10 Best Baby Corner Guards 2021 (For Child Safety)

You often don’t realize how harmful those sharp corners and edges around the home are until you have a baby crawling here and there. Once your baby starts to crawl, they are going to start bumping into things —tables, chairs, even walls— and this can be very dangerous in every sense. The best you can do for them is to protect them from bumping into anything sharp. That’s why we have found the best baby corner guards for you.

If you have a toddler at home, it is essential to install the corner protectors. It’s one necessary measure to ensure the safety of your growing baby exploring and crawling around the home. With the childproof corner guards, you reduce the chances of your baby getting hurt by colliding with sharp surfaces and sustaining ugly bruises.

Thankfully there are so many cushion cover materials like the corner guards that not only ensure such accidents are prevented but also keep your furniture from getting damaged. In this article, you will find some of the best corners and edges that you may want to install in your home.

Best Baby Corner Guards Reviews

Listed are some of the best corners and protectors showed to you. They all are from the best of the brand that you can imagine, and that is why when dealing with such an option, there certainly will not be any kind of disappointment.

1. Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

best corner protectors for babiesBabies at the growing age can fall plenty of times. You can’t just be expecting them to hold all the time. They are in the learning process. Any parent who is experienced will not want that a hard fall against a coffee table can be quite a risky affair and may even result in a strong bruise to your baby for a lifetime.

You might want to pad the sharp corner with the right protector. That is why roving cove brings you the baby proofing edge and corner guards that are only designed to keep your baby safe and at the times when they are at their tender growing age.

The roving cover premium brings out the most incredible child safety product for you that can childproof your home in all possible ways.

This type of cover guard is designed for many reasons. It can work like a fireplace rubber protector, foam padding for babies, bumper edge guard, edge cushion, furniture bumpers, and table protector sharp edge, to name some. The roving cover is one of the well-known brands in the market that has been manufacturing some of the best padding pads counters shelves. These are the guards that protect your baby against any kind of injury bruise that may occur

Roving Cove is a registered trademark which is owned by Mayapple Baby of Brooklyn. This means you surely will not be a victim of any unethical seller. The baby guard is made from the fine quality of raw material, which is safe and pure to be used. They have not even used a single drop of toxic flame-retardant chemicals. This product is BPA and phthalates free and has passed flammability tests too

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2. Corner Protector Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards

baby corner guardsCalMyotis understands the parenting needs, and that is why this brand brings you the most incredible range of mother and baby care products. Talking of the baby proofing and table corner guards, it is one of the superior quality based products being sold in the market.

The protector has a moderate thickness and offers sufficient cushioning, which means if your baby collides to any edge or corner, you can be rest assured of them not getting hurt in any possible way. It is obvious and do come as a hurdle in the appearance of your home decor or even diverts the attention of the child.

Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards has been manufactured considering the baby’s safety in mind. This type of corner guard is quite thick and has sharp guards that surround the corner righty. It is quite good enough for cushioning at the times when it collides. The appearance of the furniture will not cause any kind of problem.

Rather, it will reduce the attention of the child to even get to those places that could be harmful. Since the company has only been manufacturing products that are BPA, chemicals, or added toxic fire retardants free, buying such a guard can be the right choice.

If money and quality is the corner, then be rest assured since these products are good in terms of quality and pricing. The protectors are designed by the expert who has been quite known crafters of other baby care products and has created corners considering the desk, coffee table, TV cabinets, and other sharps corners of the house in mind.

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3. Bebe Earth – Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard

best baby corner guardsBebe Earth is a well-known company in the market, which is quite a lot of trending. There is no denying of the fact that children love to explore and keep learning things, especially when they come across an unforgettable incident. But at times, you cannot just be part of all their moments. They might need their own space to explore things and at times, you need to let them go.

But you never know! They may bump or climb to the places that they are not supposed and that is why to protect them from any minor falls, Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard is the right option to choose. There is no hard and fast rule even to install such a type of protector. It has been designed and tested for children to use irrespective of their age.

The focus of such a brand is to offer a wide range of baby care products that would give comfort to your child as you know space is the safest thing to prevent any kind of accidents, by installing the right type of edge protector, especially of Bebe Earth. You will be able to focus on other things. These protectors offer easy installation and can fit all kinds of tables irrespective of size and shape. It has been designed to meet all possible regulatory standards and thus gives peace of mind too. The foam of this protector is of high density.

This is the main reason why there is a right balance between the thickness, soft impact, and blending with the home décor too. You don’t need any kind of tools to be installed. It is the easiest, convenient and hassle-free option to be chosen.

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4. SureBasics Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors

best corner guards for babyTo raise your child is pressure. We all agree to the fact that during their growing age, the independence that they need is mandatory. They should be raised well and not be dependent all the time.

