The Best Baby Humidifier of 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

As the summers are approaching, it is time for you to act quickly to keep your home a safer place for your kids. In summers, the worst thing that hit the kids even in the early summers is the dry air. The dry air can be extremely dangerous for the kids’ health and can also affect adversely to the elder family members. And although you can use air conditioners to keep the home cool, but that also dries up the air too quickly that makes the air quality worse for the babies.

The humidifiers play an important role at home, especially if you are having an AC at home. So, if you are living in a drier region or have an AC at your kids’ room, then you should look forward to buying the best humidifier for baby to get the best safety and assurance of the kids’ health. In this article, we will talk about the numerous factors that play an important role while purchasing humidifiers for kids.

Apart from these, we will also talk about the ten best baby humidifiers that you can buy this year for your home. So stay tuned with us until the end, and you will be able to buy the perfect baby humidifier for your home.

What are the benefits of using a humidifier?

As said, the baby humidifiers are mainly meant for providing the kids with a perfect environment at home. However, there are numerous other benefits that can help you create an ideal environment for the kids. Let’s dig deeper into these benefits so that you can decide whether you should buy a baby humidifier for your home.

  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Available in a wide range of products
  • Available in the great price range
  • Provides the easy and reliable way to keep the environment clean

These were a few benefits that you can avail by using the baby humidifiers. Apart from these, there are numerous other benefits that can only be availed by using the highly efficient and reliable baby humidifier for yourself. So, try finding a perfect humidifier for your home and provide the kids with a perfect place to spend time.

What Are The Types of Best Baby Humidifiers?

Now, once you are aware of the benefits of using the baby humidifiers for home, the next thing that you should look for is the right type of baby humidifier for your home. If you are planning to buy a perfect humidifier for your babies, then it is essential to choose the best one according to your needs.

Here we are discussing about the two main types of humidifiers that are popular among those buyers who want to give their kids the best and most comfortable experience at home.  The two types of humidifier we are going to discuss here are the warm mist humidifiers and the cool mist humidifiers. They both serve different purposes and target different buyers and season.

So, make sure that you know all the essential things about them before finalizing the purchase. Let’s dig deeper to both of these humidifiers so that you can easily choose the best one according to your needs.

Warm mist baby humidifiers – Warm mist humidifiers have a heating element that heats up the water and generates steam to add humidity to the room’s atmosphere. However, although the working is a lot more simple than the cool mist humidifiers, these aren’t recommended for the kids’ room as they can cause a serious hazard to the presence of hot water and heating element.

Cool mist baby humidifiers – Unlike the warm mist humidifiers, the cool mist humidifiers use the cold water to generate the vapors. This makes it relatively safer choice for the buyers. So, if you were looking for a safer and more reliable humidifier for your home, then the cool mist humidifier would be an obvious choice for you.

These were the two main categories of humidifier you can buy today. Now it is up to you that which one for them you choose for your home, and which one do you prefer for your kids at home seeking for the best environment.

Once you are well aware of the benefits and different types of humidifiers you can buy for your kids, now it is time to choose the best product for your home. And although you can also do your own research on the basis of your needs and preference, but if you do not have much spare time to search the market, here are the top ten baby humidifiers for your home that you can use for the kids’ room.

Best Buy Baby Humidifier Reviews

Go through them, and looking for the most suitable product for yourself according to the needs, and budget.

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierIf you were looking for a compact, easy to use and maintain humidifier that not only cleans up the air inside your kids’ room but also enhances the interiors of the room by many folds, the Pure Enrichment’s MistAire would be an ideal choice for you.

A cool dual-tone body and minimal design elements, this is a perfect humidifier for those buyers who are looking to buy a good-looking humidifier with a decent water capacity and numerous advanced functions.

Apart from the design and looks, the MistAire has several such features that are tough to find with other humidifiers of this range and size. Some of the best features that make MistAire a great buy for almost any buyer include a durable body, high water holding capacity, night light, and automatic shut down.

