same.