10 Best Baby Changing Tables 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

The new love of your life has arrived, and needs changing! It’s hard to believe that almost 2400 diapers you will be changed in just one year. Mind you, that might not be the exact number, but your baby will require frequent nursing and that leads to frequent changing of diapers as well. So that’s why you should have a baby diaper station at your home. They are also called baby changing tables. If you were wondering, we are reviewing the best baby changing tables in 2020.

Advantages To Have A Changing Table Pad

To make your investment work in using the changing table pads are many. Probably, you will understand right after you start using it. But to begin with, such type of tables have advantages such as:

  • The changing pad offers the most convenient solution in which you can keep all your nursing care and needs and use it as and when needed.
  • This is not just a changing table but also a great nursing tool. You can also use it as dresses and down the line, you can use it in your kid’s room for storage solution too
  • This table is the most practical yet a well-designed option to buy wherein you also get a removable table and drawer and compartments which make it easy for you to utilize the space of the room in the right manner.

Best Baby Changing Table Reviews

Listed are some of the best baby changing tables that you can have a look at. You can be rest assured that you shall be investing in the right products since they are advised by customers, and the brands that you can see below are highly rated in the market. Within your price range and with great quality, these are the top-notch changing table and nursing care solution that promises to help you during your phase of baby care. So make your investment worth but for this take your time and choose the right option so that you don’t have to later repent on it at all.

1. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Pad

Delta Children Eclipse Changing TableFor kids, we surely cannot compromise with anything, literally anything. Now be that the diaper we use for them or the changing pad where they would be kept to change. Delta Children is one of the well-known companies that has been providing the customers with quite great options in terms of high-quality cribs, which are of course safe and of great quality too.

The focus of the company is to offer a huge variety of furniture products that even at the early childhood kids can use with safety and which later they can give to their kids without compromising with the quality.

Eclipse Changing Table from Delta Children is one such finest example that you can plan to buy for the nursery of the baby. It is a highly functional product and is quite a cost-friendly solution too. This can be a great changing table option for you and you can also keep all kinds of regular baby storage needs that are easy to access.

It has a safe side which offers better security which is why at the time of changing, you will not have any problem at all. Besides, this is a highly elegant and functional product you can plan to buy. Being a water-resistant changing pad, it promises maximum safety too.

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2. Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper

Modern Baby Changing TableWhen we start focusing on finding the right type of changing table for baby’s we don’t even know what exactly we should be looking for. But Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper is one such amazing product that will cater to all your needs and even those which you might not have even thought of.

Badger Basket is one of the finest companies that you can come across for all kinds of practical designs with regards to baby products that they have been selling in the market. The company is known for the finest workmanship and after-sales service which is why you can rest assured that you have the most incredible product at great pay too.

The Modern Baby Changing Table with Hamper and 3 Baskets from this company offers a well-organized place for the parents to change the diaper of the baby. They can even do the dressing in the section of the toiletries and diapers without any problem. There are so many inbuilt safety features as well which is why it becomes quite convenient for you to focus on changing the baby’s diaper with complete peace.

The styling is not at all complex because the storage solution with 3 baskets and a hamper is one of the best things you can have. With easy assembly solution and instruction manuals that are already given, this product has the inside of the basket lined up well with a non woven fabric. This is the main reason why it promises to last for a long time.

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3. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily Changing TableDream On Me is one of the best companies that you can shortlist for buying the changing table. It is one of the most excellent companies in the market today that has been in the news because of the perfect structure-based baby products that they have been selling at great pricing.

With great experience and the best team to be working, this company has set the standards of the people to a high level. The company has been providing some of the top-notch results and is said to be providing the best of the solutions without any problem.

Talking about Dream On Me 607, Emily Changing Table, it is made with 5 ½” safety rail. This ensures maximum safety for the baby. Thanks to these rails you can rest assured that your baby will not roll off the table. The design is of open concept that is made with 2 shelves. It ensures all the essentials of the baby are organized and kept in a much better manner.

The traditional design with a great storage solution is what you get with this product. Moving further, this crib can fit perfectly to your home décor and is one value for money yet elegant solution to choose for dressing up your baby.

It is now time to buy something that shall not just serve the right purpose but also fulfill many other essential things too and this hanging table is the right thing to buy and get the peace of mind for a long time.

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4. Graco Changing Table with Change Pad

Graco Changing TableGraco Company is known for only manufacturing those high security and sturdy construction based products for the parents who never want to compose with the quality. The company is in talks because of the elegant and simple solution based varieties which they have been selling without letting parents empty their pockets at all.