These along with numerous other features, make the MistAire a great choice for those buyers who are looking for a brilliant looking humidifier with flawless performance. The humidifier can easily hold the 1.5 liters of water that makes it ideal enough for the long run. The humidifier comes with two-speed settings that make it an ideal tool to be used in the kids’ room.

In other words, if you were looking for a durable and efficient humidifier for your kids’ room, we would suggest you to once try your hands on the MistAire.

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2. URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil DiffuserURPOWER oil diffuser allows the aroma of the essential oil to the air and if you are looking for an affordable and really efficient aroma diffuser and humidifier for your kids’ room, then you should look forward to buying the URPOWER oil diffuser. Along with being used as an oil diffuser, this product can easily be used as a great way to add extra moisture to the room’s air.

Apart from a compact design, there are numerous other design tweaks that make it an ideal buy for the buyers looking for a great looking and compact diffuser for them. The lamp features 7-different colors that you can easily adjust according to the mood or the needs.

Also, the diffuser has an auto-shutdown feature that prevents the burnt motor. Also, you can easily set the on, off timer to make it a great product in terms of usability. You can adjust the speed of the diffuser to continuous mist or intermittent.

In all, if you were looking for a reliable and efficient diffuser for your home that you can also use it as a great humidifier, then you should look forward to buy the URPOWER oil diffuser as an ideal buy for your home.

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3. Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier Small Humidifier for Bedrooms

Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist HumidifierIF you are looking for a reliable brand and an easy to use humidifier that not only looks great but also has numerous useful features that make it a perfect value for money product. Also, if you were planning to buy a compact humidifier that can efficiently cover a small kid’s room, the Vick humidifier would be a perfect choice for you.

You can either use it for continuous 20 hours or opt for a limited usage by using the on-off timer. Apart from the brand name, Vicks humidifier has several exclusive features that make it an ideal humidifier for kids.

The best thing about the Vicks humidifier is that it can be used without any filter. You can just use it by filling it with water. So, if you were looking for an easy to use humidifier for your kids’ room then the Vicks Humidifier would be the best choice for you.

So, if you prefer buying a good quality product that has lots of features to enhance its value, then the Vicks humidifier can be treated as the best cool mist humidifier for baby. Try it for your home and you won’t be disappointed.

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4. Safety 1st 360 Degree Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Safety 1st 360 Degree Cool Mist Ultrasonic HumidifierFor the buyers who are looking for a humidifier that can be used for 24-hours without any issues regarding performance and efficiency, the Safety 1st humidifier can be a great buy for you. Apart from having a great design and powerful performance, the numerous intelligent design tweaks make the humidifier a great buy for the homeowners. Unlike the other humidifiers, this humidifier has two mist outlets that cover a lot more room and provides great performance even if operated for a limited time.

One more great thing about the Safety 1st humidifier is the quiet vibration-free operation. You can easily use it in the night for the kids’ room without disturbing them while sleeping. The humidifier has a precise control that helps the users to change the humidity level and mist density accordingly.

Moreover, the Safety 1st humidifier is made up of durable material that will serve you for years without any issues. The humidifier comes with a 1-year warranty that not only ensures the buyers about the quality of the product but also lets the user guess about the after-sales and customer cares services of the company.

In other words, the Safety 1st humidifier is an ideal product for the buyers who are looking to buy a compact and reliable humidifier for their home. Try your hands on it, and you won’t be disappointed by its performance or life.

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5. Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist HumidifierIf you can buy a relatively large humidifier for your home, then the Honeywell HCM350W will be an ideal buy for you. With a brilliant reliable and quiet operation, this is among the best cool mist humidifiers for your kids.

The humidifier has a 1-gallon tank that provides it enough juice to run it for uninterrupted 24-hours on a low setting. Apart from providing a good humidity level in the room, the Honeywell HCM350W also provides a germ-free atmosphere for the kids by killing 99% bacteria and germs that make it a perfect product for kids’ room.

This cool-mist humidifier from Honeywell is a perfect product for your home if you have newborns and elder family members who can’t resist the dry atmosphere. And apart from the brilliant features, the humidifier is extremely silent that makes it an ideal humidifier for kids’ room.

