10 Best Baby Carriers For Hiking 2020 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Being a parent is a beautiful experience. Yet, it is the toughest job in the world. As a parent, we are required to adapt our lifestyle to the requirements of our children’s. Simple things like what we eat, what we buy, or what we do everything needs to be decided from a child’s perspective. But this doesn’t mean that we have to stop being who we are or doing things that we love. We just have to figure out ways to accommodate the needs of our children with the things we love to do.  One way is with the best baby carriers for hiking.

Today practical and unique inventions have made it possible for a person to enjoy their parenthood without letting go of the things they love to do. One such invention is baby carriers for hiking. For all parents out there you love outdoor activities but avoid doing it for the sake of the baby… Here is your solution.

With the Baby carrier for hiking, you are all set to enjoy and explore those trails. With a baby carrier, say goodbye to those cumbersome days of carrying the baby in arms. Baby carriers are designed to provide support and comfort to both you as well as your baby.

Read through the article to know everything about baby carriers such as types, features, benefits, etc.

Different types of the Baby Carrier for Hiking

The baby carrier, just like any other baby product, is of various types. One can find different models, brands, and styles of baby carriers for hiking in the market. Trying to figure out the best baby carrier for hiking through hundreds of options is a tiresome task. So we have tried with this article to make the process of buying a baby carrier for hiking simple and more enjoyable.

The foremost thing you need to do before buying a baby carrier for hiking is deciding on the type of the carrier. The different types of baby carrier available in the market are as follows:

  • Wrap baby carrier

This is the oldest type of baby carrier available in the market. Under this type of carrier, a long piece of fabric cloth is wrapped around your body for carrying the baby. Wrap baby carrier is considered as the simplest form of carrying the baby. For using a warp, you need practice and can be a little difficult for the beginners.

These warps are available in the market in different materials such as cotton, wool, and linen. Some wrap carriers are made of elastic fabric such as knit jerseys, and these wraps are called stretchy wraps.

  • Soft-structured carrier

Yet one other type of baby carrier that you can use during hiking is soft structured carriers. These carriers are made of materials that are soft and comfortable to wear. The carriers include straps and thickly padded waistband that supports the baby and you. The straps of the carrier can be buckled up and adjusted as per your needs. The only drawback of this type is that they are a little pricey.

  • Mei – Tai carrier

The next type of baby carrier is a hybrid version. Mei-Tai is a cross between a wrap and soft structured baby carrier. This type of carrier includes the features of the carries mentioned above. It comes with long fabric as well as shoulder straps.

Mei-Tai carrier is a comfortable way to carry the baby and can be used for older kids. But before using this type of carrier, you need to practice and learn to tie the knot securely. Mei-Tai carriers can be worn on the front, back, and hip.

  • Backpack Carrier

The last type of baby carrier is a backpack carrier. As the name suggests, this type of carrier resembles a backpack. Backpack carriers should be used only for the babies that can sit independently with good neck control. The carrier includes a seat for the baby to sit on and straps for securing it in place. These carriers are designed for hiking and other outdoor activities. Backpack carriers are the most comfortable and highly recommended for outdoor activities like hiking.

With this, we conclude different types of baby carriers. Now let’s consider the ten best rated baby carriers for hiking.

Best Buy Baby Hiking Carrier Reviews

1. ClevrPlus cross country baby backpack hiking carrier

ClevrPlus cross country baby backpack hiking carrierThe first baby carrier in our list is from a brand known as ClevrPlus. This baby carrier is made of a lightweight metal frame that is strong enough to support the weight of the baby. The carrier comes with multiple pockets for carrying a water bottle, diapers, and other necessities. The thick shoulder padded strap supports your back, making it comfortable to carry the carrier.

The carrier includes a safety reflective strap and canopy to protect the baby against rain and sun. The best part is that this canopy can be removed when not in use. The carries include adjustable straps and other features for a comfortable fit. The ClevrPlus cross country baby carrier is designed considering the needs of both the parent and the child. The carrier is ideal for children between the age group of 9 to 48 months.

The adjustable seat of the carrier grows with your child. The seat of the carrier can be customized to fit a child properly. The premium quality of the carrier is designed to support max 33 lbs of weight.

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2. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus child carrier

Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus child carrierFor every customer out there who is looking for a lightweight and customizable baby carrier, Osprey Poco carrier is an ideal choice. This baby carrier is made of a durable material like aluminum and nylon. Aluminum as a material is highly recommended as it is light in weight that allows for easy carrying.

Osprey metal frame is lightweight because of the aluminum. The light-weightiness of the metal frame has not affected the strength of the baby carrier. The metal frame is designed to be stable enough for carrying the baby properly and also to place the carrier down.

The baby carriers come with 6 inch/15cm torso adjustment that can be quickly and easily custom-fitted to any adult. The child seat of the carrier includes harness and padded cockpit for safety. The carrier also includes an adjustable waist belt, dual – stretch packet for storage, and built-in sunshade. The sunshade included in the carrier can be opened and closed easily. All in all, Osprey packs baby carrier is a perfect solution for carrying a baby while exploring the trails.