But in their learning span, you never have known they might come across some kind of accident, and that is why it is crucial to choose the right shield for them. The most common spot of an accident is at the corner of your home. Be it the table or even the chair and wall edges, any crash to such places may cause serious injury too.

SureBasics Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors are an incredible option to install. SureBasics is quite a known brand manufacturing baby proofing and safety products. The company has been committed to offering the best range of products that would protect children from bruises, bumps, and cuts. The products by SureBasics are the most versatile solution which parents can choose so that they don’t have to be worried all the time while raising their child.

 Started in the year 2014, SureBasics focuses on getting the best range of quality childproofing products and that too at the best price which is why their Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors is the right choice. It is made of non-toxic material and can help your baby more than anything to protect the head and knee injury from even the blunt corners.

The edges protectors are childproof, and they don’t even damage the furniture. To install it simply, you have to use lasting 3M adhesive tape. It can stick well on the glass, wood, and steel or ceramic surfaces too.

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5. FamilyCare Kids Clear Corner Guards 

baby proofing edge & corner guardsBaby Proofing Baby Safety Adhesive Edge Bumpers is the most inexpensive way to protect your babies. Besides, they are available in different colors and can match well with your home interiors too. Be it the glass tabletop or the wood furniture; you can rest assured that you are using the safest yet environmentally friendly product.

FamilyCare Kids Clear Corner Guards is another incredible option, you might want to shortlist. It has been designed considering the frequent accidents of children that happen within the home. Here we are talking about bumping and crashing within the house when they try to crawl or reach some spot.

These types of guards are not just functional, but their sleek design promises that the look of your home and its respective furniture don’t get spilt at all. Such a type of guard is available in the set of 20 pieces and ensures your baby will stay safe all the time.

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6. COZILIFE Corner Protector

best edge protector babyThere is no limit to the exploring behavior of the children and being parents we have to make up our mind mentally. But we just cannot afford to see those getting collided to any sharp corners of the house that may cause a bruise or serious damage or even a tiny bump. To avoid such accidents, it is always better to install COZILIFE Corner Protector, which is the right option.

There is a high-quality adhesive which ensures the corner protectors are stuck on the sharp corner wall. You will not have to worry about removing them. Even your curious tiny mind of children will not be able to rip it off well. The maintenance and quality of such guards should not be the problem. You can, however, use an air blower to get the corners off the furniture at times when you are not using it. This way, you shall be protecting your furniture against any kind of damages.

There are no major changes that you have to do. You simply have to apply the tape at the corner of the guard and then stick it well to the corner of the furniture. The design is clear and transparent ensures that it can blend well with the modern interior and furniture too.

Thanks to 100% risk-free guarantee that the company itself is promising, you will be impressed after installing these guards. Besides, they are so strong, and their construction is so sturdy that even when a child won’t be able to rip it off at all. The design is made of COZILIFE Corner Protector is non-toxic and chemical-free material, which is why it is safe to be installed to your furniture corners which also would ensure even for the notorious babies it is safe.

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7. Clear Edge Bumpers Pack of 20 by Ellas Homes

best baby corner protectorsSkyla Homes has always been a trademark for most of the top-notch quality products and services that it has been selling in the market. One of their baby branches is Elaas homes, which have been solely focusing on manufacturing baby care and safety products, and Clear Edge Bumpers Pack of 20 by Ellas Homes is one such awesome example. The company has been into this field for quite a long time and their increasing list of happy customers clearly shows how reliable the products from them shall be.

It is, of course, evident that safety is the most essential thing for every little of your home. But at times, we being human can miss out the tiny errors and that is why Skyla Homes Corner Protectors should be the best choice for you. Post installing it; you can sit back and relax as the focus of these guards us to protect your children from all kinds of accidents.

These protectors are already the first choice of millions of customers. It is not just the superior quality but also the sleek look and excellent cushioning, which is why over other corner protectors that you come across in the market, this pack of 20 is the most affordable and amazing solution to buy.

They protect by acting as barrier between the untidy corners and your child. You can stay relaxed even when your little one falls for the next time as it keeps the hard points soft. The cushion that withstanding high impacts and the jerk absorbency quality, keep your child safe from the injuries. They are clear, clean and transparent in design and just need two amenities to install.

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8. SurBaby Edge Protector for Baby

wall corner guards babyOur toddlers love to play around in the house, but to keep them protected against any kind of accident during their adventurous ride to enjoyment is our duty. That is why get the SurBaby edge protector that has been designed to keep your little one safe from any kind of accident and let them explore things around safely.