It definitely is the best option to choose because the design and the results that Graco offers from its product are something you will not repent at all.

Moving further about these product features, don’t be amazed to know the quality. This changing table comes with the feature of an extra deep surface solution. That is the main reason why maximum security is assured. There are also large shelves that promise the finest of the storage spacing.

So be it the towels, diapers or even any other kind of supplies; you can enjoy the most amazing changing solution with this pad. This table is water existent which is why safety is not compromised at all. The bonus part is the safety strap too. This way, there is no risk for the baby and the complete protection is assured too.

This table comes with a changing pad that has got everything to changing needs of your baby’s diaper. Be it your infant to get dressed in style or your little toddler needs a diaper changing call this elegant design looking table will complement your styling. This trustworthy support from Graco company will also not disappoint you at all.

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5. Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table with 6 Storage Baskets and Pad

Sleigh Style Baby Changing TableAnother finest product from the badger basket is the Sleigh Style Changing Table with Six Baskets. Started as a family business in the year 1911, this company has been to date serving many generations of the families with peace and quality.

This family-based company with the finest workmanship has surely grown out to be the most incredible one that promises to offer the top-notch premium based baby furniture at great pricing. This company is now counted in the top suppliers of storage and baby furniture, which is why buying the changing table from this one is the right thing you can do.

The reason why the emphasis is being made on buying the Sleigh Style Changing Table with Six Baskets is that it surely will not just manage but exceed your expectations. The table is exceptionally safe and stable. There is a changing area that also has got the safety rails on all sides.

It comes with a safety belt and even the top pad, which is why you can enjoy the most amazing time without a baby while changing their diaper or clothes or making them get ready with complete mental peace. You can use this table for the kids up to 30 pounds. For those kids who are now on the verge of getting potty training done will also be comfortable on this table.

There are two baskets that you get with it. In this, you can store all the needs and reach them easily at your fingertips. The revisable design and front handle solution make this organization a solution even more convenient option to buy.

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6. South Shore Little Smiley’s Changing Table

South Shore Little Smileys Changing TableFor your little one, this changing table is the right one to buy. It comes with 2 open storage solutions. There are 4 drawers in which you can conveniently store the changing pad that measures around 16″ W x 26″ L. This changing table has the contours in round shape.

There is also a secure panel at the front side, which offers better safety. South Shore Little Smiley’s Changing Table is the best investment as it assures lasting durability. Thanks to its easy cleanliness, you can be rest assured that hygiene with better safety is followed. A baby up to 30 pounds can easily be carried out on this table.

South Shore Furniture is known to offer only top-notch furniture products. The furniture by this company comes with a lasting warranty and is designed with the finest workmanship, which is why you can rest assured that your investment will not go in vain. There is no hassle in assembling the furniture besides, the after-sales service that is offered by this company is mind-blowing. It surely in recent times has increased the standard of the customers which is why it has been trending quite a lot in the market.

With well-laminated furniture, South Shore Little Smiley’s Changing Table is one of the pound inventions that can meet today’s standard quality. You can simply wipe it offers with dry clothes and maintain its look too.

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7. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing TableBadger Basket yet brings you another incredible changing table from its finest collection, which will simply amaze you. This changing table promises lasting results, great quality, and an easy to use solution, which is why you can rest assured that you have invested in the right product.

The table is made of 20% cotton and 80% polyester which promise you the best result without much of the hassle at all. Thanks to its unique angling, there is a better space usage you can do for the nursery. Along with the changing table, you also get storage to ell organize the diapers need, hamper of the set you can need during nursing, and a fabric pad cover for better cover.

Badger Basket’s is one innovative box of a company that has been providing its valuable customers with high standard products. Talking of which Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table is one of them. It has been designed with ample features that make it easy for the parents to focus on the nursing and care of the baby.

The corner of the diaper station can also be transformed for dressing and nursery and thus, you get multipurpose products. This changing pad table has a pad made of polyurethane foam that premises uttermost hygiene is maintained. The handy shelves also premise to let you store all types of important diaper solutions, baby blankets, and even wipes without any problem at all.

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8. Costzon Baby Changing Table and Nursery Organizer

Costzon Baby Changing TableCostzon is the most reliable brand that you can consider choosing. It offers the babies with the utmost comfort at the time of nursing them. Being parents to nurse the babies while considering their safety and security is the most important thing.