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3. Piggyback Rider Scout Model – standing child toddler carrier backpack

Piggyback Rider Scout ModelThe piggyback rider backpack carrier is very different from the above two mentioned models. Usually, a backpack baby carrier includes a seat for the baby to sit comfortably. But piggyback carriers allow the child to stand so that they can explore the trails and enjoy nature with you.

This backpack carrier is an award-winning model with a child safety harness. The carrier is recommended for children between the ages of 2-4 years. The carrier can support the weight of 50lbs. The piggyback carrier is a perfect solution for carrying toddlers and youngsters. With a piggyback carrier, you can let go of bulky strollers.

The carrier is comfortable to wear by all adults as it evenly distributes the weight of a toddler between your back and shoulders. The carrier is lightweight and designed for stability. The non-skid bars of the carrier hold the toddler in place.

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4. Thule Sapling Child carrier

Thule Sapling Child carrierThule Sapling child carrier is a safe and comfortable way to transport the cargo. This carrier is designed for the comfort of the parent and the child. The carrier can be worn by the parent comfortably and effortlessly while exploring the trails.

The back panel of the carrier is fully adjustable, and the hip belt provides comfort while carrying the baby. The carrier can be easily transported from one parent to another because of its design and fit. The carrier is comfortable for babies as well. The carrier includes an ergonomic seat, which efficiently distributes the child’s weight by providing them inner thigh support.

The carrier also includes plenty of storage options for carrying bottles, diapers, and other baby necessities. With Thule Sapling baby carrier, you need not carry an extra bag and keep all essentials close to your hand. Finally, the sunshade keeps your baby cool and protected from harsh sun rays.

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5. Gorilla Carrier child hiking backpack carrier

Gorilla Carrier child hiking backpack carrierIf you want to share your adventure with your child, then the baby carrier is an ideal solution. Gorilla carrier child hiking backpack is an excellent option for parents to carry their toddlers during hiking. The quality of the carrier is good and durable. The carrier is available in two different colors’ that can be picked based on the parent’s choice.

The design of the hiking baby carrier is lightweight and also solid. The carrier is a comfortable way to hold the child while exploring the trails. The design of the baby carrier is comfortable and convenient for prolong usage. The carrier can support a child weighing between 16 to 40lbs.

In addition to being strong and stable, the hiking backpack carrier includes a sunshade and several storage compartments. The carrier includes 19 adjustment points for passenger and wearer comfort.

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6. Chicco Smart Support Backpack baby carrier

Chicco Smart Support Backpack baby carrierChicco Smart support backpack baby carrier is designed to grow with the baby. This is made possible because of its multi-position seat and adjustable support. The carrier also includes padded backrest and harness for the safety of the child.

The baby carrier is also comfortable for the parents. A lightweight aluminum frame with padded waist and shoulder straps help reduce the strains on the back and shoulders. The unique shape and material of the carrier are designed to provide easy airflow and ventilation.

The baby carrier also includes a built-in kickstand for the convenient placing of the backpack on the ground. The design of the carrier is flat that offers easy storage and carrying while traveling.

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7. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT signature series child carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT signature series child carrierKelty Journey PerfectFIT signature series child carrier is suitable and comfortable for usage for both mother and father. The child carrier is made of Poly 4200 small back Stafford material with an integrated sunshade. The sunshade is an important feature of any baby carrier as they protect the child against harmful UV rays.

Further, the 5-point harness of the baby carrier is an important part of the safety feature. With the safety straps in place, you are all set to go on an adventure and trek through the terrains. The seat of the carrier is wide and spacious to sit comfortably. The adjustable foot stirrups and multiple grab handles make it easy to lift, shift and set down the carrier.

The large zipper pockets of the carrier are useful to store just about anything from toys, food, wipes, and other necessities.

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8. Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child carrier backpack

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child carrier backpackBaby carriers have made the adventure more pleasant and comfortable. The inventions and new brands have given birth to comfortable and safer baby carriers. The Deuter Kid comfort baby carrier is made of Aircomfort Sensic mesh that allows for ventilation and free airflow.

The child carrier fits securely on the back of the parent to help them carry the child comfortably. The pro model of the child carrier comes with a bay bag for a quick changing room coupled with sunshade and a mirror to keep an eye on the child.

The design and model of the child carrier backpack are such that both the users feel the comfort and luxury of using it. The child carrier ticks all the right boxes; it includes convenience, safety, ventilation, and comfort to explore the trails.

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9. MiaMilly Hipster Smart ergonomics Baby and child carrier

MiaMilly Hipster Smart ergonomics BabyThis carrier has been considered as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The baby carrier is suitable for a child of all age groups using a forward-facing seated position. The baby carrier is designed in a way that provides for the correct baby hip positioning system.

The baby carrier allows for even distribution of the weight and thereby reduces the pressure on the back and the hip. The MiaMilly hipster baby carrier includes 6 carry options and a compact storage compartment to carry the necessities.

The baby carrier is made of all-natural fabrics with a view for the safety of the child. The baby carriers come with quality material and self-locking YKK zippers, Duaflex buckle, and a 3-way buckle for added safety and security of the child.

