10 Best Baby Carriers 2020 – [For Mom & Dad Use]

When it comes to being a first-time mother, you may have this overwhelming desire to have your newborn infant close by and for as long as possible. That is but natural but you would also have to move around, you may have to get back to your respective career and lives and that means, being active and getting about. And carrying a baby in one’s arms, though tempting and highly attractive at the start can turn out to be a physical chore, which can leave you reeling from physical exhaustion.

Sure, you can and should use a stroller but a better bet would be to use some of the best-rated baby carriers since they snugly suspend the baby from the upper trunk of your body. As a new mother, chances are that you would find the idea of carrying your baby, suspended from your upper arms, a lot more attractive than parking your infant in a stroller. The close physical contact should enable you to develop a closer bond with your baby and in the process should help you develop a much closer relationship with your child.

A Baby carrier is essentially a piece of clothing/fabric that can snugly carry a baby while suspending the infant from the front half of your torso. The baby is comfortably suspended between your front arms, with the help of suspenders and is in close contact with the rest of your body, while allowing your arms free movement as you go about the rest of your tasks.

And before you head out to purchase your first baby carrier you should know that there are several types, each made from varying materials and picking one out from the lot, is easier said than done. And that’s why we have reviewed some of the top baby carriers in the market and listed out the same below, so do check them out.

Different Types of Baby Carriers

 These days, baby carriers are often used for babies until they are 36 months old and in some cases, even older. Given the fact that these baby carriers enable a mom to go about her normal life has helped to make baby carriers more popular than ever before.

As of today, there are several types of baby carriers and if you are planning to purchase one, then you need to check them out.

  • Wraps: These are some of the oldest baby wraps that you may come across today; they have been in vogue for the last few centuries and are still actively being used by new mothers, all over the world. A wrap is a type of soft fabric that easily stretches, and it is tied in such a way that it suspends the baby from the front torso, while the wrap goes over both the arms for a snug and safe fit.
  • Sling: This type of baby carrier is normally more common in South East Asia; here the fabric is similar to a wrap with one end of the fabric going over one of the shoulders for support. The other end goes over the middle of your torso while snugly holding your baby slightly off centre, as you go about the rest of your tasks.
  • Fleece lined/soft structured carriers: These carriers are usually constructed from polyester and come with a carrying pouch to hold the infant. The ‘seat’ is usually lined with soft material, and in some cases, it is fleece lined as well, to ensure that the baby is warm, snug and comfortable. It comes with thick sturdy shoulder straps, as well as waist straps which can be adjusted with the help of fasteners to ensure that the fit is firm and good.
  • Framed carriers: These carriers are similar in structure to the soft structured carriers except that these come with a metal frame that supports the carrier. The ‘seat’ is usually found at the back, and it comes with the requisite shoulder and waist straps as well. Basically, you wear this baby carrier like a backpack, with your infant seated on the back of your shoulders, in comfort. These forms of baby carriers are more perfect as the baby grows and the frame helps to take on a bit of the weight so you would not have to bear the whole weight on your own. Incidentally, these baby carriers often rank as one of the best baby carriers for hiking.

Benefits of Getting a Baby Carrier

If you are still tinkering about with the idea of whether to get a baby carrier or not, then you definitely need to read on. Here are some of the benefits of using a baby carrier more frequently,

  • Babies cry less: Babies who are carried around often in slings, wraps and other forms of baby carriers are less prone to cry than those in strollers. Since babies can sense that their parents, especially their mum is nearby, they tend to get calmed down a lot more easily than otherwise.
  • Physical development: If you carry your baby around in a sling or a wrap, then you should know that you are essentially carrying your baby in its ‘normal’ position it had assumed when it was in your fetus, and therefore this should help boost physical development for your baby, in the long term. Additionally, carrying your infant in an upright position helps to massage your baby’s abdomen, and this ensures that your infant would develop normally and even prevent any health issues from developing which could result from a baby’s supine position, in a stroller.
  • Mental and emotional development: Babies intuitively understand that they are in safe hands, and tend to fuss less. They tend to be better well developed, not just physically but emotionally as well.
  • Multi-tasking: Being a new parent is never easy since there are countless tasks that you need to get done each day. And using a baby carrier ensures that you get to free up your hands and can effectively multi-task your way through your day’s chores.
  • Closer bond: Using a baby carrier often helps to develop a closer bond with the infant. This is true for both the genders equally.

Best Baby Carriers Reviews 2020

1. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible CarrierSometimes it becomes very tough to carry the baby for a long time. But with the help of this baby carrier, it is very easy to carry the baby for a long time and that too in a convenient way. It is seen that the narrow seat and the padded head support really works well for the baby. On the other side, the baby stays quite comfortable on the carrier as it is made in a special way.  