So, if you were looking for a good quality humidifier that not only looks great but also has numerous exclusive features that are hard to find in other humidifiers, the Honeywell HCM350W will be an ideal choice for you. So, make sure whether you have a proper place to keep it safe, and if you have, this Honeywell humidifier will be a great buy for your home.

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6. Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifiers for Kids

Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist HumidifiersIf you are planning to buy a perfect looking humidifier for kids, that also enhances your kid room’s interiors, the Crane USA humidifier will be a brilliant buy for you. The unique shape of the humidifier makes it an ideal buy for the buyers who are looking for a perfect product for the kids’ room.

However, the design was not the only reason for including this humidifier in the list. The Crane’s humidifier has all the features and design elements that an ideal humidifier for the home should have. Made up of anti-microbial material that reduces the risk of mold and bacteria built-up in the tank. With a durable 1-gallon tank, this humidifier from Crane is capable enough to run for 24-hour spreading a cool mist in the kids’ room to make them feel extremely comfortable even in the hottest summers in your region.

The humidifier has an auto shut-off sensor that detects when the tank is empty to avoid any severe damage to the humidifier motor or other functionality.

In all, if you were looking for a reliable and efficient humidifier for your kids’ room, try finding an exciting deal on this Humidifier from Crane. Believe us, your kids are going to love it.

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7. Cool Mist Humidifier By Ucareair

Cool Mist HumidifierThis cool-mist humidifier from UCareair is a great buy for those buyers who are looking for a reliable and easy to use a humidifier for their kids. Apart from the design, the things that make it a perfect buy for the buyers include the silent and vibration-free operation, a 2-liter water tank that is capable enough to run for 10-hours. The humidifier’s mist throw is efficient enough to cover the 200sqft room.

So, if you were looking for a reliable, efficient humidifier with brilliant performance then this humidifier from UCareair will be a great buy. Also, the humidifier has an auto-shutdown feature that makes it safe to use a humidifier in the kids’ rooms. In all, if you were after the best, compact, and easy to use a humidifier that does not interfere with the interiors of the kids’ room, this humidifier from Ucareair will be a great choice for you.  

The humidifier operates in the most silent way and produces only 32db of sound that makes it a great option for the kid’s room where you can’t install the noisy, bulky humidifiers that produces more vibrations than usual. Try your hands on the UCareair cool mist humidifier and you won’t be disappointed by the way it deals with the dryness in your home.

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8. MADETEC Cool Mist Humidifier 1L Ultrasonic Humidifier

MADETEC Cool Mist HumidifierIf you were after a reliable and advanced humidifier for your home that can also be used as a diffuser, the MADTEC Ultrasonic humidifier would be an ideal choice for you. Along with the fairly durable and compact body, there are several features that make it one of the most advanced and easy to use a humidifier for the home, especially for the kids’ room.

Some unique design tweaks like the removable nozzle and touch-sensitive control panel make it an ideal buy for the buyers who love playing with technology and want to buy the best piece for their kids too.

You can also use it as a diffuser so you can easily deal with the unwanted smells in the kids’ room by using essential oils’ pure aroma, as you would have done with a diffuser. This way this amazingly designed humidifier from MADTEC doubles as a reliable diffuser too and that enhances the usability and value by many folds. Additionally, the humidifier also supports three different kinds of mist modes that enhance the overall usability of the humidifier.

So, if you are looking for a durable, easy to use, and multipurpose humidifier that completely justifies its price, you should once try your hands on the MADTEC ultrasonic humidifier for your kids.

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9. Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture HumidifierFor the buyers who are looking for a combination of a humidifier and a night lamp for the kids’ room, the Vicks Starry Night humidifier would be a perfect buy. This is probably the best cool mist humidifier in the market that perfectly acts as a night lamp too.

Technically, these humidifiers not only add an adequate amount of moisture to the room’s environment but also provides the kids a cleaner air to breathe through its antimicrobial filter. So, by installing it in your kids’ room, you can be assured of getting them a good night’s sleep and in a comfortable way.

The unique mist creating technique used by the company makes the humidifier a great buy for the kids who are allergic to bacteria and dry air. So, if you were looking to provide your kids with the best possible air to breathe at home, then look no further than this amazingly designed humidifier from Vicks.