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10. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child carrier

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite Child carrierThis is the second time we mention the brand in this article for its features and quality. The easy to adjust Child carrier by Kelty Journey PrefectFIT is an ideal choice for both men and women. The carrier is comfortable to wear by the parents and secure for the children.

Kelty Journey child carrier includes a 5-point safety harness and padded aluminum frame for security. With this carrier, one can carry on their trekking activities without worrying about the safety of the child. The baby carrier comes with a reservoir sleeve that helps both the parent and child to stay hydrated throughout the trekking process.

The carrier is designed with multiple grabs handles to easy carrying, lifting and shifting of the carrier. It also includes a large zippered pocket for additional storage.

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How To Choose The Correct Baby Carrier For Hiking?

The best way to choose the right baby carrier for hiking is by considering important factors. Here is the list of necessary factors you need to keep in mind when buying a baby carrier for hiking.

  • The place where you are hiking

Hiking is an intense outdoor activity that requires body strength and results in sweat. Especially if you are hiking in a warm and humid climate, the chances of your sweating are more. So you must consider the material of the carrier before purchasing.

Hiking in warm results in heavy sweating and carrying a baby carrier can get uncomfortable. So you must go for a carrier that is made of breathable material like in the case of soft structure.

  • The length of the carrier

The next important feature that you need to consider when buying a baby carrier is the length. The backpack carrier or Mei-Tai carrier that you purchase must align with the length of your torso or back.

  • Type of the baby carrier

Baby carrier for hiking is available in the market at various types. Consider the age of the baby before deciding on the type. Wrap baby carrier is for small babies, whereas a backpack carrier can be used for older children.

  • The budget of the carrier

A baby carrier for hiking is available in a different price range. The price of the carrier depends on the quality and features. Pre-decide the amount you are willing to spend on a carrier before heading to the store. This helps you to stay within the budget and prevent overspending.

Benefits of Using a Baby Carrier for Hiking

There are various benefits of using a baby carrier when hiking. In this article, we have talked about some of the important benefits of a baby carrier.

  • It is practical

The first important benefit of a baby carrier is that it is practical. Irrespective of how old your baby is, you cannot carry them in your arms for a long time. A baby carrier holds your baby close to you without hurting your arms. Hiking is an intensely physical activity and carrying a baby while doing it is practically impossible. But with a baby carrier, you can enjoy nature and explore the trails without adding to your stress.

  • It is beneficial for health

Baby carriers are said to be healthy for the baby. Holding a baby in an upright position for a long duration is not possible. But with the baby carrier, we can achieve a healthy squat leg position that promotes the development of the hip.

  • Security

With a baby carrier, you are holding the baby close to your body. When babies are this close, they can smell and feel their parents; this makes them feel secure. Babies need the feel of touch from their mother for a few months after their birth. Baby carriers give them senses of security, which they require as babies are not fully developed or independent.

  • Babies develop an active sense

Having your baby so close to you makes sense. They move with you, feel with you, and smell with you. This promotes them to develop an active sense that is necessary for the health and well-being of the baby.

Baby Carrier Safety – Do’s and Don’ts

Baby carriers have become safe with innovation. Yet, be aware of certain things to take care of the carrier. Read through the list of dos and don’ts of a baby carrier.

Dos of a baby carrier

  • A baby carrier is of various types, before using it learn and understand how the carrier works
  • Do make sure to check the safety features and standards meet by the baby carrier before purchasing it
  • Make sure the baby is positioned correctly in the carrier before tying the straps. As a thumb rule, it is considered that the higher up your baby is placed, the better it is on your back.
  • Place the baby in the carrier as close to you as possible. This is because the experts believe having a weight closer to you makes it easy to carry.
  • Always ensure that the carrier supports the baby’s heads.
  • Check the baby carrier frequently to see if the straps and other parts of the carrier are in good condition.
  • Position the carrier in such a way that you maintain a line sight at all times.

Don’ts of a baby carrier

  • The first important rule you need to follow when using a baby carrier is avoiding intense exercise.
  • Learn to wear a baby carrier correctly. Don’t get accustomed to wearing the carrier in the wrong way or in an uncomfortable position as this can be bad in the long run.
  • Using a baby carrier without knowing how to use it is not advisable. The well-being of your baby lies in how you carry it. So learn the method before using it.
  • Don’t leave the baby carrier unattended when they are in it
  • Most babies fall asleep when in the carrier, in such case check whether their neck is supported frequently.
  • Don’t feed the baby while in the carrier, as this can result in choking.

Bottom Line

With this, we concluded everything you need to know about baby carriers for hiking. In the article, we have listed ten best baby carriers with their features for you to consider. Amazon’s link to the carrier listed in the article is also provided to check their price and other information.

Do remember the points discussed in the article when buying a baby carrier. Comfort, adjust ability, and material of the baby carrier, which allows free-airflow, are the three important factors you need to check when buying it. Also, check the points mentioned in the dos and don’ts filed for the safety of the child.

We have that this article will help you find the best baby carrier for hiking.