SurBaby is a well-known brand that only manufactures chemical and toxic-free material based products. Surely sharp edges can be a potential threat to people, especially when it comes to their safety. To stay calm, you, of course, would want to make the right choice for the baby especially when you are not around.

SurBaby Edge Protector for Baby comes with the edges and wall corners protection with extra cushioning. It definitely would make your home a safe and happy place for your baby to enter the world of adventure and explore things. Now be that the chair, dining table, wall or even the side table, such protectors can always be the right choice for you. Now your busy bee will not go through any kind of umps and injuries and your home will be child safe too. The design is made childproof and is transparent and rectangular.

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9. Corner Guards Child Safety by Zalock

best baby proofing corner guardsZalock brings you the top-notch quality of edge guards that would offer better protection for your baby against any kind of cuts and bumps. Corner Guards Child Safety by Zalock is made of safe material that is toxic and chemical-free. It has the antioxidant material used, which is absolutely odorless too.

This way, you don’t really have to worry about your baby from getting injured at all even when you are not supervising them. Thanks to its quality adhesive gel you can make the right locking and installation solution for your sharp table corner and thus give your baby a complete protection. You don’t have to worry about your baby f getting hurt by any sharp table edge or corner at all.

This Furniture Safety Bumper has a soft PVC lining material. You can use it on the desk, table, and even wall and thus prevent your baby from getting hurt. This set of protectors would make sure that every corner of the furniture is fully protected. This way any shock injury occurring to the baby is possibly avoided. It is available at great pricing and is a cost-friendly solution too. In case, you want to make the lasting use of such protectors for the baby Corner Guards Child Safety by Zalock.

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10. Wemk 12 Pack Corner Protector

baby proofing wall cornersWemk is quite a known brand that has been selling a lot of 100% guarantee based products in the market till date. If you have been looking forward to buying the best of the protector, then probably, you can think of buying it from Wemk because of quality assurance.

After a careful search and shortlisting of different corner guards, this has been quite at a high selling rate because of the child’s safety in mind. This protector has been cleared out after the factory test. It has a soft PVC material and is one eco-friendly option too.

The quality is so amazing that even if your little one will try to take it. It will not get ripped off. Besides, the strong adhesive is used for holding the corner protectors in a firm manner. It is safe for the children as it has been designed with non-toxic yet eco-friendly material. It has L shape design as it will not by any chance, get swallowed by the children. You can use this table corner guard for aluminum, wood, and glass-based products and thus ensures that, be it school, home or daycare, it serves the right safety purpose for your baby.

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Baby Corner Guard Protection Buying Factors

As you can see from the above best of the products that are being sold in the market, it is quite obvious for you to get confused. That is why given below are some of the buying factors that may help you. It is always better that you compare the products well and then make the decision. After all, even if the quality is your priority, it should be worth the amount that you pay.

  • Versatility: Many protectors are specially designed only for the corners, while most of the other products can be used for the smooth edges too. It is always better to look for the versatile option, which means it should rightly be serving as the corner and as the edge protector too. This way, you will not be persistent or wondering if you have paid the right amount or not. The choice of the settlement must not be stringent for you to be it for the wooden furniture or glass. It should be of such good quality that it is compatible with all types of surfaces and thus make it an ideal versatile yet the multipurpose choice for you.
  • Lasting Durability: No matter which product you are planning to buy, but as long as it is for baby’s protection, you definitely cannot afford to compromise with the quality at all. That is why always choose the material that can help you in understanding the durability of the corner. Look for the solid material and have sturdy construction. It needs to be manufactured under the most beautiful artistry and shall also go well in all kinds of extreme weather conditions and thus be quite good in all situations so that the problem of wear and tear shall never exist you and can enjoy the long life of service too.
  • Safety: When we plan to consider such an option, suffice it to say that we should be looking for the safety feature as the primary one. That is why; you should be buying the option that has the material used for better cushioning which shall be quite good enough for protecting you and the family against all the odds. It must be environmentally friendly ergonomic design and must also be free from all kinds of toxic chemicals. The safer the product, the better it will be for you to choose the right one. The material needs to be designed for lasting service.
  • Size: Last but not least, it is important to look around for the protector with better thickness. It must be quite good to have a cover that can protect the entire edge or corner. This way, you can rest assured that there will not be any threat posing your child. You may want to compare the dimensions of the protector against the edge and corners measurements that you want to work and make sure it fits rightly

Of course, other than this price and color should matter as you are installing it in your home should go well with the décor too. So take time and compare wisely.


Now that you know about the best baby corner guards and what to look out for when you are selecting one for your baby, we hope you can choose one with confidence.  It’s a nice feeling when you know your house is safe for your  toddler to go exploring around.

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