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10. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Best Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierFor those buyers who are looking for a perfect humidifier for the kids’ room, that not only enhances the overall atmosphere of the room but also provide it a great interiors enhancement, the Ultrasonic humidifier from GENIANI would be a great buy. With an oval shape and a dual-tone body, this humidifier perfectly fits the kids’ furniture in their room.

Along with a perfect design, the useful features like auto shutdown, silent operation, and an industry-leading 2-year warranty make it an ideal humidifier for your home. So, if you were looking for the best value for your money, then instead of searching more, grab the best deal on the Ultrasonic humidifier from GENIANI without any second thought. With a good water holding capacity and efficient mist throw, this is the best humidifier your money can buy right now.

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11. Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers by TTLIFE

Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers by TTLIFEThis humidifier is perfect for a large baby room. It is brought to you by TTLIFE. Some of the features of the product are it has a remote, LED display and touch, and essential oils can be used. The capacity of the water tank is 6 liters and the nozzle works 360-degrees. It can evenly humidify around 750 square feet.

It can work for around 40 hours after you fill it with 6 liters of water. It will help you to stay comfortable in cold and warm temperatures, as they produce both warm and cold mist. It will help you relax with the sleep mode and aromatherapy mode. It is a smart device, as the humidifier will switch off or on, depending on the humidity level you desire.


  • The seller provides 90 days no reason to refund option.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided for the humidifier.
  • It produces both warm and cool mist, as required.
  • A smart device that controls the humidity.
  • Works well for around 750 square feet space.
  • 6L water tank capacity.
  • Touch screen display and remote is available.


  • Not suitable for hard water.
  • Some customers received a faulty product, but they were replaced.

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All the above-listed humidifiers target different buyers and have different specialties. Now it is up to you to choose the best one among them to get the best value for your money and assurance of getting the best health for your kids.

How to Choose The Best Humidifier for Your Baby

Always Consider the Allergies that Your Child Might Have: Before going to buy a particular type of Humidifier, it is extremely important that you consult your doctor first. Your child might be prone to allergies which might get affected and even intensify if you use a particular type of Humidifier. Hence, it is always advisable to first and foremost ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from any allergies, asthma, and the likes.

Learning to Maintain Appropriate Humidity Levels Based on Outside Environment:

Before you purchase a humidifier, it is extremely important that you spend some time to educate yourself about the usage of such a device. Adjusting the temperature of the Humidifier based on weather and temperature outside your home is of primary importance. Considering the outside temperature is really imperative as it goes a long way in helping you understand the reaction of your skin on the various humidity levels.

A few people live in areas that experience only summers, a few others in areas which experience both summers as well as winters, in some other areas there are more than a couple of seasons. Then how do you deçide on what temperature the Humidifier should be adjusted to? Well, in most cases, it is told that humidity should be less than 60% during summers, between 25 and 40 percent during winters.

Ease of Cleaning: It is important to consider how easy or difficult is it to clean the unit of the Humidifier. If it is too difficult and time-consuming, then you should avoid spending money on the same as it shall not serve your purpose. Ease of cleaning is a really important consideration before purchasing a baby Humidifier.

Maintenance: After you purchase a humidifier, you just cannot afford to take it for granted. You will need to spend some time, money, and effort to maintain your device. Some important maintenance efforts include keeping the humidifier clean and emptying the water out when not in use. Besides you also have to keep disinfectants away and keep it clean.

Also, you need to be careful about the type of water that you are using in the device. It should be distilled, clean at all times. All this requires some work and you have to dedicate some time to get all these tasks done. Hence, before purchasing a humidifier, you should study the maintenance costs and efforts well in advance.

Built-in Safety Features: sometimes, there are chances that the Humidifier will get overheated. In such a case it is important to check whether or not your humidifier has safety features that can prevent overheating. Always remember that overheating can be a really dangerous thing. You definitely do not want your Humidifier to get overheated as that might result in your child getting adversely affected. Sometimes he or she might even develop breathing problems.

How Sound Does Your Baby Sleep?

