The Best Baby Mattress Cover – Reviewed In 2021

Welcoming a baby into the family comes with this urgent responsibility to provide a comfortable and healthy environment where the baby will feel safe. It’s one important thing every soon-to-be or new moms must carefully take time to do —arranging a comfy nursery for the newest member of the family. For this, a crib mattress cover is needed. This fabric will have direct contact with the child’s skin, so there is much to evaluate in this regard.

Babies spend most of their time sleeping, so ensuring their crib is in a suitable condition, like having the appropriate and best baby mattress cover, will give you peace. The mattress covers cover the mattress completely above and below and protect it against friction, dust, and dirt. It is a good way to keep the mattress new for much longer and, most importantly, protect the baby’s delicate skin.

More so, toddlers get a lot messier as they grow. And these messes —drools, diaper leaks, accidental spills— can happen anywhere. After making a huge investment in getting a suitable crib mattress, it’s only normal to buy the best baby mattress cover to secure it from accidents. And for this, waterproof covers are largely recommended.

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How To Choose A Baby Mattress Cover

The perfect mattress covers for babies are made with benign materials and do not have any toxic substance that will affect the skin’s health or the child’s breathing. Ideally, they should be made of cotton or bamboo because they’re neutral substances and recommended by pediatricians.

Both mattress toppers and crib bedding, in general, should be easy to wash since there will never be a lack of accidental spills, leaks, situations associated with the content of the bottles, etc. Therefore, the easier it can be handled, washed, and dried, the better. Whether you go for a waterproof bamboo cover or cotton cover, the best baby mattress cover is one that ensures the crib is safe and comfy for your little sleepyhead.

Following these indications, we have reviewed some good mattress covers and clothing in general for your baby’s rest.

Best Baby Mattress Cover Review (& For Cribs)

1. American Baby Protective Mattress Pad Cover

Best baby mattress cover

Starting the top ten list is the bestseller mattress from American Baby Company. This cover has garnered wonderful reviews from parents, especially new moms.

It’s made of a 100% polyester material with a waterproofed layer, covering both top and bottom pad layers. The cover is super soft and comfy, measures 9 inches in height, 52 inches in length, and 28 inches in width.

The waterproof layer secures the mattress and makes it easy to change or clean up your baby without leaks. Most importantly, it has an elastic finishing snug around the mattress securely. You can be sure your baby won’t be able to work it out. Finally, just as every mom would want, it’s easy to wash and dries up. This is a good investment for your baby or your daycare business.

2. PushDeluxe Crib Mattress Protector 

Best bamboo baby mattress cover

Here’s a 100% bamboo quilted terry cloth mattress cover from PushDeluxe. It’s a fitted cover that tightly hugs your baby’s mattress, keeping it clean and protected.

Bamboo-made mattress covers are one of the most suitable bedding surfaces safe for babies. They’re super soft, non-toxic, and sensitive enough for babies sensitive skin.

It’s not only designed as waterproof to shield your expensive crib mattress from daily accidental leaks but also constructed with a breathable fabric that allows proper air circulation while doing the mattress superman duty. PushDeluxe prides on creating a noiseless cover, which means your baby can have a sound sleep anytime.

3. COZYCUDDLES Premium Zippered Quilted 

Best baby mattress cover

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 100% cotton mattress cover, then check out this multilayer protector from CozyCuddles. Although on the cheap side products, this quilted crib cover plays in the big league of baby mattress covers because of its undeniable quality.

It’s waterproofed on all six sides! Can you beat that? Additionally, it has an all-around zipper securing the cover safely on the mattress.

The CozyCuddles cover exactly as its name —extremely cozy, breathable, chemical-free, super soft, and safe for babies’ sensitive skin; your baby will definitely doze off in seconds. It has a fitted sheet style; fits perfectly on the standard baby crib mattress size.

4. PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector

Best soft baby mattress cover

Babies —your little bundle of joy— can also enjoy luxury in simple ways, like getting the best baby mattress cover for them. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious mattress cover softer than silk and cooler than linen, then here’s a perfect choice from the PUREgrace brand.

Unlike the usual cotton or bamboo covers, this protector is 100% TENCEL —a pure fiber found in nature. Tencel fabrics are super cool and gentle on sensitive skins like babies.