If you have a good and advanced carrier then it becomes a very easy job to carry out the child while you are out from the home. One thing amazing about this carrier is that your child will stay safe and secured within this carrier even for a long time. They get a cozy feeling at the same time.

The quality of fabrics used to manufacture such carriers is of high-quality and lasts for a long time. It gives good comfort to the baby. The carrier can be adjusted as per the demand or requirement of the user. This is another thing special about this carrier. If you have still not availed this carrier then it is the best time to go for this carrier. It will be a great experience to try this product.

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2. Baby K’tan OriginalBaby K’tan Original

This baby carrier is essentially a sling, one that is made from pure cotton and comes with a unique one-way stretch that you can easily slip over your head and wear it as a new top. It comes with a unique double loop and sash pattern that makes it easy for you to carry your baby snugly and safely, as you move around.

It can easily hold infants up to 35lbs with ease. What makes this baby carrier stand out is the sheer functionality of the overall design, which helps to foster a closer bond between the parent and the infant.

This baby carrier comes with two loops that you can sling over your two shoulders and adjust them as well so that the baby is better positioned. There is at least 5 more baby carrying positions that you can try out with this baby carrier, which incidentally comes in six different sizes. In fact, you can use this baby carrier to carry around your newborn, your 5-month-old baby, or even a premie – the point is that chances are that you would need to use a baby carrier for a while and this one certainly seems to be a great fit.

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3. Boba Wrap

Boba WrapThis is more of a wrap, and a traditional one at that; it certainly gets plus points for its functional use as well as the fact that you can drape yourself and your infant in a nice stylish wrap and look good as well. It is essentially a long fabric that you wrap around yourself with a pouch in the center for the baby to sit in.

This particular wrap is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is soft, comfortable and can stretch easily so you should be able to ensure that your baby is comfortably ensconced in the middle, as you start multi-tasking.

This particular wrap comes with a pouch which you can use it to carry the wrap in and is also accompanied by a guide as well, with pictures that show you just how easy it is to put the wrap on. Incidentally, the wrap is designed to support a weight of 35lbs so that’s something that you may want to keep in mind.

The wrap is machine washable and also comes with a lifetime guarantee; this is the sort of baby carrier that you would need, to build and develop closer ties with your infant. It is definitely worth it and one that you may want to purchase soon.

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4. Emopeak Baby Sling Carrier Baby Wrap

Emopeak Baby Sling Carrier Baby WrapWhen it comes to the best baby carrier for a newborn, this product hogs the limelight and for the right reason. It provides you with a safe, comfortable way to carry your newborn around, snuggled against your torso as you handle your various tasks.

This baby carrier is essentially a single sheet, that’s mainly composed of cotton and spandex, which gives it the much-needed elasticity. What’s more, the fabric is ultra-soft so the baby’s skin is not bruised by the same and moreover, it has a mesh-like structure that allows for ventilation so your baby will not perspire much either.

Your baby would find it quite comfortable, sitting in his pouch and the best part is that this baby carrier can be worn by both men and women, which is a big plus. More often than not, baby carriers are often designed with only the woman in mind but that’s not the case here, not totally. It is almost a unisex product and one that can be worn by both men and women comfortably. It comes with a load-bearing capacity of 35lbs and an affordable price tag to go with it.

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5. Keababies Baby Wrap

Keababies Baby WrapOne of the reasons that this baby carrier is often tagged as one of the best has more to do with its design and the fact that this is one of the few baby carriers that have been designed in such a way so as not to stress out your back or your shoulders from carrying your infant.

As far as looks go, the baby carrier sure looks great and it comes with a baby pouch that your baby can be ensconced in safely, in a snug fit. You also get an instruction booklet along with the wrap which shows you the right way to put the wrap on.

What’s more, this baby wrap is ergonomically designed as well, so it should be able to carry your baby safely and securely, without causing you any physical pain or discomfort. It comes in one size and as the fabric stretches, you can use it for carrying your infant safely around. 

This product should enable you to feed your baby more quickly and even facilitate a closer bond between both of you. Incidentally, it comes with a one year warranty, and given its functionality, it is a great purchase and one that you may seriously need to do a rethink on.

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6. Maya Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Baby CarrierIf you are on the lookout for a highly functional and comfortable baby carrier, then this is the product that you need to take a closer look at. It comes with a simple design, it looks deceptively simple and yet it is highly functional.

The Maya wrap is made from 100% handmade cotton and as such, it provides a strong, sturdy, durable base for the sling. The sling itself is designed in such a way so that the cotton fabric provides both the mother and the infant with enough breathing space and allows for cool air to circulate between their respective bodies. It comes with a padded shoulder strap which goes over one of your shoulders and spreads the fabric along the back.

But what makes this sling stand out is the fact that it also comes with a handy zippered pocket which you can store your baby necessities in as well as steel rings to brace and support the sling. It is easy to use, and after you have used it for the day, you can machine wash it as well. It is a great product and one that you would want to check out soon. Incidentally, it has a load-bearing capacity of 35lbs.