When purchasing a humidifier, it is imperative to understand how soundly your baby is sleeping. You have to choose your device accordingly. If your baby is already a sound sleeper, then maybe this is not an important consideration and you can choose the type of Humidifier accordingly. Studies suggest that the noise which is emitted from a humidifier is actually beneficial so much so that it helps your baby to sleep soundly.

Capacity: it is an important decision to consider the total capacity or the volume of the humidifier. This also depends on the amount of usage. If you are planning to use it for the whole night for really long durations, you might want a device the tank of which has a really high capacity. The total holding capacity of the tank of the humidifier, therefore, becomes too important.

Duration: Another important consideration is the total duration for which the tank of the humidifier will last. It also depends on the total amount of use that you put your humidifier into. If the total time for which you want to use the device is long, you will definitely want to make sure that the humidifier is capable of being used for such a long time.

Noise: Some humidifiers emit a lot of sounds. If your baby is someone who wakes up with little noise in the surrounding, you might want to change the humidifier and want to bring something that does not emit too much noise. This will be really important to consider.  

Price: there are many varieties of the humidifier that are available in the market today. You have to understand your budget and make a decision wisely. Many expensive varieties will have a lot of additional features that might not be relevant to you. Hence, you should decide what are the features that you require and make a buying decision on the basis of the same.            

How to Clean a Humidifier for Your Baby

For the deep cleaning of the humidifier Brushes, Soaps, Bleach solution, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, Clean water should be used.

Humidifiers should be unplugged before starting the cleaning process. Humidifiers should be emptied daily as bacteria /mold breeds rapidly in standing waters. It should be dried thoroughly from inside and disassemble completely. Smaller parts that are disassembled should be wiped with a clean cloth dipped in vinegar or mild soaps. Some parts of the humidifier are washable in the dishwasher should be washed.

Humidifiers should be refilled with clean water. Mineral deposition depends on the water used in humidifiers where certain minerals clog the filters of humidifiers which aids bacteria growth. To avoid this situation, distilled water should be used while refilling. Even if the humidifier tank is large in size, it should be cleaned and refilled daily as larger tanks may work for a longer duration. A daily rinse and refill can help to prevent bacteria/mold growth in first place helping in a longer run of the humidifier.

Descale and disinfecting the humidifier on a weekly basis keeps bacteria growth in check. Pour the white vinegar into the pot of humidifier so that it fills all the parts that are in contact with water. Allow all the parts to sit in white vinegar for some time and then start the disinfecting process. If the build-up of white powder or black mold is seen on parts of the humidifier, it can be scrubbed gently using a toothbrush. Small brushes should be used for detailed cleaning of these parts. It will help to get rid of the white deposition settled on parts of the humidifier. White vinegar helps to remove mineral deposition on the internal surface.

If mineral deposits are not removed it might hamper the output of the humidifier. For the disinfecting process, the humidifier should be cleaned with a bleach solution. Instead of bleach hydrogen peroxide can also be used. Allow the parts to soak in bleach solution for some time. Fill the tank of a humidifier with the solution and swirl it so that the complete internal surface is coated with the solution.

After descale and disinfecting, rinse all parts of the humidifier again with clean water to avoid breathing of harmful chemicals. While washing, shake all the parts of the humidifier so that all the trapped moisture fades away. It might take several washes to get away with the smells of cleaners. Let all the parts of humidifiers air dry or towel dry before assembling it back. Air drying should help to clear away all the residual smells as well. Reassemble the parts of humidifiers and use it again.

As for the humidifiers with filters, check with the manufacturer to how to clean it or when it should be replaced

Check for the damp surfaces while storing the humidifiers. As moisture aids growth of mold so empty and dry the humidifier and then only store it in a clean place. While taking it out of storage, repeat the process of descaling and disinfecting before we start using the humidifiers again.


So, this was the complete information that you need to have before purchasing an ideal baby humidifier for your home. By knowing these things, you can be assured of getting the best quality humidifier for your kids according to your budget, needs and other preferences.

So, choose the most suitable humidifier from the above list and buy it right through before the stocks end.