This PUREgrace protector is bedbug-proofed, waterproofed on both the bottom and top layers, durable, and easy to wash.

Of course, it is designed to ensure your baby gets a lovely night’s rest without disturbing crinkles. There’s no doubt you’d get the value for your money purchasing this comfy mattress cover.

5. iLuvBamboo Crib Mattress Pad Protector

Best baby mattress cover

Next, we have the award-winning crib mattress protector for iLuvBamboo brand. If your baby is a fussy sleeper, then you might want to consider this cover.

It’s made with a fine bamboo jacquard topper that’s silky smooth, soft, and calming. Creatively designed to act as an insulator, drying up the heat during hot weather, so they’re cool and keeping them warm during winter.

The texture is super soft and also gentle on the baby’s skin. This protector isn’t a zippered one. Instead, it has an elastic finishing that holds it firm on a crib mattress, and even your wiggly baby can’t pull it off. And oh yes, it perfectly fits the standard crib mattress size. The cover is breathable, waterproofed, and absolutely washable.

6. Milliard Quilted, Waterproof Mattress Protector

Best baby mattress cover

This Milliard premium mattress protector is a high-quality 100% polyester material covering. With its quilted hypoallergenic surface, your baby can sleep calmly and safely as it ensures the best health benefits, such as; preventing allergy triggers, dust, mites, and other reactions.

The mattress layers are well-cushioned, waterproofed, and have a breathable pad that allows free airflow, regulating the baby’s sleep time.

As all mattress covers, this protector fits perfectly on your baby’s crib mattress; it snugs tightly around it, making it hard to ever pull out except when you’re taking it out for laundry. It’s super soft, durable, machine washable, and easy to take care of—worth every penny, literally.

7. Vesta Baby Crib Mattress Pad Cover Protector

Best baby mattress cover

Next on the best baby mattress cover is the unique feather mattress style from Vesta Baby.

It’s another budget-friendly cover made from bamboo fabric, specially designed for baby boys and baby girls. The surface toppers are pretty, gentle on the skin, and conveniently fit the crib mattress.

Is it safe? Yes. It’s chemical-free, particularly made with hypoallergenic bamboo fabric. Laundry isn’t so much of a hassle too.

You can easily throw it into the washing machine for a quick wash and get it out without any shrink or tear. This protector is waterproofed as others and conveniently fits the mattress.

8. Swaddlez Crib Mattress Protector

Best baby mattress cover

Swaddlez happens to be one of the major players producing high-quality products when it comes to baby products. And this time, they’ve designed a premium mattress protector that ensures safety and ensures sound sleep as well.

To give you precise details, it’s made of an ultra-soft bamboo fabric that’s extremely gentle on the baby’s skin and a 100% non-toxic waterproof membrane.

Many mattress protectors out there often don’t fit after a few laundries, but this is designed to perfectly fit your baby’s crib mattress even after several laundries. It has a zipper closure, which means it’s easy to put on or pull off.

9. ExceptionalSheets Toddler/Crib Mattress Pad

Best baby mattress cover

If you’re looking for fluffy bedding for your little sleepyhead, then here’s a great pick designed with a neat baffle box stitching.

It’s densely filled with revoloft — a smooth fiberfill that gives it a somewhat fluffy feel that’s super comfy for your baby. The box stitching prevents the cover from shifting around the mattress while the baby sleeps.

Most importantly, it’s a 100% hypoallergenic cover, ensuring no baby allergy is triggered. The mattress pad is bamboo-made as well, which means you’d sure get value for your money. Quite durable, water-resistant, and super easy to clean.

10. Sealy Stain Protection Waterproof Mattress Cover

Best baby mattress cover

And finally, we have this great mattress cover from Sealy. The brand is committed to serving every kind of sleeper in the family as they have produced several mattress covers for specific needs.

This infant & toddler cover is a cotton-poly blend topper that’s cozy and comfy. It features waterproofed layers that secure the mattress from leaks and spills.

Just like every quality cover listed here, it’s free of any toxic material harmful to babies’ skin and health at large. The Sealy cover assures you and your baby extra safety as it stays securely, preventing any shifting or sliding.


And there you have it! The top ten best baby mattress covers that’s sure to give your baby a sound sleep. But be sure to check out other buyer’s reviews to see they are just as we said.