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7. Baby Womb World Baby Carrier Ring Sling

Baby Womb World Baby Carrier Ring SlingThis baby carrier sling comes in one size that is easily adjustable and comes with a sling seat for your infant while the strap goes over your shoulder. What’s interesting about this baby carrier is that it comes with various carrying positions and you can use the same to change the position of your infant, accordingly.

You can also adjust the straps as your baby grows so that you can continue using the same sling to carry around your infant, safe and snug in his pouch. It should certainly free up your hands to multitask and furthermore, it comes with a load-bearing capacity of 30lbs. This baby carrier is mainly made from cotton (95%) and spandex (5%) and it also comes with high-quality steel rings which holds it all together.

This is a versatile sling, one that you can adjust the position of your baby with ease; what’s more, this baby carrier can also easily be used by both sexes with ease and it comes with an affordable price tag as well. So check it out.

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8. Ergobaby Omni Baby Carrier For Dad

Ergobaby OmniWhen it comes to the best baby carrier for dad, this baby carrier stands out for all the right reasons; it comes with a sturdy and comfortable seat for your baby and you can easily adjust the height by tweaking the straps. You can set it up in such a way that your baby faces outwards or faces towards you; the seat is adjustable and so are the straps.

This baby carrier is perfect for taking a short hike through nature with your baby and the carrier also comes with a small hood to protect your little one from the various elements, such as harsh sun and even sleet.

What makes this baby carrier interesting is that it also comes with a thick strap for the waist, which allows you to transfer some of the stress to your lower back and also balances the rest out across the shoulder blades.

It comes with a load-bearing capacity of 45lbs and is also certified by the international hip dysplasia institute as well. Incidentally, the external fabric is 100% cotton and it is completely machine washable as well. It is something that you may want to take a closer look at, given its functionality.

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9. Evenflo Breathable Soft Carrier

Evenflo Breathable Soft CarrierThis baby carrier comes with a great design and is ergonomically designed, so as to provide maximum relief to the parent. You can snugly carry your baby facing outwards or facing inwards, but you can be sure that your baby is comfortable, safe and secure at all times.

What makes this baby carrier interesting is that it comes with contours which should make the whole experience comfortable for both you and your baby as well. The baby carrier comes with a mesh fabric that allows for easy circulation of air, and your baby would not perspire too much, as a result.

Furthermore, this carrier, apart from the requisite shoulder straps, also comes with a side buckle which you can use to secure your baby, and even use the same to easily lift your baby from his seat, quite easily.

This baby carrier also comes with a bib which can be quite handy and both the carrier and the bib is completely machine washable. This is the baby carrier that you need to take a closer look at, especially if you need one that comes loaded with features and functionality.

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10. LÍLLÉbaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Lillebaby It is one of the most versatile baby carriers that are found in the present time. As it is made of high-quality fabrics it lasts for a long time. Most of the time, it is seen that it really feels hard to hold the baby for a long period. Thus it is very essential to buy a nice-quality baby carrier where they can stay and last for a long time.

Sometimes traveling becomes a very tough subject who has a small child. But with the help of this carrier the whole journey becomes a smoother one. It is a great invention that can help your little one to stay comfortable even for a long time. They will get the same feeling as if they are within the mother’s lap.

This baby carrier is very safe and soft for the baby. The more they will stay inside the carrier the more they will feel comfortable. It is a good one.  The design of the carrier is so nice that it will easily draw the attention of the buyers. Even such an item can be a good choice for gifting to the one who have a small child. Just try it to get a good experience.

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How To Choose the Best Baby Carriers?

You must not pick any random baby carrier. Rather it needs a lot of consideration before you buy. To help you with your purchase, we have listed some of the points that you need to consider before you buy Baby Carrier

Type – We have already talked about different types of baby carriers available. We are not going to talk about this point here but it is just a reminder for you to consider the type of baby carrier that you are purchasing.

Comfort – The next factor to consider is the comfort level. This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. In addition to this, you need to realize the baby carrier should be comfortable not just for you but also for the baby. If the carrier is not comfortable for the baby then he might end up crying every time you use the baby carrier. Ensure that there are ample back and shoulder support for you as well as the baby. We also recommend you to check the padding of the baby carrier as it can improve the comfort level and weight distribution when you plan to use it for a long time.

Size – Size also corresponds to the fitting of the baby carrier. You will come across several carriers which can fit in automatically as per your body shape and as per the baby’s growth but there are some which need to have an exact fit. Our suggestion here is to opt for the baby carriers which can fit automatically as per your body shape. This would be less hassle in the long term.

Ease of Use – Apart from all the factors listed above, you need to check how easy it is to use Baby Carrier. It should be very easy to use and it should not involve a lot of steps to fasten the baby carrier. Most of the time, you will notice that the sling is much easier to use.

