10 Best Baby Gates As Reviewed In 2021

If you have a baby who has started to crawl, then their safety becomes your top priority. We’re sure that you would have spent a lot of time making the house safe for the baby before they came home. In addition to this, you need to take additional safety steps when the baby starts crawling or when the baby starts walking. So, how do you make your home secure?

You ensure that there are no sharp corners and no sharp objects in the vicinity of the child. In addition to this, you might always want to secure some areas, but again, there some places where you do not want the child to enter.

How do you make this happen? The answer to the problem is the baby gate, and these baby gates can be of great help to you.  Retractable baby gates are also well worth considering.

These baby gates can keep the children away from restricted areas like the kitchen, stairs, and fireplace. You can install the gates when the child is almost 6 months old, and you can keep them till the child is at least 2 years old.

This will surely keep the baby really safe. Now, many brands offer baby gates, so how do you really choose the right baby gate? You could start by reading the buying guide about how to choose the right baby gate.  Well, you can check out the best model of the baby gates available in the market in our ultimate review.

 Types of Baby Gates 

Before you check out the list of best baby gates in the market, you might want to check out the different types of baby gates available today. This will make a choice easy for you. So, let us now have a look at the different types of baby gates available.

Pressure Mounted Baby Gate – These are the most popular types of baby gates available because they do not need any hard installation in the house. You do not even need any tools either. These gates function because it uses an expandable spring system to lock the gate by squeezing it between the walls.

Most of the time, you will notice that the bars come with rubber caps to prevent damage to the wall. You might come across models that are pressure mounted, but they do not have a spring system, and they might have a screw system to create pressure on the wall. It should be noted that it is not recommended to use such types of baby gates around the staircase.

Hardware Mounted Baby Gate – The second type of baby gate available is the hardware mounted baby gate. These gates have mounting brackets that need to be mounted to the wall before you can use the baby gate. They need some installation, but they are very sturdy to use. Most of the experts recommend such types of baby gates around the staircase.

You can mount the gate in door frames or near the staircase as well. They are very much resistant to the pressure, and they can keep the baby safe. The downside is that you can’t remove them whenever you wish to, as you would need to remove the frame to remove the baby gate.

Free stand Baby Gate – These gates are not mounted by pressure or hardware, and they are just freestanding baby gates. The baby can push them around, but these gates can slow down the baby’s speed. These gates are not very much recommended now as they can topple, and the security of the baby can be compromised.

These are the different types of baby gates available in the market, and we would recommend you opt for a hardware-mounted baby gate or a pressure-mounted baby gate as they are much more reliable and will keep your child secure.

 Best Buy Baby Gates Reviews For 2020 

These are the top-rated baby gates available in the market today

1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Through Baby Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Through Baby GateThe first product on our list is this elegant-looking metal baby gate which is bronze in color. This baby gate is also available in beige color, but bronze looks the best. The gate is of excellent quality, and it uses a pressure-mounted installation for use. In this package, you also get hardware mounts that can be used to install the baby gate on the stairways. This guarantees safety to your baby, and it ensures that the baby does not move out of the room or doesn’t move towards the staircase.

Talking about the dimensions, the gate is 36 inches tall, and it can fit into the openings, which are 28.5 feet wide to 45 feet wide. The door also supports dual locking, and in addition to all these features, it also supports auto-close walk through the door. This baby gate also comes with a door stopper, and the advantage of the door gate is that it doesn’t open towards the stairs, which makes it even more secure.

Talking about the warranty, the product comes with a 12-month warranty, which is certainly advantageous as it protects you against any defect. If you had been looking for a baby gate that offers multiple features, then this is going to be the perfect choice for you.

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2. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby GateA baby usually feels more comfortable in a wide playing area. It can be difficult to monitor the child in such a wide area, and hence there is a strong need for the baby gate. If you wish to use a baby gate for such a purpose, you would need something vast, and in such a case, this baby gate will prove to be perfect for you.

This is a convertible baby gate that can also be used as an 8-panel play yard for the baby. The manufacturer also provides 4 packs of wall mounts, which can help you mount the baby gate to the room’s wall.

The height of this baby gate is 28 inches which is enough to guard the baby, and at the same time, this super wide baby gate can be extended up to 192 inches. This sort of length is difficult to find in baby gates, but it is certainly handy if you have a wide living area. This baby gate is made of steel, and hence it is very durable. The door can take up a lot of stress. Regalo 192 inch super wide adjustable baby gate also complies with the safety standards, and it comes with a 24-month warranty.