Thankfully with this changing table, which also is a great nursing organization, you don’t even have to bend for changing the baby’s cloth. It is extremely easy for you to change the cloth of your little one while letting it safely sit on the changing and get protected with all the three sides.

This table can also be a great platform for a massage care solution. Costzon understands the parents need to have the right product by their side, and this changing table is a multipurpose solution. You can use it as a baby massaging table. It has been made with the right height that would protect the money from getting any kind of pain and backaches. It has 3 compartments designed along with the table in which you can keep all the important nursing accessories without any problem at all.

Costzon is one of the best companies that has also proved out to be a tough competition for many. This company has managed to earn a reputation because of the long period based on baby care furniture and products. Talking of which this changing table which is made of PVC material and is waterproof is one such finest example that you can consider buying.

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9. Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table

Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing TableDelta Children is one of the best companies that offer a wide range of baby care furniture that are extremely convenient for parents to choose from. This company is one of the reputable ones because of the quality assured results that you get. With minimal investment and so many features, getting the baby care products from Delta Children is not a bad deal at all.

Moving on to its one of the finest productions is the 2 in 1 changing table. This is known for the great storage and ample supplies a solution that you can access within your reach. This changing table is all loaded with the best safety strap that promises better security too.

This changing table is available in different colors like Grey, Bianca, and dark chocolate to name some. It has some of the key features like changing pad with strap solution; there is also a wood construction, it also has the open storage bin for better results. Thanks to the sturdy wood construction and an open storage bin. It has also been tested for lead and many other elements of toxicity, which may harm the baby.

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10. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing TableThis is one of the finest products that you can consider buying for obvious reasons. It is extremely safe, easy to use, and offers the better security that is needed at the time of nursing your baby. The best part of choosing DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table is the quality and warranty assurance.

Since it is made of non-toxic and chemical-free material, you don’t really have to worry if the product is genuine or not. Talking about the material only the genuine pine wood that offers maximum sustainability. This changing table is free of lead and is absolutely safe from phthalate too.

DaVinci Jenny is a well-known brand that only manufactures the products that meet the safety standards set by U.S. CPSC and also the ASTM international. The company understands the situation from which every parent has to go through when it comes to taking care of the baby and that is why with such changing table. 

The product has been made from the finest painting process that promises your baby will not get any kind of allergies. Being water-resistant, the safety is promised while anti-tip kit ensures the possible risks can be avoided.

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Paid this changing table with Jenny Lind Crib and made it most convenient for nursing. There are also spacious shelves in which you can keep diapers and other nursing needs and reach to it in a much more convenient manner.

Baby Changing Table Buying Guide – What To Look For It?

Post the options that you have just seen, if you still want to explore some more options, then probably being a first time user, you don’t even know what to look for in a changing table. The two important factors should be primarily considered; one is the budget, and the other is the baby’s safety in all means. This way, you will not have to worry about the purchase in the long run at all. Furthermore, here are some of the important things that you need to know:

Know The Usability: It is always important to look for the changing table, which is not just meant for changing the diapers but you can use it for different reasons. Look for the table which can also be used as dressers. You may also come across some of the best nursing care kits providing tables too. It all depends on what kind of multipurpose solution you are choosing.

Understand The Construction: Since you will be carrying your baby on that table, it needs to be sturdy. The construction has to be quite good and you may want to have one which has got stable legs too. You may want to shape the table and check and see if there is any kind of rustiness that you are sensing.

Changing Pads: Look for the pads that are countered. This way, it will help to keep the baby protected against rolling and fall off. It is good to have a safety strap installed with it to make sure roe safety and security measures are being followed. The table with a fabric or vinyl-based foaming with non-skid bottom can be the right one to choose from.

Storage: There are so many things that you will need at the time of nursing. Be it the wipes, diapers, and even creams. That is why I chose the changing table that has a shelf drawer. This way, you don’t even have to bend always and you don’t even necessarily have to take your eyes off the baby as all the products will be easily accessible to you.

Final Verdict

To find the right changing table is important to make sure your home is getting ready for the new baby coming in the house. You may have to set up your mind and prepare yourself for so many diaper changes that you might not be even able to count in the future. That is why; always better to have the right changing solution that your family can also use as a nursing space.

From the tables that have standard measured followed till the one that has some impeccable features like portability and bathtub combinations, there can be many options, but eventually, your decision should be as per the comfort and quality that you will see.