This is also true for a soft structured carrier. You must also check the direction of use. Most of the time you will find the multi-direction ones more flexible. We would like to add another point here and this is regarding Sling carrier. The sling carrier is quite compact which makes it very easy to carry as well.

Fabric – Next thing to consider is the climate of the place that you live in and in addition to this, you also need to check the fabric that the baby carrier is made of. If you live in a place that has a warm or humid climate then opt for a carrier that has mesh and breathable fabric used.

For such seasons, avoid the baby carrier which has a lot of padding. If you live in a place that experiences a cold climate for the most part of the year then you can certainly opt for the baby carrier with heavy padding and knits. You need to choose the fabric carefully as this can also define the comfort level for the baby.

Maintenance and Cleanliness – You also need to check how easy it is to maintain the baby carrier. It should be washable and it should not take a lot of time to dry as well. The advantage of having a washable baby carrier is that it would not stink over time and you can also maintain the hygiene easily for the baby. You can certainly check that the baby carrier should be machine washable.

Nursing Friendly – Next thing to consider while purchasing the baby carrier if your baby is very small then you must buy a baby carrier that is nursing friendly. It will make it easy for you to breastfeed the baby without having to remove the baby carrier. As per a general observation, it is easier to use the slings for breastfeeding the baby. You can certainly check the same before making the purchase.

Durable – You also need to check if the baby carrier is durable. The latches and the locks should be durable and they should not break with long usage. There should be no critical failure points for the baby carrier or else it can lead to an injury to the baby. Ensure that you make the choice very smartly.

Review – Check for the reviews of the baby carrier that you are planning to purchase. You can check this with your friends and family. They would be able to suggest you or give you different tips for the baby carrier usage.

Budget – The last thing to check is the budget. The baby carrier should not be over-priced. You will surely come across a lot of variants and a lot of brands. Some of them may be a little expensive as well. Just ensure that the carrier should fit into your budget.

These were some of the points that you must consider while purchasing the baby carrier. This will help you in ensuring that you are purchasing the best baby carrier which is not only comfortable but also easy on your pocket.

Baby Carrier Mistakes Parents Need to Avoid

  1. Carrying the child too low:

If you are wearing your baby too low, then it is dangerous for your baby and also painful for you. Also, when you wear your child too low, the carrier may get loose and your child may slide. You should place your baby’s head on your chest or shoulder and avoid this mistake by wearing the carrier tightly.

  1. Covering the face of the baby:

It is a common issue that most of parents make. If you cover your baby’s face completely, there will be a common suffocation issue. In the sling, you should always be able to see your baby’s face. So, you should avoid this mistake for your baby’s safety.

  1. Fastening the baby too tightly.

Some parents wear babies too tightly to ensure they are placed correctly, but this is not good. If you wear your baby too tightly, the baby may face breathing issues. Also, the baby gets forced into a risky pose, which may trigger some physical issues. In this pose, your baby also may get suffocated.  

  1. Changing the baby’s position to front-facing:

Many parents instantly change the position of their babies to front-facing. But, you shouldn’t change the position quickly, as the necks of newborns don’t have sufficient strength for that position. So, you should wait for at least 4 to 5 months before changing the position of the newborns.

  1. Allowing the baby to overheat:

Generally, during the winter months, parents cover the babies in many layers to protect them from cold. But, as the day increases, the babies start to feel hot. Sometimes, they feel hotter than you think. So, you should consider this issue before covering your baby with many layers.

  1. Not changing the positions:

Some parents carry their babies in one position only when they find that a specific position is comfortable for them. When you carry your baby in a constant position all the time, there is a risk of muscle imbalance and flat-headedness of your baby. So, it is important to change the positions frequently for the health of your baby.

  1. The sling is fastened loosely:

It is also important to place your baby in the sling tightly. Some parents always put their hand on the back of their babies while carrying them. This represents that the slings are not tight enough to carry the babies. So, you should bind the sling in such a way that your baby is placed in it comfortably, and you can move freely. By doing this, you can get the proper benefits of carrying your baby.

  1. Not using the correct size of sling for the mother and child:

The baby sling should fit the size of the mother and child to offer the required comfort. Also, some children like to move freely in the sling, while some other children like to be bound tightly so that they can sleep easily. So, you should select a sling that fits you and your baby correctly.


These are some of the top baby carriers in the market today; each baby carrier is different from the other, in type, in some of its functions and even in the way that it is designed. So do check out the detailed descriptions, and after a careful review, select the one that looks to be a good fit. You may also want to check out some of the online reviews to double-check the product out and if everything pans out, and then you can go ahead and make the purchase.

The products have all been vetted, and would definitely go a long way, when it comes to carrying around your baby, snug, safe and secure, at all times.