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3. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Evenflo Soft and Wide GateMoving on to number 3, we have a baby gate from Evenflo, and the advantage of this baby gate is that it is made of soft fabric. For some parents, the soft fabric can prove to be better than the metal gates as they reduce injury chances.

Another advantage of this gate is that it comes with rubber bumpers on the side, ensuring that the walls do not get damaged. Talking more about the construction, the gate has a metal frame, and a strong, flexible cloth is attached to the metal frame.

If you choose to purchase this baby gate, then you would not have to spend time assembling the gate as it is swift. In addition to this, the door is quite portable as well. The storage of the gate is also not an issue. In terms of dimensions, this baby gate is 27 inches tall, and the length of the baby gate can be adjusted between 38 inches to 60 inches. This can be an ideal purchase for you if you do not want a metal gate. The fabric baby gate is strong yet very soft for the baby so that he doesn’t injure himself while trying to get out of the gate.

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4. North States Easy-Close Baby Gate

North States Easy-Close Baby GateThe North States is a popular brand for baby gates, and on number 4, we have a product from the North States. It is particularly for you if you often need to walk in and out of the room and if you are tired of removing the baby gate again and again.

The gate is of great advantage as it comes with a gate opened and closes with just a push. The gate requires a certain amount of force to be opened, and hence do not worry about the baby being able to open the gate.

The material used here is steel, and it comes with a triple locking system for the open and close function. Another advantage here is that the gate can be opened in both directions. There is also a hold-open function here that can keep the gate open.

This basically acts as a stopper. In terms of dimensions, the gate is 29 inches high, and it can be used to guard a length of 28 inches to 38.5 inches. The door comes with a white steel finish, and it is also straightforward to remove. You can also choose the extension for the gate if you need to extend the gate’s length.

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5. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Security GateNext on our list is a baby gate from Dreambaby, and it is a perfect choice for the parents whose baby is tall. This baby gate’s main advantage is that it has a height of 41 inches, which can really help ensure that the tall babies do not hop over the gate.

The gate comes with pressure mounting in terms of mounting, making it very easy to mount the baby gate between the walls. The package contains a hardware mounting kit that you may require for securing the gates in certain cases.

There is also a security gate for passing through the gate, and it comes with an auto-close feature which is again a great advantage. If you need the gate to be open, then there is a hold function as well. The advantage of this feature is that you would not have to remove the gate after every use. You can even use the baby gate at the top of the stairs to be assured about the baby’s safety. The gate can be used for an area between 38 inches to 42.5 inches in terms of length. Lastly, the gate is JPMA certified gate.

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6. Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk Through Baby Gate

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Extra Wide Walk through Baby GateWe have also had a gate from Regalo on our list, and it is one of the top-selling products on our list. This is quite an awesome product when we look at the features. To begin with, the gate is 30 inches tall and has an expandable length. The length of this baby gate can be between 29 inches and 38.5 inches.

Like many other gates available in the market, you do not need any tool to set up the gate, and it can be used just with a single pressure mount system. There is also a walk through the door that is part of this baby gate, and there is no doubt about the durability and the portability of the gate.

You can use this gate with the children who are between 6 months to 24 months in age, and they are also quite amazing for pets as well. This means that you can use the gate to secure the pets without leashing them to the wall. Apart from the details listed above, you will be happy to know that the gate also comes with a one-touch release button, making it easy to open the gate. This particular baby gate is also ASTM certified.

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7. the North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard – 144 inches Long Play Yard

North States 3-in-1 Metal SuperyardExtra Long gates are not very common, and they are hard to find as well. If you had been looking for one such extra-long gate, this could be the end of your search because the gate is so long that it can help you set up a safe play yard for the baby. The gate’s total length is 144 inches, and it comes with a 6-panel enclosure that can be used to build a baby barrier against the wall. You can opt for a 2-panel extension for this product, and there is another model that comes with 8 panels.

Being long is not the only feature of this baby gate as it also comes with a walkabout gate which makes it possible for you to move across the area, and at the same time, this walk-through gate is childproof as it comes with a double locking system. You can easily attach the gate to different floor surfaces or different types of walls. The material used here is metal, and the height of the baby gate is 30 inches which is surely enough for use.

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8. North States Deluxe Décor Baby Gate

North States Deluxe Décor Baby GateThis is the third product from the North States on our list, and it is very durable when it comes to the gate’s construction. The company can achieve the right combination of durability, sturdiness, and weight with the latest technology’s help.

The gate comes with a bronze finish which makes it very elegant for any home. You also have a walk-through gate even in this model, making it easy to walk past the gate without removing the gate. This also eliminates the need to lift the baby over the baby gate. Apart from this, this walk-through gate comes with one-hand operations, making it easy to pass when you have bags in your hand.

You can also use the hold function to keep the gate open as well. You can also detach the gate when it is not in use, and this is the best part about the gate. The double locking system surely adds more usability to the gate. The gate comes with an adjustable length between 38.3 inches to 72 inches in terms of the total length. The gate’s height is 30 inches, and the product comes with a 1-year warranty in total.

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9. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gate

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby GateOn number 9, we have Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gate, and this is yet another bestseller baby gate available in the market. The gate is just like other high-quality baby gates in the market, and the advantage of this gate is that you get a push open gate integrated into this model. There is also a dual locking mechanism in this push open gate, and you will be glad to know that the gate can be opened in any direction.

The total height of the door is 29.5 inches, and the length of the gate is adjustable. You can adjust the length between 29.5 inches and 35 inches which makes it quite flexible as well. To install the gate, you can use pressure installers, which secures the gate properly.

You can also opt for the gate’s extensions if required, and they can increase the length of the gate as per the need. The dual locking mechanism keeps the baby safe as the baby can’t open the gate. There are multiple extensions available which vary from 2.75 inches, 5.5 inches, and 11 inches. You can also purchase multiple extensions for your use. The product comes with a 1-year standard warranty.

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10. Retract-A-Gate Safety gate 52.”Retract-A-Gate Safety gate

Last on our list is Retract a Gate Baby gate which Smart Retract manufactures. This is one of the unique designs on our list, and you will see why. The baby gate can be attached to one side of the door using the latches, and it stays in the form of a roll. When you need the baby gate, you can extend the role and hook it up to the other side of the door or wall. This basically helps in making the baby gate very compact.

You might want to know that this baby gate is JPMA certified, and it can be used at the top or bottom of the stairs as well. If you have pets at home, you would be glad to know that this baby gate is scratch-resistant. You can also open or close the gate with one hand, and when the gate becomes dirty, you can wash it easily. The fabric here is a see-through fabric that helps you in monitoring the baby as well. Lastly, the length of the baby gate is 52 inches, with a height of 39.4 inches.

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These are the best baby gates available in the market. If you are still confused about which baby gate to buy, then you can check out the baby gate buying guide for more information.


Baby Gate: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a baby gate cost?

The price of the baby gate depends on the features they possess. For baby gates that provide easy installation features, safety lock accessibility, and pressure mounts, their price may be in the range of $30-$50. For baby gates that provide more sophisticated features can cost anywhere above $50.00

Are pressure-mounted baby gates safe?

Babies have soft bodies, and any injury caused to them can be very disappointing to the parents. Pressure mounted baby gates, though operate manually, are not regarded as a safe option since they can be opened easily, just by applying little pressure. Near the staircase or at the entrance doors, avoid using pressure-mounted baby gates. If you want to teach your baby about simple operations and grow analytical skills through self-learning, it is recommended to use the pressure-mounted baby gates but only at locations where there is not much peril and risk.

At what age do you stop using baby gates?

Toddlers need the baby gates to protect them from going to unrestricted areas. Once the toddlers become mature to understand the dangers and learn to walk up the stairs, it is easier to let go of the baby gates. Though it is vague to understand, children need to be surrounded by baby gates till two years of age. Beyond the age of two, you need to see the position of the chin of the baby! If the chin is still below the gate’s top, you should use the gate for a few more months.

Can you use pet gates for babies?

Pet gates should only be used in places where there is a very great danger if your baby intrudes. Unlike the baby gates, pet gates are tall as well as very hard to open. In that scenario, it can hurt your baby since they have high-pressure locks. To prevent your child from getting hurt, prevent using pet gates unless it is a very unprotected area where you want to keep your baby away from.

Do you need a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs?

This is a very subjective question. It depends on what is present on the top floor. Suppose a storehouse is present on the top floor and you don’t want your baby to reach the storehouse, it is recommended to use the stairs at the bottom of the stairs. In the second scenario, your baby is present on the second floor, and you are worried that he might injure himself due to falling from the stairs. It is recommended to use the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.


Once you choose the baby gate you need, you will have to install the gate with a lot of care.  Most baby gates are elementary to install.  In addition to this, you can also check the price of these baby gates online.  Be sure to check the price online to see if there are discounts available.